Hilarious: Brandy Sings Undercover On New York Subway

Published: Monday 13th Jul 2015 by Sam

R&B belter Brandy hits a serious chord with her unparalleled vocals, yet the singer is also renown for flaunting her funny-bone.

This week she fused both traits while riding the subway in New York, where she is currently starring as the lead Roxie Hart in the Broadway adaptation of ‘Chicago.’

Dressed to “blend”, B-Rocka took vocal flight with Stephanie Mills’ ‘Home’ and what ensued next was all sorts of hilarious.

Check it out below…

Love it! We’ve heard B sing ‘Home’ a number of times in recent months; could she be subtly confirming (or campaigning for) that role in the new production of ‘The Wiz’ that she has been linked to?

Who knows.

What is certain is that Ms. Norwood is set to tap into another character named Zoe Moon when her hotly anticipated BET sitcom, ‘Zoe Ever After,’ arrives early next year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bermuda July 13, 2015

    she’s such a cornball. i hope she makes a comeback, ive been rooting for her to make a comeback for ten years now. she needs better management or something. who would have ever thought Brandy from the 90’s would be in this current situation

    • MissMaam July 13, 2015

      I don’t agree that she is a cornball…she was just having fun.

      But I do agree that she needs Sonja back as her manager. When Sonja was in charge, Brandy was on everythinggggg!

  2. Sherry July 13, 2015

    Saaaang girl. I love her! I heard she has an EP coming out next month. Brandys problem is that she always disappears after the first or second single. She doesn’t release enough music.

    • Natalie Nunn Stan July 13, 2015

      B**** go back to your nursing home and shut the f*** up

    • MiShon July 13, 2015

      It’s coming in September sis!

  3. Monica Stan July 13, 2015

    Yaz B-Floppa you better book those Subways gorl. #CodeRed

    • Chaelin Lee PKA CL is coming | 재 이현 김 July 13, 2015

      Yes code red,
      It would be a code red to see your book any form of stage

      • Monica Stan July 13, 2015

        Oh Looky here it’s my biggest fan again. Shove some chopsticks up your ass. Your sushi ass fav could never.

  4. Molly July 13, 2015

    *Things you do when you don’t have a career*

    • Natalie Nunn Stan July 13, 2015

      A t***** Stan should know kii

      • Molly July 13, 2015

        Natalie nunn? kii the girl who got her ass beat by Portia??? lmfao bye lesser

    • MiShon July 13, 2015

      Death! She was just coming from BROADWAY! No career? Honey Brandy has her own SITCOM coming out . She starred on BET’s highest rated sitcom and she is currently slaying as Roxie Hart in Chicago (let’s not forget how her stay was extended due to high demand). Human outsold Basic InSTINK and Fantasy Dive and Two Eleven outsold CiERROR and JACKDUP. Let me stop because your fave is a Brandy stan kii.

      • Molly July 13, 2015

        When was the last Brandy charted tho? Brandy is a true lesser. Singing on subways obsessing over Flo rida killing innocent people smh Brandy is a fail for life.

      • MiShon July 13, 2015

        She last charted in 2012, a year before your fav. She’s a fail for life but still outselling CiERROR 20 years into her career.

      • Cough Cough July 13, 2015

        @Molly but one of Ciara’s biggest inspirations is Brandy which is why she tries so hard to emulate her layering and runs (which she fails miserably)… Ciara even said one of her favorite songs EVER is “Nothing” by Brandy.. So.. You’re a Brandy Stan-in-law by association honey, sit back.

    • MUSICHEAD July 13, 2015

      And yet her “non career” still keeps her with millions in the bank. How much is in your TCF account sweetheart?

  5. MiShon July 13, 2015

    I knew the Pissy and MoNIGGGER stans would make it in here before the Starrz!

  6. ShakaZulu July 13, 2015

    OMG I can’t believe she did that and no one cared or could catch her voice to know that it was her. ???? They ignored the f*** out of her #PoorBrandy

    • BRANDYSTAR July 13, 2015

      You don’t have to say poor Brandy, she doesn’t need validation from the people on the subway she’s BRANDY! Clearly she was having fun and didn’t want to be noticed or else she wouldn’t have disguised herself yall just wannabe haters all yall lives don’t cha?

      • ShakaZulu July 14, 2015

        B**** y would I hate on Brandy I’ve meet Brandy several times and have much respect for her but this train thing just made her look like more of a flop. Like NO ONE CARED! AND BTW IF I am going to hate it’s going to be on someone who is A List!!!! ????

  7. Jamie July 13, 2015

    You would never catch Monica or Aaliyah singing on anyones subway. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    • Kii July 15, 2015

      True. Aaliyah is too busy with her graveyard residency 🙂

  8. Cough Cough July 13, 2015

    Aaliyah and Brandy are not vocally comparable. Brandys voice is a fav to Jazmine Sullivan, India Arie, John Legend, Kim Burrell, Babyface, Erica Campbell, Sam Smith, Kelly Rowland and the list goes on and on.. All vocally compelling, vocally driven and vocally talented MUSICIANS.. Aaliyah inspired Ciara (no shade, love ha) and Tinashe and really they’re inspired by Janet. I love Aaliyah forever but her voice, music and all around influence is not comparable to Brandy. Not her harmonies, not her runs, not her arrangements, not her tone and really not ANYTHING that has to do with her musicianship can be even in the same boat as Brandy. Only someone with no knowledge of music or someone who’s stand for basic talent wouldn’t be able to recognize the clear obvious.

    • Jamie July 13, 2015

      Don’t ever compare basic Brandy to the likes of Sam Smith and John Legend.

      • Cough Cough July 13, 2015

        @JamieTheRetard: Miss Sam Smith clearly posted on his Instagram “I finally met Brandy, I can happily die now”.. Why ? Because she is one of his vocal inspirations and favs.. Duh STUPID. And John Legend, we already know he’s been singing her praises for years which is why he hand picked her to slay with him on his album “revolver” with their AMAZING VOCALLY DRIVEN DUET” Quickly”… I’m sorry you get your vocal lessons and music knowledge from ThatGrapeJuice girl, that’s not tea but I’m not paid to teach you idiots so I won’t. Tahtah PUTA


      • MiShon July 13, 2015

        John Legend stans for Brandy. Please listen to “Quickly”. Molly go home you’re drunk f**!

    • MiShon July 13, 2015

      Exactly! Aaliyah’s style and swagger inspired a few girls in the industry but VOCALLY the list of artists who are inspired (and try to imitate Brandy) is endless. These girls are so mad. Brandy was having fun on a damn subway, coming from her HEADLINING Broadway gig which has been selling out and getting rave reviews. She ain’t sitting around on Instagram fussing with the C-Squad like…..others…. *sips tea*

  9. Kim Kardashian Stan July 13, 2015

    Aaliyah was a better singer than brandy .

    • MiShon July 13, 2015

      Please post some receipts. Preferably, live because we all know Aaliyah was a horrible live singer. Brandy has and would never!

    • MUSICHEAD July 13, 2015

      On what planet?

  10. #why July 13, 2015

    I thought it was very interesting she got on a subway and no one noticed who she was! Not 1 person! Not even the blk ppl!

    • MiShon July 13, 2015

      It’s New York! No one pays attention to singers on the train unless they are very over the top. If she would have came onto the Subway as BRANDY, people would have known who she was trust me!

      • #why July 13, 2015

        She was very recognizeable! & she did get on their as Brandy

    • Kim Kardashian Stan July 13, 2015

      Lol they wouldn’t recognize Brandy regardless she’s irrelevant.

    • Mark111 July 13, 2015

      Well then Jay Z, Mariah and a few other aren’t no bodies as well. In NY, no one gives a F.

  11. Kim Kardashian Stan July 13, 2015

    People in Brandys family book subway gigs . People in the Kardashian family book Vanity fair and Vogue covers.

    • MiShon July 13, 2015

      Bye Molly your attempt at trolling is pathetic.

      • Kim Kardashian Stan July 13, 2015

        That’s new last week they called me LB

    • beautifuldisaster89 July 13, 2015

      Ummm wasn’t Kim Kardashian ironing brandy clothes and stealing money years ago? Lol

  12. Xtina = The Voice of this generation July 13, 2015

    Ncoooohhh cute. You better sang girl. Aaliyah to me was a stunning beauty with Unique style that’s about it. Brandy was a vocal beast & a R&B Force. Her “Never Say Never” album is what you call a vocal bible. The harmonies, the upper & lower registers etc that album was & is GOAT.
    I just wish people respected her more.

  13. Keem July 13, 2015

    Lol… So many haters. Brandy don’t have nothing to prove to none of y’all. She still on BET’s “The Game” while her own sitcom (which she is producing herself) is currently being casted and will start recording in September following the release of an EP that same month, to build more anticipation for her 7th Studio album, she constantly makin’ headlines with her performance as Roxie in the play ‘Chicago’ so much to the point where they’ve extended her role and lastly she still on everybody and they mommma tongue rather it’s positive or negative… I rest my case. Continue shining on these haters Brandy. Love you songbird.

  14. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) July 13, 2015

    So nobody’s gonna talk about how unique Brandy’s voice is, that raspy tone still slays!And those braids were iconic. Aaliyah was never a better singer.She had the edgy look.The problem with Aaliyah is her voice would get lost on the radio.I didn’t know “back n forth” was her song until her death.I was shocked! I remembered listening to it on the radio back in 94.I asked my friends who was singing back n forth,nobody knew.I thought “at your best” was a Janet Jackson song. aaliyah will always be an icon though.

    • Xtina = The Voice of this generation July 13, 2015

      She’s the only woman who can challenge Beyoncé’s harmonies. Her tone is sooo refreshing… Almost Doesn’t Count does something to my soul.

  15. Mark111 July 13, 2015

    I gotta say, yes her and MO are flops now. But the difference from r&b and pop is that r&b girls are still doing. Where is Mandy Moor, Jessica Simpson, Haliry Duff, Asley Simpson and so many other pop chicks? Rnb fans cherish their singers longer, pop stars are thrown away like trash.

    • Monica Stan July 13, 2015

      And Rihanna is a pop girl. Her downfall is nigh????

  16. ChrisFresh July 13, 2015

    Im from NY and we are like that.. I wish i was on that train!

    • Magic Mike July 14, 2015

      No we are not, if you’re horrible, we ignore you, and if you’re amazing, you will get a “Yes girl, sing!!” As you can see, NO ONE was impressed.

  17. What now July 13, 2015


    • Sahsa_T July 13, 2015

      NO Lies Detected

    • Magic Mike July 13, 2015

      Nothing but the truth, her vocals are so nasally and annoying, I can’t stand her voice.

  18. Kitty Puurrzz July 13, 2015

    Brandy, Ciara & Kelly Rowland are ALL in one box. Their fans get on these blogs, STAN so hard for them & then when the music drops they don’t support it. And the music actually be alright… Lol. Just stop. And don’t mention MONICA in a negative way. New Life probably was a flop but it STILL outsold 2/11 with NO big features. Bran couldn’t even pop with Chris brown’s cosign.

    • Kandi July 13, 2015

      Well atleast Ciara fans can get their fav a hit once in awhile.

    • MUSICHEAD July 13, 2015

      Um…Lil Kitty cat or whatever your name is…your receipts don’t add up. New Life sold how many copies?

      And for the record…Brandy WAS the bug feature on New Life. Hence the reason Monica drug Brandy with her to every promo appearance she made for that album. Monica couldn’t book those gigs alone lol.

  19. Kandi July 13, 2015

    Brandy stop

  20. eric July 13, 2015

    Some of you really know how to turn a fun moment into a childish debate. Can the woman just enjoy herself and invite us in to see a little bit of her day?

  21. MUSICHEAD July 13, 2015

    Brandy, Toni Braxton, Mary J, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu and Janet Jackson don’t have to sell another damn record ever in life and they will still be legendary! Everything these 2015 h*** are trying to do…the legends did it first and better. I refuse to compare Brandy to anymore artists, dead or alive (especially b****** with only half her resume) because Brandy’s record speaks for itself. #HatersGonHate

    • Mark111 July 13, 2015

      Onlyn 3 of those artist that have a over 20 years ACTIVE careers, Janet, MooMoo and MJB. Brandy, Toni was done by Y2K and Badu was never a thing. She sits with the Jill Scotts, Angee Stone and the rest of those soulful flops.

  22. Mark111 July 13, 2015

    Brandy is not known for her voice, sorry. Monica was always the stronger singer of the three. Aaliyah had more range than both of them. But we can agree to disagree. But to ME, Aaliyah, in her 7 year career, was the full package. Singer, Dancer, Actress and model. Mo is just a singer and Brandy was singer, tv actress and t*** star.

    • Knock On Norwood July 14, 2015

      Speak for yourself! In what world is monica a better singer than Brandy? What does a rihanna stan like you even know about vocals? Hell, aaliyah didn’t even live long enough to peak. I’m not here for coulda, woulda, or maybes…You cannot compare anyone to Brandy because she’s in her own lane. The call and response vocals, her harmonies, her tone, she has her own style and sound. No offense to the other ladies but they just can’t compete with Brandy.

    • MUSICHEAD July 14, 2015

      Mark I think it’s so cute how u stan for Aaliyah and try to uplift Monica. But u don’t have to try to discredit Brandy while doing so. This “t***” star bull u keep talking about is getting old. Brandy is 36 years old and still everywhere in the entertainment industry. I guess u forgot that all 3 were “t*** stars” in the 90’s before they grew up and became women. And although Aaliyah didn’t make it far into adulthood, Brandy has been the most successful as an adult. Monica unfortunately never gets praised for her talent but maybe if u keep praising her enough people in the industry might take notice.

      • Nippy July 14, 2015

        Mark spoke no lies. Brandy’s a Big ass flop, 36 years old, and her last hit was when she was 19. And that overrated nasal voice of hers has NEVER been seen on any top vocal list, NEVER, vocal bible my ass.

  23. StrawberryMuffin24 July 14, 2015

    Imma need Brandy to stop performing on subways and bathrooms not a good look!

    I like Brandy she’s done everything you can do in a career and she’s so nice!

  24. Kmilli15 July 14, 2015

    TV star, Movie star, Music star, Broadway star!!, Brandy slays all your faves vocally, Deal!!. The woman is staying in New York slaying the Ambassador theater 8 shows a week..Of course she’s gonna enjoy NYC and try everything. It’s dope she’s not all stuck up like some celebrities somewhere hidden in a hotel room.

  25. Knock On Norwood July 14, 2015

    Some of you are taking this way too seriously. Lol she’s just having fun singing on the subway, and she posted this on her social media outlets. Amazing how this stunt got all these folks talking bout her. I also find it funny how some people are trying to say that she’s so “irrelevant” now, but yet she’s the number one trending topic on Facebook right now. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity…Keep folks talking Bran Bran.

  26. Legend B July 14, 2015

    Sang it Brandy!! She just playing and serving Slayage! Im hoping she can make an successful comeback. We need B Rocka!


    Brandy knows what she’s doing LOL she better get that Broadway gig & throw that EP she’s cooking with DJ Camper now that sh!t eaters are talking about her … How 2 create buzz while having fun in NYC … her voice should be insured for trillions! only great musicians recognize what an unique & rare talent this girl Brandy posseses! hateful comments from non musical driven pop-listeners & basic public opinions wont change her talent! LOL

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