Apple Turns Down Adele’s Request To Have ’25’ Stocked In Apple Stores

Published: Thursday 29th Oct 2015 by David

Adele wants to take a bite out of Apple.

What for?

Details below…

November 20th will bring with it the release of the singer’s third studio album ’25’ which is led by the ballad ‘Hello.’

So, keen to ensure that the project fares just as well or better than its predecessor ’21’ the entertainer sought to have physical copies of the LP placed in Apple stores globally.

Unfortunately her request was denied.

The New York Post share:

Despite the early success and expected bonanza awaiting Adele, not everyone’s happy with the hard-ball negotiating tactics.

“Her team needs to be more realistic about an artist who doesn’t have much of a history of working with corporate partners,” one person familiar with the talks said.

Marketers also worry about the burn-out factor of her first-ever arena tour and so many dates.

Team Adele is still in discussions with tour operators Live Nation and AEG — although the European piece of a global tour could be announced shortly.

Meanwhile, there is no word on a streaming strategy for the album. Adele’s last album sold 11 million copies and was 2011’s and 2012’s No. 1 seller.

“25” is expected to be available first only in stores ahead of streaming services — with a deluxe CD only in Target — to goose sales, aping the strategy successfully used by Taylor Swift with her “1989.”


It’s clear Sony Music Entertainment are unwilling to take the risk of believing Adele’s name is enough to carry her music so are employing unique and competition crushing strategies before the project drops.

One wonders if her thwarted plan to reach Apple consumers will inspire other acts to make similar moves with their releases.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus October 29, 2015


    • BeyHive October 29, 2015

      When will rihgoat???

      • Taylor Tori Azalea October 29, 2015

        When will Thotyonce h**?

    • HailBeysus October 29, 2015

      When will y’all stfu and stop bringing other artist’s in to post that have nothing to do with them. Smh!

  2. truthtea October 29, 2015

    So because she doesn’t have the experience, you’re saying she doesn’t deserve her first chance? Man, STFU!!! This sounds like somebody from Taylor’s team paid for this article to be posted!

  3. Taylor Tori Azalea October 29, 2015

    @falsetea Taylor owns your dirty mouth

  4. Christina Aguilera October 29, 2015

    Adele will slay these induqtry in no time… #HurricaineAdele

  5. Taylor Tori Azalea October 29, 2015

    why are you mad?
    Always mentioning the Queen of 2010s
    or did Taylor steal one of her 195863 trash turned Icon ex BF’s from you?
    Or is that you Katy?

  6. Nancy grace slays October 29, 2015

    Adeles no joke!!!!
    Im just waiting, like everyone else, to see how this album slays in numbers!!! 21 was a pretty dope album!!

  7. Barb-wire October 29, 2015

    Who cares about which streaming service she uses?? Just bring on the album lovie, that’s what I want.

  8. Diego October 29, 2015

    Good she thinks her hype n short career can get her everything glad they turned her down applaud Apple good job fat b$tch got sat down ????????????????????

    • Taylor Tori Azalea October 29, 2015

      @Diego Yeeeees sis I’m sippin your true extra hot tea
      she ain’t @ Taylor’s level yet
      she must take sit on a soffa she won’t fit in a chair

      • Diego October 29, 2015


    • HailBeysus October 29, 2015

      Umm Apple didn’t shut down anything. Sony the company that owns Columbia Records turned down her request. After all they are responsible for the distribution of the albums.

      • Soul Sistah October 29, 2015

        No dear. Apple did turn her down. Reading is fundamental

      • HailBeysus October 29, 2015

        @Soul Sistah i stand corrected i miss read the article and did further digging of my own.

      • Diego October 29, 2015

        Stfu read damn article

  9. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 29, 2015

    Arena tour? Not when you have Adele as a client. They need to take it about five levels higher and discuss a stadium tour instead. Just nothing but stadiums. The only female that could compete with her in stadiums is Madonna and then Rih, Bey and Taylor in the future.

  10. Danny Bey October 29, 2015

    Lol, calm down girl.

  11. OMG Logic!!! October 29, 2015

    #BoycottApple Oh wait, I haven’t given that dressed up turd company a dime since I left my teens and realized how foolish I was for being conned out of my money for an inferior product.

  12. Theman October 29, 2015

    Her album will be huge anyway. Forget Apple. She doesn’t need them. Another huge entity will pick it up. She’s a megastar !!!!!!

  13. al October 29, 2015

    I saw her live in 2011 was amazing i hope she does

  14. Liam October 29, 2015

    Isn’t apple brand loyal to Taylor swift? And didn’t Taylor swift and her team blocked and had domains taken down when it was being reported that Adele broke her records?…..does anyone see where this is going lol

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