Rihanna Previews ‘Work’ Music Video

Published: Saturday 6th Feb 2016 by Sam

Rihanna‘s power as an album seller may remain as questionable as ever, yet following a turbo-charged launch, she continues to prove herself as a potent singles shifter with latest effort ‘Work.’

Serviced as the ‘ANTI’ album’s fourth “lead” single, the Drake assisted number is racing up the charts and is on-course to become the Barbadian beauty’s next big hit.

Scenes for its accompanying video were reportedly shot long before its premiere, yet additional dance cuts were shot this past week.

Omnipresent on social media, Rih took to Snapchat today to tease and titillate with clips from the visual.

Check it out below…

Seems Ms. Fenty will be playing up the song’s Caribbean appeal. Smart play.

Tidbit: We hit the streets of Hollywood to hear what the people are saying about ‘ANTI.’ Watch below…

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  1. Islandboi80 February 6, 2016

    It’s gonna be hot!! I love that song

    • maurice February 6, 2016

      Damn this really is her ‘Artpop’ era.
      I gagged at one of y’all saying her album sounds like a bunch of demos, because it does.

      • shakira stan February 6, 2016

        More like her 4_era …only without the ggazillion music vvideos, a high profile Oprah last show pperformance ,pregnancy stunts and a poor recreation of single ladies ( run the world anyone)
        Oops but she still managed to get a top 10 ssingle .choke on that .

      • Lea February 6, 2016

        Give up the hate, this era is nothing like Artpop!

      • Rihboy February 6, 2016

        Lol artpop era???. No not at all. That pile of garbage is nothing close to anti. Quality. Not quantity. You guys are focusing on sales and numbers. Focus on how solid the album is. Despite sales it got great reviews from lucrative sources and critics. Not random street walkers. Moreover with giving away a free one million and having her album leaked as well. She still pulled through! While you guys just wanted to claim 460 so bad, for a 30 minute window. Get ready fi work work work work work work ???

      • maurice February 6, 2016

        Quality over quantity from a Rihanna stan? Lol.
        Was Rihanna not releasing an album year after year?

    • bonBon489 February 6, 2016

      She’s in bad hoarse voice on this cut. The “anti” era is tired.

      “Diamonds era was perfecton”. Whose gonna pay to see her lazy A** show up late and tired stage show. A FOOL.

    • Lilly February 6, 2016

      Sam the emotional bottom forever hating on anyone but Beyonce.

  2. shakira stan February 6, 2016

    This will destroy what’s left of cowyonce’s career .
    Yes the queen is here ,14th 1 here we come .

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016

      Rihanna is the copy cat going through Beyonces old scraps to continue to push failed -“Surprise Anti-Successful” album. Beyonce is on her way to slay the biggest performance of the year…. You know the one Cold-Play told Rihanna she wasn’t allowed to perform at (The Super Bowl. Your girl only seeking 125k her first week tragic! “Work” is going nowhere fast just like those last 3 “Buzz singles” she released last year! Like flop flop flop!

      • shakira stan February 6, 2016

        Lol work will be on the top five this week .
        And I wwouldn’t blame cold play for choosing Beyonce over rihanna for the super bowl ,they both need the promo a whole lot more than she does ! That’s why you give handouts to destitute and homeless people not people who have jobs.

      • Kev Kev February 6, 2016

        Yep but her single (and video) with Coldplay was more successful than this current one with Beyoncé. Coldplay wrote Princess of China for RiRi and our girl slayed. We’ll see how the Grammys and Super Bowl effect it’s chart position.

        Sam you’re tired with that same ol crack head video. RiRi shut down Toronto last night for her shoot with Drake! #impact

      • FAF February 6, 2016

        It will go top 5 bc of drake and drake alone
        None of her solo singles have been successful only reason BBHMM got certified is bc of the extensive promo for the vid and streams

      • FAF February 6, 2016

        Calling it Artpop is an insult to lady gaga and songwriters everywhere

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016

      Whatever helps you sleep at night! Rihanna has no talent and would have looked like a damn fool performing on stage next to Bey which is why Rihanna didn’t make the talent cut. Death at trying to use promo as a reason for Rihanna NOT making it to the main stage. The super bowl would be the saving grace “Anti-successful” needs. Quit the delusions… Then again you Stan for Shakira the Crest tooth paste spokes woman so never mind lol!

      • shakira stan February 6, 2016

        Isn’t jlo striping in las Vegas after her failed tv show .Glad Britney is coming back to replace the old w****.

      • rosy February 6, 2016

        You been saying that tired argument she worth 160 million b**** with no talent as you say without selling p**** your hate is so old it’s getting a bit desperate now what is wrong dear you so broke and suffer from malnutrition your hate has become frustrating to see a black woman accomplish so much while you wither away in life

      • rosy February 6, 2016

        Rasad that’s your name you a bey fan okay well b**** c*** fuckers whatever I’m trying to call you while you defending bey career against young rihanna who have accomplished so much as a young black woman bey career was destroyed on the f****** charts by adele and Taylor Swift adele has sold more albums in America and she not from here than beyonce bey and nicki so call power cold not get them a number one on the charts so hives go buzz someone else’s success with your hate it’s getting tired bey music is tired old stale smell like rotten egg on a good day beyonce is overated with her same old music which will never be celebrated in the future as great booty poppin p**** will never go in the record books rih will be a legend hate all the f*** you want at her age she is in the up there with Mariah and Janet weather you like it or not so if it kills you here is some advice to make the pain easy drink bleach

      • rosy February 6, 2016

        Where is cold play and bey song can you find it she was just accused this week of stealing someone culture while you here go find bey song and cold play the superbowl will never make that song go anywhere beyonce is tired she probably use a pregnancy for attention so they talk about her Monday and speculate I’m am certain she will wear a prostatic fake to make it seem she breeding you broke hives cannot afford a number one single for bey that is how broke you b****** are and adele s*** on bey career take that tired ass b**** gtfoh go buzz on someone else p**** or d*** whichever way you ride

      • Rihboy February 6, 2016

        ?? you guys are amped for Beyoncé to perform as an instrumental to someone’s song. A faint contribution? I guess. I guess spreading her legs would be better for the Super Bowl stage than the grammys. Rihanna is performing at the Grammys so she will be fine. If anything bey needs the super bowl. Her new single is unferperforming. I thought she didn’t need promotion. I mean her video dropped and it still lies with Patrick in bikini bottom ???. So if anything it will be beyonces “saving grace”. Work is in the top 10 already. And Coldplay and bey are “more prominent” artist. But anti is a bunch of demos? Boy hush. Bey tired and she better drop something this weekend while she has the exposure.

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016


      Nobody has time to read your novels. Send that s*** to J.K. Rowlings to proof read!

      • rosy February 6, 2016

        You cannot handle the truth go buzz someone else success while you at it find Coldplay and thiefonce song come back with some stat so we can debate go look on billboard 200 payless dollar store somewhere let me know when u find it maybe on goop gweneth paltrow website

      • WTF February 6, 2016

        Rashad girl you know you read it you just can’t come back with an answer because you know it’s true. Ha Rosy just destroyed you..!

  3. Cupid February 6, 2016

    She’s really having fun and doing whatever it is she wants to do! I love it!

  4. Dev February 6, 2016

    Okay, i’m glad that she’s keeping it reel and giving a dancehall inspired video, but i still think that she should’ve replaced Drake with Beenie Man or Mr Vegas

    • Kev Kev February 6, 2016

      Hopefully for a Dancehall remix!!!

  5. shakira stan February 6, 2016

    Rihanna is an underated dancer ,she dances so much better than people give her credit for .Unlike the weave waving thigh flapping crotch shaking old fat bad ugly mother.

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016

      Underrated dancer? No she is just under-talented that’s all!

  6. NLH February 6, 2016

    It’s being recorded in Toronto at a Jamaican restaurant called The Real Jerk. They recorded some of it there on Friday. There was a casting call for dancehall dancers for the video as well and they are shooting that on Saturday. Should be a good video.

    Rihanna has been in Toronto since Thursday.

  7. Barb-wire February 6, 2016

    Did Samsung pay for the video too? #CheatHaWayToPlatinumStatus. .. It’s a wrap for this fraud ass cheating haux.

    • shakira stan February 6, 2016

      Says an onika fan.
      She cheated nature with dem sugeries .cheated on her boyfriend withdDrake and then cheated on her fans by selling out to become a pop star .

    • blue February 6, 2016

      i know you think you are dissing rihanna but bi tch got paid 25mil to release an album, whenever and however. Thats a win either way you slice it and if samsung paid for this video too then thats another win. Also you cant cheat by playing by established rules.

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016

      This so called “Shakira” stan in here trying to shade Bey. Last time I checked Beyonce surprise album along with Magna Carter is the blue print for “Anti- Successful”.

      • blue February 6, 2016

        i get the magna carter-samsung connection but how do you tie anti to BEY? You get the part were anti wasnt surprised released right? That a single was released first, album teased for months or the part were it leaked right??

    • WTF February 6, 2016

      Barf-wire I heard Nick’s brother is been sentenced to listen to massive attack on repeat for touching up little kids.

  8. Weezy Tha Goat February 6, 2016

    Work is my least favorite track on the album. Kiss It Better and Woo are my faves so far.

  9. King Mark111 /.\ February 6, 2016

    It’s going to be good. I’m loving this Era. Why others do all their promo the week of the album, Rihanna spreading hers out. Smart play, this will be #1 by the end of the month.

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016

      Zayn is #1 and will be there for a few weeks. You was in his thread yesterday hating talking about it would “free fall” after a week. This album filler single will chart just like Rihanna’s last 3 “Buzz single” that all failed to reach #1.

      • coupe February 6, 2016

        Probably just like beyonce’s last 22 singles what’s your point lol

  10. King Mark111 /.\ February 6, 2016

    Calling all Navi. Stream Anti all day, every day this week. Just play it and turn the volume down while it plays for a week straight.

    • RASHAD February 6, 2016

      Death at you trying to help boost Rihanna albums sales by streaming because you know nobody is gonna BUY the album now that she gave it away and the free download links are still avaiable all over the net…. YOU NOT SLICK STRETCH-MARK

    • ?Queen Molly? February 6, 2016

      Death #flop

  11. blue February 6, 2016

    im kinda loving work now. Thought it was one of the weaker tracks but after a couple plays it just get better cant stand drake’s part still he really is the weaker of the two in all their collaborations.

  12. blue February 6, 2016

    i need this to come out just after the grammy performance. Guarantee that #1 peak.

  13. .:: Centurion ::. February 6, 2016

    Cannot wait!

  14. Lea February 6, 2016

    Work work work work work work!!!

  15. WTF February 6, 2016

    Girl she better put it out quick before Theifyonce strikes again and steals it from her.

  16. CL says Hello Bi+ches February 6, 2016

    It looks like it’s gonna be a fun video.
    Rihanna has Rhythm-ta
    Meaning she can dance very well without choreography. Not everyone has it.

  17. RICHIE_RICH February 6, 2016

    Looks promising !!!!! It would really slay if she did a cute dance # , but the way her dancing is set up I doubt it…..???

  18. Royalkev February 6, 2016

    This song is growing on me! ‘Work’, ‘Kiss It Better’, ‘Same Ol’ Mistakes’ and ‘Consideration’ are my favorites from the album. I don’t remember liking this many Rihanna songs from one album since Loud/Rated R (so I guess this makes it one of her best imo). Rihanna looks nice in the video too!

  19. blue February 6, 2016

    the thing that get me and love about this album is how it directly address the audience. These lines just pop up on all the songs and you just realise that they challenge the audience’s perception of her.

  20. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga February 6, 2016

    Nicki freedom lyrics (parody)

    They’ll never thank Jay for opening doors.
    But their faves aint even thank Twigs for lending her clothes.
    Cause their spirits are ungrateful.
    When 4 dropped y’all were so hateful.
    But this era is so unstable.

    Weren’t you the ones dissing pink print.
    Certification won’t have Frih`s initial imprint.
    Oh sh!t that Samsung commercial is on.
    Did she think she go body Adele with commercial doors?
    Did we really prophecy everything and her defeat.
    But before I continue let me pull those tweets.
    She dissed cece and the keyboard thugin as insane.
    Little did she know Anti would sell in vain.
    Prior to her releasing she thought she reign.
    But she released an Artpop instead of the fame.

    Let Rih get up and go.
    Perform in a city for an undersold show.
    Everybody ain’t quiet when she starting tge show.
    We go watch p patting 50 shows in a row.

    Rih is Free,she has freedom.
    Where the sales,I can’t see em.
    Navy take this L
    Cause it’s crazy in here,crazy in here….

    Bey Countdown coming soon

    • blue February 6, 2016

      your dedication to rihanna is admirable, im a little jealous, wish i had that much devotion.

    • Lea February 6, 2016

      That lil s*** was lame, lmaoooo!

  21. Surprise..Dec 2013 February 6, 2016

    That @SHAKIRASTAN is so damn annoying. Go feed ur fave her daily grass and pray her upcoming flop era will not happen.#ALLGOATSLIVESMATTER

  22. #JACKIE February 6, 2016

    Nobody cares about this flop.

    • WINTZ February 6, 2016

      Yet u are once again here JACKAZZ! Kiii

  23. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 February 6, 2016

    The submarines have to be the most delusional stans ever, closely followed by the H.IV+ phaggs. I cannot….
    and NOT at drake outcharting Work on US iTunes with an unknown song. The public really isn’t here for Riherrppess this era. kiiii at the struggle

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 February 6, 2016

      I know right!!! I already said without drake on that flop of a song, it wouldn’t have charted well.

    • blue February 6, 2016

      actually rihanna is ahead in the usa. Rihanna is #2 on us itunes, drake is at #5 what are u talking about?

      • Cake like Lady GaGa 25 February 6, 2016

        @blue why are u lying? As we speak right now Drake is at #4 and Riherrpess is at #5. Drake was #1 for four days, will Riherrpess peaked at #2 and started free falling the US iTunes chart. Hunty, the lies u submarines tell. Kii

      • blue February 6, 2016

        actually rihanna peaked at #1 for like a 2 days, before zayn took over then drake. Rihanna has another version down the chart so does zayn, meaning rihanna and zayn are above drake pushing drake down 2 spots. Rihanna combined is over 90%

  24. Career Ender February 6, 2016

    she can keep this flop

    when we were young is dropping Monday and the song going to top the Hot100 for atleast 4 weeks
    bye flopping a$$ bxtch

  25. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 February 6, 2016

    Kiii, not at @Career Struggle trying it when Trannyyonce last had a #1 8 years ago.

    • Career Ender February 6, 2016

      and she had a #2 song 2 years ago

  26. Career Ender February 6, 2016

    @Mateo everyone can dance well without choreo

  27. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 February 6, 2016

    @blue stop with the delusion and lies. iTunes combines all versions of songs and ranks them as 1 song. And currently Drake is at #4 while Riherrpess is at #5. Even with the 741277561 versions u speak of (versions that ONLY you are aware), she is still below drake.

    • blue February 6, 2016

      live itunes pop bars, thats the chart i use. What chart are you looking at?

  28. LDN Chick February 6, 2016

    I hope she doesn’t perform this at the Grammys, for her sake.

  29. blue February 6, 2016

    then explain why work is out charting 16 on every itunes chart ww?

    • #JACKIE February 6, 2016

      Your so delusional sis. Your comments make me vomit.

    • blue February 6, 2016

      the truth makes you vomit?

  30. Anti460 February 6, 2016

    Why is Rih in the superbowl ad tho ?

  31. WINTZ February 6, 2016

    Excited!! I can’t even speak OMG

  32. ?Queen Molly? February 6, 2016

    Looks ok

  33. No favs, just here for the music February 6, 2016

    She looks fantastic and the video looks fun. I’m excited for this. Wonder if Drake will be in (the same location?)

  34. Smile February 6, 2016

    The thing I love about her is she always seems to have a great time while working on her craft. She’s enjoying her prime and the video looks lit! Can’t wait to see.

  35. credits February 6, 2016

    They shot it in Toronto!!

  36. Attack it from the back miss kitty kat February 6, 2016

    Lol I saw a vid with them filming in Toronto on twitter. Drake trying to speak Caribbean lingo. I died! They r certainly having fun!

  37. What now February 6, 2016

    She looks amazing

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