Beyonce To Deliver New Live Show…This Month

Published: Friday 4th Sep 2015 by David


This year’s ‘Made in America’ festival isn’t the only place fans of Beyonce can catch her in live action.

Want details on her brand new move?

Hit the link below…

On September 26th the ‘Story of Beauty’ singer will rock Central Park for a good cause.

What that cause is?

We’ll let Billboard explain...

The United Nations is launching a global campaign with a media blitz and an array of stars from Beyonce to Usain Bolt to spread news to everyone in the world about its new goals to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and combat climate change.

The campaign is scheduled to begin on Sept. 25 when world leaders are expected to adopt the 17 goals at a U.N. General Assembly summit.

Keen to do more to help those in need Beyonce offered to support the U.N’s mission by putting a brand new show together.
With it she will present her music to the world with hopes of using it to shine a light on the problems the organisation hopes to solve.

Billboard adds:

Film writer and director Richard Curtis, who is leading the campaign, told a news conference Thursday that he wants to make these new goals “much more famous and much more well-known” than the eight U.N. Millennium Development Goals adopted at a summit in 2000 which they will succeed.

To reach the world in a week, Curtis said the campaign is engaging every pillar of modern communications from schools to churches to radio, television, film and all online formats – and it is partnering with sports clubs, public figures, global brands, cinema advertisers, artists and grassroots organizations to get the message out by Oct. 2.

Kudos to Bey!

#NowPlaying: Hall & Oates – ‘Adult Education.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyIsKing September 4, 2015

    This is weeks old…TGJ where have you been?

    • Ovo Barbie September 4, 2015

      No it isn’t. Check the Billboard link.

    • Bey Bey King September 4, 2015

      Girl bye this is new news. If TGJ is late so is billboard.

  2. Professor Keating If Ya Nasty | Annalise September 4, 2015

    Hopefully it’s as big as Chime for Change. Also would have liked a tribute post of the top B performances or accomplishments for BEYDay

  3. Legend B September 4, 2015


  4. MsYonce September 4, 2015

    Happy Birthday to the Queen Bey HBIC!! And tomorrow the Queen will perform in front of 140 thousand people for the Made In America festival, because of such high demand they had to sell more tickets. The only time this festival sell out is when Queen Bey headline… #beyday

  5. A&R September 4, 2015

    Love….this woman!

  6. african music lover September 4, 2015

    Happy bday to you and me queen! Bey

  7. RICHIE_RICH September 4, 2015

    Happy MF Bday Queen , HBIC ETC Beyoncé muah????????????????????????????????

  8. danyboo September 4, 2015


  9. Slay_Hive September 4, 2015

    9….4…..8…..1…BDAY!! *twerks* ???????? HAPPY BDAY QUEEN BEYONCE!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Yaaasss I will be at the Central Park festival on the 26th!!!!! Can’t wait!

    • Professor Keating If Ya Nasty | Annalise September 4, 2015

      Mission ONE i’ma put this on, when he see me in a dress i’ma get me some.. HEY ???????????? #BeyDay

      • Slay_Hive September 4, 2015

        ????????????????????MISSION 2 Gotta make that call. Tell’em get the bottles poppin when they play my song….HEY!!! Yaaasss???????? I always play Get Me Bodied on her birthday!!

      • Jai September 4, 2015

        Mission 3!… got my 3 bestfriends like we doing all the time we gone do it againnnn HEY!

        LOLLL always gotta do the dance moves when this song pops on HAPPY birthday beyoncé! !

      • Professor Keating If Ya Nasty | Annalise September 4, 2015

        *goes all the way to mission 8* ???? Lmao, Get me bodied been playing through my mind all day chile ???? *twerks while seated*

      • Professor Keating If Ya Nasty | Annalise September 4, 2015

        ¥ÄŚŚŚŚ @Jai you betta join in and receive your life too ????????????????????????

      • HailBeysus September 4, 2015

        Mission 4 got the vintage rolls drop a couple hundreds, tell em leave it at the door!
        This has always been one of my favorite songs. So much fun and her live performances of it give me LIFE!!!

      • BEY>RIH September 4, 2015

        *I aint worried doing me tonight; a little sweat aint never hurt nobody*!! ????HAPPY BEYDAY to the queen of music Beyoncé.

  10. fatusankoh September 4, 2015

    Happy bday to the queen bey good luck more success in all you do I love so much

  11. HailBeysus September 4, 2015

    Happy Birthday BEYONCE!! Can’t waif for the Made In America festival to go down soooo stoked!!!!

  12. Thando September 4, 2015

    I wish I could meet the runners of this blog so i can enquirer of them the quality of the taste of Beyonce’s c*** since they devour so much of it.

    End poverty? Oh please, spare me the charade. If the UN was serious about ending poverty they would stop bending over so they can be taken from behind by American and European multi-national corporations who foster, breed, cultivate and maintain much of the poverty that infests the world.

    If each and every corporation gave just 1% of their profits, ALL of poverty would be wiped out. But we all know this song’s tune for it’s been sang ever since the fall of the Third Reich and like all the other times, it ends in a bitter anti-climax.

    Ironically they use as ambassadors the most aloof, socially, economically and economically ignorant people to promote the anti-poverty campaign. The audacity! What on earth does an American woman who has an undeserved amount of wealth for the most menial and unnecessary of occupations know about ending world poverty in nations she’s never been too, care about, nor will she ever go to? These coffee shop philanthropists irk all the minute interest in for these nonsensical, shallow and insulting “end poverty campaigns”.

    It’s very bazzare that this organization called the UN is morphing (decade by decade) into a bed slave for America, the IMF, the World Bank, and Western Europe. Peculiar is this expedition since the UN knows exactly what the antidote for poverty is: the empowerment of women in the most poverty-stricken nations.

    If you say to a poor woman: I give you all universal rights to your reproductive system, you get to decide if you want children, you get to decide how many IF you want any children; you stop the dreadful livestock-like reproduction of unneeded offspring. The less mouths there are that need feeding, the more there is for the few ones who are already here.

    If you say to a woman in a poverty stricken nation: here go and flourish you can go to any school that all the men are going to, you can study for any career that your heart desires, do any job that any man done; you open a door to unimaginable social and economic prosperity.

    But then again we all know that there is nothing that the West fears more than a third world country that is getting anywhere near so economic prosperity.

    Instead they ingratiate celebrities on us, people who make a leaving through parasitic narcissism instead of heeding the right calls. They can blissfully f*** off! Thank you.

    • african music lover September 4, 2015

      Geez!slow down homie….kea utloa na o reng but bonyane ba leka, seo ba se etsang se betere,atleast they are bringing some sort of help where its needed. Calc down Thado

  13. Centurion September 4, 2015


    • HailBeysus September 4, 2015

      Bawahahaha of course you’re here. You just love youself some Beyonce! Gurl I love her to which is why im always on her post. You ain’t got to lie to kick it you’re a stan face it and stop making the beauty of enjoying the Queens talent so hard on yourself.

      yours truly,

  14. african music lover September 4, 2015

    whats that smell?It smells like that cheap Rogue perfume… But why is it smelling in a beyonce post?? Oh thats right,there is a navy in here,always being preceded by that smell….yikes

  15. Rated Rihtarded September 4, 2015

    Happy birthday.

  16. RihYonce September 4, 2015

    Happy birthday Queen!!! 34 never looked so good !! Can’t wait for you to cut up tomorrow night on that stage !!!! New music please? ????

  17. justmeeeee September 4, 2015

    beyonce is beautiful but in this picture She looks like a trailer park crack head and I blame her stylist.
    They REALLY need to stop using this picture to promote anything about her music

  18. Rosie September 4, 2015

    Screaming at literally every publication stanning down today, calling her Queen B, etc. And it’s not just Buzzfeed either. Happy birthday!

    • HailBeysus September 4, 2015

      Well when your last album goes number 1 in 106 countries you get publicity like that lol She truly is QUEEN!

  19. Anonymous September 4, 2015

    Happy birthday beautiful Bey.

  20. cocobutta September 4, 2015

    All Bey is missing from her catalogue of music is a “Heal the World” type song. That will just cement her legacy of greatness.

    Stand Up was in DC so would be cool for her to have that MJ type moment solo wise and she’s more than capable.

    • Here to kill September 4, 2015

      I was here?

  21. DEL BEY September 4, 2015


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