Nicki Minaj’s ‘Down In The DM’ Remix Makes Moves On The ‘Hot 100’

Published: Wednesday 17th Feb 2016 by David

She rose to fame by way of many a Hip-Hop remix.

Now, before the release of her fourth studio album, Nicki Minaj has learned that her power to push remake original songs and push them to higher ground is undying.


Her ‘Down in the DM’ remix is on its way to impacting the Billboard Hot 100‘s Top Twenty.

The Yo Gotti number received a fresh pair of promotional legs  in the first week of February when Minaj, with the help of her alter-egos, released a sexually explicit remix of it.

Her move has worked wonders.

For, yesterday saw it rise 18 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 to claim the #21 spot and give the Hip-Hop jam its highest position on the tally seven years after she gave him a similar gift with her remix of his ‘5 Star Chick’ cut.

Click here to get ‘Down’ with the jam.

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  1. KenBarb? February 17, 2016

    If it weren’t for streams she’ll be DOOMED!

    • monarc087 February 17, 2016

      because she has her 17 gay barb loser fans streaming all day. The record buying public is done with her trashy swag

      • Barb February 17, 2016

        Sales actually. She’s selling this song not streaming it. Billboard and soundscan don’t count user generated videos. #youtriedthough

      • Ciah’s Turtle February 17, 2016

        bothered #1

  2. monarc087 February 17, 2016

    Will this plastic nose, face, b*** and bleached skin freakazoid please disappear.

    the grammys even pay her dust. Her 15 mins are up.

    • Ciah’s Turtle February 17, 2016

      bothered #2

  3. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016

    Wow they let anyone on the hot 100 now days…

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016

      Hey H I V e ????

  4. King Mark111 /.\ February 17, 2016

    Where’s FlopNation? The Pest ain’t sh!t.

  5. Barb B**** February 17, 2016


  6. Word is bond February 17, 2016

    Umm, the reach is real. Last we checked it was the original version by Yo Gotti that’s getting the most airplay and making moves on Billboard. The remix really takes away from Gotti considering Nicki pigs out on two verses which is the majority of the track. TGJ let’s do better, okay?

    • Barb February 17, 2016

      Erm you should check Billboard, the remix is what has the highest peak. Don’t talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Word is bond February 17, 2016

        Well, real rap fans and the Grammy award committee alike stay talking and the verdict is… Nicki ain’t s***. Queen of Ear R*** couldn’t even kill it with one verse, had to be on most of the song to detract away from the original artist. It’s not her song regardless how much you minion fans hype Nicki up.

    • GEEZUS95 February 17, 2016

      But the remix is outselling the original on iTunes….

    • Ciah’s Turtle February 17, 2016

      bothered #3

  7. Barb-wire February 17, 2016

    Queen s*** only!

    • StopLyingggg February 17, 2016

      Queen of what where’s the Grammy or number one hit? Female rap collab? Competition? Get real

  8. .:: Centurion ::. February 17, 2016

    Where is Flopmation on the charts?

  9. .:: Centurion ::. February 17, 2016

    Where is Flopmation on any chart?

    • MsYonce February 17, 2016

      Its not on iTunes lmao you’re so presseddd

  10. shakira stan February 17, 2016

    Ugly flop .No one is checking on this plastic ,if I needed a plastic doll I would order for chokey …atleast the narrative is more interesting than anything onika has done.

    • Ciah’s Turtle February 17, 2016

      andddd Bothered #4

      • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016

        What are you?

  11. Ciah’s Turtle February 17, 2016

    As it should.

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016

      Really what are you?

      • Ciah’s Turtle February 17, 2016

        NOT bothered like the rest of you pitiful b!tchez

  12. Geezus95 February 17, 2016

    Out peaked Missy’s comeback single

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016

      That would had been good IF it was Nicki’s solo track.

    • Word is bond February 17, 2016

      See this the s*** I’m talking about, the blatant disrespect of female rappers’ legacies like Missy’s. You’re pressed af to even bring that up. Nicki is a straight up pig and y’all stay feeding her your souls. As long as she’s around female rap unity will be dead.

      • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016


  13. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB February 17, 2016

    What are you?

  14. Ronnie February 17, 2016

    “Nicki’s 15 mins are up, no one is checking for her” yet you’re here commenting while she still charts on billboard. Lol okay

  15. StopLyingggg February 17, 2016

    Her 15mins are up tho she gonna rap about suckin d*** f***** n***** when she 35? Lol she has nothing left to rap about no more ideas

  16. HailBeysus February 17, 2016

    Death!!! The Navy are so worried about Formation they’re paying Rifunded dust KIII!!! Worry about her album being AntiGold and that tour being AntiSold instead okay!
    Anyway beside the seething HEAUXS!! Congratz NICKI!!!

    • JMar February 17, 2016

      Rihersal voice is gone because the b**** cant sing period the struggle is real ant eater album flopping down the charts.

  17. Nicko February 17, 2016

    QUEEN ONIKA ! #21 n +50k singles sold in a week for a remix with no promo ! It even outpeaked Missy n Igloos last singles damn..

  18. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 18, 2016

    Alot of people will do remix to other artists song

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