Did You Miss It? Ashanti Stalker Found Guilty / Could Face Up To Four Additional Years Behind Bars

Published: Sunday 20th Mar 2016 by David

Ashanti has learned that her stalker of 13 years has been found guilty of second degree stalking after they came face to face in court last week.

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Devar Hurd was found guilty of stalking the songbird on March 18th after he, after learning that serving as his lawyer would give him the opportunity to speak to her directly, represented himself in court.


There, she told him this:

You continuously tweeted over and over again disgusting, derogatory, disrespectful things to me after you had already gone to jail for doing the same thing. I wish you to stop. I just wish you to stop.

Much to his horror, he could now face up to additional four years in prison (he’s already serving time for violating a restraining order placed on him by tricking her sister into posing for a picture with him) when his sentencing is announced on March 31st.

He argued that the sexually explicit messages he sent to her on social media could not count as stalking as “she could have blocked him” after spotting them.

One of these messages read:

Eating p**** from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia.



I know how you are when it comes to our sex life … us f****** is very emotional on both ends.

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  1. betes March 20, 2016

    Ashanti should just be happy she finally has atleast 1 Stan.

    • HailBeysus March 20, 2016

      @betes kiii!!!

    • YOUR MADGEsty March 20, 2016


    • Weezy Tha Goat March 20, 2016


    • Truth(honey Adel is a has been like nicki) March 20, 2016


  2. King Mark111 /.\ March 20, 2016

    All stans are crazy. Beyonce should take Slave_HIV to court for obsessing over a 3 year old. How sick?

    • HailBeysus March 20, 2016

      Slay_Hive should take you to court for slandering his name in public like that. Then Beyoncé should front the bill for all the disgusting things you’ve saif about her child! TGJ get ready to hand over that IP Address and receipts lmfaooo!!!

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 20, 2016

        Slave_HIV aka YOU put his own profile pic on a public domain. And Beyonce taking be to court for what? Not thinking her child is cute? Because that’s the only thing I said. Sue me trick, it’ll just be one of MANY court cases under Beyonce’s extra large belt.

      • HailBeysus March 20, 2016

        Lmfao!!! Receipts im Slay_Hive bitxh! Don’t get caught like @WreckedButthole lying the other day kiii!!! The Navy stay lying and forging receipts! Bish where did I say Beyonce should sue you??? Weren’t you co-signing and riding @Vagisal Creams bandwagon yesterday calling me illiterate??? DEATH THE SELF DRAG!!!

    • Lake Erie March 20, 2016


  3. HailBeysus March 20, 2016

    In all honesty tho, that man is sick. He did not see the error of his ways. Glad she won her case. If given the chance that man probably would have seriously hurt her.

  4. Weezy Tha Goat March 20, 2016

    Ashanti is such a beautiful women, she hasn’t age a bit.

  5. blue March 20, 2016

    this is bad!, whatever will happen to hailbeysus when they finally get his ass?
    Hear that hailbeysus?! They coming for you!! Run b**** run!!!!!

    • HailBeysus March 20, 2016

      Was that suppose to be a funny? Tell me that’s not dragging!!! DEATH!!!

  6. Lake Erie March 20, 2016

    People are crazy. Smh glad he got penalized.

  7. betes March 20, 2016

    The ONLY reason Ashanti hasnt AGED is cause she doesnt WORK. same goes for christina milian mariah & jlo. No work no stress no wrinkles lol

  8. betes March 20, 2016

    Smh so this guy gets retraining orders jail time probation bail and watever else but the guy that threatens to kill Bey gets a slap on the pinky toe? WHET IM MAHFUCCIN TIED!

    • HailBeysus March 20, 2016

      Lol but sis, remember The Almighty Beysus is forgiving. She decided to let him go and not press charges.

  9. Lolz March 20, 2016

    “Eating p**** from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia.”
    Sounds like something lil Wayne would rap about

  10. HailBeysus March 20, 2016

    @TGJ y’all need to quit playing and get that post going of that man out singing fRih in 5 seconds at her own concert ??????????!!! The tea in The Shade Room was sooo goood!!! They was dragging fRihanna LMFAOOOOO!!!!

  11. King Mark111 /.\ March 20, 2016


  12. betes March 20, 2016

    I wonder why Frih has yet to perform HIGHER live. Thats like Bey being too scared to perform IWASHERE/LoveonTop or Mariah too “ascared” to perform vision of love. Atleast she did love on the brain but live that song is A BORE.

    • HailBeysus March 20, 2016



      That bîtch was clearly lip syncing, there’s no way she sounded that good live

    • ♊Molly♊ March 20, 2016

      That was a cute moment. Rih he can always be a back up singer.

  13. B&B March 20, 2016

    Ashanti’s stalker is fine af tho!!!

  14. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 20, 2016

    He was just gald to see Ashanti in court in real life cause he is a stalker fan of her and he need to get lock up for life who know If he will do it to someone else or to Ashanti again after 4 years of jail that’s not enough the man is super damn loco stalker

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