Watch: Monica Dishes On Alleged “Beef” With Ciara, New Album, & More

Published: Saturday 22nd Aug 2015 by Rashad
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‘After the Storm’ songstress Monica is clearing the air once and for all as it relates to fans incessantly slamming her for her alleged knowledge of Future‘s infidelities during his highly publicized relationship with singer Ciara.

While rumor had it the severance of Ci’s nearly two decade long friendship with her came as the result of the rapper and his wild oats, Mo is now setting the record straight and clarifies the drama started elsewhere.

Tuck in below to hear her sound off against fans and detractors, lend an update on her new album ‘Code Red,’ and so much more:

Start at 14:35

“I read something that I didn’t tell her about somebody cheating, none of that stuff is true,” she said. “They say I was friends with somebody he was cheating with, none of that stuff is true. I am friends with on of the mothers of one of Future’s children, but it’s the mom that you never see, you never hear, that Ciara also has a good relationship with. So a lot of the stuff you read is very untrue. Nothing that happened with us had anything to do with him.”

“I love the fact that she’s in love and happy, and I think the best thing you can do is to put God at the forefront of it, and other people completely out of it–especially the media […] I know what I had to do when it came to me and my children, and everybody will make that choice as a parent.” – Monica

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan August 22, 2015

    Yess Monica!!!! She is SLAYING So hard this year! ????

  2. Weezy Tha G.O.A.T August 22, 2015

    Are their really real friends in the industry?? But that’s Ciara’s fault she knew Future – Past was a dirty dog before she got with him. No women can change a man that doesn’t want to change.

  3. Molly #September4thSurprise August 22, 2015


    • BeyRihLiyah August 22, 2015


    • blinged August 23, 2015

      Exactly what ciara albums and singles do on the charts Zzzzzz. ????????????????

  4. Hur August 22, 2015

    Slaying what? The charts? Nope.

  5. MuscleTech/Nyc August 22, 2015

    Love her, so beautiful, so talented, so real.

  6. Mark111 /.\ August 22, 2015

    Mo prob just said what EVERYONE was saying. Mo been happy with a husband and kids. Ciara seem like the person that if you’re not telling her what she wants to hear, she have a problem.
    And her fans always been trash.

  7. Mark111 /.\ August 22, 2015

    Ciara don’t like friends like Mo that keeps it real, but hangs with Lala and Kim. Who you think are the fakes, ATL or Hollywood? Ok…

  8. Kitty Puurrzz August 22, 2015

    Im so ready for this album. Forget the Ciara info. We ready for CodeRed.

  9. Kitty Puurrzz August 22, 2015

    Thankx Grapejuice for posting…

  10. Danny Bey August 22, 2015

    Wait, so they really aren’t friends right now? Where have I been? What happened??

  11. Mark111 /•\ August 22, 2015

    Also I’d like to issue an apology to Molly! Just like Stephy said, it’s not right attacking a female. It also doesn’t make me look good with my claim that I’m straight so Molly please accept my apologies.

    • Molly #September4thSurprise August 22, 2015

      Wow….. You’re serious? If so I accept the apology. I appreciate it tbh

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 22, 2015

        SCREAMSSS lmao gurl you’re being punk’d. This is the same closeted queen that claimed that he made love to a woman whilst playing Toni Braxton in the background (doesn’t get gayer than that). He’s a pathological liar, and he wouldn’t just admit he’s wrong.

  12. Stephy August 22, 2015

    Monica ain’t worried about that lil bullcrap. Fact is, Monica can sang. She just be bending & twisting the mess outta those notes. Shoot, she ain’t worried about nothin. They look BEYutiful in that photo.

  13. Monica Stan August 22, 2015

    Monica is a true class act ….. Never petty, immature mindless & catty like others. 9/18

  14. Gee August 22, 2015

    Monica is what you call classy with a side of hood and you can not do nothing but respect that. On a side note just right for me is lackluster in my opinion.

  15. Lake Erie August 22, 2015

    I love you Monica and Im def cop’n yo album when it comez out next month but it’s CICI ALL DAY BABY. If it’s meant to be, yal will be friends again.

  16. Mark111 /.\ August 22, 2015

    See how stupid Molly is? Not even the same crop of avi. smh, f uck you forever, trick @ss h**.

  17. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 August 22, 2015

    Who is monica?
    And wow, molly, I saw how they drug you on the matt post.
    You ok sis?

  18. @JanetCIARA_ August 22, 2015

    They need to stop they foolishness! Monica was in the Goodies video for God sakes! They supposed to be cool through thick and thin, Fvck the BS!

    • Chillitsjustpizza August 22, 2015

      Ciara paid her for that too.lmmfao

  19. Chillitsjustpizza August 22, 2015

    Yass monica..she’s like oh
    Is that what ciara been telling yall? #code #Red

  20. Cici’s goodies August 22, 2015

    Monica is so extra. Giiiiirrrrl

    • ajm265 August 22, 2015

      In what way sis. She was asked and she answered in a very classy way instead of the petty way Ciara cocked her mouth and said I have no friends just LaLa

  21. adelefan August 22, 2015

    yes love monica

    • adelefan August 23, 2015

      Damn I can’t love Monica ????????lol
      Anyways. U go Mo

  22. Kitty Puurrzz August 23, 2015

    MONICA will forever SLAY Ciara .

    • Christie August 23, 2015

      I just feel sad for Ciara at this point. She has lost herself and Monica doesn’t want her kids around “unhealthy” people
      I cant believe Ciara went on CBS Morning Show to respond to Future.

      Anyway, I hope she doesnt lose herself to Russell.
      She changes herself based on the man she is dating in the moment….
      that’s very unhealthy.
      When she dated Future she was posting pics of herself in clubs and smoking pics.
      When she was with 50 cent she was about her fitness. ……
      Now she is a born again virgin with Russell b/c that is what RUSSELL WANTS….
      not her…….
      TEXTBOOK low self esteem. CIARA has no identity and that s not good for her child n the long run.

  23. Rihboy August 23, 2015

    Two irrelevant b****** beefing.

  24. Barb-wire August 23, 2015

    Slaynica >>> HermCiCi

  25. Rcw August 23, 2015

    Thanks for setting the record straight…Monica isn’t here for the garbage. She’s so real!

  26. IOWNTHEWORLD August 23, 2015

    Not she bought a RACK of Jackie….LOL!

    • adelefan August 23, 2015

      How many CDs was on that rack. Lol. Cause not much was purchased. In all department stores around the states.. ????????????????????????

  27. Heiress August 23, 2015

    Monica is always running her mouth about something then hides behind the “God bless them.” Mess. Girl just shut up and let the public know it’s none of their business. Not like you’re relevant outside of hood Twitter and IG anyway. Where’s your single on the charts? She is always perched on IG claiming to be everyone’s cousin and bestie then they end up falling out some way or another. Ciara ain’t thinking about you has been so just move on with your life. Bye girl the boy wasn’t yours in 98 and it sure ain’t now.

    • Ajm265 August 23, 2015

      Sis u have no receipts you in her running your mouth. Name anyone besides Ciara that she fell out with ill wait. At this point Monica has made a legacy for herself and she doesn’t care about what you are anyone else that is calling her irrelevant . she is married, is a beautiful women’s inside and out, has beautiful kids and isn’t pressed about anything. she can afford whatever she wants. Just remember this, u came in here to comment on her, so apparently she’s relevant to u :-).

      • Black power August 23, 2015


      • Jay August 24, 2015

        LOL!!! Monica fought Brandy and they beefed for a long time. They also tried to rekindle the Boy is Mine with that lackluster duo. There was still tension. Aaliyah also said in a old interview, how she was shocked at how Monica behaved. How about some people’s personalities don’t mix.

  28. TheElusiveLamb August 23, 2015

    I’m actually sad to see their 7-9 year friendship not exist anymore. They seemed like genuine friends who actually cared for one another.

    • Ajm265 August 23, 2015

      Sad part they were friends way before 2005 Montez(Monica’s brother ) and Ciara were friends in high school. Hell they went to the prom together. I hate that they fell out because it also affects kids.

  29. DaTroof88 August 23, 2015


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  30. Kitty Puurrzz August 23, 2015

    I can put money on it that MONICA’s new cd Code Red will outsell Jackie …

    • Ajm265 August 23, 2015

      But it’s not about that. Monica is fighting to make a CD that’s good for her fans and good for R&B over all

  31. What now August 23, 2015

    Ciara is s flop

  32. cocobutta August 24, 2015

    I love watching her speak because you can see that there’s no bs.

    CiCi likes other soft spoken people around her. I could imagine Mo pulling her up on some things and Ci not liking the way Mo says it, because Monica has that rawness but real talk in her voice.

    On the musical side im glad Monica thinking of the roll out process and getting more TV and radio interviews lined up.

    #coderedsituation #codered

  33. TJ August 24, 2015

    Anyone who trues to knock Monica for this interview truly is a hater. She only showed support for CICI and didn’t place blame or anything. She only answered the question that was asked. There was zero hate or malice. It’s like people WANT to find a reason to talk ish.

    Monica is doing the right things here. Focused on the music, and family. How can anyone hate on that?

    • adelefan August 24, 2015


  34. adelefan August 24, 2015


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