New Video: Chris Brown – ‘Anyway (ft. Tayla Parx)’

Published: Wednesday 16th Dec 2015 by Sam

Chris Brown continues to roll out his ‘Royalty’ video anthology.

The crooner’s sixth studio album lands at retail on Friday (December 18th) and is being preceded by an advent calendar like reveal for a number of its visuals.

This week alone has seen three unleashed – and today is no different.

Moments ago, the clip for ‘Anyway’ featuring Tayla Parx premiered.

As well as high-octane choreography, the video advances the narrative that has played out in the preceding offerings.

Check out C. Breezy in action after the jump….

Another commendable effort from Chris. While his contemporaries are serving up the same ol’, same ol’, he continues to push the envelope creatively.  And that, in itself, deserves kudos.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cheese_curls December 16, 2015

    I don’t like all this pop s***.
    He starting to look to old be moving like that it was cute when he was 16.
    Something about this era idk chris.

    • maurice December 16, 2015

      This album will do 40k at most.
      Songs are so generic, he’s giving me FORTUNE era vibe, and that was his worst album, at least to me.
      I don’t think it’ll happen for him again this lifetime in terms of sales – his music is trash these days.

      • RihYonce December 16, 2015

        He will see more than 40K stop being delusional, Chris has a good fan base

    • RihYonce December 16, 2015

      If you are known as a singer & dancer you’re never to old to look like anything that statement was dumb he’s only 26 , when you have usher making the same type of music in his 30s

      • maurice December 16, 2015

        how is my opinion a statement?
        I said he is tiring. Every album has sold less and less. The fact that there has been rarely any significant promo on television, no solid hit to support the album, and quite frankly no interesting collaborations, nobody is buying this album.
        B****, see me in the post TGJ will make on Royalty first-week sales. When it comes back with less than 50,000, y’all can eat my sh!t.

      • maurice December 16, 2015

        Oh, and Usher been flopping since 2010. So get out of here, you delusional goat-worshipping becky-turned-thot of a thief that is Beyonce looking a$$ stan.

    • tay December 16, 2015

      yeah cuz Michael Jackson was so popular because he stopped dancing when he was 16

  2. Remy December 16, 2015

    This era seems so…awkward. It’s like he’s trying to do a video anthology like Beyoncé, but just without the hype. The music this era has a great production to it, but the promo seems all over the place. Chris makes it hard for ppl to miss him because he’s always releasing music. With a 30+ song mixtape and all these videos with no promo tour 2 days before release…..I’m not convinced.

    • RihYonce December 16, 2015

      Yea it’s too much I think the mixtape should’ve been released in January this year instead of 2 weeks before the album

  3. Arianator Barb December 16, 2015

    Over saturation

  4. BeyRihLiyah December 16, 2015

    he need to let go of that tired edm

  5. credits December 16, 2015

    I rarely ever pay attention to chris brown these days but it seems like his face has changed for the worse lol. However, this video is f*cking sh*t up!!!! I have to admit. The music sounds like two different songs mashed together though, I like the verses but chorus is too EDM for my liking.

  6. coolness December 16, 2015

    I’ve BEEN OVER this whole ‘put your glowsticks in the air’ type of music. I feel like ever since he struck gold by experimenting with a solid mix of genres on the F.A.M.E album (which was his comeback after Rihanna-gate), he’s been trying to recreate it ever since. This has lead to his albums sounding rather incohesive. Regarding the video, the best parts were the sight of that FINE piece of Dark Chocolate (who the hell is he?!?!) and of course, Chris’ dancing. Good luck to him come Friday because Lord knows he needs it.

  7. RihYonce December 16, 2015

    I love Chris, this video was great I love the production, & I love the idea of a video anthology but I feel like this album is actually going to be good & his first week sales will be decent l, we know Chris albums don’t go platinum anymore but it will go gold & he’ll get a Grammy for one of these songs let’s not be delusional

  8. RihYonce December 16, 2015

    I was hoping for more of a full R&B album with a very minimum pop influences like “back to sleep” & even “liquor” but I never heard a Chris song that I absolutely hated so best of luck to him I’ll support talent because I believe he should be selling more than he is

  9. Shaquannamenesha December 16, 2015

    I’m moist!

  10. cocobutta December 16, 2015

    One thing I do give Breezy is he very versatile (prob more Top lol. Noooo just kidding) as an artist.

    Think he trying to display all his sides with video after video as we’ve seen R&B Chris, Hip-Hop club Chris, EDM club/Pop Chris & rapper Breezy.

    The problem is he’s not balancing quantity & quality.

    Sums up the industry in some respects. Some give too much and some give not enough, so he just got to find that middle spot.

    Guess can’t knock the hustle and he a super talented guy.

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