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Published: Tuesday 11th Aug 2015 by David

In 2013 the producer Soundz teamed up with the singer Ciara to create material for her Top 5 album ‘Ciara.’

In 2015, as he celebrates the release of his debut release ‘Slow Ain’t Dead’ the maestro has revealed that the Urban Pop belle Tinashe had called on him to replicate his success with the ‘Goodies’ star.

Details below…

“Ciara’s one of the dopest artists to ever do it, she’s easily up there with the best.”

Soundz – born Kenneth C. Coby– makes the declaration as he sits beside the R&B purveyor Jeremih on a tour bus. Their destination? San Diego, the latest stop on J. Cole‘s ‘Forrest Hills Drive Tour‘ on which the latter serves as an opening act.

His statement should come as no surprise to those who have followed his journey as his work for Ciara has seen him credited with the critical success of her self-titled album which spawned the numbers ‘Sophomore’ & ‘DUI‘, both produced by the ‘Love in this Club‘ hitmaker.

The album was supposed to be an Pop project,” he reveals at the start of our conversation. “She was working with LMFAO’s producers and was going for a big Dance sound but ‘Body Party’s success pulled the album back around to R&B and so she trusted me to keep the album in that direction with the songs we did together. The timing was perfect for me because I was going through a stage in 2012 where I felt I had to make EDM songs to keep up with what was happening on the charts but the songs I did for Ci and a few others I did at that time reminded me that Urban is what I do best. I want to make songs that you can play in the club today and wherever you are in life ten years from now. I think people know that and I’m happy because now you have dope artists like Tinashe calling me to work on their projects. They know I can give them something different every time.”

Now, he finds himself offering something different with his debut release ‘Slow Ain’t Dead‘, a collection of original Sade & 90s R&B inspired songs penned by him…for him.

The six-track offering was released more than a decade after he was discovered by ‘Climax’ singer Usher but strikes Urban Contemporary ground with a boozy yet cinematic sound that packs the kind of personality that’s often missing from male artists in his field.

“People already know my music through other artists so I know they love the sound. Now I’m sharing the same sound with a different story…my story.”

His arrival on the scene sees him compete with a fresh batch of singer/songwriter/producers also hoping to step into the light and pull in listeners with their own material. However, Soundz hopes time spent on the road will see him exceed expectations placed on him by those who doubt his gift.

“When I started producing I surrounded myself with the best producers so I could learn from them and apply what I saw of them to myself. I learned and have produced songs for Usher, Beyonce, Ciara and Justin Bieber and earned multiple Grammy nominations along the way. Now I’m on a new journey and I’m learning from all of those artists and the people I’m on the road so I can figure out what will and won’t work for me. That’s why this album means so much to me. It’s the start of a new journey and I know I’m giving my artistry what I give to my production.”

That is?


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  1. 4everBrandy_Ci August 11, 2015

    I like some of Soundz stuff. What he did for Ciara as far as musically was different and I liked he approach with the self titled album. I didn’t know he’s working with Tinashe which I was unaware until now. I love Tinashe and I think along with the rest she has what it takes musically and raises the bar with quality. I just hope his sound (Soundz the producer) doesn’t sound like another artist while he’s making her stuff. I always liked him as a producer anyway. Hopefully, he can create more new and fresh stuff. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Lake Erie August 11, 2015

    Soundz did his thing. I wish him much more success. Ciara’s self titled album imo is truly “a body of work” from start to finsh. It’s music on there for everyone. The sequence of that album should of been her signature formula for future album releases. IMO, she got it right with that album. That is an album I believe that will be still “current” 10 years from now too. I don’t think she realizes it though.

  3. Clive August 11, 2015

    So is he hear to talk about his project or Ciara? Also, her doing an EDM album is a bit of a let down to know because she wanted to jump on a trend and not find HER identity. Usher came out with EDM and his audience was left in the dust who helped him sell those big numbers. I am wondering if the Jackie album has left overs from the LMFAO producers? The records like THIF sounds very dated. This lets me know Ciara still does not know who she is as an artist. Where is her Velvet Rope or Confessions? Her recording all of that music was a financial lost to not be used. What happened to the music from the One Woman Army album and the album she recorded prior to Ciara that was not used? I wonder do she listens to the radio? Why must she continue to hop in the studio with everybody else producers and force herself into getting hits? Why hasnt she realized this has not worked for years and continues in a downward spiral of terrible sales. This Jackie campaign has been a let down from performances and all. The new single debuted at 100 and disappeared the next week. R&B charts do not hold the same weight as Hot 100. I have supported her and I am praying she reevaluates her artistry. Its like she is stubborn. She is so headstrong and has gotten in the way of herselt. Her decision making skills have been a roller coaster. I am grateful for her Gold single, fashion, and love life..but yesterday people praised her double dutching more then her performance. Does she have yes men around her? The dancing was stiff and vocals were flat and sharp. She also messed up on the BET Awards to Janet. That has been her problem working with Craft for too long with those tired dances. Her music has went down hill and is not elevating. I am worried about this new song.

    Ciara fans please stop being delusional and babying her. Beyonce is held to a certain standard all around and so should Ciara who is going around trying to sell this new album and aint nobody buying. It is the truth. She cant even sell her album. She had been repetitive and claims this her best body of work. She portrays this forced s*** image and BMF cussing song but acts like the opposite. She has to sell and live her music like Rihanna. You cant just sell music like the 80s. Anyways, thanks for the Ciara support TGJ. The truth is the truth. It is so frustrating and embarrassing to be bullied by other fanbases. Most people only care about Ciara because of her boyfriend smh. Her concert tickets was 20 bucks and stage was the size of a highschool. Her not touring for 6 years was a problem. I am scared Epic is going to drop Ciara. Ciara you can do this. Hear your fans out.

  4. @JanetCIARA_ August 11, 2015

    I like Soundz, and Ciara showed so much love to him, He just needs to learn how to stop whining on Twitter when artist want to go a different route and play with different “sounds”…..

    He still created some of the dopest sounds for Ciara, and this Remix to “Gimme Dat” slays them ALL!!!!

  5. Credits August 11, 2015

    Wait….am I getting it confused or was it Soundz that shaded Ciara on Twitter when that album came out? He said something about how it is a shame nobody would hear his work because it was on Ciara’s album….

  6. You wanna jbeyok love it right bettor like you do then my funky money August 12, 2015

    Nice and this is the first time of me hearing about him wish him more successful in the business

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