Janet Jackson Teams With Giuseppe Zanotti For ‘Unbreakable World Tour’

Published: Tuesday 11th Aug 2015 by Sam
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Just three weeks remain until Janet Jackson‘s wildly anticipated ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ kicks off.

And while details surrounding the global trek have been guarded with potent precision, tea has begun to trickle out.

The latest surrounds the ‘No Sleeep’ singer’s new partnership with fashion force Giuseppe Zanotti.

Full story below…

WWD revealed that 49-year-old Jackson has paired up with shoe designer Giuseppe – who has designed sneakers done in multiple color ways for the diva to don onstage.

Speaking on the collaboration, Zanotti, said:

“Janet is a close friend of mine — we have been close for a long time and I have always felt the greatest affection for her. She has always been a very loyal supporter of the brand and product. She talked to me about her upcoming Unbreakable World Tour when we were together in Milan earlier this year, [and] she asked me to consider making her a special shoe for the tour. Of course, I was…very flattered and I immediately started to sketch some ideas out for her.

Janet will be dancing a lot on stage as well as singing, so I wanted her to be very comfortable and able to move around easily. The shoe has to be light but practical and provide support to her feet.”


Per the report, the shoe, a high-top sneaker based on one of the brand’s most popular existing styles, will be customised in two exclusive colour combinations and new detailing.

What’s more, Zanotti – who has worked with Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj – will also be dressing the tour’s dancers and backing singers too, a feat that will mark his first time handling an entire tour.

He said:

“We are frequently asked to provide special shoes for celebrities on tour, [but] this is the first time we are the only luxury shoe company involved”.

 Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ kicks off August 31st in Vancouver.

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  1. Brandy is Queen August 11, 2015

    Brandy Norwood is coming to slay!

    • Molly August 11, 2015

      Slay what? A Subway station near you?

      • Knowles Carter August 11, 2015

        Brandy is selling out Broadway whilst Cierror can barely max out a McDonald’s play place. Please tread lightly 🙂

  2. Molly August 11, 2015

    What a boring era.

    • Maudey August 11, 2015

      You’re such a hater to make it your business to always comment under Janet post please get a life….

      • Molly August 11, 2015

        Im a hater for telling the truth? THIS IS A BORING ASS COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRANET NEEDS TO COME HARDER..

      • Knowles Carter August 11, 2015

        The irony at a Ciara fan calling anyone a tranny.

      • Shady81 August 11, 2015

        @Molly oh and where is Ciara?…. oh I forgot promoting Russell Wilson or shall I say Russell’s promoting her while she should be working on her staggering promo for that shitless album Jackie while at the same time getting herself and her beau caught in the middle of some baby daddy drama with Future.

      • red wine August 11, 2015

        maybe c error can open for Janet and bring her water to the stage

    • Jrod August 11, 2015

      How are you going to comment, when Ciara’s whole career has been a horrible imitation of Jane’t successful career which I might add. Ciara couldn’t even sell out standing room only venues, girl get a clue!

    • Regina George August 11, 2015

      Molly… Gurl… Don’t press play on yo bull shyyt today… Stand down

  3. Maudey August 11, 2015

    She is doing just fine! Don’t worry about her comeback you’re not a fan so it shouldn’t concern you!

  4. Keri Qween August 11, 2015

    Get money Queen

    Haters stay worried about the Queen more than their own faves kii

    • Molly August 11, 2015

      The irony.

      • Molly Stan August 11, 2015

        I love you sis

  5. Suicide Blonde August 11, 2015

    So the album is going to be released after the tour ends or while touring?…I honestly think is a bad idea to not promote the album, she should at least try, you never know.

    • What now August 11, 2015

      It’s just going 2 flop like her career has post 01 anyway.

    • jjsrb August 11, 2015

      Album will be released in late september and he will promote the album. For instance, we already know she’s closing iHeartMusic festival. I’m sure it’s only one out of many things she will do.

  6. Sherry August 11, 2015


  7. Knowles Carter August 11, 2015

    Exciting times. Janet’s discography is epic!!!!

  8. Molly Stan August 11, 2015

    This old hag just needs to hang it up no one cares any more

    • Regina George August 11, 2015

      Gwarl… You Stan for a commentator on a blog… Your life has ended much too soon… #thirstylivesmatter

      • Shady81 August 11, 2015

        Hey @Regina that’s probably @Molly stanning for herself you know she gets relentlessly dragged on the daily basis in each post she’s on.

      • Regina George August 11, 2015

        @Shady81 heeeey boo! And That is even more pathetic of shim.. So sad

  9. Janet Jones August 11, 2015

    Cimanra couldn’t even keep up with QUEENets choreography so if I was a Babymamara stan I would keep quiet

  10. Funkyyyall August 11, 2015

    No Sleeep is N°1 on Urban AC radios, SLAY.

  11. Gee August 11, 2015

    As I stated the tour is the main focus over the album.

  12. Da realest August 11, 2015

    Congrats are in order for Ms.Janet, number 1 on the adult r&b billboard charts. You go girl. I don’t care what people say, Janet you did your thing and keep doing your thing.

  13. Royalkev August 11, 2015

    I can’t wait to see Janet’s look for this tour, I actually like the sneakers! Btw, congrats to JJ on her #1 Adult R&B single. It’s unexpected, but appreciated. Bring on #Unbreakable & #ConversationsInACafe!

  14. Shady81 August 11, 2015

    I really like the design of the shoe can’t wait to see the full ensemble costume, hair, set the works do your thang Miss Janet and I’m so happy to see her go to #1 on R&B Adult Contemporary charts.

  15. Ozzy August 11, 2015

    She’s in a good place. I’m happy for her and hope this goes well.

  16. Alejandro Dumas August 11, 2015

    Whitney Vs Mariah (A Grudge Match)
    Years had passed since the fights between Mariah
    Carey and Toni Braxton; fights instigated by Ms.
    Whitney Houston. * Both Mariah and Toni swore
    they would repay Whitney for her trickery. At one
    time Whitney even pretended to kiss and make up
    with Mariah and to be her friend but when Mariah
    was having her most resent troubles she turned on
    her. When Mariah’s label offered her money not to
    record Whitney caught wind that her label was
    recruiting the golden diva and Whitney made
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    to believe the hype and she was right Whitney was
    a `snake in the grass’ just like her cousin Dionne.
    But now the time for retribution had finally come.
    Deacon arranged a mystery battle with Whitney for
    the benefit; normally Whitney would not agree to
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    Mariah and Toni. It was almost pathetic. Whitney
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    just as messed up emotionally, G-Man thought
    that it should not happen but it was Deacon’s call.
    Deacon had the “serious hots” for Toni and would
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    required some interesting stipulations. She asked
    that Deacon build a replica of the bathroom where
    the original conflict took place. G-Man told him if
    he wanted to do that for her he would have to pay
    out of his own pocket; Deacon had no problem it
    was a request from “T-Brax”.
    The time came and all parties had agreed on every
    aspect of the match and signed on the dotted line.
    Whitney was loud bragging and saying who much
    fun it would be to “whoop a b%tc#’s @$$ Just like
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    she saw Mariah and Toni she froze for a moment
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    and tore into one another. Clawing, kicking,
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    is you would think she had no fight in her; but
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    Mariah was undaunted by Whitney’s drug addict
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    golden Amazon on the forehead; Mariah growled in
    pain but did not cease her assault against her foe.
    Mariah slipped her hand into Whitney’s pants
    locking a Kama Sutra claw; Whitney ceased her
    biting and screamed bloody murder. Mariah took
    her elbow and drove it into Whitney’s neck
    converting her screams into gagging. Whitney’s
    eyes began to wall, foam oozed from her mouth,
    veins popping in her neck, arms tensed and what
    was left of her thighs and b*** started to tremble.
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    Toni by this time was ecstatic jumping up and
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    “You are Mariah… you are… now please let me go
    ” Whitney begged.
    “Who else H**! Who else?”
    “OK OK Toni too You’re both Diva’s” Whitney
    “And you?” Mariah solicited as she ripped at
    Bobby’s favorite spot.
    “I.. I ain’t S*** OK? Now please let me go ” She
    pleaded. Mariah released her gruesome hold
    Whitney slumped to the floor; then Mariah grabbed
    Whitney’s head and plunged it into the toilet and
    began to flush and dunk as Toni laughed

  17. Here to kill August 11, 2015

    Yaaas b****** I’m back unstable than before!!!!!!!

  18. Here to kill August 11, 2015

    Molly Molly Molly Molly
    sis you need to keep that shitt eater shut for ur own sake you are taking Keri kween’s place at being the most dragged SAVE IT

  19. Here to kill August 11, 2015

    Why is a c squad running it’s mouth on JJ’s post this site is so disrespectfull comparing Mariah to Whitney, Rihanna to Beyonce, Ciara to Janet this is like comparing Dusty Kim to Quen Minaj but let me not before ya’ll say I’m obsessed with Molly

  20. rihnavy eats ass August 11, 2015

    Kii at @tranet

  21. Lake Erie August 11, 2015

    I can’t wait to go to her conert! I know she about to be fresh to def!

    • rihnavy eats ass August 11, 2015

      Shut up hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. Sage August 11, 2015

    • Sage August 11, 2015

      “ADULT R&B #1”?????? ROFLMAO!!! What kind of JOKE is that? The REAK tea is that Tranet’s FLOP SLEEP ASSSSS is out of the Hot 100 AGAIN! Luvn it!!! Floooooooop!!! She only ever had a career due to Michael’s name & fame. She never had any talent herself. And now she cant use even use her bro to get acclaim anymore. Poor dat! [email protected] R&B. You sad sorry peons. Tranet’s wannabe comeback is a floooopp!!!

      • Tommy Johnson August 11, 2015

        #1 is a #1 no matter where it falls. It’s like a ball game. This is very good because Janet has not promoted this song at all. Other artist do all this heavy promotion and still can’t get a #1 to fall no where on the charts. Keep hating and Janet is going to keep moving higher. This is her 35th #1 on this chart now what about your favorite???

  23. Aaliyah Dana Carter August 11, 2015

    Death at these Janet Stans celebrating a flop song being number 1 on the adult R&B charts where there are only like 10 songs up there lmbooo. While no sleep fell out of the hot 100 again.

    • BBoston206 August 11, 2015

      Really. Only a Janet stan would pretend that being #1 on a chart where every week Billboard probably has to search for songs to add to it because 85% of what plays on that format are old songs means something. Congrats Janet. It was a tight race between “No Sleeep” and 1982 Gap Band “You Dropped The Bomb on Me”.

      • Aaliyah Dana Carter August 11, 2015


  24. Tommy Johnson August 11, 2015

    Yessss, we will continue to celebrate!! Stay tuned there’s more to come from the Ultimate ICON. Plush

  25. jjsrb August 11, 2015

    I LOVE this era. JANET is so smart. The tour is practically already sold-out. We’re talking about over 60 dates, including 55 shows in largest arenas. And that’s only beginning. “No Sleeep” is now a NUMBER ONE song and I don’t think Janet wanted to smash the pop charts, so I think we can call it a hit. It’s served its purpose well. Her next single will be the real lead single and I can’t wait to hear it. In Janet I trust.

  26. Qaz August 11, 2015

    The Adult R&B songs chart is about as (in)significant as the Dance/Club charts. But when you’re the fan of a has been, you have to take any “victory” where it can be found. Um, congrats?

  27. @JanetCIARA_ August 11, 2015

    Come through JANET!
    Plz drop the next UPTEMPO SINGLE on the first day of your tour! I need a new rush to get me ready for October when you come to my city!

  28. Mark111 /.\ August 11, 2015

    Was I not just talking about dancers need shoes and not heels yesterday in that Ciara post?

  29. Tommy Johnson August 11, 2015

    With all this hate against Janet, that just mean she is a triple threat!! Keep hating idiots. A win is a win I don’t care who you play. A #1 is a #1. All you haters are threatened by the Ultimate ICON otherwise you wouldn’t be hating, and that means Janet is doing the dam thing.

  30. Sandra August 13, 2015

    Janet Jackson is so overrated, she could never sing and her dancing isn’t that impressive. She will forever live in the shadow of her vastly more talented brother Michael Jackson.

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