#Beyhive Continue Week-Long Sting of Serbian Pop Star Who Accused Beyonce of “Repeated Copying”

Published: Thursday 7th May 2015 by Rashad
beyonce jelena serbian pop star thatgrapejuice

“It’s called ORIGINALITY. You should try it sometime.”

After drilling rapper Khia and sextape specialist Kim Kardashian for the same infraction, the quote and photo above incited a series a #Beyhive stings for Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa after she asserted Beyonce borrowed one of her past looks for this year’s Met Gala.

Unlike Khia, Karleusa took it a step further to suggest Bey’s been borrowing her looks for years without citation…

Then, just as the story appeared to be dying down, Karleusa, courtesy of a Wendy Williams weigh-in, doused a fresh round of gas on the fire:

facebook jelena thatgrapejuice

Do you feel there’s validity to Jelena’s claims?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015



    This ugly white troll ass b**** about to make me choke on my Donuts!

  3. jaquala May 7, 2015

    Its not bey fault its her stylist. Ty pretty much was inspired by everything that woman does. We know beyvdont dress herself. As for ol girl saying something not sure but we can’t deny what we looking at. Those European women are big in fashion so if anything if I was her I would take it as a complement.


    CRAZY IN LOVE was da End of Careers!

    IRREPLACABLE was da quite b4 da next STORM!




    • jaquala May 7, 2015

      I love me some bey but how ironic is all those songs you named were written by men….shout out to neyo and the dream on the pen skills got bey right yass. They could have given those songs to anybody but chose Mrs. Carter and she worked

    • Carry On May 7, 2015

      If it gives you hope, I ain’t mad.

    • Navy Gravy May 7, 2015

      Single Ladies was bey’s finisher. She hasn’t had a hit since!

      • The Legend May 7, 2015

        Drunk In Love was a hit in 2014 hun. Peaking at #2 on the Hot100. If thats not a hit, then what do u call American Shiit, Forty Seconds To Nowhere and Biitch What Money?

    • You tried May 8, 2015

      I’m with U when u right!!

  5. RICHIE_RICH May 7, 2015

    Who , I’m not here for these photoshop pics with changed dates

    • jaquala May 7, 2015

      Believe it or not the dates aren’t changed I had to check her IG and if you add those dates up she was in these fits before bey. I thought it was a lie myself until I was IG creeping

      • RICHIE_RICH May 7, 2015

        That could be true , but I doubt Bey was checking for her !!!!!!!!

      • Glorious Sun May 8, 2015

        I mean it is OBVIOUS that someone in Bey camp has jacked this woman for her style. Just own it damn it. f****** delusional ass fans of hers.

    • jaquala May 7, 2015

      No its bey stylist ty

  6. Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

    Jelena, why are you lying?
    The first pic nor the last were taken in 2013. You did that s*** after the fact.

  7. Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

    But the way Beyonce’s bank account is set up….

    • Mark111 May 7, 2015

      Aka, I can’t make a case, so I’ll play the “She rich B1tch” card. #BeyInsecure

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

        Lies! You’re fave was count doing cocaine on camera and you still managed to make a case. So that claim is FALSE.

    • Navy Gravy May 7, 2015

      Bank account on fleek and still can’t afford to buy some originality. Hell she can’t even pay someone to come up with original ideas. The bitchhh loves to reuse other peoples ideas. I can’t.

      • The Legend May 7, 2015

        Just like R**** and her genric flop songs kii

  8. RICHIE_RICH May 7, 2015

    The girls feel some type of way. Girl don’t get mad at Beyonce. We know her, but have no clue who you are. Beyonce mug was snatched for the gawds, her body snatched for the gawds, dress and hair was also snatched for the gawds at the met gala 2015. Beyonce is just too snatched lol

    • SMH May 7, 2015

      And yet Rihanna was the talk of the Met Gala.

      • RICHIE_RICH May 7, 2015

        Girl SMH at you thinking that’s really true !!!!! Happy Mother’s Day ????????????????????

      • bunny May 8, 2015

        Rihanna was the talk of the Met gala……….Til beyonce and her hot new body came and shut s*** down 2 horus later. Boom! Everyone was talking about beyonce and her new body; there are articles on how to get her hot new body and THAT chinese designer who rihanna uses? Well, her agency, the asian federation, have pictures of beyonce on their IG too. LOL AT rihanna desperate attempt falling flat.

        That is why Beyonce is more richer and powerful than Rihanna; she is a boss.

      • (Rihyonce) May 14, 2015


    • jaquala May 7, 2015

      That ponytail didn’t do it for me. Everything about the look was something we seen on her before but she looked beautiful as usual. Kinda salty she didn’t follow theme though. We got next year

      • RICHIE_RICH May 7, 2015

        I loved that ratchet ponytail. No shade everything we see now we’ve just about seen already.

  9. Keri Qween May 7, 2015

    #beyinspired ????

  10. @FutureCIARA May 7, 2015

    Why are they feeding the troll, She clearly is banking on this publicity by picking her battles wisely… She is winning this so far…

    • Molly May 7, 2015

      The hive makes these irrelevants relevant they need to stop.

  11. diabetes unbothered May 7, 2015

    Beyonce: “I’m sorry ppl are so jealous of me but I can’t help it that I’m popular.”

  12. Lake Erie May 7, 2015

    Wow lol. People been saying this s*** for years, it’s gotta be some truth to it. First stealing music, now style/swag? Smh. And I’ve never heard those Jay-z rumors. That’s new to me.

    • Epic May 7, 2015

      Aren’t you a Brandy stan, b**** stfu and worry about your FLOP UGLY fav.

      • Mark111 May 7, 2015

        Brandy may be a flop, but she is not ugly.

      • Lake Erie May 7, 2015

        Both yal go f*** off.

    • BeyRihLiyah May 7, 2015

      you are dumb no one can steal a style everyone in this entire world dress similar or have dressed similar to another person

      • Lake Erie May 7, 2015

        Girl you know what the hell I mean so be real.

    • The Legend May 7, 2015

      If that song stealing was true, dont u think Queen Bey would’ve been sued and lost many times. She has never lost a case hun.

  13. Molly May 7, 2015

    No shade to the hive ya girl is known for being a thief.

  14. NoHateNoShade May 7, 2015

    LMAO! ???????????? TGJ so messy! and I love it!.. As soon as I read the headline I knew some s*** was about to pop off!.. I don’t necessarily blame Bey tho, but maybe her stylist was jocking old girl style ???? not thinking anyone would find out cause she way over there.. Just a thought.

  15. bria May 7, 2015

    What else is new

    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Nothing in your life i see kii

  16. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015

    The real white girl does look bad though. So even if beyIngWhite did thieve, she made it look better

    • yelyah the alternative queen May 8, 2015

      u say beyonce is apparently beingwhite but you’re the one getting cosmetic surgery to get rid of ur ethnic features to look mo’ white O_O hypocrisy

  17. Mark111 May 7, 2015

    If the powerpoint is correct, then The Pest can’t do ish because time and time your fave JACKS someone’s style. BeyInspired? more like BE ORIGINAL!

    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Just like time and time your whorres were caught jackin men diccks.

    • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 8, 2015

      Um…. Actually no. I’m natuarally pale with minimal yellow undertones as are alot of koreans. I got double eyelid surgery and the corner cut because i didnt like having monolids. A nose bridge implant was to make my face less flat. Thse things arent about bein white, there is just a clear standard amongst my people. I would have gotten my jaw line shaved down too but its risky

      • yelyah the alternative queen May 8, 2015

        ur a dark skinned asian stop being fake, you are trying to get rid of you ethnic features.

  18. SMH May 7, 2015

    This so called beyhive just can’t handle the truth. They attack anybody who gives them a dose of reality and shatters that bubble they live in. The proof is all there, name calling and sending tweets to this girl isn’t gonna erase the facts, it only confirms your guilt over the truth being put in your faces. And it sounds like this girl is prepared to drag these morons lol.

    • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

      But PAUSE! Rihanna was caught doing cocaine on camera….and the Navy’s still in denial. She’s punched a fan in the face with a microphone and you never even held her accountable for her actions but the Hive needs a dose of reality???

      Oh! the irony lol SMDH.

    • Navy Gravy May 7, 2015

      It’s pathetic. The girl is handing out receipts left and right but the flea hive would rather stand up and go to war for a copycat. That’s pathetic. This chick is worse than Nicki Minaj.

      • The Legend May 8, 2015

        You’re such a dumb rihcunt kii. The Hive nor Queen Bey knows this posseum face biitch. We see thru her bs.

      • Tyler Makiveli May 8, 2015

        And you would rather defend a damn cokehead than face truth!

    • NoHateNoShade May 7, 2015

      Oh wow! ???????????? never seen that one before.

  19. Skyfall May 7, 2015

    Screamms, im about to go look up her music now.. She better get this publicity.

  20. diabetes unbothered May 7, 2015

    Slayonce been stealing all her Adult career… why stop now???

    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Biitch go choke on a chicken bone

  21. Cough Cough May 7, 2015

    Every single one of those looks are GENERAL TRENDS that TONS AND TONS AND TONS of women wear. Sorry girl, find some distinction and ” a look” before you try and accuse someone of wearing the same trends in fashion as you. I can literally post multiple famous people and everyday people in these looks

  22. Pat May 7, 2015

    Lmfaooo, whats new the guh been stealing for years!

  23. LOL May 7, 2015



    • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

      Umm, Beyonce been #1 on Forbes and the Top 200 album chart…where’s RihHandJob’s #1 at????

    • Rosie May 7, 2015

      How is Fad doing? Still sucking 88 year old d*** for a few spots at old people jazz fests? Kii at the fact that literally no one of half-importance came to its after party and headed to Rihanna’s instead.

  24. metzo May 7, 2015

    She is a fraud. She photoshopped that MET Gala dress and changed the colors to match Bey’s dress. And most of these photos, she put fake dates on them to make it seem like she wore it before Bey.
    There are actual pictures of her on the I ternet copying Beyonce’s poses and outfits from “Green Light” and on top of that, she has a song called “Diva” which the video is a complete rip off of Beyonce’s Diva video, Not to mention the title. The real copycat is her.

  25. Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

    But PAUSE! Rihanna was caught doing cocaine on camera….and the Navy’s still in denial. She’s punched a fan in the face with a microphone and you never even held her accountable for her actions but the Hive needs a dose of reality???

    Oh! the irony lol SMDH.

    • NoHateNoShade May 7, 2015

      ???? Yea that was kinda whack how she hit one of her supporters, and you know they really had to be a big fan cause they on the floor level seats front row. It’s like damn Ri they prob were just so excited to be that close to you… The security should have handled that anyway while he just standing there looking crazy!

  26. metzo May 7, 2015

    As for The Yonce outfit.. The video was shot way before Dec. 2013, so putting that date on the pic would be inaccurate. Bey been working on the Beyonce album since 2012.

  27. Rosie May 7, 2015

    Haha this ugly thing is trolling so hard. Poor, ugly, and irrelevant, just like the country it came from.

  28. BeyRihLiyah May 7, 2015

    lmaoooooo this hoeee got clocked big time

    • BeyRihLiyah May 7, 2015

      this Jelena b****** been getting dragged and clocked lol

  29. metzo May 7, 2015

    The denim jacket and skirt look.. Rihanna has worn the same exact outfit, so has Kim K so has Kylie Jenner.
    This BITCHH is reallly trying it rn. She doesn’t own S***. A plain white mini dress really? How random

  30. Mark111 May 7, 2015

    Awww, BYEler Wakaveli is upset, the poster child of delusion.

  31. TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

    The only outfit I see it for is the red and black plaid one, the rest are reaches. I’ve seen JLO in that white dress, Riri in that jean outfit, and etc. It’s just the style. Mariah and Beyoncè had on the same shoes the same day, but that doesn’t mean Beyoncè was copying Mariah or vice versa. No one is copying her. She needs to have a seat on top of a Serbia pyramid and quit trying to eat off Beyoncè.

    • What now May 7, 2015


      • TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

        LOL My Mother taught me well. She didn’t want to leave this world with a shy little girl who could easily get taken advantage of. She had an extremely sharp tongue without being ghetto or loud. She was so amazing. I try to emulate her still. Most of what I say, is something I could hear her say. ???????????????????? (RIP Mother Bear)

    • RICHIE_RICH May 7, 2015

      Thank you !!!!!!????????????????✌️

      • TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

        You’re so welcome. 🙂

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 8, 2015

        @elusive omg I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP Mama Lanb ;(

  32. Nicki-Bey-Gaga May 7, 2015

    Rip that B!%@# #BEYHIVE! To alll stans, Do not let anyone try to put dirt on ur faves. #Barbz4Lyyyfe! #Beyonce #Pinkprint #ClassicalAlbums

    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Gurl The Hive is the wrong stanbase to ask you want war? This biitch is crazy.

  33. Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

    Markiesha’s just mad because I peeled her hairline back 10 generations #PoorDat

  34. Victoria May 7, 2015


  35. What now May 7, 2015


    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Youre right hun. Everything under the sun has been worn before by someone else

  36. BeyRihLiyah May 7, 2015

    who is this biitch anyway she’s been getting dragged left and right on twitter lmaoooo like this biitch really think someone is stealing her style

  37. Lake Erie May 7, 2015

    First and foremost I just wanna say this is a BEY post! Meaning we are talking about Beyonce! Sure people take “styles” all the time but in the “industry”. I’m guessing if you don’t acknowledge than that’s called stealing. Ciara LOVE LOVE LOVE’s Ms. Janet Jackson and is forever paying homage. So if she was to name her next album Rhythm Nation. She could Damn well please and everybody in they momma wouldn’t say s*** because they know how much ciara loves Janet. Her album cover looks might similar to the classic “Janet” album cover too? Have you heard and critic shade CiCi on that yet? Hell no cuz they know what it is. By the way, that blonde bob ya girl Bey had with that red bathing suit or whatever. CiCi rocked that hair style first lol. 😉

    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Biitch you sound dumb as hell kii kii. Im pretty sure somebody rocked it before Ciara. Queen Bey was rocking bob style haircuts before there was a Ciara in music. #DumbBiitches

      • Lake Erie May 8, 2015

        WHo rocked it bumb b****?!?!?!? Bey jocked my girls swaagg and i dont give a f*** what you say! Now get the f*** off my post! #BUMBBITCHES!

    • Rih up! May 8, 2015

      Shouldn’t you be worried about Brandy’s ugly flop murdering ass. By the way, it’s been going around now that mud face is on drugs.

  38. The Legend May 8, 2015

    Kii Im having the laugh of my life. Do this Sewer Rat Face Biitch really think Queen Bey know who she is lmfaooooo. That biitch looks like the creature from the blue lagoon lmao. Gurl Queen Bey doesn’t follow animals. Somebody save this monster from further embarrassing its self kii kii

  39. Nikko May 8, 2015

    This bi!tch will never be original! Can this ho3 retire already???! Famewhor3 Bye!!!!

    • The Legend May 8, 2015

      Kii Hun just ask your mom to retire from the gutter corner. Theres no need to bring that whorre this and that shiit to TGJ smh

  40. datreddone23 May 8, 2015

    I see the hive are quick to deflect these accusations but were the first to cast stones at RIRI when that whole FKA Twigs comparison was being talked about Which was ridiculous btw…the hive are so hypocritical!

    • Tyler Makiveli May 8, 2015

      B*******. The Navy was accusing Beyonce of being a copy cat long before we dragged RihHandJob for jacking FKA Twiggs. And that’s why we were so ruthless.
      You b****** always want to dish s*** out but can never take.
      Give me b****, you get b****…B****!

  41. Navy Nick May 8, 2015

    Don’t people understand when an outfit is made; more than 1 style of it is, if not the same… It’s not a copy, it’s called shopping! And girl I wouldn’t give this thang the time of day….can she sing live, let’s start that war honey.

  42. Lucky May 8, 2015

    Come on people. Wake up! It’s the entertainment industry! I’m not saying that no one is creative, but every artist is copying each other. Just think about it! Two years ago it was totally ‘en vogue’ to look as fake and colorful as possible. If you take a look now, people are more and more trying to look a bit more natural. It’s all about the 90s now. Look at the fashion. Look at how the big artists changed from 2013 to 2015! It’s like they’ve put a new personality on. I’m not blaming anyone. I’m not saying it’s bad. But it’s the truth. I even had a friend who worked as a trainee in Lady Gaga’s team and he told me they’ve had meetings in which they had tasks like “copy Rihanna’s outfit and modify it a little bit”. And as far as he knew, Rihanna also had a team copying other artists and entertainment figures. I’m only assuming, but with celebrities who’re that famous, I think they all have teams that try to keep them relevant and fashionable. Let’s face it – your biggest idol isn’t the all of everything. I keep reading the TGJ comments practically every day and you all ALWAYS keep on fighting with each other on who’s better, who’s more creative and who’s the original – who’s copying and so on. Come on guys, are you that blind? I’m so annoyed by the stupidity of your’s. It’s unbelievable! I LOVE the media. And I love what’s going on behind it, but you all talk like you work in this business and you all talk like you knew better. The reason why you people are still working in a s***** job is the reason that you don’t have the ability to look behind the scenes and maybe question some things. Y’all wouldn’t be able to survive a day in the music business, because you’re used to hide behind your computer screen and when it’s too much, you just turn it off. BUT the real life looks quite different … 😉

  43. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015

    *Lil Mo Voice* Who’s Ya Publicist! Jelena betta rake in them coins because ain’t nobody heard of this local barbara-walters lookin ass b*tch until today. I googled the thot and I got more information Justin and Selena’s relationship than anything on her.

  44. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015

    1. Beyonce wore the white checkered style during the H&M camoaign which was shot well before June 2013
    2. Nobody owns denim on denim, which Bey rocked plenty of times before, even during her DC days
    3. The red tartan look was something beyonce rocked in the Flawless video which debuted in december 2013 but was shot months in advance.
    4. The ordinary backless white dress is too pathetic of a claim to even dignify, any average joe can find that @ a forever21 or topshop
    5. The Met Gala illusion mesh dress was a gold version of the DIL dress she wore and the previous met Gala black gown. To go back even further Beyonce wore an almost identical swarvoski dress during ‘The Beyonce Experience’ Tour during the Speechless performance.
    Based on the timelines of my receipts I could even go as far as to say that Jealousna has jacked off some of Beyonces styles.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015


  45. Royalkev May 8, 2015

    It’s obvious that this is the work of Bey’s stylist! Oh yea, I’m sure Bey have all the time in the world to follow this girl and keep up with her life. After all B’s only a mother, wife, daughter, sister, leading artist and head of an empire in her spare time!

  46. rihicon May 8, 2015

    Tyler is so pressed by Rihanna he even brings her up when coming for non-navy lol

  47. Truth B Told May 8, 2015

    Well she has a point. Beyonce is unoriginal and she isn’t educated enough to be original. She’s a puppet who’s pimped by Jay z. And the people who believe these two are icons or legends are u educated as well all their fans are either on corners or pregnant. With no sense.

    • TRUTH SERUM May 8, 2015

      What’s u educated?? I hate when people with Associates from DeVry try to read people about education and or intelligence. Don’t try to support your delusional logic with contrived lies. There’s nothing about your post or any post you make That screens superior intelligence. It’s a blog… Bye Felix

  48. fatusankoh May 8, 2015

    I am very proud of my fellow Behives don’t let this haters get to us let’s continue to love support our bey for life this haters are looking for fame calling bey copying them

    • CS May 8, 2015

      “Love is blind” oh really??? 😉

  49. CS May 8, 2015

    Okay i’m a fan of Beyoncé BUT i’m not dumb enough to defend her when proofs are there. She’s not original at all and I heard too many stories of copying from her clothes to her videos so… are we gonna be blind any longer? She’s not God, she’s human just like all of us, come on.

  50. Classy Beyhive May 8, 2015

    She’s just using BEY and its working! ????FYI: 90% of celebrities have STYLISTS that all go to the same designers. They don’t make 1 of everything DUH! @ tytryone has been killing Beys fashion game for years. So shut up and stop trying to gain publicity using the biggest Celebrity on the planet! Under all that makeup we see your old face trying to make a come back! ???? #beyhive don’t give her the time of day!!

  51. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 8, 2015

    Everyone is inspired by people style and it’s nothing new

  52. AyiteNefertari May 10, 2015

    Its the truth Beyonce has always been known for copying somebody the b**** NEVER has had her own style and if there is some Bhives in Atlanta GA let me know because I will say all this in your face then we can fight it out and Im dead ass Im tired of Bhives attacking somebody for their opinion over this fake ass b**** Beyonce when the b**** dies what will you do?

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