Fifth Harmony Salute Destiny’s Child With ‘Independent Women’ Performance At Billboard Gala

Published: Saturday 19th Dec 2015 by Sam

Fifth Harmony broke all the way out this year with the release of debut album ‘Reflection.’

Powered by a series of seismic singles, it was third effort ‘Worth It’ that really wowed and brought the recognition the Epic Records outfit have been so deserving of.

One of such honors bestowed upon the quintet was the title of Group of the Year, which was awarded to them at the 2015 Billboard Women In Music gala.

The annual special aired last night on Lifetime and saw Dinah, Normani, Camila, Lauren, and Ally rock the house with a female empowerment medley – comprised of ‘Worth It,’ Destiny’s Child‘s ‘Independent Women,’ and Sister Sledge‘s classic cut ‘We Are Family.’

Watch 5H soar to vocal highs after the jump…

They came, they slayed, and they conquered that stage.

A more stripped back showing than we’ve seen from the group this year, they more than lived up to their band name, showing and proving why they’re more than deserving of the honor.

With their sophomore album reportedly around the corner, 2016 looks set to bring them heightened success.

More power to them!

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  1. Barb-wire December 19, 2015

    Flop Bit¢#h ass h***

      • Barb-wire December 19, 2015

        Anti-ReleaseDate could never.

    • HailBeysus December 19, 2015

      Like your fav Oop!!

      • Barb-wire December 19, 2015

        Ho stay out of my reply section, I don’t use u
        and so does everyone. Stay in your fucken

    • HailBeysus December 19, 2015

      Kii more like stay in your flop ass favs forged receipts lane ?????

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 19, 2015

        Whats ur beef with the Barbs?

  2. LB December 19, 2015

    The girl with black hair standing next to Normani has got the best sounding voice

    • Citi December 19, 2015

      That’s Lauren and I agree. She has a powerful voice they just don’t let her use it.

  3. Barb-wire December 19, 2015

    Ho stay out of my reply section, I don’t use u and so does everyone. Stay in your fucken lane.

  4. Jamie December 19, 2015

    This was so dry…I’m sorry I clicked on it. As a DC4 and DC3 fan, I can honestly say I’m offended.

  5. DanYiel Iman December 19, 2015

    They actually sound good, it’s sad most girl bands aren’t performing like back in the day….:-\

  6. cocobutta December 19, 2015

    Had a strong year especially with Worth It.

    Heard bit more harmonies so good job.

  7. Dev December 19, 2015

    Well, there wasn’t any competition.

  8. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 19, 2015

    I’m sorry, but “Independent Women” is like the ultimate modern female empowerment anthem! For this group, in particular, to perform it is tarnishing what it stands for heavyset this group of girls just can’t even seem to like each other for more than 5 minutes, especially with Ms. I-got-a-feature-song-now-so-I-don’t-need-to-cling-to-y’all-h***-anymore trying to outshine everyone on purpose. Bottom line, they shouldn’t be performing this sing if they’re not living it.

    • Sam December 19, 2015

      Who featured with who?

      • Shonyonce Minaj December 21, 2015

        Camilla the short dark haired one featured with Shawn Mendes

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