Watch: Mary J. Blige & Taylor Swift Perform ‘Family Affair’ At ‘1989 Tour’

Published: Sunday 23rd Aug 2015 by Sam

Taylor Swift may be in a league of her own atop of pretty much every credible chart these days, however she isn’t averse to sharing the spotlight.

Presently delighting fans across the US with her ‘1989 World Tour,’ the Billboard belle has made it routine to bring notable names on-stage to join her. Thus far, stars to honor her invitation include Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, and Ciara.

Last night, though, it was the turn of Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul Mary J. Blige.

MJB joined Ms. Swift for a spirited showing of her 2001 hit ‘Family Affair.’

Watch the duo get “crunk in this dance-er-ree” after the jump…


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  1. Don’t hate B!TCHES. Nicki is the queen not Heyonce August 23, 2015


  2. LB August 23, 2015

    Cute performance, I wish they gave out free earbuds though so they can be seen and not heard.

    We all know a Mary J X T Swift performance should be considered a terrorist attack.

    That noise pollution they both produce by screaming in a microphone is a weapon of mass destruction and should be treated as such.

    Cute moment though, Taylor is so sweet.

  3. Lake Erie August 23, 2015

    This was sweet. I like.

  4. Gee August 23, 2015

    This is why Taylor is winning because she is incorporating a little bit everybody in her shows.

  5. lets be real August 23, 2015

    Little tidbit. Mary J is actually saying “dance soireé” she just prounounced it strange

  6. BeyRihLiyah August 23, 2015

    Lmaooo i like taylor shes seems like cool person

  7. Royalkev August 23, 2015

    You just can’t dislike Taylor, she’s fun and actually have a really great personality.

  8. What now August 23, 2015

    SMDH Itz a sad thing 2 know u officially have no voice left wen Taylor Swift can stay on key longer den u on ur damn song. SMDH Mary. I know u neva been a live vocalist, but really?

  9. E Young August 23, 2015

    I’m not a Taylor swift fan, but I respect her even more. I like the fact that she gives other artists time to shine; she’s embracing all artist no matter what color they are. That’s respect!

    • Clive August 24, 2015

      Taylor gives mjb time 2 shine? Really?

  10. Incredible August 23, 2015

    Taylos Swift concert is like Empire’s random cameos

  11. Dev August 24, 2015

    So, I guess this is Taylor’s introduction to her new pop&b album.
    Taylor has been doing the most…
    Her dance moves kill me.
    I still can’t stand her

  12. What is a “B’day”? I’d Rather Prefer Rih-day. Kii! August 24, 2015

    Chile, I would’ve screamed and hollered if they even attempted to perform “No More Drama” or “Not Gon’ Cry” and Taylor screamed, yelled, and grunted her way through the song to make a more convincing performance than Mary herself. She’d earn respect from the Black community that night for sure.

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