Beyonce Makes ‘Revolutionary’ Announcement On ‘Good Morning America’

Published: Monday 8th Jun 2015 by David

The pop purveyor that is Beyonce has used ‘Good Morning America’ to make an epic announcement this morning.

Her news was teased here and comes after fans took to social media to discuss what they believed said news would be.

A Destiny’s Child reunion? A joint album with her husband Jay Z?

Ponder no longer…

The star has announced that she is on a diet.

She declared:

I am not naturally the thinnest woman. I have curves. I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets. Finding something that actually works, actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me.

Now the ‘Bootylicious’ belle is revealing just how she lost the weight.

The secret? Marco Borges’ ’22-Day Revolution’, employed by the singer to shed weight without losing her world renown figure.

I felt like my skin was really firm. A lot tighter than when I deprived myself of food and got the weight off fast. And the weight stayed off.


Click here for more on Bey’s involvement with the ‘Revolution’!

Your thoughts?

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  1. MC&WH June 8, 2015

    The slaaaaaaaaayage is too REAL!!!

    • You tried June 8, 2015

      Healthy living SLAYAGE BODY! WORK QUEEN BEY

    • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 8, 2015

      ????(side eyeing) chiiiiile…it this REALLY news??? Im sleep!! ????????????

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 8, 2015

        @Truth LMAO! I have to agree how is eating a healthier diet a ‘revolutionary’ or ‘major’ announcement?!

        The reach is astonishing.. Promo for her friends book. Got it. Thanks. 😉

    • Ciara The Flop June 8, 2015

      The thirst is too real. If Beyonce sold her poop and call it the must-have diet, the BeyHIVe would buy it. NEXT!!!

  2. MC&WH June 8, 2015

    You betta Beyonce!!

  3. meiammarie June 8, 2015

    f*** this b**** what work for u wouldnt work for everybody c*** thanks for wasting my f****** time b****

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* June 8, 2015

      Lol you went awff but you sounding like precious right now.

    • truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) June 8, 2015

      ???????? well dayum

  4. truthtea June 8, 2015

    The slayage? Miss me with that sh*t! Had everybody thinking it was something epic….SMH

  5. Mark111 June 8, 2015

    I been said the girl has weight problems.

    • Unbiased June 8, 2015

      Well at least she is eating healthy and working out and dancing to stay fit. Also, she is promoting a healthier lifestyle instead of being caught on camera snorting coke like your fave. Sit down.

      • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

        Veganism isn’t healthy. It’s a stupid fad.

      • fatusankoh June 8, 2015

        Yes unbiased well said thanks

  6. Naomi June 8, 2015

    David you are reaching to infinity with that title!

  7. LB June 8, 2015

    Yaaaasssssssss Beyonce, I am stanning real hard right now. Let those fat meat eaters die of testicular cancer from all that disgusting saturated fat.

    Going Vegan is the only way, it is good for he environment, it is good for health and it saves animals. The way those animals are treated on a daily basis for our consumption is just downright deplorable, proud vegan here.

    Major move, good for you. I am so proud.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

      Vegans are nothing more than overly self-righteous tools desperate for attention. Saves animals? What do you think would happen to millions of livestock if meat eaters suddenly went vegan? They’d all be massacred as they’d no longer have a purpose, that’s what. They would also go extinct because domesticated animals have no future without human involvement.

      YOU are welcome to be a vegan, but don’t spread your ignorant drivel as if it were gospel. Humans are OMNIVORES and only developed our highly complex brains thanks to the proteins our ancestors consumed from meats.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

      Why would I be proud lol? That’s like saying are you proud you brushed your hair? No. I just eat. What vegans like you SHOULD be doing is promoting better treatment of livestock/free range animals/hormone free/etc. Kind of how Chipotle treats their livestock.

  8. Shady81 June 8, 2015

    Hell Nah The hive was ready for big news not this diet announcement and TGJ said it was gonna break the Internet I don’t recall diets breaking anything but oh well. And the hive are gonna drag their queen in 5,4,3,2,1………

    • Credits June 8, 2015

      When the hive turns on their queen….the day will come but this, they’ll forgive her for this one.

  9. #1 Lamb June 8, 2015

    I respect it. She wouldn’t be Beyonce without her ICONIC curves. Shes never been fat but never been skinny either. But shes been looking very glowy lately so do you Bey!

  10. Kingbeybitch June 8, 2015

    Lmao hive is dragging her on Twitter/ Instagram lmaooio i canttt????????????????????

    • Naomi June 8, 2015

      The instagram comments though lmao.

  11. LB June 8, 2015

    Wow the hive are DISGUSTING if they are dragging her on twitter. Those disgusting meat eaters are going to clog up their arteries from all that saturated fat in animal products, get testicular cancer and die. Beyonce is trying to help them and they spit on her face. Horrible people.

    • SMH June 8, 2015

      Boy shut up with all that. Being a vegan won’t stop you from dying from a car accident or from getting shot.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

      Don’t you have some B12 capsules to go take? It sounds like you’ve been ignoring them from your angry outpost. Remember, B12 is an vital nutrient you can’t find in your garden.

      • LB June 8, 2015

        Well at least I’ll live longer. I’m sure your glucose starved brain can’t take all these facts that show animal and dairy products are the leading cause of diabetes, heart attacks and testicular cancer.

        But keep guzzling down those saturated fats and packing on the weight from that disgusting meat from slaughtered animals you seem to enjoy.

      • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

        Do you know what glucose even is lol? Overconsumption is what leads to problems. Just as completely removing animal products can lead to problems. And I know you’re not going to try to push that whole “vegans live longer” bull5hit argument, and then tell me about some silly little study riddled with user bias.

  12. GILBERT June 8, 2015

    Fuckkk outta here with your rabbit food Bey. You is petty, you is low, you is disrespectful. how could u do us like that bey? On the plus side, it goes to show how huge her level of superstardom is by the fact that they promoted this “announcement” like a presidential election. bye

  13. Angie June 8, 2015

    *crying*,xo xo xo angry.i thought she was pregnant or releasin an album with jay z or dc is back again,my heart is broken anyway happy for you queen

  14. LB June 8, 2015

    I hope Rihanna sees the light and becomes vegan too, there is nothing better. You are full of energy, you save the environment (food and dairy industry are the #1 cause of global warming), you save thousands and millions of animals and you are overall much much healthier.

    Vegan is the only way, it just makes sense. More people need to know about this, good job to Beyonce for bringing light to this.

    • Arianator Barb June 8, 2015

      Would you shut the f*** up!!! Me eating chicken isn’t gonna make it less dead and if people wanna clog their arteries, let them.

      • Arianator Barb June 8, 2015

        *not eating

      • KJ June 9, 2015

        Chicken itself is not bad for you. It’s the s*****, oily crumb places like KFC cover it with.

    • shakira stan June 8, 2015

      Doesn’t vegan Beyonce weigh triple what Rihanna weighs?

      • Faf June 8, 2015

        @shakira I hear Rhianna fan saying that a lot and it puzzles me you do know that Rihanna is around the same height as Beyoncé and her lower half is quite thick, no?

        She has no lower body definition she’s wide and flat

        Her weight goes up and down as well

      • LDN Chick June 8, 2015

        @Shakira stan. No she doesn’t Rihanna is just a bit taller so looks leaner while Beyonce is smaller with more defined curves. When Rihanna is not working, she puts on weight and her thighs look thick af. They both have smaller upper half.

    • Angie June 8, 2015

      Are you vegan??

      • LB June 8, 2015


      • Angie June 8, 2015

        No wonder you were supporting beyonce,you never do

    • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

      Quite the opposite. Vegans naturally lack MANY key nutrients that humans on an omnivorous diet consume. Vegans tend to have psychological issues (as is obvious from their constant outbursts against people with normal eating habits), anemia, fatigue, weakness, memory loss, calcium deficiencies, and much more.

      Your link to meat and dairy industry and its correlation to global warming is also hilariously misguided and uninformed.

      • Stay blessed June 8, 2015

        Look at all the receipts omg logic is producing! someone with some actual intelligence is on here. so refreshing.

      • D June 8, 2015

        This. I was raised a vegetarian. 21 years — started eating meat almost a year ago. BEST.THING.EVER. The key is, everything in moderation. We’re all going to die someday anyway.

        As long as you’re eating certain foods in moderation, you’re good. + a lot of the ‘healthy’ veggie / vegan products that I would eat in the US were nowhere to be found once I moved to the UK / EU. Turns out they’re BANNED because they contain a crap ton of harmful additives. Believe it or not, my skin is clearer, my BMs are healthier (lol), and I feel better. That PALEO $#1T is for the birds.



  15. Naomi June 8, 2015

    Not troll Hive posting burger emojis all over her IG ????

  16. RihNaj June 8, 2015

    Gosh I thought it was somfing REALLY REALLY important ???? lol but nah good on her, she’s telling y’all faaaat biatches to lose some pounds ????

    • LB June 8, 2015

      Are you saying animal cruelty is not important? You’re disgusting.

      • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

        I wonder if a lion sheds tears while it’s eating a baby gazelle alive.

      • LB June 8, 2015

        Oh please, a lion operates on pure instinct, humans on the other hand make conscious decisions to eat meat. A human is not going to look at a rabbit and automatically salivate at how delicious it is, that behaviour is taught.

      • Naomi June 8, 2015

        He’s clearly talking about animal farming not nature idiot.

      • Naomi June 8, 2015

        That was for OMG No Logic.

      • OMG Logic!!! June 8, 2015

        Animals are naturally part of a human’s diet. Are you telling me that choosing to eat what my body was designed to eat is wrong?

      • RihNaj June 8, 2015

        Yasssss logic get him!! Stupid ass hooes

  17. Unbiased June 8, 2015

    Now y’all know B don’t announce no damn music…

  18. Naomi June 8, 2015

    I don’t know why the Hive is mad, don’t you know Beyonce enough by now to know she how she works? I knew this was nothing to get hyped up about. The girl is basically on her break all her big endeavours are DONE for now. And if the whole of the internet is guessing she’s pregnant then that means shes NOT pregnant lol. Yall are late.

  19. Jamie June 8, 2015

    I better not catch this b**** even looking at Popeyes…lol

    • Regina George June 8, 2015

      She needs to slide that lifetime card for free Popeyes right on over here!

      • Jamie June 8, 2015


  20. Brandy Starr June 8, 2015

    Good for her! Shes a great role model for young girls.

  21. SMH June 8, 2015

    LMFAO, I can’t even…

    I’ll give her one thing, tho. She definitely knows how stupid her fans are lmfao.

    • Regina George June 8, 2015

      Ooooohhhhh shady grove hunty… Ms. Weeping Willow has delivered a TKO read to tha gurls

    • Naomi June 8, 2015

      But you’re one of the ones who follow her every move despite not liking her. Im sure you were waiting to see what she was going to announce like the Hive were boo boo.

      • SMH June 8, 2015

        Err um, no dear. I was at WORK and logged on to the site and happened to see the post. Unlike most of you Beyonce worshippers, I don’t live through beyonce and tgj. I actually have a job and a life of my own. K boo boo?

      • Naomi June 8, 2015

        Hahaha! Shut up you multiple account having ass. Not fooling anyone. You live through that TGJ worse than the Hive and Beyonce.

  22. KMeShell June 8, 2015

    I got out of my bed for this crap. Oh my God Beyoncé is really starting to get on my nerve with this foolishness. I was expecting new music or something but about a vegan diet and repeating the same things we’ve heard say time and time again. Girl bye. Thatgrapejuice the thirst can’t be this real.

  23. shakira stan June 8, 2015

    Weight advice from this whale?
    No thanks!

  24. gina June 8, 2015

    she gets the Gurl Bye award for this nonsense.

  25. Regina George June 8, 2015

    I knew it was going to be about business… I thought it would be about Puddle though… Who gives a damn bout her vegan diet? I read either on here or another blog that she was partnering with that guy for these meals but then the news just stopped… I guess they worked out all the contractual details

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 8, 2015

      Not Puddle! Slight wave @ least! LMAO!

      • Regina George June 8, 2015

        Puddle hunty… Use a bounty paper towel and she’s completely gone without a trace… And YAAAAAAAASSS FOR THE AVI!!!! Motha JANET has been coming out with REAL exciting news recently… #noshadeforthevegans

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 9, 2015

        Lol! You are my favorite plastic gurl! Thanks for the compliment. I can’t wait for Queen Janet’s return!!

  26. CL is coming | SNSD, 2NE1, Sistar, T-ara, 4Minute, Exo June 8, 2015

    The title of this article though. But I am happy she is doing something about her elusive thigh gap. I’m glad she is promoting good health instead of her midlife crisis.

  27. TheElusiveLamb June 8, 2015

    Beyonce Makes ‘Revolutionary’ Announcement On ‘Good Morning America’

    It is revolutionary, bc how many of you all tuned in just to see Beyoncè talk. Beyoncè is QUEEN.

    • SMH June 8, 2015

      Um, clicking on TGJ is hardly revolutionary.

      • TheElusiveLamb June 8, 2015

        True, so if you’re so revolutionary, why are you here?

      • SMH June 8, 2015

        Never said I was sweetie. Just stating the facts.

  28. whut June 8, 2015

    Giving me Janet Jackson/Nutrisystem teas lol.

    • Shady81 June 8, 2015

      Even Janet didn’t stay on Nutrisystem that long s*** Janet said “f*** that a b**** gotta eat”.

  29. Angie June 8, 2015

    I know am not suppose to be mad but i cant hlp it i woke 05:46am to the beyonce has a big announcement,i couldnt sleep thinking of what it might be and just found out she vegan like what? What? What?

  30. LOL June 8, 2015


  31. Syd June 8, 2015

    To the ones calling her a b****, and a c***, how would you feel if someone called your mother that? Not only is she a superstar entertainer, she’s a MOTHER. So disrespectful. It may not be news or exciting to you, but it is to others.

    • fatusankoh June 8, 2015

      Syd well said thanks

    • LOL June 8, 2015


  32. #1lamb June 8, 2015

    Raise your hand if you knew about this 22 day vegan diet already. This is not her first time announcing this.

  33. LC June 8, 2015

    I love Bey & it’s cute that she’s a vegan and all. But she shouldn’t play around with her fans like this. Save the dramatic announcements for things that your fans actually care about.

  34. RihYonce June 8, 2015

    So I guess R8 is coming out before B6 after all lol

  35. Centurion June 8, 2015

    ‘Loud’ by Rihanna sold more copies than any of Beyoncé’s albums released this decade.

  36. Centurion June 8, 2015

    Rihanna has managed to achieve six #1 singles since Beyoncé last had her #1 single in 2008.

  37. LoveBey June 8, 2015

    Love you Bey but nobody is convincing me to give up chicken. And you’re petty for this

  38. LDN Chick June 8, 2015

    Shes so positive. I am becoming more and more aware of what I consume as I get older but I couldn’t go Vegan at this point.

  39. hivehighness June 8, 2015

    So not post worthy ????????????

    • HoneyBFly June 8, 2015

      Remember how many fat meaty cokks rihanna had to eat just to get them!

  40. JS June 8, 2015

    soooo…ya’ll mad? ???????????? thought ya’ll was about to get an inside scoop on some s***

  41. gregg June 8, 2015

    Ha Got Em! Hahaha Got Em!


  42. Rihboy June 8, 2015

    Not surprised it was video and not live. Lord knows the poor girl cannot put sentences together. Yet a scripted video does justice I guess. Furthermore, who cares? The girls are having meltdowns on Twitter and Instagram. They wanted baby and album news. Seems like Kim k and Janet beat her too the punch.

    • LDN Chick June 8, 2015

      They beat Rihanna too. Wheres this non existant album?

      • Barb B**** June 8, 2015

        Ikr. Navy up in here worrying about the Hive when RLate still has no release date or anticipation.

    • Rihboy June 8, 2015

      Trust boo. Nobody is worried about beyonce. You see where tidal is….

      • LDN Chick June 8, 2015

        Yes and I see where American Oxygen is… The bottom of the charts. Why could it not save Tidal?

  43. Barb B**** June 8, 2015

    Idc. But she looks so beautiful.

  44. Centurion June 8, 2015

    Wasn’t she just eating burgers with Nicki? Stupid hypocritical fake ass betch. Beyonce is truly an attention seeking thirsty thott. LMAO

    • Mark111 June 8, 2015

      Anything for a check. One minute she’s telling to Move Your Body and then the next she’s selling you a Pepsi. Smh

  45. Goldie June 8, 2015

    Beyonce knows how to play these stupid folks out. Lol

  46. diabetes June 8, 2015

    I thought the big news was rihanna is replacing michelle in dc3. No fing thanx bey. I been on that site and that s*** looks disgusting. Besides there atlre heathy meats high in omega3 and protein like baked chicken and fish and salmon or scallops and shrimp. *eats whole rack of ribs*

  47. diabetes June 8, 2015


  48. Centurion June 8, 2015

    She should’ve stayed in school. Where does she think people will get natural proteins and creatine? SMH. Another display of stupidity from Mrs. Carter. That’s your queen hive. #BeyProud.

  49. diabetes June 8, 2015

    ^^^^when iz rihsceduled gonna release Rla8 and debut with beyond basic sells. Bey was probably her heaviest 10 years ago yet was still a way better dancer than rih who always been skinny.

    • red wine June 8, 2015

      u need to be on the beyonce diet

  50. fatusankoh June 8, 2015

    Proud of you queen bey keep the good work it shows on you you are glowing

  51. Rihanna Lately June 8, 2015

    …… She’s such a troll.

  52. Mark111 June 8, 2015

    The best lifestyle is pescetarianism. You get rid of all the beef, pork and chicken, but keep the healthy fish, full of protein, barley any fat.

  53. JT June 8, 2015

    Lmao!!! My comment on the last post about the major announcement I was right! You see! NEVER TRUST BEYONCE!

    • LoudFart June 8, 2015

      B**** if this is revolutionary then pigs can fly. She needs to get a grip.

      • JT June 8, 2015

        she gassed up the whole world to let us know she on a diet, as expected!

  54. RihNavy June 8, 2015

    ……y’all pulled it , talmbout “a reunion? a joint album?” Y’all stay posting s*it to bait people to start Stan wars and get y’all clicks on the ads sponsored on this site, so you can get your 10¢ per click and most of us are dumb enough to fall for it. STOP getting people excited for nothing you messy queens ????

  55. RihNavy June 8, 2015

    But at least Bey is promoting something good with her stardom, so I can’t be too mad.

  56. #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe Has A Big Feature On Her New Album) June 8, 2015

    This is “revolutionary”? A damn healthy eating announcement? Beyonce must be sending subliminals to her fans. She must not like what she see’s at her shows.
    What kind of DRAGGING?!?!! LOL.

  57. red wine June 8, 2015

    her fans are going in on her on twitter they are calling her fake she was just eating a burger on felling myself video and she has her announce and recipes on tidal like wtf she and jay are getting exposed

  58. james June 8, 2015

    Lol she is following her icon JLO . She is always tryin to be her in everythin . COPYONCE

  59. #JACKIE June 8, 2015

    LMAO! She is soooo self absorbed that she used GMA to make a “major announcement” about going vegan? Girl bye, who gives a s***? I can’t with her……………..

  60. Solange The Sponge. June 8, 2015

    yea cuz everybody has the money to go vegan. #fukU

    • Sean June 10, 2015

      It’s substantially cheaper to eat as a vegan.

  61. Slay_Hive June 8, 2015

    WTF!!!! A f****** diet??!! I’m over it????????

  62. Royalkev June 8, 2015

    Ok, nothing about this was major! LOL! I just saw these last 2 posts about Bey, it was a major build up and let down in all of 60 seconds! Smh.

  63. @JanetCIARA_ June 8, 2015

    Not when she was just stuffing her and Nickis face, with sloppy all beef hamburgers from In & Out, in the Feeling Myself music video…… chawld, Now who really paid you to say this script and lie on national television??

  64. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 8, 2015

    I knew it was a diet book About vegan

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