Jason Derulo Performs ‘Try Me’ Live At Capital FM

Published: Friday 13th Nov 2015 by Sam

With ‘Want To Want Me’ still garnering spins on Pop radio (seven months on), Jason Derulo is still trying to navigate his way to a follow-up hit. Apt then is the release of new single ‘Try Me.’

Garnished with the island spice, the Caribbean kissed cut features Jennifer Lopez in its studio form and is said to be next in line for major push. The well-crafted ‘Cheyenne,’ which also sits on the singer’s ‘Everything Is 4’ LP – didn’t set the charts ablaze as planned.

So as to familiarise the masses with this tune, the 26-year-old (backed by a full band) performed the cut for for Capital FM in the UK.

Watch them Jason jam after the jump…


A clean vocal, with a awesome live elements courtesy of the band. Great performance!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Christina Aguilera November 13, 2015

    Good boy

  2. GameTyme November 13, 2015

    Why are her abs photoshopped on that pic? We know she got body…

  3. King Mark111 /.\ November 13, 2015

    I see he found Beyonce’s old echo machine. lol
    Falsetto/head note seems to be hard for singers to switch back and forth with. Something my girl could do effortlessly.

    • Career Ender November 13, 2015

      Poor lemming why do you even try ?
      you stan for a non-singer, she can’t even outsing Jason Slayrulo … ALL your non-singing bïtches that you stay for: Jaggernaut, Jigsaw and the dead one I wont pay any mind
      Take this L and go raid Texas distbins for supper

    • LB November 13, 2015


  4. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 13, 2015

    I can’t even understand how people can call him ugly. Just because he’s brown and Haitian doesn’t mean he’s unattractive. Plus, we ALL know what those Haitian men tend to be working with in the back. Most, but not all. Derulo has nice feet too, so I don’t know why people hate on him so much. Let that black man be successful and get his #1s.

    • coolness November 13, 2015

      “…we ALL know what those Haitian men tend to be working with in the back. Most, but not all.” Screams! This just reminded me of how Usher’s a** is as flat as a pancake (he is well aware of this flaw too) and he’s part Haitian (?) I think Jason gotten better looking with age and so have his performance skills. He makes better use of his voice these days but I’m still not a fan of his timbre or music. However, he is good to look at.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans November 13, 2015

        Yes! You better represent with that avi of Diamond-selling legend Toni! I always thought that she looked just like Halle in that “Un-break My Heart” cover. I don’t understand how Usher and Young Thug’s butts are so flat either, but I guess the “cake” gene skips a generation. By the way, “Find Me a Man” and “Talking in His Sleep” are EVERYTHING!


        “So you know everything about your lover? Wanna bet?”

  5. Career Ender November 13, 2015

    oh and Marikos warn that Botswana Bushman friend of yours to stop name dropping my Superior name when I aint available to scalp
    Haven’t it been able to sustain its wild dog wig for more than a week at a time? If I were there you and him and the rest of the nazis KNOW that
    would have never been the case!

    when I appear in his replies, he dodges me like ANTi dodging a RihVember release date (i know he gets notifications)
    Marikos warn it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and dead at it trying to drag Molly in almost every post and failing like R8 singles failing to get inside the top10 of Hot100

  6. LB November 13, 2015

    Honey, you need to make sure you pass Matric before you address me OK. I am not from Botswana and even if I was, Botswana’s standard of living is better than the shacks and side streets your South African as5 lives in.

    By the way, does your white “BASS” know you’re slacking off, spending your time on that Sophone i6 when you should be cutting his grass? Peasant.

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