Friendship Cancelled! Drake Cuts Madonna Out Of New Song Following Coachella Kiss Drama

Published: Monday 25th May 2015 by David

She kissed him. He hated it. She called him a girl. He called her a dinosaur.

Now, Drake has confirmed that he is feuding with Madonna by slicing her name out of a cut he wrote about her and replaced it with…Rihanna‘s.

Yes, hours ago saw him perform the song ‘Madonna’ at the launch of his ‘Jungle’ stage show and take aim at the ‘Material Girl.’

Watch below…

The original number appears on his latest body of work ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 25, 2015

    Madonna wanted some free publicity, and Drizzy gave it to her. Princess Rihanna is a much better replacement.

    • Slay_Hive May 25, 2015

      ???????????????????? R8 isn’t coming. Drake tries to save R8 flop era….

      • Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 25, 2015

        It’s not her fault, Kenya West is phucking everything up for her. She needs her old team back, and needs to go back to Def Jam.

      • PRAY For #R8 May 25, 2015

        Drake is desperately trying to save Rihanna’s dwindling career…that’s all.

      • Mark111 May 25, 2015

        Your hairline is never coming back and that’s why you mad. lol, lightskin boys are always in their feelings. #Puss

      • RiRiMilitary May 25, 2015

        Oh… you mean like how she won best urban contemporary album by herself last year? The same award Beyonce lost this year? Shut the **** up bitter ass b****. Mad cause that surprise album ain’t do ****. The Grammy’s had a surprise for y’all asses.

    • LOL May 25, 2015

      RIP this era. 3 songs out already and the album isn’t even done. *laughcry*

      • MadonnaThaDinosoaur May 25, 2015

        Madonna is a flop now everything she touches turns to Styrofoam kii

      • RiRiMilitary May 25, 2015

        Gaga;s too….and becoming a jazz singer.

    • May 25, 2015

      i likr drake, but Madonna was right when she said she kissed a girl, drake is mad sensitive, dude catch feelings for the least little thing.

    • James Dee May 25, 2015



    • ? May 26, 2015

      Rihanna sounds like a tonedeaf person singing super tacky songs underwater

  2. RihNavy May 25, 2015

    KaMeHaMe-KIIIIIIII ????

  3. Mark111 May 25, 2015

    Drake said he will not being another young girl that GranDonna sucks the youth out of. Hahahahaha, finally, after 30 years, people see through this (unt BS. #WaitsForJanet

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015


    • Royalkev May 25, 2015


    • OMG Logic!!! May 25, 2015

      Minnie Mouse Jackson will flop harder than American Coke Inhaler.

      • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

        You mad. Cuz that’s a lie. Sells has never been below 6 figs ya c***.

    • ? May 26, 2015

      Because he is so youthful ?

  4. LB May 25, 2015

    Post #4 feat Rihanna lol, that well is really drying up.

    For those who don’t know, I stan for talent’s new username is shade.

    • RihNavy May 25, 2015

      KIII! Expose it! ????

  5. PRAY For #R8 May 25, 2015

    Everyone knows why… Rihanna.

    Drake is trying to save R8 era because nobody is taking about the Goat. She will release 7-8 buzz single until she starts her real era (unless she joins Vegas)

    • Rihboy May 26, 2015

      But why use drake? His singles came and went like the Holy Ghost. It’s evident something is going on between rih and drake. Him saying her name is as unaffective as tidal on a Tuesday. I agree with most. My faves era has been off to a rocky start. However I’m glad she didn’t go the safe pop route. It may have costed her an immediate number 1 that she is use too, however to still be in billboards top 40 peaking at 4,6 collectively is fine for me. I wouldn’t rule her out just yet tho. She is still recording from what I’ve observed. Maybe a few songs for deluxe. I know she has a plan. Be patient. I understand you guys have an infatuation with her era, but it soon come.

  6. Lake Erie May 25, 2015

    Madonna too old for those antics. Janet would never.

    • Lamb4Life May 25, 2015

      Janet would flash her n*pples in a second….

      • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

        Really? The f*** yo delusional ass off my post. Ain’t nobody checking for Madonna.

      • NickiMiley May 25, 2015

        Madonna 350m album sold. Your fav could never b*tch! You sit and suck your mama’s droppy a** b*tch.

      • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

        Neither could your old grandma-madonna while she’s still reaching. You’re dismissed.

      • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) May 26, 2015

        Biitch Moooooriah NEEDS too seeing the ho only selling 16k. U BIITCH!!

    • ? May 26, 2015

      Why do some people bring up Janet when there’s talk about Madonna ? They’re not even in the same lane, sales wise, artistically, style wise and other.

  7. LoveBey May 25, 2015

    That’s the worst song on the album anyways but good for Rihanna for the free promo that she definitely needs

  8. Only (NICKIARA) May 25, 2015

    You mean YOU CAN BE BIG AS RIHANNA’s fourheads i mean forehad

  9. Only (NICKIARA) May 25, 2015

    You mean YOU CAN BE BIG AS RIHANNA’s fourheads i mean forehead

  10. B2B May 25, 2015

    If Rihanna doesn’t “pull a Beyoncè,” her album is going to do Ciara’s #s. The GP isn’t checking for her, Bey is getting more press while on a break. Maybe it’ll be a Tidal exclusive from Friday to Tuesday. How did the Home soundtrack do btw?

  11. MadonnaThaDinosoaur May 25, 2015

    Old Donna is nothing but washed up reptile I’m glad drake is distancing himself from this has been

    • ? May 26, 2015

      I wonder why she even kissed the big baby rapper

  12. LOL May 25, 2015

    Drake is becoming Rihanna’s new publicist? I guess so. R8 shares the same faith, crash and burn and suffer one of greatest demise as Artpop has in music’s history…

  13. Molly May 25, 2015

    He replaced a dinosaur with a crackhead interesting

    *plays nicki minaj – crying game*

  14. Rihicon May 25, 2015

    drake needs to save rihs career, but she gave him his most successful single of his career? ok

    • B2B May 25, 2015

      Sorry, but I you have been misinformed. Although Rihanna and Drake do have a #1 hit together, he has far more successful songs than WMN. Drake sells 10$+ albums.

  15. LB May 25, 2015

    Rihicon, I know right, they don’t make any sense. FourFiveSeconds alone has done better worldwide than many of their favs singles, the numbers speak for themselves.

    Nobody is here for Rihanna’s music and yet they are still buying it lol, the struggle to want Rihanna to fail is real.

    • Saerah May 25, 2015

      Ritardnna has already failed….where were u hiding sis???

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      I’m not a fan but I f**** with her. I got a feeling her album will do only just as good as her others. So Idk what she’s afraid of. The album will sell off her name alone in my opinion.

      • LB May 25, 2015

        I think she is just waiting for the right moment, the album is coming.

      • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

        Yea. I think it def should be a surprise.

    • Lolz May 25, 2015

      The numbers do speak for themselves and they show she is underperformimg.

  16. SMH May 25, 2015

    Sounds like folks are just mad because he dissed the 80s has been and replaced the title with Rihanna and not beyonce.

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      She def is a has been. Ugh. Trash.

    • B2B May 25, 2015

      It would sound stupid if he had said Beyonce. Only reason he used Rihanna is because it rhymes with Madonna. Trust me and don’t believe the hype.

    • ? May 26, 2015

      The 80’s hasbeen who was the topselling singles artist in the 00’s

      You really sound up to date don’t you

  17. Molly May 25, 2015

    Madonna has never been appealing imo. She can’t sing her music is weak af and her dancing is overrated. How the hell is she the queen of pop? Y’all been supporting the non talented since the 80s mess.

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      Lol! Her dance is def over rated. Smh. I do not understand the hype. She never appealed to me either.

      • Molly May 25, 2015

        Lol she’s a hot mess with not an ounce of talent.

    • Go And Eat Your Momma P*ssy May 25, 2015

      The Highest Grossing Tour for a Solo Artist of All Time- Madonna..

      And yor fav??

      • Molly May 25, 2015

        The overhype is real she’s far from the most talented female in the industry tho. Idk what type of deal Madonna made with the devil but she will forever be an untalented joke. This shows people been having horrible taste in music since the 80s.

      • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

        Yes, she def is over rated. But those crows feet she has isn’t. There’s no denying that.

    • ? May 26, 2015

      Someone into basic b****** shouldn’t comment on music

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      Ugh. Lol.

  18. Saerah May 25, 2015

    Drake is doing the PR stunt bcause she is so afraid to release the album, it’s kinda funny.

    Where are the hit singles, b*tch? I thought she is untouchable….


    • MileyMinaj May 25, 2015

      Queen of Nobody is reaching.

    • ? May 26, 2015

      Was that the year where her tour was the NUMBER ONE tour ? One can look that up, her tour was the top position of all tours

      SO … talking out of your a***

  19. Blue Gorrila Carter May 25, 2015

    Thank god Drake didn’t mention my mom.

    • BEY>RIH May 25, 2015

      No need to memtiom someone who isn’t flopping #Rl8

  20. Lake Erie May 25, 2015


    • Mimi Carey May 25, 2015

      Both can’t sing.

      • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

        In my opinion, Janet can sing. And so can crows foot Madonna. But Madonna need to sit her old ass down. She 65 trying to go on 25. Enough. It’s sickening.

    • ? May 26, 2015

      with that thin voice

  21. OMG Logic!!! May 25, 2015

    Aubrey is just pressed that she’s never going to be as big as Madonna.

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      Uuh. … Random? Lol.

  22. Valerie May 25, 2015

    Lol yes Drake! Madonna is disgusting trash.

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      Straight from the can..

  23. Zayn Navy May 25, 2015

    Drake is a shady bottom.

  24. shakira stan May 25, 2015

    Madonna is a washed up old desperate w**** just like jezebelyonce….rihanna is truly a better replacement….she is still relevant unlike the two old b******.

    • Rosie May 25, 2015

      At this coming from a Shakira stan.

    • BEY>RIH May 25, 2015

      ???????????? Beyonce is more relevant than both of those has-beens alone. Beyonce’s last album sold more in half a day than Madge, Shak, and Rih sold im the first week. Thats why Madeline is resorting to kissing lightskin girls, Barbadian Coke Snorter is resorting to 847528946 magazine covers and Bullfrog- throatkira is resorting to judging a show she should be a contestant of.

      • #1lamb May 25, 2015

        It may have sold more but what about those combined album sales? Beyonce takes the back seat for real.

    • ? May 26, 2015

      Relevant to who though ? Basics with no ear for good songs ?

  25. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 25, 2015

    This tea has gone stale now, both of these girls are trying to milk this press opportunity for all it’s worth. OH and Madonna you already made out with a woman during a performance to make headlines, so why are you smooching another chick for?

    • Flavor In The Street May 25, 2015


  26. #1lamb May 25, 2015

    People crack me up as if youth will stay with them for ever. So many like to put down the older artist. what happens when you all get older and some younger person tells you what you should be doing

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      Believe it or not, a lot of our elders need to hear that truth. Clown doesn’t look well on them. (some).

  27. #1lamb May 25, 2015

    Here is what I don’t understand. I am all for new acts being in the game but why oh why does most try to discredit the legends?
    Most like to act as if records and album sales have exportation dates on them. The only way that happens is when someone breaks a record. I say all this to say, Madonna is never going to be a “has been”. She has sold more records than your new faves combined. She has changed the game with her career. Have some respect geesh

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      No matter what, can’t no one take her success from her. But if she’s out here doing s*** that will def get called out on? Well….. … a spade is a spade at the end of the day.

  28. Stephy. May 25, 2015

    That video of Madonna showing her tit was nasty. Wow.

    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015


    • Lake Erie May 25, 2015

      Your avi is gorgeous!

    • ? May 26, 2015

      And the video of Janet showing her tit with Justin Timberlake ?

  29. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 27, 2015

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????for him

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