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Published: Friday 4th Sep 2015 by Rashad

Welcome back to TGJ Replay!

Designed much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ features, ‘Replay’ is That Grape Juice‘s newest reflective segment to act as a written quest to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday. Unlike its TGJ retrospective predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase entire albums (and eras) from a library of pop and Urban pop music hits.

Now, as the world celebrates the 34th birthday of music icon Beyonce, there’s no better time to ode her with a salute in the form of a “replay” of her sophomore album ‘BDay.’

“This is the album women need to hear.  It’s for all the women out there that need to hear something that will give them strength and empowerment.  There’s a song for everyone on this album – women in love, women who need to get out of love, women who are vulnerable, and women in every aspect of a relationship.

A lot of the records [on the album] are not about my life, but are about my friends’ lives or women around me. I thought it was important that I didn’t do the same album about love once again, but I needed a variety of things everyone can relate to.” – Beyonce, 2006

bey michelle kelly tgj fulfiled


Early 2006 found Beyonce Knowles at the most important crossroads of her career.

For after setting the world ablaze with her long-awaited debut album, 2003’s ‘Dangerously In Love,’ the pressure was ever mounting for the diva to follow up with another scorcher.  But, instead of igniting studios and stages by her lonesome, Knowles took a very unexpected left and reunited with her former Destiny’s Child bandmates.

Delivering their fourth project ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ in 2004 (read TGJ Replay:  ‘Destiny Fulfilled’), the trio would touch every corner of the globe the next year for a supporting tour of the same name.  There, they announced their destiny had truly been fulfilled as the album would serve as their last.

With that safety net in her rearview, anticipation began to mount higher than ever for what the group’s lead singer was cooking up for her overdue sophomore album – a tease and taste of which was delivered with the #1 single ‘Check On It’ featuring Slim Thug (found on the ‘Pink Panther’ soundtrack).

Instead of sticking to the original plan of constructing a sophomore album full of leftover tracks from ‘Dangerously In Love’, Bey, teaming yet again with longtime collaborators Rodney Jerkins, The Neptunes, Sean Garrett, and more, took two weeks to secretly record the project while on vacation from filming ‘Dreamgirls’ (read TGJ Replay:  ‘Dreamgirls’ soundtrack’).

Together, they crafted ‘B’Day’ – an ode to self released on the singer’s 25th birthday.

After the colossal success of her official debut solo single ‘Crazy In Love,’ featuring then-boyfriend Jay Z, the duo tried a redo for ‘B’Day’s first single – the aptly titled ‘Deja Vu.’  Much like ‘Crazy,’ ‘Deja Vu’ was a horn-heavy affair boasting a thumping bass line and energetic percussion to match.  Unlike ‘Crazy,’ the song wasn’t exactly greeted with the greatest critical or commercial acclaim.

Indeed, despite a bevy of high octane live performances, the tune’s greatest promotional weapon – its accompanying music video – found disapproval in the most unlikely of places…her own fans.  In fact, her devoted followers (later christened ‘the Beyhive’) started an online petition to request the racy video be reshot.  And, while their wish wasn’t granted, the overall commercial response – in addition to a disappointing #4 peak on the Hot 100 – signaled to some that maybe Beyonce’s steam was cooling.

But, as time would reveal, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

While the Hot 100 wasn’t exactly hot on ‘Deja Vu,’ Billboard 200 would sing another tune for its parent album.  Shifting a whopping 541,000 units its first week, the commercial performance of ‘B’Day’ nearly doubled that of her debut project’s opening week.

To reinforce the handsome showing, Bey & team quickly followed with the release of a second single ‘Ring the Alarm’ (unveiled via live performance at the 2006 MTV VMAs the week before ‘B’Day’s release):

A fiery anthem calling out disgust for her lover’s mistress, many fans and critics alike felt the song’s timely delivery was a direct jab at then up-and-comer Rihanna (who was rumored to be involved with Jay Z).  With the rumor mill hard at work, in addition to her show-stopping performance at the VMAs, ‘Ring the Alarm’ was hoisted to the Hot 100’s top 20 upon its debut.  Earning a #12 placement its first week, the song gave Bey her highest debut on the chart to date.

We would quickly see, however, the buck stop there.

With a #11 peak, ‘Alarm’ became Bey’s first song to miss the top 10 and lowest charting single of her career up to that point.  And, while fans began to worry about the album’s buoyancy on the Billboard 200 given the so-so performance of its singles, the project’s third release – ‘Irreplaceable’ – quickly replaced that fear with felicity.

The most pop-leaning record performed in the singer’s solo career at the time, ‘Irreplaceable’ quickly won critic and fan favor.  Shooting to #1 less than 2 months after its debut (thanks in great part to radio), the tune’s ascension to the top granted Bey her 2nd #1 hit of the year and 4th overall.  In addition, it gave her a number of distinct honors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Best selling single of 2007
  • Tying Diane Warren for 3rd place for the most number one singles by a female song-writer (surpassing Janet Jackson and Carole King)
  • The second singer to have two songs clock over 200 million audience impressions in one year (‘Check On It’ & ‘Irreplaceable).
    The first?  Mariah Carey‘s ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Shake It Off’ just a year prior.

Seated a whopping 10 weeks on the tally’s perch, the song’s success – her longest reign atop the Hot 100 – came as a sigh of relief for fans who were concerned the songstress was on her way to a sophomore slump.

beyonce tgj replay bday

The album’s final two singles, ‘Upgrade U’ ft. Jay Z (promotional) and ‘Get Me Bodied,’ jointly delivered career lows for the diva on the Hot 100.  Peaking at #59 and #68 respectively, the songs’ failures to impact the chart’s top 20 came in great part to the overshadowing success of ‘Irreplaceable.’  This, in addition to the lack of promotion afforded them as, by the time they were released, Bey was in tour mode/full-on promotion for the ‘Dreamgirls’ film.

To fan’s delight, however, a number of re-releases and deluxe editions of the project kept it afloat on charts well into 2007. Featuring new tunes and videos for most of the songs, Bey would jet back to the top of Billboard Hot 100 with the release of ‘Beautiful Liar’ – a long-awaited collaboration with hip-winding diva Shakira.

Hopping from #94 to #3 in just one week, the emphatic reception of the tune etched it in history books for the largest leap on the Hot 100 (a record later broken by Britney Spears and, later, Kelly Clarkson).

When all was said and done, ‘B’Day’ shifted 8 million worldwide.  On the industry recognition front, ‘B’Day’ secured six Grammy nods with one win in 2007 for the ‘Best Contemporary R&B Album’ category.

beyonce bday tgj replay

Let us tell it, ‘B’Day’ holds a very special place in Beyonce’s catalog.  By no means her magnum opus, it still deserves commending for its artistic value and riskiness.  Said risk was not only found in delivering a “concept album,” but also, considering it was her sophomore showing, in going so far left sonically from the offerings of her debut album and Destiny Child’s outings and in trying to balance a radio friendly album with tunes like ‘Deja Vu,’ ‘Green Light,’ and ‘Suga Mama’ – the likes of which were not found on the Billboard Hot 100’s upper rankings.

Lastly, via songs like ‘Resentment’ and ‘Ring the Alarm,’ it was the first time Bey attempted to show some level of depth in her recordings.  Ironically, while delivering a dearth of ballads or slow grooves, ‘B’Day’ still rings as Beyonce’s most vocally impressive project as throaty growls, spirited melisma, soaring crescendoes, and the like line a number of the tunes found aboard the high octane tracklist.

All in all, ‘B’Day’ was a necessary step in Beyonce’s transition from pop star to pop icon.  A step, as we press play on our jam ‘Get Me Bodied,’ we are far from mad at.  But, as we drop down low and sweep the floor with it, you tell us:

Your thoughts?

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  1. christinastherealtalent September 4, 2015

    IMO, DIL, B’DAY, and 4 were her best, strongest albums and actually lived up to the empowerment theme.

    • You tried September 4, 2015


  2. BeyRihLiyah September 4, 2015

    Happy 34th birthday to my gorgeous stunning queen it has been a wonderful journey watching you grow from being the leader of destinys child to becoming the industry beast that you are now even with random things thrown your way you still handle it with grace you go above and beyond with everything that you do! You deserve every ounce of success ,love,happiness and peace i love Beyoncè Giselle Knowles Carter ????????????

  3. Stephy September 4, 2015

    I love Beyonce! Happy birthday Bey!

  4. Keri Qween September 4, 2015

    Ne-Yo saved the day and album with Irreplaceable. Everything else flopped

    • BeyRihLiyah September 4, 2015

      I fuckinng hate you,you sour pussssy low income parentless herpessss infested unloved unwanted mentally ill prostiuting biiiitch i hope your pimp whoop yo ass every chance he get

    • BeyRihLiyah September 4, 2015

      I fuckinng cant stand yourr sour pussssy low income parentless herpessss infested unloved unwanted mentally ill prostiuting biiiitch i hope your pimp whoop yo ass every chance he get

    • BeyRihLiyah September 4, 2015

      Fuckkk you you unhappy prostitute

    • Mark111 September 4, 2015

      He really did. Because The first single was just hype and no one was playing Ring The Alarm.

      • Legend B September 4, 2015

        Neyo didnt save a damn thing. I like how u delusional f*** tried to twist Neyo’s words, when he supposely called out The Queen. He said, the song he wrote wasn’t the same as the finish product. Bday was already platinum before Irreplaceable was released. She didnt had to rely on #1s to save her album like Hoeianna.

  5. Slay_Hive September 4, 2015

    Yaaaaasss that abum is my soundtrack!! The vocals, swag, performances! EVERYTHING was on point…I’m waiting for the next era similar to of the best years of my life!! Happy BDay Queen Bey!!????????????????

  6. WRTW? September 4, 2015

    It’s hard to believe it’s almost been ten years since B’Day was released. This album is my favorite from her catalog. The live instruments couple with amazing performances she gave this Era. This album birthed me, and became the sound track to my life. Thank God and Beyoncé for B’Day

  7. Barb-wire September 4, 2015

    Still singing Resentment, Flaws and all, Upgrade U and Check upon it till this day. Happy Birthday Queen!!! Blue is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom.

  8. Slay_Hive September 4, 2015

    I went from super fan to stan in the summer of 2006!!! Yaaaasss

  9. me September 4, 2015

    yaaas Happy birthday Queen. i LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH… Kitty Kat is my fav off the album

  10. african music lover September 4, 2015

    Firstly happy bday queen,i still cant believe I share a bday with her… I remember it was irreplaceable that turned me into a beyonce fan and after IASF, i was sooo inlove with her…. But somehow i prefer IASF, that album had swag, vocals, filled with so much fun and so much diversity

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      HBD & Many More!

  11. obsidian September 4, 2015

    In my opinion, this album is not the best in her catalogue for it sounds rushed and incohesive. However, she did produce a few gems on this album–Irreplaceable, and Freakum Dress(my personal favorite).

  12. Centurion September 4, 2015

    Happy Birthday Satan. ????????????????????????????????????????

    • What now September 4, 2015

      SCREAMS! U know ha satanic a** prob n a ritual now getting fresh programming 4 ha performance n a few days.

  13. african music lover September 4, 2015

    Did You Know? @Beyonce is the
    only person to be #1 at the Box
    Office, and on the Hot 100… and
    win a Grammy in the same week!

    • Here to kill September 4, 2015

      Did you also know that:
      that same #1 topped the year end,
      it also became the first song to go multi platinum digitally, she remains changing the game when dropping those digital’s
      HBD to you too my fellow South african

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      She did that two years in a row during the grammys. Check on It and Irreplaceable.

    • african music lover September 4, 2015

      Coming for a baby and calling her a monkey?? Who satan now? Anyway she released a remix of crazy in love on both spotify and Itunes

  14. Suicide Blonde September 4, 2015

    Most of her albums are overrated IMO but she does have some good songs, Deja Vu is an awesome track, underrated among her fans who seems to be more into her “female power” anthem songs. Schoolin’ Life, Rise Up, XO and Haunted are my faves from her.

  15. What now September 4, 2015

    I hate Beyoncè now, but I waz da hugest fan of ha wen this album was released! IT WAZ EVERYTHING! The sound is unlike she’s ever done. I still play Green Light, Dejà Vu, Kitty Kat, & Ring the Alarm to dis day. Not to mention, The Beyoncè Experience >>>>>>>>

  16. Mark111 September 4, 2015

    I did NOT like this album. Tho I did play it a few days ago and Resentment, the vocals on that song. This was when she gained her roar.

  17. RihYonce September 4, 2015

    One of my favorites ! I remember that she released this album on her 25th BeyDay now she’s 34 time flew by so fast, now I’m ready for her 6th Era , it’s amazing that she accomplished so much so young

  18. Iamdiego September 4, 2015

    This is my favorite album from beyonce next to 4, and I am.. Her voice never sounds the same, I think that is what keeps us on our toes. She’s on another level and I know B6 will be her best body of work vocally and creatively. Ps. it’s not going to be a mainstream sound. Every other album from Beyonce is a true classic so far. Every other album will keep her commercially successful. There is a good balance of both.

  19. BEY>RIH September 4, 2015

    Lmao at the nazi fans. Yall need to be worried about Riwhore and her messy, flop era. They claim every other single besides Irreplaceable flopped yet Deja Vu and Beautiful Liar outperformed every rihanna single this era. I wont be surprised if Rihforehead cant outsell jordin sparks. ????????

  20. Stephy September 4, 2015

    “Because The first single was just hype”
    Here you go with your ignorant rambles again. Deja Vu was a huge GLOBAL top 10 hit & went #1 in the UK. That single was more than just “hype”. The B Day era was Beyonce in her absolute PRIME, period.

    • Mark111 September 4, 2015

      You should try not being afraid to @ me if you’re going to quote me. Deja Vu was just that, a failed attempt to recreate Crazy In Love. OC it was pushed because it was a new BEYONCE solo song after 3 years. But no one plays that crap today, it didn’t win any awards, she don’t even perform that lame song anymore, nor at the super bowl. It’s apart of her prime, but it’s not her prime. That era was short lived and was dead by within 6 months, hint the rerelease, clinging to Shakria to sell a latin version, filming a video for every song (sounds familiar) in April the next year. By the summer of 2007, everyone was on Umbrella and Upgrade U was ignored.
      I didn’t like the album because 8 of the 10 songs were CIL on repeat. The whole album was a rip off of…

      • Legend B September 4, 2015

        Seeeeeeeething F** please. The Queen was still performing songs off that album one year later. She performed GMB @ the 07 Bet Awards. Upgrade U could’ve been a bigger hit but the urban radios were playing it out the gate. Kii kii You’re such a stupid fuuck, cause Bday one a grammy in 07. Bday was double platinum, before the re-release. Hoeianna released like 8 songs and still couldnt out perform Bday original numbers before the re-release ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Legend B September 4, 2015


      • Stephy September 4, 2015

        N****, ain’t nobody scared of yo b**** ass! And, WRONG! The B Day era wasn’t “short lived”. It produced 2 GLOBAL top 10 hits & 1 monster hit. It lasted from July of 2006 – Oct/Nov of 2007. Upgrade U wasn’t even released as an official single & still managed to chart on the Hot 100 & went top 15 on the R&B charts too. The album sold 7,000,000+ copies globally & produced a massively successful WORLD TOUR. How is that a “short lived” success/era? B Day era was bigger than BOTH, “A FLOP like me & Music of the Flop” albums combined. And, I forgot to mention the VERY successful VIDEO compilations released during that era: “The Beyonce Experience DvD & The B Day video album” were successful releases as well. BYE Markeisha.

        And another thing, ain’t nobody scared of yo whack closeted f****** ass. Believe that, burnt black n****!

      • Legend B September 4, 2015

        Go In Stephy !!

  21. Here to kill September 4, 2015

    HBD Jesus died in the cross and you were born….. Oh Beysus I’m actually in tears……. It feels like yesterday…… This was about the same time Devilhanna came out and now her demons are seething on the day BEYSUS was born……. The nerve

  22. Here to kill September 4, 2015

    The only song I skip on this album is flaws and all

  23. Here to kill September 4, 2015

    Did you also know that:
    that same #1 topped the year end,
    it also became the first song to go multi platinum digitally, she remains changing the game when dropping those digital’s
    HBD to you too my fellow South african

  24. RoyalBey September 4, 2015

    Yasss… HAPPY BDAY QUEEN!!!

  25. ProfessorKeatingIfYaNasty September 4, 2015

    *Drinks the ‘Beyoncepolitan’ cocktail* (75% Armand de Brignac, 25% the Slavi/Nazi’s tears). LMAO funny how they were all absent during their fave’s bday post were she got crucified for R8PE’s invisible release date and flop singles… but I digress. #HappyBdayKingB

  26. OMG Logic!!! September 4, 2015

    Keeping it 100, this album was pretty basic. Thighyonce has had 2 good abums. DiL and 4 with a couple of good songs on Sasha Fierce as well.

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      Thighyonce??? Such a lame a*** biitch kii. Wish your fav had hips and a*** kii

  27. ProfessorKeatingIfYaNasty September 4, 2015

    B’Day was Beyonce’s most cohesive album and I can listen to it from start to finish without skipping or pausing. IASF is an iconic album and really set the bar high for how a great packaged album can be delivered with multiple genres. I personally can’t pick a favourite… it’s probably a tie between B’Day and Selftitled. I remember getting my parents to drive to three different stores just to buy it, and I still remember the moment I saw her perform the album live during the Beyonce Experience. ’06 & 07′ were some amazing years!

  28. ProfessorKeatingIfYaNasty September 4, 2015

    The Beyonce Experience cemented Beyonce’s position as the best female performer of our generation, and it’s the blueprint for a lot of her iconic performances. This was the first tour that she performed with her all-female band ‘Suga Mama’ and you could hear the live instrumentation flowing effortlessly.
    This tour began the popular call-and-response part of many her songs where Beyonce would give members of the audience their opportunity to shine.
    Let’s not forget the transformation of Crazy in Love, when Beyonce proved she could cover music from all genres and interpolate their melodies into the bridges of her live performances (Gnarl’s Barkley ‘Crazy’ – Alternative, Lauryn Hill’s ‘X Factor’ – Soul, Alanis Morrisettes ‘You Oughta Now’ – Rock, Dawn Penn ‘You Don’t Love Me’ – Reggae, etc).
    Remember that Freakum Dress wasn’t a single, never was Suga Mama, Resentment, Flaws&All, etc. The fact that Beyonce is able to go to an album she released 10 years ago and select non-singles to perform and still get rave reviews, shows how great of a performer she is. #HereEndethTheLesson

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      Standing Ovation ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!! Those performances during that era put her up their with MJ, Tina, and Janet! I had never seen a singer dance so intense, like she wasn’t real. The Queen of The Stage was born during that era!

  29. Teflon Boy September 4, 2015

    DIL put me on the fence but this was the album that finished me off, put the nail in the coffin and let me know Beyonce (at least at the time) was not a serious artist of any real depth. At this point it wasn’t her fault as she still (at 25) clearly had no real life experience to draw from.

    However, everything about this project irked the life out of me, from the knowledge that it had been thrown together in 2 weeks (and sounded it), to the fact it was not remotely personal, to the continued blurb that it was an album ‘for women’, that it exposed all of her artistic contradictions and lastly, that it was heavily Diana Ross inspired (who I can’t stand lol).

    She’s made dividends in recent years but beyond Irreparable this album does not deserve one iota of the hype it received. She looked and sounded incredible during the campaign and I’ll admit I got my life from the albeit Kylie-bitten BET Awards performance.., But overall B’Day was a tacky and overrated Cajun gumbo with a brash after taste.

    • OMG Logic!!! September 4, 2015

      So much truth. A real artist doesn’t throw an album together in less time than it takes to pack a damn suitcase and expect it to stand the test of time.

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      Well hun thats your opinion and doesn’t mean theres any truth to eat. How can u say it wasn’t personal for someone??? You don’t know, just talkin out your a***. Many music critics has highlighted this album as her best. Once again, talkin out your bonie a***, talkin about she didnt have any real life experiences. Hmm….share your behind the scenes stories.

      • Legend B September 4, 2015

        *it* spell check huh

      • Teflon Boy September 4, 2015

        @LegendB: Clearly you went the to same school as Beyonce herself, as reading is not your strong point. She herself said that the album was not about anything personal that she had gone through. It’s even stated in the above quote, also Beyonce said many times that she had not had much life experience outside of touring and working non-stop. I’m not a hater, I enjoy Beyonce more now that she has something to say but I hate this sorry excuse of an album and I won’t apologise for it. Just because you got your life strutting through 2006 in an invisible Freekum Dress does not make B’Day #theMiseducation.

      • Legend B September 5, 2015

        Biitch just hush. I caught your aass spewing delusional Teflon F** wannabe truths and now you’re mad ????????????????????????????????????

      • Legend B September 5, 2015

        And also i wasnt the only one that got my life from the album……8 Million + people around the World did too. Byeeeeeeeeee hating biitch

  30. Metzo September 4, 2015

    “But as we drop down low and sweep the floor with it” . Dead @ TGJ

    Irreplaceable, GMB, Green light,Kitty Kat, Deja Vu, Ring, upgrade… The whole damn album. I don’t skip a songa

  31. Legend B September 4, 2015

    ONCE AGAIN HBD TO THE QUEEN!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????? BDAY is the album that changed music! DIL had already broken records and it was time for the soon to be Queen, to bring it! BDAY birthed Sasha Fierce, one of the best performers of all time in pop music!!! It also showed the world she was here to stay! Irreplaceable Biitches!!!!! Suga Momma & Deja Vu are two of my favs songs of her whole catalog! Yes Baby, the Album that Changed it All!

    • Suicide Blonde September 4, 2015

      BDAY is the album that changed music!

      I can’t, Lmao.

      • Legend B September 4, 2015

        Why are u here pathetic buzzard??? BDay introduce the World to Sasha Fierce! That biitch has out out performed legends and dance all the way passed Madonna also kii kii

  32. Royalkev September 4, 2015

    This album was all kinds of fire! It’s on my top 3 favorite all-time Beyonce albums list (along with ‘4’ and ‘BEYONCE’). I always felt like this era was constantly overshadowed by her first and last (along with I AM…). Even though that’s often the case, I feel like ‘B’day’ somewhat defines Bey. It’s the time she came into her own! The sass, high energy, very diva-ish, in-your-face boldness that made everyone step it all the way up is what made Bey an icon! … This last era earned her the right to be labelled a young legend! 🙂

    • Royalkev September 4, 2015

      Happy Birthday to King B! 🙂

  33. Centurion September 4, 2015

    BDAY is the album that changed music!
    DIL had already broken records
    ???? ???? ????
    I’M CRYING!!!! ???? ???? ????
    Wow. ????

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      F** go choke on some c****** juice. Didnt your no life a*** see me tell the other f** that Sasha was birthed during that era. She changed the dynamics for a female performer in pop music. Also google can be your best friend about DIL. Your lookin a*** ???????????????? luv checkin for The Queen, so u should luv checkin that kii

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      Crying ???????????????????????????????? cause you cant see the release date of ????????????#8 after months of pushbacks ????????????????????????????????????????

  34. Centurion September 4, 2015

    LOL. You gays are doing way too much. The BDay era was forgettable, bland, uninspiring, and best of all, boring. It left absolutely no mark in pop culture; not the music and/or in fashion.
    I don’t know why these phaggøts are screaming up and down this post at how amazing the era was. Quit lying to yourself. There’s no prize or reward that comes with the bullsh*t most of ya’ll are saying. You tried, you really did. Better luck next time.

    • Legend B September 4, 2015

      It isnt forgettable like all of Hoeianna’s eras kii. Bland??? Boring???? It outsold Hoeianna Good Girl Been A S**** here n the States and she had a ton of top ten hits lmao.

      • Mark111 September 4, 2015

        GGGB out sold it WORLDWIDE. And a sale is a sale, rather it’s here of in Japan. Poor localonce.

      • BEY>RIH September 4, 2015

        Umm gggb sold 2.8 mil in the u.s. and 7 mill WW. B’Day sold 3 mill in the u.s. and 8 mill WW. Also Irreplaceable was the biggest hit of 2007 with umbrella coming in 2nd. Hate to bust your nazi bubble..

      • BEY>RIH September 4, 2015

        And its sad that “icon of the generation’s” biggest selling album only sold 7 mill whereas I am… Sasha fierce outperformed B’day.

      • Legend B September 4, 2015

        The only that is local is that woman in ur avi kii kii. Sale my a***……If u can score 4 and 5 top tens and # 1s back to back but still cant manage to outsell someone without top tens and # 1s in the same market, thats nothing but Pure Struggle ????????????????????????????????

  35. Legend B September 4, 2015

    Kii kii In the mist of the Celebration ????????????????????????????????????, Hoeianna worthless peasants are trolling like hell ????????????????????????????????????. Mad cause Rihoeanna could never deliver something on the Bday level. Bday won plenty of awards and the sales are there to prove it was popular around the World. You all should be asking Sluutianna is she scared to drop the album or na kii

  36. maybe you can’t see the Bday in her September 4, 2015

    Happy 34 birthday Beyoncé Knowles carter

  37. LB September 4, 2015

    Ne-Yo saved this whole era even though she ripped him off. This album and era was a huge pile of bland, pretentious garbage.

    Sure there were a few good songs like resentment and irreplaceable, otherwise I could give a monkey a drum and wrench and it could come up with a better album than this garbage.

    • Legend B September 5, 2015

      Another Delusional f** kii kii. You’re dumb aass heell just like the sluut u stan for. How can a song save an album thats already near triple platinum in sales???? So sad u peasants think buying Hoeianna singles, instead of her albums, is better kii kii. Well u broke biitches aren’t buying either now ????????????????????

  38. african music lover September 4, 2015

    ^^^^^^The lies! but carry on

  39. WRTW? September 5, 2015

    How dare yall lie on B’Day on the sabbath!!!!

  40. Anne September 5, 2015

    My favorite Beyoncé album until ‘4’.

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