New Video: Mariah Carey – ‘Infinity’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jun 2015 by Sam

“Better late than never”.

Those were Mariah Carey‘s words of Mariah Carey when announcing the release of her long-awaited video for new single ‘Infinity.’

Entirely overdue, the Brett Ratner directed clip was finally unleashed moments ago on VEVO.

Check out the clip below, which co-stars Tyson Beckford and ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett, and let us know if it can resuscitate the track’s chart fortunes [it current sits outside the top 100 on both the iTunes and Billboard tallies].

Cute, but will cute cut it at this point – especially given how much this sub-par song needed something epic to elevate it?

In Mariah’s defence, even her most of her iconic singles don’t have videos that “wow.” Yet, at this point of her career, it’d be in her best interest to deliver visuals that could make up for some of the horsepower that’s been shaved off from her voice.

Make no mistake about it, on a good day (in the studio) Mimi could still out-sing most of today top talent. However, we wish she’d employ more distraction tactics that’d help make her engaging in ways beyond her voice alone. Again, the video is playfully decent, yet it’s 70% pointing and pouting with a theme that begins to go somewhere and then doesn’t. Where’s the Mariah that would cultivate and commit to a visual concept ala ‘Heartbreaker’ and even ‘Touch My Body?’ 

Your thoughts?

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  1. gaga’s monstah June 2, 2015

    an infinate flop…


    • Career Enderer June 2, 2015

      Carey’s debut release for Epic, the “#1 to Infinity” compilation includes Carey’s 18 number one hits and new single “Infinity.” Thus far, the new single has gone as high as #82 on the Billboard Hot 100.

      Karma for shading other artists. Oh well…

      • Desperate Elusive Chanteuse June 2, 2015

        i’m getting a funny spasm thinking bout this has-been, even her last year all new material’s “me i am mariah… elusive chanteuse” just sold less than 500 k worldwide. such a tragedy to be lambs.

      • Truth Tea Spilled June 2, 2015

        Mariah Carey‘s move to Epic Records isn’t helping. Her new single “Infinity” was crashing down the iTunes Chart after just one day. The song almost hit the top 20 last month, but even with Mariah’s highly publicized appearance in Las Vegas, the general public is, once again, ignoring her. Carey is losing sales at a very fast pace.

        Mariah Carey was hoping that “Infinity” would return her to the top of the charts. Carey’s new PR team ensured that “Infinity” would become the most hyped-up song in years. Unfortunately, hype doesn’t always equal success and one can only hope Mariah’s team has taken away her phone and computer access so she can’t watch “Infinity” fall down iTunes.

      • OMG Logic!!! June 2, 2015

        Was Thighyonce’s Titanic flop “4” flopping Karma for her being such a b1tch to the Destiny’s Child members?

      • Absolved June 2, 2015

        Heh. Methinks today Mariah WISHES she could have an album that “flopped” like 4. It’s been nearly 10 years since she was able to pull off its numbers, and that was during a stronger sales market, when other hit albums were still going multiplatinum. So be quiet. It’s laughable to see Beyonce haters so desperate that they have to bring up 4, which:
        A) isn’t her most recent album and
        B) sold to then-current hit album standards.

        So many of you fecal dripping bottoms stan for h*** that would be lucky to move 500k, yet you DARE come for an album that did 1.4 million and an artist who is powerful enough to move units on her NAME alone. Please.

    • K Bye !!! June 2, 2015

      Perhaps she can do what she did with her other songs when they were flopping–release it for 49 cents!


    • Arial June 2, 2015

      Mariah Carey stands with the Beatles as one of the greatest selling artist in history. She will go down in history as the greatest selling female that has ever lived. I sincerely wish you bipolars showed some respect. Your fave will never have the iconic career Mariah has had;

      • Kelly June 2, 2015

        Lies and more lies.

        How could Mariah becomes the greatest selling female artist when she has a net worth lower than Celine, Madonna and Barbra?

        Think moron….and please. Stop lying.

      • really??? June 2, 2015

        Here’s Wealth-X’s full list of 10 Richest Recording Artists. Amounts are in U.S. dollars.

        1) Madonna $800 million

        2) Paul McCartney $660 million

        3) Dr. Dre $650 million

        4) Diddy $640 million

        5) Celine Dion $630 million

        6) Bono $590 million

        7) Mariah Carey $520 million

        8) Jay Z $510 million

        9) Elton John $450 million

        10) Beyonce $440 million

      • Stephy. June 2, 2015

        Net Worth has NOTHING to do with selling records. She sold over 200,000,000+ albums. She one of the best selling female artist of all time.

      • Slay_Hive June 2, 2015

        I haven’t seen Mariah’s name in Guinness World…but Madonna yasss.

        Nice try tho…

    • Slay_Hive June 2, 2015





      • OMG Logic!!! June 2, 2015

        LMAO I can’t at the HIVe clinging to Madge’s old vadge for record sales because their inferior (in every way but thigh size) has less album and record sales than even a goat like Rihanna. What a struggle.

      • Jamon June 3, 2015

        Legend B, Mariah after her 11th year received 4 albums that were platinum/multi platinum. 2001 greatest hits 1.1million, 2002 Charmbracelet 1.2 million, 2005 emancipation of Mimi 6.2 million, 2008 E=MC2 1.2 million, her 2001 glitter soundtrack sold 0.652, 2009 Memoirs of and imperfect Angel 0.529.
        With that decade Beyonce sold over 11 million and Mariah over 10 million.

        Also beyonce wasn’t close to being the biggest selling artist that decade. Britney Spears sold more, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Usher, Nelly, Jay Z, 50 cent, N Sync, Norah Jones, Linkin Park, Creed, The Beatles, kenny chesley, toby Keith, tim mcgraw. Just to name a few.
        Beyonce is very successful, but she’s not a big selling artist.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 2, 2015

      Your fave flopped on her 3rd album though and is clinging to 100 year old balls for relevancy…

      • Legend B June 2, 2015

        Omg Logic youre such an bottom bum delusional biitch kii. 4 = 1.4 million. That far from a flop. How many of Mariah’s albums has sold more than that, since The Queen went solo???

      • Legend B June 2, 2015

        But Jamon all of Mariah other albums are flops since The Queen went solo, except for TEOM. Mariah career fell quicker. Mariah in her 11th year ran into flops. The Queen in her 11th year was still getting platnuim albums. No matter how u put it, The Queen was overall the best selling artist of the decade. The decade Mimi’s TEOM was out kii kii

    • AJ June 2, 2015

      Like your spelling skills

      • Jamon June 2, 2015

        To answer “the legend” question,
        Beyonce went solo in 2003/ dangerously in love sold 4.92 million in the US 11 million WW.

        Mariah’s Emancipation of Mimi 2005 album sold 6 million in the US 12 million WW.
        It was the biggest selling album in 2005. When it comes to sells, no matter what day and age it is, Beyonce will not even come close to Mariah. You can even combine her Destiny Child and solo albums and Mariah will still be more then twice as much. Hope that answer your question. No shade to Beyonce BTW. I’m only speaking of album sales.

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* June 2, 2015

      At least spell it correctly *Infinite. And this isn’t a flop at all.

      S/N Jussie is looking very handsome with his beard.

  2. Yawnnnzzzzzz June 2, 2015

    why this dinosaur even bother?

    • Desperate Elusive Chanteuse June 2, 2015

      OUCH! That is brutal. I mean there are millions of other greatest hits albums that are released that sell way more than this in the first week, It just shows that Mariah does not have any classic songs that people care about and the new single is BRUTAL. Flop all around.

      • K Bye !!! June 2, 2015

        People hate her…..and they are waiting for Janet. Janet is wayyyy more honest, organic and not pretentious.

        Janet is all about music. Carey is all about her 80s p0rn MILF image that suits only people with IQ lower than 50.

      • Slay_Hive June 2, 2015

        Correction: Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time (not Mariah!!!) according to Guinness World Records.

        Do not believe what Lambs say. Pathetic gay bottom liars with no credibility.

      • Jamon June 2, 2015

        You must be a teenager. Mariah has 18 number 1’s, one of them spending 16 weeks at number 1. She has more timeless classics then any other female out there. Not to mention she has written 17 of her 18 number 1’s. This is real music, not this over sexed, bubble gum pop songs. We belong together was the song of the decade in 2010.

  3. RihNavy June 2, 2015

    Oh Samantha, I KNEW your pressed ass would be one to post this article. Why throw shade at a legend? Yes #betterlatethannever is right, that’s what happens when you’re worth half a billion dollars, STILL getting booked, AND making YOUR faves net worth in an ASAP-tual matter of a few months on American Idol without having to be promiscuous :D. Oops! Was that shade?

  4. Janet Will Slay June 2, 2015

    RIP Mariah! “#1 to Infinity” moved just over 15,000 copies in its first week of release.


    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

      How many people are you gonna pretend to stan for?

      JanFans love Mimi! You tried it tho! >>>>

    • OMG Logic!!! June 2, 2015

      That’s 10k more than Minnie Mouse Jackson’s crusty a55 will sell. Then again her Muslim owner will probably purchase as many as it takes for her to seem relevant.

      • Legend B June 2, 2015

        Youre such an pressed seeething b**** kii kii. At least Janet knows how to take the hint, instead having 997645634776 flops in a row.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

        You are another pressedCunt. Janet is a legend too dumbass, and you are no better than the troll you are trying to school. You are doing the same thing idiot!

      • Legend B June 2, 2015

        Biitch i know damn well youre not talking to me??? Fawk you and 5 muthafawkers that look like you. I know Janet is a legend crusty hoeee. Dumbass hoee trying to check me lmao ????????????????????????

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

        @Legend B

        Calm your ass down. I was replying to @OMG. If you can’t follow the stream of conversation that’s your fuckinproblem!

        I got his reply button. So fuckyou right back and I thank you… 🙂

      • Legend B June 2, 2015

        Well biitch im sorry but it was right under my reply

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 3, 2015

        No worries. It would be nice if the color coding was different or who you replied to name appeared in the corner like before, so I get it. Lol.

  5. RihNavy June 2, 2015

    Bye at the random trolls running in here again. Elusive Lamb, Stephy & Lake won’t be here for this bitter mass comments in the morning, smh, but in going to sleep. It’s 3:00 am ✌????️

    • Stephy. June 2, 2015

      Goodnight Sis. This post will be filled with trolls … Just like on the Janet post. Oh, and even one troll is copying/pasting JOANCRAWFORD1 (another troll who hates on Gaga & Mariah & Janet) comments from other articles. Pathetic.

  6. Stephy. June 2, 2015

    That dog made me smile. It reminded me of JACK. Anyways, the video was cute. Nothing special tho. It’s very MARIAH. Cute, bubbly & diva-ish. I know she misses Jack so much. He was her main doggy. RIP

  7. Truth Tea June 2, 2015

    Perched though 🙁

  8. Theman June 2, 2015

    This article was similar in parts to “TMB”. Mariah has proven that she still sounds better than this crap out currently. What does this video have to do with her voice you spiteful b#tch. She’s the only one that you come at like this. This was a nice video. Her other two greatest hits albums are already multi platinum. Everyone has these songs. Y’all hate on every damn thing. Sam sat his sour A** up just for this. He acts like a scorned a** woman. He talked about shyt that had nothing to do with anything. TF. She ain’t got Shyt to prove to you or anyone else….

  9. Theman June 2, 2015

    This video*..

  10. Ika June 2, 2015

    Sounds and looks easily like it could have been a leftover from last year’s pleasant yet commercially disastrous Me. I Am Mariah album.

    Move on…

    😆 😆 😆

  11. K Bye !!! June 2, 2015

    Mariah is over. Lets move on people.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

      Legends are IMMORTAL dahhhling.


      • wtf June 2, 2015

        15k 1st week sales. More like a has-been… 🙁

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

        And who do you stan for 30 years in that even pulls those numbers?

        Stfu, and kill yourself. She is a legend and is still making MEGA MILLIONS to perform you turd!

        Meanwhile you troll on blogs under different names to criticize someone who could pay your whole family to choose you up and cook you, with no qualms..

        Although they might do it for free in your case, bitchass.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

        *chop you up

  12. Arial June 2, 2015

    She looks beautiful and 26 years in, she’s still doing her thing, still love you Mariah

  13. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

    I love it! The video is lush, and fun, like Mariah! 10’s across the board!

    I just wish artists still released music video, within the month of the song like days gone by.

    It would make for better sales, IMO.

    I hate that this amazing legend is shaded here by the writers, but at least you tell the truth that Mariah can STILL sing most of these new girls under the table even with her vocal prowess now! LMAO!

    The truth shall set you free dahhhlings!! 🙂

    • Barb-wire June 2, 2015

      Never entertain trolls, that’s exactly what they looking for: ATTENTION.

  14. really??? June 2, 2015

    let her die…bring back Janet.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

      You dying would bring so much more joy tho..
      Do us a favor and kill yourself love! 🙂


  15. wtf June 2, 2015

    Queen of Photoshop is faking it once again. So Meh…

  16. JoJo June 2, 2015

    ….only Lambs haven’t moved on…..the rest bought Beyonce and Rihanna’s music.

    More current that this overrated queen of photoshop much.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 2, 2015

      Probably because lambs have a little thing called taste.

  17. Theman June 2, 2015

    These flop a** trolls..

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

      I know. The funny thing is that you know you’re a successful artist, when people with random names insult you.

      You know you’re a real flop when, people use there same names and e-mails, and give no phucks about telling the truth..


      • Career Enderer June 2, 2015

        Flop to flop albums. Blame Mariah; not haters. She should retire with Ciara and Brandy long…long time ago. RIP…condolences to Lambs. Tragic… 🙁

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

        And you will remain pressed because Mariah is here and will be here in music much longer than your life expectancy.. so get used to it gutter snipe! 🙂


      • LOL June 2, 2015

        Enjoy being a night club singer in Vegas while you can ’cause nobody even bothers to spend $1.26 for your song.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

        I guess that was supposed to be funny? That ‘night club’ is sold out and is paying her high millions for her performances.

        She doesn’t ever have to sell a thing again, she is a brand and a legend.


  18. FLOPINITY June 2, 2015


  19. Riri4Eva June 2, 2015

    aint nobody got time with this ol’ garbage. we are all waiting for R8

  20. Elusive Flopteuse June 2, 2015

    15k Queen of Vegas is struggling. Yasss, let her die peacefully in a janitor room in Vegas.

  21. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

    Poor Sybil so mad because Rita Spits is never gonna happen or be as relevant as ANY of the artists you attack.

    Keep trying hunny. I know you have nothing better to do since the Kosovo refuge is such a bore…

  22. Career Enderer June 2, 2015

    Glitter era keep following her. Nice…or maybe the curse of Nick Cannon? LOL

  23. Hard Fact June 2, 2015

    Even Lambs can’t save or defends her these days. It has proven Mariah’s career is marked, done-deal and stamped- over!.

    Enjoy being a night club singer in Vegas while you can ’cause nobody even bothers to spend $1.26 for your song. 🙁

  24. theee heeeee June 2, 2015

    Out-dated and overrated. Jog on….Lambs.

  25. Tiffany Jackson June 2, 2015

    I’m kind of new to this site, but I can tell it’s messy. Anyways, this is the best it’s gon’ get for Mariah in 2015. Her voice is not what is use to be & she’s over 40+ years old. These youngin’s ain’t checkin’ for her. Shoot, if they ain’t checking for Madonna’s last flop singles… They sho’ as hell ain’t gon’ be checkin’ for MC.

    The video was terrible. She’s so predictable & boring. Definitely, wasn’t worth the wait. Her team should’ve released this video, IMMEDIATELY after the song was sent to radio. This is another flop song for her. She’s only had 1 successful song this decade, out of like 7 official single releases. Personally, I don’t think Mariah even cares anymore. Thank God for the recordings. I’ll always be a fan of MC tho. But, these lil “songs” just isn’t doing it for me.

    Smh… Nothing these days really does it for me. I’m sick to death of Beyonce & them same tired heifers on top. The industry truly is DEAD. We have no excitement or a variety of MAJOR artist to choose from anymore. Katy, Taylor, Justin, Selena etc… None of em’ move me at all. They just pretty face with youth on their side. A whole bunch of “runs-of-the-mills”… I still got hope left in Adele tho. But, it’s very boring just only having Rihanna & Beyonce on top ALL THE TIME. I mean, they the only BLACK FEMALES on top.

    Mariah, stop playing & retire. Your generation is over now. I’m scared for Janet. I’m interested in seeing what she does tho.


    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

      And why do the ‘youngins’ have to care?

      No one tells older legends to stop putting out music because kids don’t buy it?

      I.E. Diana Ross, Aretha, Gladys, etc.

      As long as they love their craft why stop?

      Especially when a lot of the ‘youngin’ artist like Ciara, Tinashe, etc, sell the same amount of records, and are still recording.

      I just don’t get how that works. Please enlighten me! Lol.


  26. Jim June 2, 2015

    So Honey, Heartbreaker, Fantasy, Dreamlover, Anytime You Need A Friend etc aren’t iconic videos? OK lol.

  27. Barb-wire June 2, 2015

    Them trolls be working overtime I see. Rebel shitt is tanking on the charts and begging for attention, same attention you giving Mariah instead of supporting your dinosaur fave. Why should Mimi stop making music? She can do whatever she wants, no f** from a music blog could say shitt especially that hating ass Sam.

    The video looks cute Mimi, I love the touch my body likeness coz that shitt was and still is my jam.

    • Rihicon June 2, 2015

      kii but rebel heart and the pink print are only like 100k away in WW sales

  28. Everyone’s A Critic June 2, 2015

    The b**** is crazy! I’m convinced

  29. Theman June 2, 2015

    This video is nice. She’s been an outstanding artist for quite a while. Who TF is this Tiffany chick that’s writing essays. MC makes qualitative music. Your dumb a** better tell most of the industry to sit down with the bs that you’re spewing. Mariah can do what she wants. She’s a real ICON. It’s funny how Samantha tried to toss chart positions out there, where is Ora on the bubbling under charts. Stop trying to go out of your way to be salty & bitter. It’s absurd & retarded..

  30. Theman June 2, 2015

    Also, if radio played the song it would be a hit. She has nothing to do with that.

  31. BeyRihLiyah June 2, 2015

    why are you tgj prostitutes so disrespectful to Mariah a lot of yall are pathetic I love her and I love this song and video #MYOGFAVE

    • Terny June 2, 2015

      Omg!.. ???? ???? Lmao

  32. OMG Logic!!! June 2, 2015

    #DEAD at stans of inferior peasants coming for Mariah. Gags flopped on her 3rd album, Thighyonce on her 4th, the Goat has never had an ultra successful album, Minnie Mouse has been flopping since 2000, etc. Don’t come for Mariah when your faves are nowhere near her league to begin with.

    And that’s just based on numbers we could never compare those yodellers with Mariah’s pristine vocals.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) June 2, 2015

      The only thing inferior is the grey matter in that bobble head of yours. Janet and Beyonce have their success.

      You trolling trolls by insulting women Mariah loves and respect, shows you are not so bright…

  33. KeKe June 2, 2015

    Looool i see Mariah has that olddonna stan pressdt and fuming so early in the morning. He/she should be the last one to call infinity a flop when we have to call a search party for living for love and ghost town on the main bb chart

    • Absolved June 2, 2015

      Madonna’s album may have flopped, but it has outsold both The Elusive Chanteuse and #1’s to Infinity combined. Mariah fans don’t get to call out someone else’s flop when their horse flopped much worse.

      • KeKe June 2, 2015

        But #1 to infinity is a COMPILATION that everyone already has you dumb fûck!! Yes Madonna flopper but it hasn’t outsold Memiors and MEIAMTEC combined now sit your ass down and drink bleach goodbye!

  34. MC&WH June 2, 2015

    Pessimistic & critical Sam in true fashion…as usual.

  35. MeIAmMarie June 2, 2015

    I see this video is promo for her Vegas residency. I was hoping this video could save the song but to be honest it was kinda boring. #BEAUTIFUL was a better song and video. I love Mariah but I do not love this video I will still support tho and watch it over and over.

  36. RihNavy June 2, 2015

    Oh lord…smh, I predicted this would happen.

  37. Lambypal June 2, 2015

    actually Mariah Carey is the best selling female artist of the SOUNDSCAN ERA which began in 1991 so if you want to be technically correct she did the best selling FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME with 54 million

  38. LC June 2, 2015

    The video was cute enough. Better than “You’re Mine (Eternal)” for sure. As someone above stated, this seems like a promo for her Vegas shows but that’s okay.

  39. DTG June 2, 2015

    It’s hilariously sad that she even bothered with that video. Weren’t the lambs talking about how this was going to pick up steam after the Billboard awards? Things only got worse from there. Hang it up. The milk is stale. No one cares. Mariah has been squeezed. All the juice is gone. She’s a f*ck*ng joke and her flea bitten old ass needs to retire. Find a 3rd guy to marry who will put up with her drunk ass pretending she’s only 35.

  40. Dossome June 2, 2015

    Lmaaaao,if a simple music video make you trolls feel the way you do,then imagine the worth of your lives.The video’s nice,it won’t do anything for the song,so what?Infinity managed to chart on the Hot 100 making Mariah the oldest and the only 40+ yr old female to chart there.Her Vegas Residency is a success,her royalties keep coming in,she remains unbothered,you still find value in going online under multiple names to cosign your stupidity.Who wins?definitely NOT you

    • Dossome June 2, 2015

      *making her the oldest and the only 40+ yr old to chart there in 2015

  41. Suicide Blonde June 2, 2015

    Gotta love the newbies 😀

  42. Avi June 2, 2015

    People stay making excuses for why Mariah’s ridiculous album didn’t sell. Oh, it’s a greatest hits and the world already has those songs…her other hits album sold…etc. etc. Crock of sh*t but whatevs. Explain to me though why this SONG isn’t selling? It’s new. Only cost a buck and a quarter at iTunes. How come the GP not copping it even if they’re passing on the old music? SMH. Yall FOS and yall don’t wanna admit that shes in the twilight of her career because that means that YOU have been displaced too! Yall not dictating sh!t as far as the GP is concerned, you not anybody’s target demo and the market is paying you & ur music preferences dust! LOL

  43. Terny June 2, 2015

    Sub-par song? Really?! Cos we all know “Infinity” still trumps anything and everything thing your fave; boreyonce has ever put out. Smh.. Mariah>>>>>>beyonce#Fact . 25 Years and Still relevant, Now that’s a Legend.#QUEEN!

    • RANCOR June 2, 2015

      Still relevant? Where? Flop single after flop album after flop reality show gig after flop marriage, this cow is now playing Vegas! Still relevant you say? LMAO!!!!

      • Terny June 2, 2015

        Who art thoust in my reply section? *death syd eye glare*

    • Legend B June 2, 2015

      Biitch hush and relevant where??? On planet Sit The Fawk Down??? Those bore songs has made her richer than MooMoo.

      • Terny June 2, 2015

        “Richer than…” löl not in this world loser… Have several seats \_\_ #PressedTroll

      • Legend B June 2, 2015

        Biitch in the same World that youre a bum ass biitch in, on planet Earth kii kii

  44. Tranet Ghost whisper jackson June 2, 2015

    I thought cows belonged out in the pasture? Nobody wants to here her mooing.flop song, flop album and flop marriage lmbooooioo

  45. Mark111 June 2, 2015

    To inflopity. Still a legend tho.

    • Tranet Ghost whisper jackson June 2, 2015

      A legend at completing the five guys 5 pound burger challenge maybe.

  46. KeKe June 2, 2015

    I can imagine the meltdown this troll will be having when infinity makes its way back to the hot 100

  47. Legend B June 2, 2015

    Nice video and i luv the song!! Why are u lame hoooes bringing up other female names in a post about Mimi.

  48. Lake Erie June 2, 2015

    If Mariah had released “Faded” as a single. I would loved for that video to be a mini movie. 5 min max in length cuz it’s a deep song. I would have loved her to play the role she sings in that song and for some guy like tyson beckford I guess to play the role she talks about such as coming and going etc. I would want the video to be very emotional. Kind of heart felt cuz the song could certainly go that deep.

    • Lake Erie June 2, 2015

      Kind of like how Keyshia Cole did for her “Trust and Believe” song.

  49. Dossome June 2, 2015

    Gotta give Sam his dues.He knows majority of the type of people who frequent his site are not intelligent enough to think beyond the surface so he comes up with these dumb theories and people follow them.HOW is a video supposed to revive a song radio isn’t playing?Madonna put out two singles that were frankly above average and their accompanying music videos were epic yet did nothing for the songs.When Industry executives like LA Reid say Radio doesn’t cater to veterans,it’s the motherfucking TRUTH,it’s even worse for veterans who make RnB music (a genre that hardly sells these days).There’s no point in going into posts of artists you don’t like just to type “Nobody cares”,”please retire” when you have plenty of time to focus on artists you actually care about.I know being stupid and ignorant is the coolest trait in ThatGrapeJuice but damn,dare to be different and use the LITTLE remaining part of your brain that still functions,OK

    • TheElusiveLamb June 2, 2015


  50. Flydeez June 2, 2015

    I think SAM hates Mariah. When he writes posts about Mariah he throws hateful jabs at her, “on a good day” “in the studio” …. Stop discrediting her talent. And stop acting like she hasn’t done a lot for this industry. Every other artist you write about them differently and in an nice professional way

  51. LC June 2, 2015

    I really don’t understand why so many people on this site hate Mariah. Have you always hated her since the beginning of her career or is this a more recent thing? I know she has shaded a few other artists/celebrities. I know that she’s a supreme diva. I know that her best songs and vocals came from 1990-2005. But even now, the songs aren’t terrible and her voice is still better than most of the newer artists dominating the charts now. So why does everyone have such a problem with her?

  52. Dem Lessers June 2, 2015

    Yawn. Mariah ain’t even trying to do something different and she wonders why Madonna’s last album sold more than her last 3 put together.

    • TheElusiveLamb June 2, 2015

      700 < 2 million Memoirs, 1 MCIIY, and 250-300k MIAMTEC

      • Dem Lessers June 2, 2015

        I was talking first week sales

  53. MUSICHEAD June 2, 2015

    Mariah Mothafuckin Carey has absolutely NOTHING to prove as far as music is concerned. Once you’ve gone Diamond Twice and had song of the decade TWICE and won 5 Grammys not to mention 18 #1 singles, ain’t nothing a platinum selling b**** can say to her on their best day!

    • Terny June 2, 2015


  54. JOHNVIDAL June 2, 2015

    Very cute video and she looks gorgeous!
    I didn´t know Infinity had entered the Hot100. From what I heard none of Madonna´s new singles from a very promoted new abum charted there. That´s for the people shading with retarded arguments.

  55. Sandra June 2, 2015

    Nothing exciting or groundbreaking,, but its a cute video 😀

  56. Kitty June 2, 2015

    she’s gross

  57. Jamon June 2, 2015

    Say what you want about Mariah, but she will always be a legend that writes her own music, has the 2nd most number 1’s in history, l79 total weeks at number 1, 200,000 records sold, the number 1artist of the 90’s, according to billboard. When it was real music and competition. She doesn’t have to sell another record anymore. She’ll still be in the top 10 biggest selling artist of all time, out of 1000’s of artist that has released music. I know a lot of you younger people obviously will never understand that, since you grew up listening to today’s music.

    • Jamon June 2, 2015

      I meant 79 weeks at number 1, more weeks at number 1then any other artist.

  58. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 2, 2015

    Nice music video and it’s not that bad

  59. MeowBoyEryke June 2, 2015

    MV is cute ???? I’m not a lamb but let me say this; no matter how much you mock Mariah ( her live performances, record sales, weight etc.) it’ll just be added on her impact in the pop culture. Her mediocre album and singles sales will just be added on her record and she is still the best selling female artist of all time.

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