Elijah Blake Hits ‘Hot 97’ For A Conversation On Music, Racism & ‘Shadows & Diamonds’

Published: Saturday 16th May 2015 by David

‘Hot 97’ invited ‘I Just Wanna’ singer Elijah Blake to its home hours ago, meeting the performer to discuss his first studio album ‘Shadows and Diamonds‘ and its catchy lead single ‘I Just Wanna.’

However, we’d say it was his thoughts on racism and self hatred within the African-American community that stood as the highlight of their conversation.

Why we’re calling this one a must-see?

Find out after the jump…

Your thoughts?

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  1. londontru May 16, 2015

    definitely, think he got a good head on his shoulders. but he likely to end up like Jason Derulo black americans cannot stand intelligent non-gay. Actually talented black men. White americans cannot either. he should talk less. seem less emotionally involved. he needs a star like persona or facade.

    Hence why artists like Rihanna do well. don’t let it be obvious that you care so much. Care but don’t be bait with it.

    • Brandy = Queen/King B May 16, 2015

      I disagree. Some whites may not want to see heterosexual intelligent black men succeed, and some blacks may not want to see that either, but I don’t think that’s the general rule or standard. Honestly, I’d argue that this is what blacks want black men to have–positivity, leadership, influence. He will do just fine as long as he promotes his self properly, give him a chance to succeed. He just released his first official single and you are already tearing him down.

      • Londontru May 16, 2015

        Well i gave him a chance by watching the interview! I really like the guy. But just because u like someone doesnt mean u cannot critique them either. Yes i too hope he does do well we need more positive black like him in the industry.
        Just would like to see him express his same message in a cooler way. Coz he seems a tad emotionally unstable that isnt a star like quality for me. For instance kanye is crazy and people ignore his message because ofthis im british and like to see a stiff upper lip on my celebrities

  2. Jade PR May 16, 2015

    I love this interview and Elijah Blake. There needs to be more artists with substance and who talk sense!!!

    @JadePROffical @MsJadeOnline jade-pr.co.uk

  3. B**** AM FROM NEW YORK May 16, 2015

    WOW he sound so intelligent.

  4. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 18, 2015

    Nice interview and he sounds smart young man

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