Nicki Minaj Performs At The ‘iHeart Radio Summer Pool Party’ / Teams Up With Azealia Banks, Dej Loaf & Tinashe For New Music?

Published: Monday 1st Jun 2015 by David

Nicki Minaj has gone a long way to tease new music this week.

That’s right, after teaming up with Beyonce to deliver ‘Feeling Myself’ the ‘Truffle Butter’ spreader has used her Twitter account to spark rumours that she will be making sweet sounds with ‘Miss Amor’ maker Azealia Banks.

Full story below…

Banks to Twitter to thank fans for celebrating her birthday with her earlier this week and revealed that she was “headed to set” as she wrote the message.

What this has to do with anything? Minutes later saw Nicki Minaj make her way to Azealia’s timeline and place the message in her favorites.


There’s more.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 14.14.19

New music wasn’t the only thing her fans had to look forward to.

For, Saturday saw her take to Las Vegas and rock the ‘iHeart Radio Summer Pool Party.’ Missed the performance?

We’ve got you covered.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo June 1, 2015

    i hope Nicki is on the ‘Ice Princess’ remix, Rick Ross and another ‘special guest is on it

  2. Kitty Puurrzz June 1, 2015

    These girls are grouping together JUST to take out Iggy… How pathetic. The Onika i once knew could’ve got rid of her on her own. Oh how the mighty have fallen!!! Lol

    • King of hearts June 1, 2015

      But why get rid of her…she’s no threat to them. If you’re great, you’re great. No one will block your blessings. Nicki IGGY & Azealia all make DIFFFERENT MUSIC. If anything they should team up and take over the wholllleeeee rap game.

    • Nicki is queen!!! June 1, 2015

      It’s nothing to do with Iggy, at all. Only person Iggy has shook is herself when she used to look in the mirror, incomes a new face and it’s even worse aww. Either way she’s taken herself out. Akin to her failed tour, zapped out of the equation.

    • JT June 1, 2015

      Incorrect… Iggy f***** up on her own thinking she could do an arena tour playing Fancy on repeat for the whole duration, and she was never competition in the first place for them to even group up for such foolishness. Behave yourself!

    • BOOBIE June 1, 2015

      Did this ugly rat just say they’re grouping together to get rid of Iggy? LMFAOOO!!! Either one of them could get rid of her alone. And besides, IGGY GOT RID OF HERSELF. Where she at? How’s the tour going? How’s the album selling? How’s that new face?

    • slim June 1, 2015

      This is Iggy she still winning awards and 7weeks number one

  3. Barb-wire June 1, 2015

    Lol as much this just cracked me up, I’d have to stop you right there bcz Iggy has already taken herself out of the game. *In David’s voice* Scroll down and look for the sorry story on flopzaelia.

    • Barb-wire June 1, 2015

      @Kitty purrz

  4. Barb-wire June 1, 2015

    I genuinely hope this story is false, Nicki should not be doing a song with someone who threatened to run-over The Barbs with her car(if she can afford one ) but anyway it’s her decision.

    P.S: Nicki looks cute in that outfit.

    • JT June 1, 2015

      If you think she was serious then lord ah mercy, Azealia was being extra it was never that deep lmao

      • Liam June 1, 2015

        exactly she didn’t even diss nicki but some of the barb stans took it as shade when it wasn’t! But I can hear Nicki on some of her tracks like Ice Princess and Heavy Metal and Reflective

  5. Molly June 1, 2015

    Didn’t Azealia just diss her last week and threaten to kill her barbz…

    • June 1, 2015

      so what, it’s full time now nicki work with some other female rapper again, like how she did in the past. and if she is really working with Azealia and Loaf then i welcome it. and do people really takes Azealia bank rants on twitter like kanye west. but if she was working with a other other person them i might would have took offence to it and that person isn’t kim.

    • Liam June 1, 2015

      she didn’t diss Nicki she was just saying Nicki gonna win it anyways lol…She loves Nicki when her stans thought it was a diss she was like “bumping to Nicki while running over the barbs” it’s all love with them

  6. The Great Lacefronce. June 1, 2015

    ….flopprint platinum yet?!

    • June 1, 2015

      you found a cure for your infection yet?

      • BOOBIE June 1, 2015

        I don’t think she found a cure for the itch yet because I can smell this ho’s yeast infection all the way over here in Central London.

  7. Lmfao_Hoe June 1, 2015

    I like this plan. Seems interesting what all theses ladies will bring to the table. Top of that maybe this will put to rest about Nicki refusing to work with other female rappers. I’m still waiting for that Missy, Eve (Barbershop 3), and hopefully in a lifetime Lil Kim collab.

    • Lake Erie June 1, 2015

      Wow,with her being on Barber shop. That could spark something with Nicki and Eve which could lead to Missy and Kim. If they do that!? They would have to bring Monica on board to sing something or Mary. Man! Just the thought is ear candy for me.. ….
      … our artist really need to bury the hatchet.

  8. Cough Cough June 1, 2015

    Girl u need to be getting on a track with your idol, Lil Kim… That will be and has always been your most anticipated collabo.

    • Lake Erie June 1, 2015

      Might as well. Some of these female have just as much (if not worst) pride than men do. It’s a shame. This may sound stupid lol. But I think they need to meet up and hash it out like women. Nicki was pretty much raised in NY and Kim born and raised. I know Damn well they cross paths all the time. I love kim and I f**** with Nicki but the s*** is childish. Noones making any gains from it so just bury it.

  9. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan June 1, 2015

    They are not worried about Iggy lmao, the only thing Iggy fans need to worry about is pretty girls, since it’s tumbling down the BB 100 charts.

  10. Liam June 1, 2015

    I may get my wish of Azealia and Nicki on a track after all! I have been saying they like each other and their flows are kinda similar on certain songs….My girl azealia has been getting her features slowly and movie coming out! But four of them on a track would kinda slay with the right production

  11. ChefComeaux June 1, 2015

    Well Banks is working on “Coco” the RZA film featuring Common and Jill Scott. I’m sure Nicki is just appreciating the project. But- if this rumor is true- maybe Azealia Banks hatters will finally pull their heads out of their a***.

  12. #ThinkTink June 1, 2015

    Lmao!!! Talk about jumping to conclusions! So because she favorites a tweet that means they’re working together?? Lmao! Either way, it won’t save Azealia’s career or help her write decent bars. But I’m glad Nicki is starting to work with female rappers. She needs to #ThinkTink and give Tink a call

  13. Mark111 June 1, 2015

    She must of hear Lil Mama song and Tink’s album.

  14. @JanetCIARA_ June 1, 2015


  15. slim June 1, 2015

    Tink and lilmama can destroy Nicki flop a** fake swagger jacking a**.her boyfriend wrote her rhymes. Tink and lil mama true rap artist and don’t gotta shake their ass to get attention. Remy better than Nicki. Azalea banks whack tanisha whack loaf has no longevity. Iggy winning awards breaking records in one year.hate she still getting paid
    Cause she’s white it’s a problem.smh

  16. slim June 1, 2015

    That lady with the close cut was working wit Iggy too now Nicki got her .Nicki starting to dance more she got a lot of competition now. So she gottateam up.smh

  17. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money June 2, 2015

    Nice performance

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