Adele’s ’25’ Sells 1 Million Units In The UK…In Nine Days


Adele’s ’25’ is the gift that keeps on giving.

Find out what the unit-moving set has done for the star’s legacy below!


The British release has entered the Guinness World Book of Records after it became the fastest million-selling album of all time!

Its sales, which were published here, saw it top the market’s album chart and outperform Oasis‘Be Here Now’ which reached the 1 million milestone after 17 days by arriving there in less time (nine days.)

There’s more.

Units moved in the United States have also seen her kick red, white and blue dust in ‘NSync‘s chart history by snatching a record the Pop group had held onto for 15 years.

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  1. Beyfan November 30, 2015

    Great for her!!!
    But for me Justin Bieber is the one who is realy winning!!!!!! Adele season but justin is keeping his head up thru the charts!!!!!

  2. CiMinaj November 30, 2015

    That damn Adele.

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, was a hot MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) November 30, 2015

      Damn the pinkshit STILL havent hit a milli…kii!! U mad?? ???

  3. King Stephy November 30, 2015

    I wish the UK’s album sales were bigger. Anyways, congrats Adele. She’s selling albums like it’s 1984. No one, in the music industry can move such units in TODAYS market. White or Black…

    • Monica Brown November 30, 2015

      Especially not Mariah. Slay Adele

      • King Stephy November 30, 2015

        Monigggga ain’t never seen such success… Mariah’s sold 20+ million 2x already. Bye.

  4. Music all the way November 30, 2015

    Congrats to her…Pity this album is not all that good…. Emeli Sande Our Version of events is much superior to 25 but it is always refreshing to see real talent win…
    Now, all i need is for Rihanna to drop that album so that my year can end with a bang…
    Again congrats to Adele, she is slaying everything and everyone with no mercy..

    • Boykin November 30, 2015

      ’25’ not that good, but then you bring up a Rihanna album.

      The comedy.

      • Music all the way November 30, 2015

        @Boykin 19 and 21 were much better than 25,um dissapointed in 25 and that’s my opinion (you are entitled to yours)..And as for Rihanna,when anticipating her album,i dont look forward to a body of work from her because she has never delivered one for me though she came close with RR,she brings catchy songs that i can just jam to and thats what i need now because Adele has really catered for me in the ballads department…

  5. janvier November 30, 2015

    Congrats to adele but am kinda tired of seeing all these sales update. Most pple Stan for her sales though.

  6. Christina Aguilera November 30, 2015

    We already know she’s been brealing records.

  7. .:: Centurion ::. November 30, 2015

    She sold 3.38 million copies in the US in just one week. What kind of godly slayage? 😥

  8. K.Dot November 30, 2015

    Why doesn’t her label get accused of buying get albums though?..??


    • Rosie November 30, 2015

      Because XL is an indipendent label.

  9. Slay_Hive November 30, 2015

    Is the music any good?? All I keep hearing about, when it comes to her, is records and sales! This chick is soooo overrated. People claim Bey is but Adele takes the cake by far! I’m over it!

    • Christina Aguilera November 30, 2015

      There’s only one quality song on that record.. and it’s Hello the rest is just like… (are this bonus tracks ?)

    • #JACKIE November 30, 2015

      THANK YOU! I’ve been saying this all along. Most of these queens on here only stan for her sales and I’m tired of hearing about them.

      • ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

        Death at this subliminal… @ me hoee

      • #JACKIE November 30, 2015

        A hit dog will holler but b**** you aren’t the only one I’m referring to, but you’re definitely one of many, f**.

    • Jay_Scorpio_Navy_2005 November 30, 2015

      A Bee stan calling Adele overrated LMBAO!!!!!! This has to be the biggest joke of the day. Unlike Beyonce Miss Adele actually has the vocal ability to sell such numbers.

      And the entire album is a solid effort from her seeing most people had it to under perform seeing 21 was such a huge success

      Have several seats will you!

      • Mariah The Legend November 30, 2015


        clock that maadddd faaag

      • Slay_Hive November 30, 2015

        Honey as soon as i saw navy in your name that made everything you said NuLL and MF VOID!!! Lmaooo b**** go and unlock that flop as antidiary s*** until a release date is revealed instead of seething over my opinion, that remains the same. Bye b****?

      • ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

        @slay_hive kiiii where is anti sis thought it was coming out on black friday?

      • Slay_Hive November 30, 2015

        ??? crying @ Molly. Rihanna doesn’t even know when anti will be released. Her handlers are still trying to find a gimmick to attract interest. Maybe sometime in five years if she’s not completely irrelevant. Lmaoo

    • November 30, 2015

      i’m not a fan of hers like that, i love that hello song though, but i have to disagree with you though, overrated she is not.congratz to Adele.because if she was bay putting up them numbers in one go no one could have tell you that she is overrated,just show love to other peoples fav too you don’t have to be a fan to do so.

      • Slay_Hive November 30, 2015

        I am not hating at all. I’m just stating my opinion. She is overrated! I’m not the only one who thinks so. I even said that people claim Bey is overatted. Why does my opinion press y’all so much. I havent heard Adele’s album but what i’ve heard about it has nothing to do with music. Tis all

    • What now November 30, 2015

      But b**** weren’t u just saying that she is a real artist n the Rihanna post? Ur a flip flop ass thot. U mad bc she winning without trying.

      • ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

        @WhatNow sit yo h** ass down… Don’t speak on flip flops when you stay flip flopping with them troll accounts Elusive Lame .

      • Slay_Hive November 30, 2015

        Ive always claimed that Adele is overatted because of her white privelege b****! Im not the one mad. I DONT remember mentioning your fave at all. Shouldn’t you be busy dreaming up an album release date or something??

      • What now November 30, 2015

        HELL NAH BÌTCH bc I’ve always said that Adele is amazing and that I loved her since 19. I even have said 19 > 21, but 25 > 19 & 21. Deflect using Rihanna’s Anti all day, it won’t stop u from being a flip flop thot.

      • Slay_Hive November 30, 2015

        Lmao wtf are you talking about b****?!! I’ve never claimed to be a fan or stan of Adele’s! Lol So how am I flip flopping? From day one, I said she sells based off of her white privilege and I haven’t even heard her album yet. If you like her, that is great but I don’t give AF b****! Bye lol

  10. ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

    This girl is unstoppable.

  11. Mariah The Legend November 30, 2015

    when will Beyawnce? mariahs 2 diamond cds, 18 no. 1s, 250 milli sales and 5.2 octave range say to u lessor Beyawnce stans. kiiiii

    • HailBeysus November 30, 2015

      Quite Linda and go back in the Ass hole you called out of!!!

  12. LORAX November 30, 2015

    I’m over it!!!

    No hate but all I keep hearing about this damn album is its sales and the records it’s broken…

    Okay, that’s cool but is the music cool too? Is it any good? I’ve read reviews and all the main (BIASED) publications are praising it but almost every indie site and blog is calling it a disappointment. I’ve heard 5 other songs from it besides hello and I wasn’t impressed with none other than one.

    This is good for her but whatever… There are other artists out there! The industry today is even less diverse and more WHITE WASHED than it was 20 years ago. YAWN. *Watches Soul Train*

  13. Mariah The Legend November 30, 2015

    these faaaags sound maaaaaaaaaaaadT as hellT. when will yo favesT? kiii

  14. Mariah The Legend November 30, 2015

    congratulate n move on b****.

    • Career Ender November 30, 2015

      fvck you Slayriah and fvck the Toronto City Municipality from giving you a day off from unblocking the seweges

      • ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

        I doubt that is Slayriah.. Slayriah had class unlike this TRASH

  15. ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

    Why is this Mooriah stan so hype? Shouldn’t you be trying to shave your back while listening to Moos Christmas album?

  16. idiot November 30, 2015

    I’m interested in knowing what her second week sales will be probably a million

    • What now November 30, 2015

      Me too, but she gotta do at least a million since she is in her second week and just reached 1 million.

  17. remy November 30, 2015

    Adele is talented but she is also lucky to be signed to Columbia RECORDS.
    Rihanna is now stuck on ROC NATION and they picked the worst album sales week of the yr for her………….
    Everybody is broke the weekend AFTER black friday WEEKEND.
    How does ROC NATION not know it’s the worst CD sales week each year???????

  18. Career Ender November 30, 2015

    I wanted to comment that Chris Brown’s album is as relevant as Cherylsoldier’s existence in this blog on the previous post
    But this site couldn’t let me
    There you have it

    • CherylSoldierr November 30, 2015

      I see your data plan finally activated. It’s nice to see your obsession with me and this blog even though the lions, hyenas and bush babies are ravaging your dusty village. Can you even afford a Chris brown album sis? ☕️

  19. What now November 30, 2015

    @ Moldova: Lemme break how dumb and simple minded b****** like u r!
    – All of my troll accounts have disappeared since I said I was going to quit trolling so when EL pops up, that’s not me.
    – I’m in an alliance with members of other fan bases and we ‘fight” in the same manner as I did with EL all to make you idiots seethe over celebrities who DO NOT GIVE A F*** about none of you. I would say who they r, but then you idiots would say I’m them too.
    – I manipulatedevery person on this blog to think how I want them to think and that includes your dumb àss! Don’t believe me? Peep how I lied about being a t***** and now you all insulteach other by calling each other trannys instead of fàgs.
    – Lastly, worry about why u flip flop the most on this site and still remain the most dragged troll in TGJ website. Continue being Slay_Hive’s lap dog and don’t ever @ me again.

    • ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

      Lmfao you’re such a lame h**. The fact that you had to troll under so many accounts is beyond pathetic sis. Oh and im no ones lap dog sweetie thats your role ?

  20. HailBeysus November 30, 2015

    Kiiii not Where’s Anti getting dragged by them nappy clumped pubes by Slay-Hive and Molly ???? y’all so ruthless!!!!

    • Rosie November 30, 2015

      not “Where’s anti”?

  21. Rosie November 30, 2015

    Not her selling like its 1991. Death.
    Hope she blocks Coldplay next week. Three straight trash albums in a row, they deserve to get blocked tbh.

  22. CherylSoldierr November 30, 2015

    On another note, I’ve noticed Halsey getting dragged for filth for being the fad she is.

  23. Theman November 30, 2015

    Her album is AMAZING & so is she! It’s not just a white thing. She has the ability to appeal to all audiences as Mariah, WH & Celine. They have universal voices. Some people can really really sing, but they lack that universal appeal. Most white singers don’t sale anywhere near the amount of units that she is. Beyonce fans are haters. When she sold what she did with her last album in it’s first week y’all were bragging! Adele’s is a phenom!

  24. Gee November 30, 2015

    Adele is on fire right now she is hurting the competition no matter who it is.

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