Watch: Lady Gaga Performs ‘Til It Happens…’ At 2016 PGA Awards

Published: Sunday 24th Jan 2016 by Rashad
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She may have earned some bad press for her awkward tardiness at the 2016 PGA Awards, but one thing ‘Bad Romance’ beauty Lady Gaga didn’t earn was a bad review for her heart-wrenching performance of ‘Til It Happens To You,’ the Academy Award-nominated theme song from the film ‘Hunting Ground.’

Co-penned with legendary songwriter Diane Warren, the tune – like the movie it supports – explores themes around the aftermath of sexual violence.  This, Gaga noted before her performance, hits close to home as her aunt was a victim of rape in college.

Tuck in below to hear the singer wail the chilling number like only she can:

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  1. christinastherealtalent January 24, 2016

    This song isn’t something we haven’t already heard before from other artists! She’s incredibly talented and that voice is out of this world!!! I want more of this from her!

    • Sandra January 25, 2016

      Her voice is nothing special

  2. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 24, 2016

    As I actually like this song, this broad is too melodramatic. Just sing the damn song; all that exaggerated singing and extra long pauses is just to much and annoying like f*ck…just like the singer

    • Cough Cough January 24, 2016

      well at least gaga is able to excel/execute vocals live, and with conviction.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 24, 2016

        Well at least Rihanna has people who care about her new music…Have you seen, #ANTIisFinishedParty is trending worldwide.

      • Cough Cough January 24, 2016

        but babe, at the end of the day rihanna can only brag about being popular. when it comes to sitting at the singers table, rihanna doesnt exist. no1 ever brags about her talent.. only numbers. great achievements as an ACT…. ZERO integrity and respect as an actual MUSICIAN

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 24, 2016

        The vocals on Cold Case Love, Firebomb, Complicated, Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2, Te Amo, No Love Allowed, Drunk On Love, We All Want Love, Diamonds, Stupid In Love, Stay, and Unfaithful all say something different. Nice try though h*e.

      • Cough Cough January 24, 2016

        im sorry babe, rihanna is only recognized, talentwise, by her stans. she does great numbers but is not recognized for her tslent…..its just the reality. all those songs you name could be sung at talent shows, by 10 year olds and better at that. all thos songs you listed are so basic.. lol really????

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 25, 2016

        Haha…Ok h*e. I’ll love to see a 10yr old sing LTWYL 2, but whatever helps you sleep at night h*e

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        eh…. LTWYL??? Thats a vocal feat for you? such low standards. heres an 11 year old murdering a song 1,000,000 more vocally demanding than anything umbrella girl has tried except here, which she butchered

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        ****** HERO

        not “here”

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

        Then buy her album.

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        miss marks mad cause umbrella girl is just umbrella girl.. ohhhhhh nana, whats your name? cause I DONT KNOW. as spoken in the words of miss whitney houston….

      • bonBon489 January 25, 2016

        Did they compare Lady Gaga, the Grammy winning, Golden Globe singer, songwriter, piano playing REAL artist. With a island barbie doll who DOES NOT RIGHT SONGS, PRODUCE SONGS, PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS —- RIHANNA ….lol lol lol WHAT A JOKE.


  3. King Mark111 /.\ January 24, 2016

    I miss when women looked like woman and not drag Queens. Thank God for Rihanna.

    • Cough Cough January 24, 2016

      And I miss when the “professional” singers, could actually sing…. and sing better than the average joe. Can’t insert Ri into that bracket, unfortunately

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 24, 2016

        That’s your opinion and like your parents, we don’t care. But Gags looks like a drag and that wig isn’t fooling anyone.

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        But gaga can sing jazz, stand along side legends and vocally deliver. she is respected as a musician. is umbrella girl? Rihanna can’t even stand out and deliver when she’s ASSIGNED to sing with/next to miley cyrus. top of the pops, bottom of the talent scale

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

        Gags can do all of that and no one cares. You don’t keep a career off by “stand along side legends”, you keep a career by making good music, something Gags lacks. The EDM fad is dead, the wild dressing is dead, Gag’s career is dead.
        Rihanna had a Beatle featured on her hit single, don’t come here with that mess.

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        again, you can’t talk about anything pertaining to actual talent. not one sentence. your fav is popular but has as much respwct and integrity for her craft as kim k…

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

        My have a damn icon and a young pop legen, only 11 years in the game. Gags faded out on what? Year 5? We don’t buy talent, we buy good music. Rihanna makes good music and put on great shows. We see “talent” (or whatever excuse you have for Gags downfall) every year on these singing shows for over 16 years. Gags can sing? So can the homeless woman on the subway in NY that goes b the name of Brandy or whatever. Don’t you, a Gaga fan” come at a women that owns her music and masters and her own damn label. You better hope that Gags can sell her next crappy album or at least a single to keep a label. Because we all know she can’t sell a concert ticket. With all that so called talent. Are the legends she stand by helpping her sell tickets or records? Nope. Over here bragging about some red carpet and award shows that even Rita Ora attends. Have all the empty seats that were unsold on the ArtRave tour. (Heard there were a lot of them, so pick 7.)

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        Umbrella Girl is barely an avg singer.. that whole “she has a tone” garbage is played cause she cant even deliver her basic ass notes live. She’s not a great dancer- it rivals Mariah carey and Nicki Minaj’s rhythm… she doesnt write.. she doesnt produce.. she doesnt perform her a** off. she is just popular. like jlo, master of NOTHING, but gets love from those who arent into talent.

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

        You’re repeating yourself. Bye loser.

  4. King Mark111 /.\ January 24, 2016

    Why is a cutter worrying about Rihanna when her last album went plat. We’re, well YOU’RE still waiting for Art Poop to match it, Us and WW sales. 🙂

    • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

      i dont own one gaga album, but i will say this… as a musician, she gets the respect of artists/SINGERS past and present. Could you imagine Umbrella girl trying to attempt “singing” at the stevie wonder grammy tribute? or “the sound of music”? hahaahhahaha she cant even sing her own songs right. lol

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

        Rihanna is a pop star, she sing her own hits and classics. American Idol singers does the same thing, and like Gaga, no one cares (for long).

      • Cough Cough January 25, 2016

        rihanna was outsung by a male baritone NOBODY on spanish idol and he didnt even speak english. she was literally eaten up on her own song, by a foreigner… vocals were MIA… DOA…. tragic.

    • Sandra January 25, 2016

      ArtPoop is the bigger flop album in history. $25 million in promotion costs yet only 2 million sold, or less… Adele, Taylor, Katy and Rihanna killed her short-lived career.

  5. JanStan January 25, 2016

    Y’all callin Gaga a Flop when she won a Grammy, Golden globe, Billboard woman of the year Oscar nomination etc etc. And what has Rihanna done in that same period? 3 Flop singles and STILL working on an album who’s first single was released when Gaga won a Grammy OMFG at the f’n delusion.

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

      ^Now it’s making new account to have someone to agree with it. How sad. lol

      • JanStan January 25, 2016

        No bish. Why would anyone NOT take credit for the receipt filled drag I just did to u? Gtfo cause Gaga collected a Grammy while Rihanna was performing FlopFiveSeconds. Scalped ho.

    • Sandra January 25, 2016

      Til It Happens To You on Hot 100: didn’t chart
      Four Five Seconds on Hot 100: #4
      BBHMM on Hot 100: Top 20

      Poor Gaga! Nobody cares or wants her trash.

  6. Cough Cough January 25, 2016

    miss marks mad cause umbrella girl is just umbrella girl.. ohhhhhh nana, whats your name? cause I DONT KNOW. as spoken in the words of miss whitney houston…

  7. JanStan January 25, 2016

    King Stretch Marks can’t handle the fact that Gaga won a Grammy on the back of a jazz album last year, is nominated for a Grammy this year for a song from a soundtrack and his fave has dropped half her album trying to find a hit and gets paid dust by her peers. #stanfail

    • Sandra January 25, 2016

      And yet no one cares about GaGA. She can win as many awards as she wants, she is still a flop. Til It happens To You did not enter Hot 100 despite getting a music video and lots of performances. Flop! Even Janet’s lead single charted on the Hot 100 but Gaga couldn’t. Ki

  8. Barb-wire January 25, 2016

    Kiii… when trying to troll fails… *Looks at you FagMark111*

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

      When another Stan of a lame that last album that can’t got platinum tries to gain ground to talk. Lok

  9. Authentic January 25, 2016

    So Rihanna fans are attacking Gaga now….. This site is redundant ??

    • King Mark111 /.\ January 25, 2016

      Another faceless account. You fool no one Choke Choke.

  10. Christina Aguilera January 25, 2016

    Not bad… Gaga is becomng a Diva and a Powerhouse vocalist

  11. Music all the way January 25, 2016

    This post though…. Well she is not my cup of tea but this was good.. Kii at Mark getting clocked this early.

  12. HailBeysus January 25, 2016

    Lol co-penned?? M’Kay i guess even tho Linda clocked her tea and even claimed she had the original song. Death!!! Poor Markiesha never wins KIII!!!

  13. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 25, 2016

    I wasn’t expecting @skidmark to be dragged so early in the day, LMAO I don’t even like Lady Gagme but that was funny as fuuck!

  14. Sandra January 25, 2016

    Who cares… This song flopped. It didn’t even chart on the Hot 100 despite a music video and tons of performances. The public is over GaGa

  15. What now January 25, 2016

    This was a good performance, but i

    • What now January 25, 2016

      ***it is time for the new era to begin.

  16. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music January 26, 2016

    Nice song

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