Watch: JoJo Amazes With Acoustic Version Of ‘Say Love’

Published: Wednesday 25th Nov 2015 by Sam

JoJo, for many, remains one of this generation’s most-gifted vocalists.

Powerful, impassioned, and compelling, hers is a voice that ministers to the soul.

It’s apt, then, that she’s just released the acoustic version for one of her most lyrically piercing songs yet – ‘Say Love.’

The Harmony Samuels production was rolled out as part of the songbird’s simultaneous three-song “tringle” – which arrived in August.

Being billed as one of the leaders of her industry class comes with much responsibility, but JoJo shows and proves in this titillating performance.

Watch her soar after the jump…

An absolutely delicious performance.

The vocals were succulent and the band full bodied like a fine red wine.

This has us salivating for that third album.

For now, fans can catch the singer on the ‘I Am JoJo Tour.’ Click here for details and dates.

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  1. a November 25, 2015


    dont understand why she isnt performing on the AMAS and all those others events.

    guess you either have to be a hot young male, be on a boy band or show/move your ass like Nicki Minaj to perform on the big events.

    Sad and lame industry

    • #JACKIE November 25, 2015

      Because her flop music sucks

      • Barb-wire November 25, 2015

        Irony coming from HermCiCi stan, as if her last flop albums never happened?

      • #JACKIE November 25, 2015

        Beat it sis. You Stan for a plastic bimbo who sells less and less with each album. I see why you’re pressed.

  2. #JACKIE November 25, 2015

    Great singer, underwhelming music.

    • credits November 25, 2015

      I really just think it is her star factor right now…her light is dim from such a long break/legal battle with her previous label. Think about if Adele sang this song, would it still be “underwhelming?”

      • #JACKIE November 25, 2015

        Yes because Adele wouldn’t record anything like the tringle. One of the singles sounds like a dated EDM reject from 2011. After such a lengthy hiatus Jojo should have came harder. Good music speaks for itself.

  3. credits November 25, 2015

    i have this song on repeat. Her vocals are amazing. However, i wish she would have done those two runs at the end “ssssaaaaaayyyyy!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!” lol

  4. eric November 25, 2015

    I wouldn’t know about JoJo’s new music and videos and media appearances if I weren’t already a fan. I think the problem is in the promotion. I hope JoJo and her team continue to fight.

  5. Barb-wire November 25, 2015

    Such a talented woman!!! 🙁 So heartbreaking seeing basic nocalists like Virus, Gomez, Swift and them getting so much spotlight while a talented young lady like this one gets 0 checking.

    • XYZ November 25, 2015

      as you have a point with jojo getting not enough spotlight, I am disagreeing with putting Miley into the same category as the other nonesingers. While Jojo is of course a better vocalist, one can not say that Miley can’t sing. She can kind of blow if she wants to. There are some amazing Wrecking Ball performances on youtube

  6. another taken day something ain’t wrong November 26, 2015

    Nice Song

  7. eric November 26, 2015

    Jimmy Fallon December 1! Something is finally happening!

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