Tracklist: Chris Brown – ‘Royalty’

Published: Monday 30th Nov 2015 by Sam

Just under three weeks remain until Chris Brown unwraps his sixth studio album ‘Royalty.’

As such, with a rapidly approaching release date comes pertinent new info – namely the project’s tracklisting.

Preceded by a quad of singles [‘Zero,’ ‘Liquor,’ ‘Back To Sleep,’ and ‘Fine By Me’], find out what other tracks will sit on the LP after the jump…

‘Royalty’ Tracklist

1. Back To Sleep
2. Fine By Me
3. Wrist (Feat. Solo Lucci)
4. Make Love
5. Liquor
6. Zero
7. Anyway
8. Picture Me Rollin’
9. Who’s Gonna (NOBODY)
10. Discover
11. Little Bit
12. Proof
13.No Filter
14. Little More (Royalty)

Deluxe/Bonus Tracks

15. Day One
16. Blow It In The Wind
17. KAE
18. U Did It (ft. Future)


It’s worth noting that the songlist above is sourced from an Australian retailer. Why is this important? Well, with Brown having gone on record to state that he plans to service different versions of the album in different regions, it may very well be possible that this is the international tracklist and the US version may read slightly differently.

Although, it’s most likely a case where the bonus tracks are what’s being touted as for the international market specifically.

Who knows. Whatever the case, ‘Royalty’ arrives December 18th. Are you buzzed?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Arfa November 30, 2015

    His career is over

    • Kayla C November 30, 2015

      And your career?

    • RihYonce November 30, 2015

      His career will never be over because he will continue to make hits , last time I checked 75% of the songs on the radio is Chris brown , where is your fav on the radio ?

      • Chasing Time November 30, 2015

        Well The last time you checked must have been 08.

  2. Janyoncé Turner November 30, 2015

    It’s about time that his ratchet ašs takes a break to reflect on finally making quality music.

  3. Casual-T November 30, 2015

    Releasing now seems like a bad idea. I am not in favor of artists releasing albums w/o hits out there first. Zero is actually a good single choice, but for some reason, it’s not gaining traction at radio, though I have seen the video several times on the video channels.

  4. Ciah’s Turtle November 30, 2015

    Solo Lucci ?

  5. Barb-wire November 30, 2015

    Anddddddddd… the general public says… NO!!!

  6. ?Queen Molly? November 30, 2015

    Another forgettable album.

  7. What now November 30, 2015

    I just don’t see him ever coming back. I mean this is a nice effort and all, but I just don’t see it for him anymore (rite now). Still, his daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. PrettyCoco November 30, 2015

    Nobody wants a full body of work from him. He is good for a ratchet forgettable single or feature here and there but that’s about it.

  9. danica85 November 30, 2015

    I like him but he released to much music at once first mixtape then album just to much he need a breal like Justin bieber then come back we need to miss him ill support him tho

  10. RihYonce November 30, 2015

    Can’t wait !!! His last album “X” was one of his best , he has been releasing too much music in such short time , but this man deserves a Grammy , definetly the most talented male performer out, Chris doesn’t need to sell millions in order for him to be great

  11. RihYonce November 30, 2015

    General public will continue to black ball him over the Rihanna incident but I’m glad he’s not giving up on music , he shouldn’t have to continue apologizing for a mistake he made as a teenager

  12. cocobutta November 30, 2015

    He’s very talented all rounder.

    Hope this will be way better than the mixtape

  13. Kitteneyez November 30, 2015

    Already preordered it I cannot wait Chris is bae ??

  14. another taken day something ain’t wrong December 2, 2015

    Nice tracklist Song

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