New Song: Christina Aguilera – ‘Anywhere But Here’ [Snippet]

Published: Tuesday 12th May 2015 by Sam

Pop diva Christina Aguilera may be baking her own new album, but that hasn’t stopped her from lending her (immense) talent to the soundtrack for ‘Finding Neverland.’

The mother of two joins major names such as Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, and Bon Jovi on the LP – which sees said stars perform songs from the Broadway production of ‘Finding’ (due June 9th).

Xtina’s contribution comes in the form of ‘Anywhere But Here,’ a preview of which awaits below…

Click here to listen!

Click here to listen!

Click here to listen!

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  1. Beyonce B****** May 12, 2015

    not feeling it

    • Beyonce took a dookie May 12, 2015

      Says a Beyonce fan lol

    • maurice May 12, 2015

      Anywhere But Here, as in Anywhere But On This Earth does she stand a chance of being successful in music again.

    • I support great music May 12, 2015

      Beautiful voice

  2. Tina May 12, 2015

    Her tone is impeccable! Cannot wait to hear the whole song!

    • maurice May 12, 2015

      Darrrrling, you can your fave be a rude b**** diva, and a flop?
      How does that work?

      • Tina May 12, 2015

        Erm what? Not one word of that reply makes sense as a sentence.

      • maurice May 12, 2015

        darling, i said how can ur fave be flopping and be a diva at the same time?

      • rayray May 13, 2015

        Ok. Now that makes sense but I didn’t say anything about her being diva at all? Or about success, I just said I liked her tone and couldn’t wait to hear the whole song. So if your going to throw shade at least throw shade that is related to the comment.

  3. InTheZone May 12, 2015

    I’m sorry, who ?

    • mr.m May 12, 2015


      Can’t wait to see the psycho robot lip sync at the BBMA 🙂

      • BEY>RIH May 12, 2015

        Just because the echoes of her horrid screaming can be heard from light years away, doesn’t mean she’s the “voice of the generation”

  4. mr.m May 12, 2015

    Her voice is so dreamy and legendary!
    People can say what they want to say about her
    BUT that voice is here to stay .. forever

  5. The Great Aretha Franklin May 12, 2015

    I am slayed for the first time in a long while by this woman… truely the voice of her génération

  6. Stinglikebey May 12, 2015

    She best come hard , she’s had chance after chance , beyonce Christina and britney came out together n beyonce is the only one that’s relevant I thought Brit would slay but her pretty girls is flopping worse then rihannas come back this year . Christina better not playing no games this time I would love to see the 90s pop stars slaying together again

    • Mark111 May 12, 2015

      Beyonce came out in 2003.

      • Arc May 12, 2015


  7. rihicon May 12, 2015


  8. DTG May 12, 2015

    Accept that she played out with The Backstreet Boys. She keeps trying to squeeze herself into the current music scene that has no room for or interest in her.

  9. Molly May 12, 2015

    Never been a fan of this solo artist turned featured artist.

  10. XoMoDe May 12, 2015

    Christina is becoming a white version of Ciara. She and her team won’t reconcile that her time’s been up.

    • The Great Aretha Franklin May 12, 2015

      These lady does great music ,a good prove is just her performance on the country charts… and her grammy win on say something, she made that song relevant . Stop the hâte an support music ( quality music)

      • XoMoDe May 12, 2015

        Christina fans constantly cling to “Say Something,” as if it at all atones for how ALL of HER OWN releases over the past 5+ years have failed instantly. How come the name “Christina Aguilera” by itself isn’t enough anymore? Why is it that she can only thrive as a featured artist, singing someone else’s hook or bridge? Why does it take another artists name/hype/brand recognition and marketing machine for her to have any kind of success these days? Seems to me that the public is either annoyed by or indifferent to her now and today she only works in small, scaled back doses, with other people there to dilute her presence.

    • Jennifer May 12, 2015

      Ciara isn’t even in the same league as Christina, so the comparison cannot be made.

      • The Great Aretha Franklin May 12, 2015

        Yep they cling on say something because it the one of the few relevant songs along side with Just A Fool she’s released to get pleased…

  11. Kitty Puurrzz May 12, 2015

    Xtina SLAYAGE….

  12. Bridgette May 12, 2015

    This isn’t fair! Christina can’t be gorgeous, super funny, smart and be a great singer. She is like a 24/7 babe! How does she exist?!!

  13. rayray May 12, 2015

    It’s a mariah stan blatantly, their all illiterate. Don’t worry sweetie, just ignore it. If you like it, like it. And Maurice where does it say she is stan or xtina is a fave! Tut tut with the assumptions. #illiterate #ignorant

  14. AmericanDream May 12, 2015

    This girl can sing anything from pop to rock, from jazz to country, she is the most colourful and versatile performer in the industry 🙂 that counts more than sales! #trueartist

  15. Jennifer May 12, 2015

    I can’t wait to hear the full version because it sounds epic already.

  16. HYISI May 12, 2015

    Too many people pay too much lip service online. If this song came out tomorrow it would flop.
    voice of the generation but can’t sell an album..sure!
    Just because a few thousand people give you an undeserved title doesn’t make it so.
    Christina,Ciara,Britney and a whole list of others really need to retire and go away!

    • The Great Aretha Franklin May 12, 2015


  17. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 14, 2015

    It almost sounds like a Christmas song

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