‘Beyography’: Beyonce-Inspired Movement Takes The U.S. By Storm

Published: Tuesday 16th Jun 2015 by David

Unfamiliar with the new Beyonce-inspired fitness craze that’s taken the U.S. by storm?

Hit the link below for all you need to know about ‘Beyography.’

It has seriously been one of the biggest game changers of the last year of my life.

When the actress Jess Salguerio stepped into her first class she had no idea that she was joining a movement that would hop, skip and jump over Canada’s borders and into the U.S. where it is now being practiced in dance studios up and down the country.

What that movement is? Beyography, a workout program inspired by choreography delivered by the Pop singer Beyonce and whipped up by choreographers Frank Gatson, Chris Grant and Jaquel Knight.

The class was created by Mr. Nicky Nasrallah  who teaches the class from his dance studio in Toronto and has watched his work inspire thousands to join his followers and become Beyographers, dedicated to keeping fit with the help of star’s stage-blazing dance moves.

Nasrallah explains:

She took all my money so basically I’m being paid back through these classes. She’s my one and only.

She is the embodiment of flawed perfection. She’s so perfect.

He teaches his students to be empowered by mistakes they may make in class and cites Beyonce’s own errors as the reason behind the craft’s relaxed nature.

“She’s also relatable,” he explains. “She does screw up a lot. She falls on stage all the time. I’ve been at her concert where she’s sung the wrong lyrics!”

For Salguerio, Beyography encourages her to embrace her inner-Beyonce in her every day life.

Coming to this class, I kind of just started to embrace this like powerful, feminine prowess and that’s what’s so cool about Beyonce music.

Read more on the movement here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bitchpleasssseeeeee June 16, 2015


    • You tried June 16, 2015

      @Truthtea READ MY DAMN NAME! U definitely TRIED LOL it’s people like u that are obsessed with her! U can’t go a day without talking about her even if it’s Bad! This site and many media outlets around THE WORLD are telling News on her ACHIEVEMENTS! Now people like u that try to talk down on her daily and the news outlets that talk about what she’s wearing and her family and etc are OBSESSED! B***ch she’s black beautiful Rich and SUCCESS AND GET OVER IT CAUSE SHES POPULAR TOO LMAO … CARRY ON 😉

      • Carry On June 16, 2015

        Okay, you need to calm down and take a pill. Okay, you are a F-o-l-l-o-w-e-r. Your distracted a*** need to hide from your busted life. M-kay it ain’t that serious; no love lost boo. You keep crying Bey and she like hey GIVE_ME_YO_MONEY. bawahahaha Lost souls getting arrested and k!lled. Pray on.

    • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 16, 2015

      Bi tch

  2. truthtea June 16, 2015

    This world is too obsessed with Beyonic and Taylor it’s disgusting! It’s what’s wrong with this world. People worship these 2 more than they care about themselves!

    • trellbeylike June 16, 2015

      Seems like u r too tho…or u wouldn’t be here at all…lol

    • Skyfall June 16, 2015

      Bye people were just as obsessed with Michael the Beatles etc

  3. Centurion June 16, 2015

    Beyonce is being sued for $7m. WTF is wrong with y’all? Make a post. C’mon David. I know you can do it.

    • trellbeylike June 16, 2015

      Yall see how much her haters give her their precious time…lol u r infatuated with Beyoncé just as much as the hive lol…n***** waiting lol

    • fatusankoh June 16, 2015

      Is lies the person wants a pay day I hope he never get a Penney

    • DEL BEY June 16, 2015

      Ohh look who dragged themselves in from the slums under the freeway, still pressed I see @ISTANDFORTALENT? I listened to the song and XO sounds NOTHING like the other version, the case will be dismissed, they guy is reaching as much as you do

      • fatusankoh June 16, 2015

        Thank you Del Bey you said it all

  4. Only (NICKIARA) June 16, 2015

    Who runs the Earth?

    • Stephy. June 16, 2015


  5. Anne June 16, 2015

    Great idea!

  6. Centurion June 16, 2015

    Gays. SMH

    • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

      Perfect word to sum it up.

    • Barb Wire June 16, 2015

      Centurion says:


      @Suprise… I’m gay.
      Y.U mad? What’s the matter baby?

  7. DEL BEY June 16, 2015

    Beyonce’s choreo is top notch, she dances in heels for over two hours and still sounds flawless when she sings, you can never tell she’s out of breath, such a talent! End of Time (Revel), Single Ladies (VMA’s 2009) are some of her best routines, ahhhh my wigg

  8. Jhené Aiko Stan June 16, 2015

    How is she flawless and perfect but they teach people to be empowered by her mistakes? And where is the post about Jhené launching her first clothing line with Neff and PacSun?

    • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

      Who is Jhene???

      • Jhené Aiko Stan June 16, 2015

        Since your screen name is dedicated to labeling someone a flop, I’m going to assume you focus on the charts and sales more than actual music, only knowing top 40 type artist. In which case, carry on.

      • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

        And if my screen name reflected Jhene, it would be Jhene Never Was And Never Will Be

    • trellbeylike June 16, 2015

      The acceptance of her “flaws and all” is what makes her ***flawless…

  9. Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

    Interesting. Beyonce’s burlesque choreography becomes a craze. WHY? Because ANYONE CAN DANCE LIKE BEYONCE. If you want a challenge, try Janography (Janet) Paulography (Paula Abdul) or Ciography (Ciara).

    • Anne June 16, 2015

      Correction…anyone can try and will get a workout while attempting to do so even if their moved aren’t stage or video worthy. The same goes for the choreography by the other performers.

      • Anne June 16, 2015


      • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

        People like you relate to Beyonce’s moves because you embrace and relate to mediocrity.

    • Alex June 16, 2015

      Well Janet learned to dance from Paula(since she came up with her entire routine to rhythm nation and many other routines). So about Paulography??! ☕️☕️

      • Shady81 June 16, 2015

        Sorry you’re trolling and on top of that your wrong Janet’s been dancing since she was a child Paula didn’t teach her s*** hell even Debbie Allen said Janet was natural dancer plus a fast learner. And Paula didn’t do Janet’s Rhythmn Nation Choreography it was Anthony Thomas Paula only Choreograph What have you done for me lately, Nasty, and When I think of you. And Tina Landon was Responsible for the Choreography for the Janet to the Velvet Rope Era Tina also did Choreography for Love will never do without you, Paula started her solo Career in late 1988 early 1989, please state the facts before typing what you think you know.

  10. Rihanna Lately June 16, 2015

    Queen Of Basics

    • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

      Pretty much.

  11. Tyler Makivelli June 16, 2015

    @Ciara the Flop
    So “Run the World’s” choreography isn’t challenging? The choreo for “Grown Woman”, “Single Ladies”, or “End of Time” dont display a good amount of footwork and are all just Burlesque/Vegas Show Girl styled routines?????
    WOW! Thats news worthy.

    • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

      That’s because you (overall) and people who find Beyonce’s choreography are mediocre people who relate to mediocrity instead of being inspired by greatness because it requires you to be more than smoke and mirrors.

      • Miss Jones June 17, 2015

        No, you’re just pressed. and I love Janet, but she is not a full package like Beyonce. She puts on the better show, yes, but she is NOT the full package like Beyonce or her brother. Y’all kill me how y’all work so hard to try and discredit her. It’s comical 🙂

  12. Rihanna Lately June 16, 2015

    She’s a great performer but yall hype her like she’s on MJ level.

    • Ciara The Flop June 16, 2015

      And she’ll never be a tenth of the talent he was.

  13. Skyfall June 16, 2015

    I didn’t read the article, so is this like a new exercise dvd. If so that’s really good. Beyonce moves a lot on stage and doing these dances while having a good diet plan can help you lose weight and tone up. I’m here for it.

  14. Skyfall June 16, 2015

    Just a business idea. Beyonce could bundle a Bey-dance moves inspired workout dvd and package it with her began meal plan.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

      People can use the Vegan meal plan to fan themselves after a strenuous work out! Great idea!

  15. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) June 16, 2015

    Let me just drop a couple in honour of Bey

    Got hos like Ashanti retired waiting for her pension.
    Got liping hos like Keri in a witness protection.
    Waiting for a pay check from no boys allowed.
    Premature hos like Keri tryna play Bey but no they ain’t makea sound.
    Bey birthed these hos and she carried em.
    And when they outta line Bey buried em.
    Lay careers off,is something she does often.
    She got KKeri’s career & singles in a coffin

  16. Rihanna Lately June 16, 2015

    Beyoncé dances moves are kind of complex, I was shocked with Run The World Choreography.

  17. Kyle June 16, 2015

    The Queen and ha impact carrys on! We need a post on Madonna B*tch Im Madonna featuring Katy Perry, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. No Rihanna LOL .

  18. Jewel June 16, 2015

    And they say all she does is shake her a$$…

  19. fatusankoh June 16, 2015

    You go queen bey their is no one like our bey haters have norting on her

  20. SayHey June 16, 2015

    Why is this blog SO obsessed with Beyoncé? Every miserable article has to have some stupid Beyoncé reference!!

  21. Truth Hurts June 16, 2015

    NEWS FLASH!!! bayonce supposedly broke the internet but
    she didn’t make the cut at Google’s global 2014 yeard end chART, even with the elevator scandal.
    Poor thing, all the money invested in P.R. and pushing her name, free videos with the album, touring and touring and not even top ten at google LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    • Derby June 16, 2015

      Well, she just doesn’t have the X Factor, that “ohh, she’s a star”, she realy has to work twice as hard to be half as good, you have to born with it.

      • Truth Hurts June 16, 2015

        But the comment is about google, and if she is taking the world by storm why she did’t top the most searched list or at least top ten, her best selling album just 4x plat and that was in 2003, I mean she is king b, the greatest, why can’t she have the best selling album of any year, WHYYYYYYY?

      • Emerald June 16, 2015

        Google isn’t a chart so it’s irrelevant.

  22. Emerald June 16, 2015

    Ha! They always hate and fail. Beyonces dancing is far from basic she incorporates many different styles of dance into her routines all the time. This is coming from someone who dances professionally.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

      You mean her choreographer incorporates many different styles of dance into Thighyonce’s routine, right hun? Or are you going to sit there and pretend Thighyonce is a dancer now the same way she’s a “writer.”

      • Emerald June 16, 2015

        She executes the dance. So she too is incorperating it.

  23. OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

    So a dozen other people do all the work and Thighyonce gets all the credit? What else is new? And ya’ll at TGJ are reaching beyond the stars now. There’s no storm. Nobody is checking for some random workout DVD. This isn’t 2005.

    • Emerald June 16, 2015

      Shes the one executing the dance so obviously. Haters are really stupid at times.

      • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

        She didn’t come up with the routine. That’s like saying Mariah Carey owns I’ll Be There just because she sang it and took it to #1. No matter what the song still belongs to the Jacksons just as the exercise routine belongs to its creator.

      • Emerald June 16, 2015

        Thats equivalent of saying Whitney Houston should get no credit for any of the songs she sings over. You sound stupid with no logic whatsoever.

    • Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

      B**** you are always pressed. Who else is suppose to get the damn credit??

      • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

        The person who came up with the routine? You didn’t see Gwyneth Paltrow take credit for her friend’s work out routine. She just made a cameo in the video to help promote it.

      • Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

        Everyone knows Beyonce didn’t create the routines but it is HER music, popularity and presence that brought it to the forefront!! You are making no sense. #PRESSED ????????????

    • Pray for #R8 June 16, 2015

      Please chile. Choreographers choreograph according to the talent of the dancer they’re working with. For example, Rihanna’s choreographers give her material based on her capability ie the pu$$y pat. ????????????

      • Tyler Makivelli June 16, 2015

        And lets not forget that repetative weak ass dutty whine and stupid finger guns

      • Tyler Makivelli June 16, 2015

        @OMG Stupid
        No b****, we dont get it. MJ didnt invent the moonwalk. So what….should he not get credit for it being noticed and being recognized as one of the most popular dances of ALL TIME?

      • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

        That reply was meant for Pray for #R8. He mentioned that choreographers tailor choreography to a dancer’s ability, and that Rihanna’s was based on the pu$$y pat.

      • Tyler Makivelli June 16, 2015

        I know who tf it was meant for! I. Confused as to why youre trying to discredit beyonce in regards to her choreography. She doesnt deserve props? Elaborate.

      • Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

        Click @ 7:41. Beyonce does more than p**** pop. She can actually execute any type of choreography because she is a dancer.

  24. Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

    Wow Beyonce gets bigger and bigger every year.. Her impact tho!!! I would love to do this. I know ALL the choreography anyway. Sounds so fun!!!!

    • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

      Impact and hype are not the same thing. Thighyonce has excess of one, but lacks the other. And that other isn’t impact…

      • Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

        This is impact!! Beyonce’s music and routines impacting other’s lives to get in shape and lead healthier lives in a fun way. This has nothing to do with hype b****.. Get tf out of here seething b****!!

      • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

        No b1tch. The First Lady of the United States is promoting healthy eating and exercise. Thighyonce is promoting additional methods of income for her ravenous fans to consume.

      • BEY>RIH June 16, 2015

        That means she has excess of impact and lacks the hype… “Haters are really stupid at times” ????????????

      • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

        Girl bye. I put the words in the wrong order. You still know exactly what I meant.

      • Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

        Lmaooo you are seething so hard, you’re not making any sense. This was not Beyonce’s idea though! Its the impact of her music and routines that inspired this craze. Why turn something so positive into a negative?!! ????????????

      • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

        You keep using that word ‘seething,’ but I don’t think you quite know what it means. I am merely pointing out facts. Like this being a craze, it’s not. I’m sure it’s a fun, cute, healthy fad though!

      • Slay_Hive June 16, 2015

        You are mad. You are turning something positive into a negative. What “facts” have you pointed out?????????

  25. LB June 16, 2015

    I’m always in support of people getting healthier. If this craze gets people exercising, then good.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 16, 2015

      Just like the million other “crazes” stopped obesity from rising /rollseyes.

      • LB June 16, 2015

        As long as it gets people off the couch and into some sort of exercise routine, I am in support of it.

  26. Tyler Makivelli June 16, 2015

    @OMG Stupid
    No, b**** we dont get it. MJ didnt event the moonwalk. So what…should he not get credit for it being noticed and being recognized as one of the most popular dance moves of ALL TIME?

    • Emerald June 16, 2015

      Exactly. I understand some people just don’t like Beyonce. But it’s really not that deep that you have to hate like OMG NO Logic and loose all sense of objectivity.

  27. whenindoubtthetruthwillout June 16, 2015

    Can this gossip site get any more pathetic?

    What will it be next? “Beyonce takes a s*** and inspires new craze”?

  28. Last Girl On Earth June 16, 2015

    Trolls hatin, we just call em fan’s tho.

  29. Last Girl On Earth June 16, 2015

    @emerald that Logic user has no logic at all. That’s what happens when you’re blinded by hate to the point of sheer stupidity. And to think people claim the Hive obsessed with Bey, when her haters are 10x times obsessed with her.

  30. How Many Drinks June 16, 2015

    Wow some people on here are making themselves look stupid through hating. Yes Beyonce has choreographers just like EVERYONE else who incorporates dancing into their performances. Are you going to saying there’s no such thing as ‘MJ inspired’ dance just because he didn’t choreograph it? Choreographers choreograph according to artists like BEYONCES established STYLE. So yes she can claim it, because it’s her style which is the whole inspiration. You wouldn’t give choreography FOR BEYONCE to Rihanna or Katy Perry because 1) it’s not their style 2) They probably couldn’t do it anyway. Didn’t think it was that hard of a concept to grasp.

  31. David June 16, 2015

    So it’s about moving your hair in front of a fan?

    • Tyler Makivelli June 16, 2015

      If you honestly think that all Beyonces done is move her hair in front of a fan, for the past 17 years, then you have several issues.

  32. RICHIE_RICH June 16, 2015

    That Bey impact. She is just as big as MJ and the haters can’t deal!!!!!!!

    I don’t know how I feel just yet about her working with Madonna……… We shall see and for you sensitive people it’s no shade towards Madge.

  33. Royalkev June 16, 2015

    Love her or hate her, you must admit that Bey’s impact is crazy!

  34. dydy972 June 16, 2015

    i’ve been working out on beyoncé’s dvd for 2 years now. I joined the movement before it started!

  35. Red boy June 17, 2015

    I wouldn’t take this class because i saw videos of it, and his choreography and delivery of the moves SUCK! If ur gonna teach somebody sections of the routines, please make sure that u have the moves right urself first. And I agree with what somebody said earlier, if u REALLY want a work out, try a Janet or Ciara style dance class. Granted ull work up a sweat doin Bey dances, you’ll be doin WAY more physical stuff doin a Janet routine…just sayin

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