Madonna Is Now The Highest Grossing Solo Act In Touring History

Published: Saturday 26th Mar 2016 by Rashad
Madonna performs during the premiere of her Rebel Heart tour Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015 in Montreal. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press via AP)

Queen of Pop Madonna‘s ‘Rebel Heart’ era may have been accompanied by her worst-selling album ever and lowest grossing tour in over a decade, but that hasn’t stopped her (in true Madge fashion) from still emerging a winner.

As previously reported, this time last week the ‘Living For Love’ singer saw her name listed in history books as “the highest grossing female artist in touring history” as her current effort, the ‘Rebel Heart’ tour, helped push her career-long gross past the $1.2 billion mark.

Joining an exclusive group of hitmakers (all-male) who have grossed more than $1 billion over their collective efforts (Rolling Stones, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and former nemesis Elton John), Madonna – with the inclusion of receipts from the tour’s last stop in Australia – can now boast leadership of the entire pack of solo artists.

Get the details inside:

“With the wrap of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour on March 20 in Sydney, the pop superstar solidifies her status as the highest-grossing solo touring artist in Billboard Boxscore history. Based on Billboard’s Boxscore archives that stretch back to 1990, her overall concert grosses reached $1.31 billion with the tour’s final show.

The Rebel Heart trek grossed $169.8 million from 1,045,479 tickets sold at 82 performances.  Overall, Madonna ranks third on all-time top-grossing Billboard Boxscore list, with just The Rolling Stones ($1.84 billion) and U2 ($1.67 billion) ahead of her.”

It should be noted Madge’s boxscore tally does not include her top-selling tours from the 80s which include ‘The Virgin Tour’ and the ‘Who’s That Girl’ tour.

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  1. Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 26, 2016

    Amazing!! and well deserved..Say what u want about this woman she works her ass off and it shows from her shows. She may not be the best singer(THAT’S A FACT, THE WOMAN CANNOT SING), SHE MAY NOT BE THE BEST DANCER but she makes up for that in her unmatched creativity and showmanship….GOOD FOR HER!!!!

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      Ut why are the Rihtàrds in a post about touring, talking about singles??? Oh that’s right because Cheapanna doesn’t have one of the Highest Grossing Tours Ever By A Female Act! All them #1s and she’s still being slayed by Beyoncé 5 #1 singles KIIII!!!

      • rosy3 March 26, 2016

        B**** why the f*** u on here coming for rih gtfoh with your lies you come for rih because madonna shits on bey touring record go fight with her fan’s hop off navy p**** B****

      • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

        Bitxh!!! Check the time of my comment and check the time of your basic as Rihtards. Your illiterate ass needs to learn to read and comprehend! The GAVVY brought up my fav so im going to drag theirs. Now dismiss YOURSELF you thirsty fuxk! This is 9182625281816 time your desperate ass has found its stalking ass reply section!!!

      • datredd23 March 26, 2016

        She’s in the top 10 grossing female acts of all time though at only 28 she’s doing fine

      • Rihboy March 26, 2016

        But your fave is outsold too though. By Adele and Madonna easily. So you guys continue to compare here to Rihanna who still outsells her. And actually has singles that chart or stick. ???. What kind of self shade.

      • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

        Wtf are you talking about??? Adele and Taylor do not outsell Beyoncé in Tours. This post is about tour’s. Please re-read my comment dumb ass. I said nothing about singles. Beyonce still outsells your fav in albums. Also.its fine if Adele and Taylor are outselling Beyoncé. They’re not her contemporaries. Thats like me trying to shade Madonna and Janet just because they currently aren’t selling like they used too. Try hardwr sis.

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

        Contrary to popular belief, everything isn’t about singles. This post is about TOURING ya big dummy. Beyonce is the highest grossing tour act of our time. Formation is already projected to outgross every Adele , Taylor, and Rhianna tour to date. Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to Navy Stan.

      • Rihboy March 27, 2016

        Yeah it’s always only about tours when it comes to bey. That’s all you guys have lol. No leverage.

      • HailBeysus March 27, 2016

        Annnd all the Gavvy got is singles. My fav gots Tours Accolades Album’s and respect in the industry of thotanna.

    • March 27, 2016

      ofcourse it’s mother f-cking Legendary Madonna.


        We need to make a petition to get LB and Cûmturion banned from this site

    • rosy3 March 27, 2016

      It’s easter today and let me check these hives now yall coming for rih record how come everyone including rih breaks record where is Beyonce on anything as number one or the first black woman to front a designer house Taylor adele Madonna Mariah shits on bey these women are in the record books bey cannot claim a f****** title and u hives going to come with bey has more money that s*** do not count years down the line if u not on the record books adele 3 albums s*** and vomit on bey career alone yall hives delusional you can’t compare be against these girls because she loses everytime bey can’t even claim a vevo title and rih has more number ones than bey rih will be mention up against the greats now deal with that

      • HailBeysus March 27, 2016 check no one stupid bitxh! You said all that yet in the end dragged yourself and Cheatanna. Everyone of those girls outsells your fav as well. You asked where Beyoncé comes in at #1. Well she was the top selling female at of the 00s. From the looks of it she’ll be the top touring act of 10s. She’s the most nominated female in Grammy History. She will soon be the most Awarded MTV artist’s she just needs 3 yo dethrone Madonna. All Thotanna has is Streams, yet even than that’s a side eye accomplishment because Taylor and Adele both won’t release their new material to Spotify lmfao!!! Also according to Spotify Beyoncé is the most streamed female act of 2016 so far. You prove yet again why the navy is Basic and full of Rihtàrds because unlike y’all we don’t have to venture outsude of Beyoncés music accomplishments to.cement our argument. Have several seats at Cheatannas emoty arenas and take this L because from the.looks of things the Gavvy lost this argument LMFAO!!!

      • LMAOOO March 27, 2016

        Is this English or were you just writing from your notes ?

  2. Mariah The Legend March 26, 2016

    Beyonce who? Queen of touring my ass LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 26, 2016

      I heard Mariah only has one sold out date on her current BEDROOM TOUR?????

      • Mariah The Legend March 26, 2016

        LOOOOOOL and shityonce doesn’t even measure up to Mariah. she like an ant to the LEGENDARY Mariah Carey.

    • LB March 26, 2016

      Girl never mind that, where is B6? Not Adele having the album seller running for dear life from a release date.

      • Mariah The Legend March 26, 2016


  3. BeyIsKing March 26, 2016

    Queen!!! This woman has etched her name in history. Whether you are a fan or not Madonna’s success is undeniable…she is THAT b****

  4. Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 26, 2016

    And she is not the kind of RIHGOAT that lies about her tour being SOLD OUT on instagram and twiite, yet the BOX OFFICE BOXSCORE shows a different thing. EXHIBIT A (NO 11)

    • LB March 26, 2016

      Where is B6? still waiting for the Adele hype to die down? We have more chance of seeing formation on the charts than B6 releasing.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 26, 2016

        SHUT UP AND GO BUY ANTI TICKETS SO THIS. CAN ACTUALLY BE AN ACCURATE STATEMENT…file:///Users/sundayakanni/Desktop/Rihanna%20on%20Twitter_%20_Jacksonville%20thank%20you%20so%20much%20for%20making%20my%20opening%20night%20an%20unforgettable%20one!!!%20%23SoldOwt%20%23ANTIWORLDTOUR%20%F0%9F%8E%88%F0%9F%94%AB%E2%9A%93%EF%B8%8F%20https___t.co_ngLqZtlAGs_.html

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Gurl, by the time B6 comes out, we would have set up our first human habitat colony on Mars. Still waiting…

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

        LMFAOOO. Is that an offline saved webpage of Rihanna’s tour? ??? Bìtch you are pyscho obsessed. I’M SCREAMING!

      • Melanie Fenty March 26, 2016

        sundayakanni… Are you Nigerian @Surprise? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • rosy3 March 26, 2016

      You mad bey aint got no records all these women snatching titles from bey left to right the haters bringing up rih all the women beating thotty thunder thigh bey bloop you go queen madonna

  5. YOUR MADGEsty March 26, 2016

    The Eternal “Queen of Pop”.


    Anyway, I still believe that M.J would have this record if he had toured more in the 2000s. His “This Is It” tour would have been the highest-grossing solo tour ever had he gone worldwide and did the 125 stadium dates “planned” for 2010.

    • F March 26, 2016

      I agree but his body wouldn’t handle it 🙁

  6. Mariah The Legend March 26, 2016

    imma need the Flophive who call Shityonce the biggest touring act to report to the principal’s office immediately LMFAOOOOOOOOO

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 26, 2016

      How many sold out date does MOORIAH have on her current RETIREMENT tour sis??? Just asking for a friend!!!!!!!LOL

    • LB March 26, 2016


    • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016


  7. LB March 26, 2016

    Slay a bit Granny, she really is a touring force.

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Explain what? Instead of looking up boxscores, you should be looking for a release date for B6? Where is it? Adele still has her scared, poor thing

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) March 26, 2016

        LOL..u know the album will drop any moment from now and u will be perched on ur sit like the troll that u are and enjoy the ALBUM and Film..nOW EXPLAIN WHY U ALONG WITH THE NAZI CLAIMED HER TOUR WAS SOLD OUT AND IT’S NOT???

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Drop when? When the Adele hype dies down?

        Everyone knows Adele is priority number 1 at Sony and Yonce is at the back burner somewhere.

        Where is B6?? Still waiting…

  8. YOUR MADGEsty March 26, 2016

    Who are the highest grossing BLACK touring acts anyhow – male or female?

    #1 For men: M.J – if we adjust for 2016?
    #2 For Women: Tina Turner/Janet Jackson- if we adjust for 2016.
    Perhaps Beyonce and Rihanna?


    Is this right?

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      I know for a fact if you adjust Janets ticket sales she is around i think $800-$900 million. Not sure about Tina tho.

    • datredd23 March 26, 2016

      Why didn’t they include her tours from the 80s sis in her overall tour gross?

  9. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Biggest solo touring act. Madonna is indeed a touring force. Congrats Ms. Ciccone.

  10. ! March 26, 2016

    Meanwhile poor janet can’t even tour europe and cant sell small venues.

  11. LEXX March 26, 2016

    Let’s be real…

    Adele had EVERYBODY who wasn’t a teen-pop sensation, ala. Justin Bieber/One Direction/Taylor Swift, between November-February, “shook” as fūćk. LMAO.


    This includes Beyonce AND Rihanna but Rihanna has STILL come out on top thus far and Bey’ will also.

  12. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? March 26, 2016

    Congrats old h**.

  13. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016


    1) X – Ed Sheeran – 1.4+ Billion.
    2) Beauty Behind The Madness – The Weeknd – 1.3+ Billion.
    3) If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – Drake 1.2+ Billion.
    4) Prism – Katy Perry – 1.1+ Billion.
    5) Stories – Avicii – 905+ Million.
    6) Title – Meghan Trainor – 815+ Million Streams.
    7) Marshall Mathers 2 – Eminem – 790+ Million.


    Where is Beyonce? #Waits. 🙂

    • LB March 26, 2016

      Oop, she is coming for Meghan Trainor

      • IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016


        She will be in the Top 5 by summer and just “may” surpass Katy Perry by the end of the year.

        Will #B6? OOPS. 🙂

    • Lolz March 26, 2016

      But Anti hasn’t even sold 300k in the US. You Navy’s are a self drag.

      • Melanie Fenty March 26, 2016

        But it has. Epic Fail. Meanwhile BeyFlopce is scared to drop. Adele got her shook. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Lolz March 26, 2016


      • Melanie Fenty March 26, 2016

        Oh but I thought it hasn’t sold 300k in the US. Where did YOU get the receipt that it hasn’t sold 300k? LMMMMMFAAAAOOO the hive are such stupid f***. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Chart News sweety. Now where are your receipts?

    • Metzo March 26, 2016

      The fact that peaple will stream her but are not willing to buy her s***…. LMFAOo
      Meanwhile, Adele sold more than all of those people on the list COMBINED, literally and shes not even on that same list youre bragging about. The kii kii is real.

    • LMAOOO March 27, 2016

      Most streamed albums tho ? How bout actual MONEY !!!

  14. LB March 26, 2016

    Girl the CD will be extinct by the time B6 comes out.

  15. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016


    2013) Rihanna – 1.11+ Billion Streams.
    2014) Rihanna – 1.65+ Billion Streams.
    2015) Rihanna – 2.0+ Billion Streams

    Where is Beyonce? 🙂

    • Lolz March 26, 2016

      Has Anti outsold self titled first week of sales yet ?

  16. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Lmao si I come back and certain people ade resorting back to ‘where is Beyonces album’ after waiting two years for their faves DELAYED flop album. Le Struggle.

    • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

      We know why she doesn’t wanna release.
      Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #7(-1) Formation, @Beyonce [5 weeks]. *peak #4*

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Since when did Beyonce rely on a single to sell her album? I think thats your fave (and even with a #1 it’s still not selling). You guys set yourselves up to get dragged. Nice try though.

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

        “Since when did Beyonce rely on a single to sell her album?”
        Umm, since her debut album. As a matter of fact, since those days when she was in Destiny’s Child. #BeyHiveLogic

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Her lead single for 4 was a flop and it still sold 300k first week (something Anti still hasn’t done) and BEYONCE sold 600k before any lead singles were announced so what makes you think she’s worried about the chart position of a UNRELEASED song again? She is not Rihanna who delayed her entire era because of flop songs. Try again boo.

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

        LMFAO. Rather help Beybøla chart on the main charts instead instead of coming in here and worrying about Rihanna.
        Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #7(-1) Formation, @Beyonce [5 weeks]. *peak #4*

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

        Beybøla can’t even outpeak Desiigner. ?????

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Lol so in other words you donot have anything else to say… goodbye basicness. And instead of worrying about unreleased song worry about this.

        Rihanna, Travis Scott Bridgestone Arena Nashville, Tenn.
        14,254 /
        15,287Live Nation

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

        A tour gross? LMFAO. What kind of struggle drag? Sis, this song was performed to an audience of 119 million people and still flopped. ? Get in Formation and get to work work work work work work.
        Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #7(-1) Formation, @Beyonce [5 weeks]. *peak #4*

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        @Centurion. So what it’s still not a released song ?. But yes I will post a true FLOP which is the struggle to sell out arenas. While you keep repeating yourself I guess.

    • GiselleKNOWSBEST March 27, 2016

      People keep on talking about Beyoncé not breaking records. Yet:

      1.She is the most Grammy awarded African female artist in history with 20.
      2. She is the only female to spend 17 weeks at number one within a calendar year. (Baby boy 9 weeks, and crazy in love 8 weeks)
      3. The fastest selling album in the history of iTunes.
      4. The first African American artist to be featured on Vogue’s September issue.(The most important issue of them all)
      5. The first non-model to appear on the cover of sports illustrated.
      6. Mrs Carter Tour is in the top five highest grossing tours of all time.
      7. With only 5#1 singles, BEYONCE has spent a total of 36 weeks at the top placing her ONE week away from tying Michael Jackson’s record of 37.( keep in mind it took Rihanna 11#1s to break that record)

      I could go on and on but Beyonce is LEGENDARY and is sitting on the throne. The rest of you WILL DEAL

  17. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Congrats to Madonna but she is like to 50 years of age. Don’t know why people are bringing up Beyonce who is the biggest touring force of her generation.

    • OMG Logic!!! March 26, 2016

      57 actually.

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Thank you my point stands even more.

  18. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016


    1) Mariah Carey – 72
    2) The Beatles – 59
    3) Rihanna – 56

    Where is Beyonce? 🙂

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 26, 2016


    • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016


    • LB March 26, 2016


      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Like Frihs career?

      • LB March 26, 2016

        B6??? Still waiting

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Yes you better stan!

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Stanning for your tears as B6 gets another push-back. I need to wash my car.

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Lol ok.

  19. LB March 26, 2016

    Hive still talking about Rihanna when they should be using that energy to find a release date for B6.

    All I am hearing are crickets and tumbleweed. Not even formation because that didn’t make it on the charts

    • RihYonce March 27, 2016

      Lmao not claiming B6 is “pushed back” ????, y’all are pathetic B6 is coming in April! The month the tour starts , the month she covers Elle’s women in music cover , the month she goes on tour ! All of this was planned honey she didn’t have to push back her album multiple times , Beyoncé doesn’t release until her music is ready unlike your fav who dropped 5 songs & the album was still not finished after 2 years

    • rosy3 March 27, 2016

      It’s sad how they fight with rih fanbase when they should use the energy get bey a number one the hives can’t mess with these white girls they know bey will loose her lifeline so they come for rih and keri all the black women it’s pathetic the hives have no life if the post is about someone else they bring rih while Madonna s*** on bey tour all day these scums talk about tour the hives are embarrass formation is a big flop it’s obvious no one cares for her music so it’s easy for them to bully rih

  20. Barb B**** March 26, 2016

    Reading these comments, God forbid if Beyonce releases and outsells Antis abysmal sales in a matter of days (which is highly likely). The sunken ships are such a kii.

    • RihYonce March 27, 2016

      It’s only going to take Beyoncé a few hours to outsell ANTI

  21. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 26, 2016

    Congrats Madonna

  22. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    Umm, either my mind is playing tricks on me or the punk ass Navy is trying to coming for Beyonce’s tour grossings LMAO.
    No Rhianna tour to date has outgrossed the Mrs Carter Show. It’s one of the TOP 5 most successful female tours of all time! So with all due respect, have several seat’s in one of Frih’s EMPTY ARENA’S. Lord knows there’s plenty of em left

  23. Metzo March 26, 2016

    Madonna is no doubt THE MOST SUCCESSFUL female artist of ALL TIME!

  24. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Anti is struggling to outsell 4 first WEEK sales and they’re asking where B6 is? Are these guys for real? Are they desperate for embarrassment.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      Anti still hasn’t outsold 4? Jesus take the wheel lol

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Last time I checked at was 297k after almost 3 MONTHS when 4 sold 310k in the first week. Tyler, what are they smoking when they come for Bey?

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

        The Navy is obviously smoking Snoop Dogg quantities if they think that they can come for any of Beyonce’s tours lol

  25. JanStan March 26, 2016

    Saw this Queen in Vegas in October and she had way more energy than her 30+ year old audience. So impressive. Undeniable legend.

  26. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Their fave is downsizing from stadiums to 15k arenas that she’s still struggling to sell out and they’re worrying about Beyonce? I cannot.

    Rihanna, Travis Scott Bridgestone Arena Nashville, Tenn.
    14,254 /
    15,287Live Nation

  27. LB March 26, 2016

    But where is B6? Scared to release? Adele got her shook LMAO

    • RihYonce March 27, 2016

      When B6 drops your fav is not going to matter , people are just listening to her to hold them over until the queen comes , which is in a matter of weeks ! Sit back baby & watch how my queen slays , B6 is definitely going to slay BEYONCÉ

  28. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016

    I still don’t know why QUEEN RIHANNA is tying, and almost near breaking, records set by the ORIGINAL EMPEROR’S of the Billboard Hot 100.

    If “WORK” stays at #1 for 4 more weeks, she will be second to Mariah Carey.

    1) Why does Rihanna on eof the most streamed albums ever after only three months of release?
    2) Why is Rihanna the most streamed female artist – globally?
    3) Why has Rihanna topped the BBHOT100 and BB200 simultaneously this decade and Beyonce hasn’t?
    4) Where is Formation – the modern civil rights anthem – on the charts?


  29. Metzo March 26, 2016

    As touring goes tho, Beyonce will surpass her within her next two tours after Formation. She is already at $819M with only 6 tours (including Formation’s 250M+ projections). Considering that her tours only keep being more and more succesfull each era, I predict her next tours to do 500M each with at least 100 dates.

    Thats for the mf up there who decided to bring the Queen’s name in this post.

    • HailBeysus March 26, 2016

      6 tours???? You count the small ones? I just use the ones where she is the main event. Beyoncé Experience, I Am World Tour, Mrs Cater Tour and On The Run.

  30. HailBeysus March 26, 2016

    DEATH!!! The Navy showing once again all they got is singles. Meanwhile Beyoncé has accumulated $520 million from 4 tours which will inevitably be $750 million once Formation is wrapped up. Im SCREAMING at the Gavvy being in a Touring post when they have no business in it. Talk about THE ULTIMATE SELF DRAG!!! KIII

  31. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    When will Frih?

    Top 10 Highest Grossing Female Tours of ALL TIME!

    1. Madonna – Sticky & Sweet: $ 407,713,266

    2. Madonna – MDNA: $ 305,158,362

    3. Celine Dion – Taking
    Chances: $ 279,212,643

    4. Taylor Swift 1989: $273,000,000

    5. Beyoncé – The Mrs. Carter Show: $ 229,727,960

    6. Lady Gaga – The Monster Ball: $ 227,400,000

    7. Cher – Living Proof: The Farewell: $ 220,623,920

    8. Madonna – Confessions: $ 194,754,447

    9. Katy Perry – Prismatic: $189,000,000

    10. Lady Gaga – Born This Way Ball: $ 183,900,000

    • Lolz March 26, 2016

      @Tyler. We could post about top female Touring acts, females with the most consecutive #1 albums, females with most Grammys when they all can post about singles.

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

        Yeesss! But I’m sleep though…

  32. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Get into this kiii:
    Female artists with #1s this decade:
    • Rihanna: (9)
    • Katy Perry: (8)
    • Taylor Swift: (4)
    • Adele: (4)
    • Kesha: (3)
    • Britney Spears: (2)
    • Pink: (2)
    • Christina Aguilera: (1)
    • Lady Gaga: (1)
    • Beyoncé: Knowles

    • LB March 26, 2016


  33. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Billboard 200: #1 @rihanna, ANTI 54,000 (17,000 in sales | 296,000 total sales). *the lowest sales figure for a #1 album ever*


    Beyonce could NEVER! ?

  34. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    The Navy stans for a punk ass singles artist. When the conversation isn’t pertaining to $1.99 or LESS . They don’t know wtf else to say.

    Most consecutive studio albums to debut at number-one:
    Dave Matthews Band (6) (tie)
    Eminem (6) (tie)
    Metallica (5) (tie)
    Madonna (5) (tie)
    U2 (5) (tie)
    Beyoncé (5) (tie)
    Disturbed (5) (tie)
    Kanye West (5) (tie

  35. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016


    1) X – Ed Sheeran – 1.4+ Billion.
    2) Beauty Behind The Madness – The Weeknd – 1.3+ Billion.
    3) If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late – Drake 1.2+ Billion.
    4) Prism – Katy Perry – 1.1+ Billion.
    5) Stories – Avicii – 905+ Million.
    6) Title – Meghan Trainor – 815+ Million Streams.
    7) Marshall Mathers 2 – Eminem – 790+ Million.



  36. LB March 26, 2016

    Still failing to figure out why the so called album seller and is too scared of Adele to release that floppy disc.

    Still waiting for B6? Where is it?

  37. LB March 26, 2016

    So far this year, we have been unable to locate Formation on the charts, now we cannot find a release date for B6?

    The hive have a better chance of getting a Beyonce DVD than a new album after the epic FLOP that is formation.

    • Lolz March 26, 2016

      You’ve gotten tired in your old age haven’t you Zzzzz

      • LB March 26, 2016

        I’ll wake you up in 10 years, maybe then B6 would have a release date, maybe.

      • Lolz March 26, 2016


      • LB March 26, 2016

        Sleep on sis, B6 isn’t ever coming out.

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Reminds me of what you said in 2013. Maybe you can make a career of being a failed Mystic Meg?

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Don’t worry sis, when B6 comes out centuries from now, I’ll be sure to remind you of how supposedly right you were.

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Sending viruses now when you should be sending an email to Sony to ask them about the whereabouts of B6

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Lmao are your fingers not hurting with all this keyboard bashing you be doing with the same 2013 recycled drags? I cannot. I hope Sam has bumped up that paycheck for yous sake.

  38. LB March 26, 2016

    Yonce be like: “I call the shots”

    Sony be like: NOPE

    The push backs are a kiiiii

  39. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016


    1) RIHANNA – 7.


    1) Whitney Houston – 3
    2) Mariah Carey – 3
    3) Rihanna – 2


    1) RIHANNA


  40. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    I can’t with all of the deflecting going on LMAO.this post is about TOURING . Why is the Navy even here ?
    I’m still confused as to why Rhianna downgraded from 70K stadiums to 17K arenas.
    Someone please feel free to explain. I’ll wait

  41. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Current global album charts ?

    Les Enfoirés – 2016: Au Rendez Vous Des Enfoirés
    Columbia Group France – 146.000 – 1 week at No.1 – Hot Shot Debut arrow.GIF (994 bytes)

    2 / 2
    week 17 Adele – 25 platina.gif (873 bytes)8
    XL Recordings – 119.000
    3 / 5
    week 18 Justin Bieber – Purpose platina.gif (873 bytes)2
    Def Jam – 71.000
    new.JPG (991 bytes) Killswitch Engage – Incarnate
    Roadrunner – 59.000 arrow.GIF (994 bytes)
    5 / 7
    week 15 Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams platina.gif (873 bytes)
    Parlophone – 52.000
    6 / 8
    week 7 Rihanna – Anti
    Roc Nation – 47.000

  42. LB March 26, 2016

    Get in formation and find PUSH-BACK-Yonce a release date.

    Wasn’t that floppy disc coming out yesterday, did Sony say “NAH” again?

  43. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    Why hasn’t Anti outsold 4?
    Why is Rhianna dishing out tour tickets for $10.
    I thought that this was supposed to be her “Ray of Light” moment. What happened ?????

  44. LB March 26, 2016

    I just checked iTunes and I see here Zayn has released his disc, yess Gwen is secure enough to release last week. I see here Ruth B is able to enter the hot 100, but where is B6?

    I thought she called the shots, why she afraid of Adele.

    • Metzo March 26, 2016

      Keep calm, Beyonce makes albums. I know you cant wait for B6

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Where is it though? She still waiting for the competition to clear off?

  45. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Who remembers? After 2 years of waiting, this is what she delivered.

    Billboard 200: #27(new) @rihanna, ANTI 15,896 album equivalent units [460 pure album sales + 4,239,279 streams].
    12:33 p.m. – 1 Feb 2016

  46. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Rihanna becomes the BEST SELLING BLACK FEMALE artist of ALL TIME and 2nd Overall.

    According to RIAA, Rihanna has total certified albums US sales of 10 million & US digital single sales of 79 million bring her total to 89 million records sales in the US and 230 million total record sales worldwide. Rihanna is the best selling digital artist of all time.

    1. Madonna is the Best selling female artist of all time with worldwide record sales of 300 million and counting. No female artist has sold 300 million beside Madonna.

    2. Rihanna comes in at #2 with 230 million worldwide records sold.

    3. Mariah Carey is the 3rd best selling artist of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

    4. Whitney Houston is the 4th best selling artist of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

    5. Celine Dion is the 5th best selling artist of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

    • Metzo March 26, 2016

      For the 2nd most successful female artist of all time, her albums and tour sales are quite unimpressive

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        She’s a joke. The comedy of that list. Poor Navy.

  47. LB March 26, 2016

    And how long are the hive going to wait for B6? Wasn’t that supposed to come out yesterday? She looked at Zayn releasing this week and got scared of the competition again LMAO.

  48. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Rihanna is the only artist in history to surpass 200 million record sales before the age of 30.

  49. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    The RoachHive can officially retire now. ???

  50. LB March 26, 2016

    I’ll literally die if Nick Jonas releases before B6? Someone is really insecure about the competition. Adele destroyed all her entire confidence LMAO. Poor Yonce.

  51. LB March 26, 2016

    Girl no, let them stick around. I want to see how bitter they’ll get as they see every other fan base apart from them get new music.

  52. IStan4Rihanna… #AllAboardTheNavy. March 26, 2016

    I still can’t find BEYONCE on any of the lists I mentioned… Why is that?

    1) Why, after 3 years of self-titled being released, has it only racked up 250 Million streams?

    2) I thought Beyonce was the Queen of the BB200 – why has Adele outsold her entire albums discography with two albums? I thought Adele was inferior?

    3) Why is Rihanna constantly breaking RIAA records and Beyonce is barely seen anywhere?

    4) Why hasn’t Beyonce scored a #1 single since 2008?

    5) Why has Rihanna outsold her, digitally and in streaming? Isn’t she the BIGGEST BLACK POP STAR since M.J?

    There are SO MANY unanswered questions.

    #WhereIsBeyonce? 🙂

  53. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Writing in bold to emphasise your drags shoes you cannot drag lol. This is funny to watch. They stay setting up themselves up.

  54. Cinnamon Girl March 26, 2016

    Yass, hunty. Madonna comes from the old school with Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. where you had to have talent and sell actual albums.These pieces of trash they have out now: Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Beiber, can’t sit with the real talents. Big ups to the oldies but goodies!

  55. Metzo March 26, 2016

    BEYONCÉ (3 days): 617k U.S ALONE.
    ANTI (3 MONTHS): < 590K WORLDfrealingWIDE…

    *Cries in can't sell albums to save ha life*

    • Lolz March 26, 2016

      I can’t belive they think they’re actually dragging when their fave is currently sitting with receipts like that. *Cries in delusional *

  56. LB March 26, 2016

    So this year is fully booked, We have Fifth Harmony, Zayn, Nick Jonas, Meghan Trainor…etc releasing. I guess B6 isn’t coming out this year, we all know old sis is afraid of competition.

    • LB March 26, 2016

      Gurl we all want to know. It was supposed to come out yesterday but Sony was like NO

      • .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

        The no-life-having-āss-høe-hive have been clinging to every artist under the sun. All I wanna know is where is their fav’s album. ?

    • Metzo March 26, 2016

      Coming to outsell Anti’s WW sales in 1 week.

      • LB March 26, 2016

        So where is it so we can see this, I still cannot see a release date. Why is she scared?

  57. LB March 26, 2016

    LMAO @Centurion

    They are like “Yonce would never” when Yonce cannot even pick a release date to prove them right.

  58. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    The no-life-having-āss-høe-hive need to come back when Beybøla actually has sold over 200 million records and amasses over 10 #1 records on the Historic Billboard Hot 100. Back to sleep roaches.

  59. King Mark111 /.\ March 26, 2016

    I’m not surprised, the circus always does well. She have everything and the kitchen sink for distraction except vocals, dancing or playing an instrument. Not even good looks, lol. But I’m not a hater tho, she’s a legend non the less.

    • Oscar March 26, 2016


      • Barb B**** March 26, 2016


  60. LB March 26, 2016

    Gurl don’t even take it that far, they need to come back when Yonce has got a release date.

    I can see why she is scared of Meghan Trainor, I mean wasn’t all about that bass written for her. She said no to the only hit should have gotten in 8 years.

  61. LDN Chick March 26, 2016

    Not people waiting on Beyonces album to be released. Didn’t they learn 3 years ago?

    How the hell did the post turn into this mess with the Forehead stans running loose like headless chickens while their fave currently flops on tour. #TheIrony.

  62. LB March 26, 2016

    LMAO look at them popping up when they should into Formation and find B6 a release date.

  63. LB March 26, 2016

    Say what you want about Ke$ha fans but at least they walk the talk. Yonce fans think 140 characters make them invincible when all they are is a nuisance.

  64. HailBeysus March 26, 2016

    DEATH AT RIHTÀRDS CLAIMING THE HIVE IS HIDING BEHIND OTHER’S! How many times has the Gavvy jumped ship to swim and stan behind others. Im sure we could all go back and pull receipts @Centipied @WreckedButthole @Marsha hiding behind others. I can’t at these basic bitxhes self drag!!!

  65. Ratedxxx March 26, 2016


    Beyondfake is such a loser now…

    How shes not number 1 when she tours every week..can you say loser

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      LOL you sound so f****** ignorant.
      Does that make any sense to your brain??

  66. MsYonce March 26, 2016

    “B6 was suppose to come out yesterday” according to who K Michelle lmaooo im so dead the navy is desperate

  67. King Mark111 /.\ March 26, 2016

    Irony is when the pest spent the whole 2013, 2014 and 2015 asking for R8. Meanwhile Beyonce (whatever the phuck that is) is MIA. What’s wrong? The new queen of Colombia Adele have all the focus and promo?

    • Barb B**** March 26, 2016

      Rihanna clearly pushed back her album. Her own family were tweeting about a completed album like a year before it came out. Beyonce ain’t given any details what so ever and is doing nothing different to what she usually does. But if you must cling to something.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      U stupid bum b****** spent all of 2013 talking s*** about Beyonce prior to her dropping Self Titled. So don’t even get me started!

  68. LB March 26, 2016

    LMAO she tours everyday and cannot claim #1 on touring.

    She is apparently an Album seller and still cannot catch up to Britney Spears on Album sales.

    Singles apparently don’t mean a thing when Yonce releases 809831058315718 singles an era (more than Rihanna) and still has pitifully disgusting low single sales.

    No one cares about Vevo views when Yonce has 120 music videos and only 5 billion views

    She is a Fashion icon when HOOD OF DERION was literally fashion ISIS

    Battleship is a flop when even now, not a single Yonce movie has been able to outgross Battleship.

    She is literally the most overrated struggle in the business today.

    • King Mark111 /.\ March 26, 2016

      Looking and calling a search party for a the lie. Nothing came back yet.

  69. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    •Formation is non-existent on the charts.
    •B6 is non-existent.
    No wonder the RoachHive are on Rihanna’s cIit 24/7. ???

  70. MsYonce March 26, 2016

    Adele is selling 40k right now so what should Beyonce be afraid of exactly? Lmaoooo Beyonce has not spoken one word about B6 y’all don’t know s***. Lmao this isn’t not like a certain artist who said in January 2015 on an interview her album was coming soon and dropped it in 2016. Oops!! Y’all taking the word of K Michelle now cause y’all desperate ???? like K Michelle for real ???

    • LB March 26, 2016

      Gurl no one is going to read all of that, where is B6??

  71. LB March 26, 2016

    LMAO @Centurion

    Yes it’s true, the hive are obsessed with Rih now because they know B6 isn’t ever coming out. They also know they took out another pay-day loan to watch another Yonce DVD.

  72. MsYonce March 26, 2016

    I’m still deaddddd K Michelle tho of all people K Michelle?????????????????

    • LB March 26, 2016

      So give us the right release date then, where is it?

      • MsYonce March 26, 2016

        No one knows the date only Beyonce and her team but you already knew that. I’m still laughing at y’all thinking K Michelle of all people would know when Bey’s album is coming. Y’all cant be this stupid I mean reallyyy

      • LB March 26, 2016

        I’m laughing at the fact that you think B6 is coming out anytime soon.

      • MsYonce March 26, 2016

        I’m laughing at the fact that you think you know anything about the album

      • LB March 26, 2016

        When did I claim that, stop deflecting, get in Formation and find B6 a release date.

      • MsYonce March 26, 2016

        You claimed that the album was suppose to come out yesterday are you forgetting Already poor thing

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Gurl nobody cares about any of that, where is B6?

  73. Barb B**** March 26, 2016

    Kiiii kiiii kiiii. This post will be bookmarked when B6 comes up. This is funny af.

    • LB March 26, 2016

      And when is that?

      • Barb B**** March 26, 2016

        When you can finally take a seat in one of 1000 empty ones at the anti world tour.

      • LB March 26, 2016

        So even you don’t know when B6 is coming out?

      • Barb B**** March 26, 2016

        Why would anyone know? I do know it will be the day that you can finally STFU tho! Calm down sweety the desperation for Beys new album ain’t a good look for you.

      • LB March 26, 2016

        What desperation, just find B6 a release date, this fear of Adele is getting pathetic.

      • Barb B**** March 26, 2016

        Pathetic? Kinda like your attempts to drag in this post.

      • Barb B**** March 26, 2016

        I was thinking more #460

  74. MsYonce March 26, 2016

    “Push back” lmaoo I mean I would understand if Bey spoke about the album before but K Michelle is y’all source ??. Of all people lmaoo I’m out the stupidity is just next level

  75. LB March 26, 2016

    Gurl where is B6? Still waiting…

    • MsYonce March 26, 2016

      Keep waiting boo cause word on the street is you were in full Stan mode when BEYONCÉ dropped so I guess this time won be any different. Goodnight ✌

      • LB March 26, 2016

        Gurl, unless that whole statement has got a B6 release date, I don’t care to read it.

      • RihNavy March 27, 2016

        @MsYonce Yaaauuuusss

  76. JanStan March 26, 2016

    Navy y’all so f’n stupid talking about sales etc when they count streaming which grosses NOTHNG. Even with her 3 singles, perfumes etc etc her ass came in #10 last year. Gaga was 4 and Bey was 5. Have several seats with your STREAMING QUEEN mess.

  77. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Ummm, K. Michelle didn’t start the rumor that B6 was supposedly coming out yesterday. The RoachHive have been hyped for WEEKS on Twitter and their fanpages were reporting on it all week.
    Even BuzzFeed made a post and the RoachHive ran to it like Lambs to the slaughter. Why are the roaches lying? I’M SCREAMING!!!! 😆

  78. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    DEATH @ The Navy accusing Beyonce of pushing back her album lol.
    Rhianna pushed her “Ray of Light” moment back how many times ? How many ? How many ? How many ? How many?

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      #HowManyTimesCanRihFlopInOneWeek…460! Kiiiiii

  79. XXX March 26, 2016

    The Navy clinging to K Michelle now. Im crying.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      Anti is doing K Michelle numbers. So they might as well lol #460

  80. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    They are clinging to Adele, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Kendric Lamar etc; literally everyone. The utter self-drag when those artists actually HAVE AN ALBUM OUT! LMFAOOO

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      The self drag when literally EVERY artist that you just mentioned released an album that pushed more units than Anti! Lol.
      I can’t !!!!

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        Oops. #HasAntioutsold4YET?

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

        I’ll take NO for $500 Alex haha *Jeopardy Show Voice *

  81. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    I’ve been looking up “B6”. I hope ya’ll aint getting error 404 search results like I am. 🙁

  82. Love Life March 26, 2016

    Slay Madonna. I predict by the time Beyonce gets to 40 she will have caught up or even surpassed. She’s already doing huge things at 34 that takes decades of experience. Can’t wait for the Tour. Touring stats are way more impressive than any damn stream record no shade.

  83. HailBeysus March 26, 2016

    IM SCREAMING AT THE KÜM SWALLOWERS trying to drag the Hive over B6!! The Hive had every right to drag that down syndrome dolphin sized 45head hoee into oblivion. Beyoncé is known for releasing an album every year of her career. Meanwhile Cheatanna was. So Küm Swallowers asking where B6 is. Its right on schedule and y’all know it. Adele scared no one and B6 was never pushed back like Cheatannas album was for 2 years kiii!!

  84. JanStan March 26, 2016

    The biggest self drag in history is the fact that streaming (aka not worth paying money for) is the Navy’s pride. Not concert tours, not album sales, not even overall net worth. STREAMING. I. Just. Can’t.

  85. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    Not even the troll accounts you use to instantly reply to yourself can save you from this dragfest, unless you find a Beybøla album release date. djkgtpxgjksjkskjsjksjksjks 😆

    • JanStan March 26, 2016

      But wait sis. BEYS stadium tour is outgrossing the Anti Tour for death. And that’s on the back of a RUMORED ALBUM while Rhi is on her 4th single. Explain THAT BISH.

      • RihNavy March 26, 2016


  86. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    Lol The Navy spent TWO whole years waiting for Rhianna to release RLate. So they shouldn’t have any issues with having to wait for Beyonce to release hers.

  87. Lolz March 26, 2016

    No wonder anti cannot outsell everyone else’s flop albums. They’re too busy worrying about an album that has yet to be released….

  88. Lolz March 26, 2016

    Anti isn’t even doing Ariana Grande numbers are they’ve already moved on to B6.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      Like J Cole says ” On to the next one, on to the next one. Hard to move on when you always regret one. ” LOL.
      They really need not to worry about B6.
      Self Titled pushed more units in 3 WEEKS than Anti has in TWO MONTHS haha. We good over here.

      • Lolz March 26, 2016

        They may as well just give up now, which they clearly have. All they’re good for is streaming.

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

        I’m still waiting on Rhianna’s “Ray of Light” moment. Lol.
        Anybody else??

  89. .:: Centurion ::. March 26, 2016

    So many random usernames in this post. So many random gravatarless commentators no one knows. 😆 Literally SCREAMING @ the weak ass bítch RoachHive and these troll accounts. They’re about to have panick attacks at any moment. 😆

  90. Lolz March 26, 2016

    How can you have a chart topping song but your album is already selling less than one of your un filled arena dates? What kind of Jason Derulo tea?

  91. Queen BeyOra March 26, 2016

    ENOUGH! Leave Beyonce alone. The album is coming. STOP!

  92. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    @Jan Stan
    DEATH! The Formation tour is already projected to demolish the Anti Tour. From the looks of how things are going , Beyonce’s album will outsell Anti too. Just like EVERYBODY else’s album did kiiii

    • JanStan March 26, 2016

      Right? I mean the receipts are there its OBVIOUS…but these are stream Queens we’re talking about and their dial up internet probably can’t handle the dual task of streaming FRIH albums and googling actual RECEIPTS. Lolol!!!!kiii!!

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

        Bwahahaha u are reading for the GAWDS today!

        FORMATION > AntiSuccess
        The Mrs Carter Show > The Cubic Zirconium Tour

  93. Queen BeyOra March 26, 2016

    by the way Queen Rita Ora is touring in America so get your tickets. *kisses*

    • Lolz March 26, 2016


  94. Lolz March 26, 2016

    As soon as a certain person spamming the post with his 3 year old drags leaves the other one completley falls apart. Lmao.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

      That certain person’s employees dont know how to act when he isn’t around.

      • RihNavy March 26, 2016


  95. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    MESS @ “I’ll literally die if Nick Jonas releases before B6? ”

    B****! I’ll literally die if Nick Jonas releases an album that has better opening numbers than Anti LMAO

  96. Britney Stan March 26, 2016


  97. Britney Stan March 26, 2016


  98. Britney Stan March 26, 2016


    • RihNavy March 26, 2016

      Not when your geriatric, lip-syncing, robotnic, no knees choreography fave is struggling to hold on to her wig & sanity by a thread

  99. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) March 26, 2016

    *scrolls through post*
    Moral of the story is, don’t try to come for Beyonce’s tour grossing when u r a part of the Navy.
    THE END!

    • RihNavy March 26, 2016

      Kiiiiii, y’all were gathering like it was a lesbiann fish fry up in here and the lemon juice and butter were flowwwwinnngg

  100. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? March 26, 2016

    I still jam out to “Beautiful Sinner”, “Bedtime Story”, and especially “Papa, don’t preach.” Her music is so diverse and universal. I’m just still surprised that she never married a black man and gave him kids cause SHE LOVES CHOCOLATE! She even said it herself!

    • RihNavy March 26, 2016

      Your comments are useless on this blog, much like your existence, be gone.

      • ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? March 27, 2016

        Did you finish building your hut yet, Career Ender? You should’ve asked for more straw and hay yesterday because I don’t have anymore to give out to you. Oh, well! Just improvise with mud. You’re dismissed, closet stan.

  101. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 26, 2016

    Yall are shady Mf people on here

  102. RihNavy March 26, 2016


    “…down syndrome dolphin sized 45 head”-HailBeysus dudjsjsndjxbwnvsvwvw ?????


  103. Meteorite March 26, 2016

    Congrats to Madonna!
    Happy 46th “Anniversary” Mariah Carey
    And Beyoncé, where’s my album?!

    • RihNavy March 26, 2016

      The same place as your fave’s relevance, nowhere to be found.

      • Meteorite March 27, 2016

        Ooh I’m shaking! You sure told me!

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      I’m sure you are shaking, like Mariah’s legs in her Ms. Piggy shoes before she goes to attempt any note above the 5th octave. I can feel the vocal trepidation all the way from here. Bask in her fading relevancy and pre-recorded nocals

      • Meteorite March 27, 2016


    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      Yaaass you better up vote yourself and down vote me. You’re so pressed and obsessed

      • Meteorite March 27, 2016

        Pressed? Hardly. Up voted myself? Not desperate. Obsessed? You’re funny! Because you’re the one who’s trolling. I said nothing about Rihanna. You’re the one who took it upon yourself to degrade Mariah and Beyoncé for no reason. You need to stop confusing me with where you been. In conclusion you are a non-entity to me and could careless as to what you have to say and think and I’m done playing your slow games. And show I wish you well, I’ll let you win and have the last word. Cheers!


        Lmaooooo Meteorite you better drag that thing

  104. RihNavy March 27, 2016

    March 26, 2016 at 9:19 pm
    JanStan says:


    The biggest self drag in history is the fact that streaming (aka not worth paying money for) is the Navy’s pride. Not concert tours, not album sales, not even overall net worth. STREAMING. I. Just. Can’t.

    YES, GAWD. I go UP for you ?????

  105. RihNavy March 27, 2016

    Not the Mariah Stan providing commentary, when it’s fave can’t even provide live vocals or a new pre-recorded track. Kiiii

    • JOHNVIDAL March 27, 2016

      Are you retarded??? Mariah Carey murders Rihanna vocally (among other things) now in 2016 and at 46 years old. These Rihanna fans are pathetic.

      • RihNavy March 27, 2016

        Girl Mariah is a flop, she can’t sing better than Blu Cantrell, and she doesn’t even have an album.

      • RihNavy March 27, 2016

        Dismiss yourself from my reply section

  106. PRINCE MACHIAVEL March 27, 2016

    Lord, I’m F****** Dead, Not Frihanna’s Stans Calling Your Madjesty “No Vocals, No Dancing And No Playing Any Instrument” While They Calling Their B**** “The Black Madonna, Having Her Ray Of Right Of The Moment” Naaahhhh The SelfDrag Izzzzzz To Much!??????????????

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      Your avi takes me out EVERYTIME ?


    Not a Rihanna Stan coming for Mariah when her fave can’t even sell out a tour with a #1 song

  108. Melanie Fenty March 27, 2016

    DEAD at this Beyhive extermination. It was blood bath. All I’m seeing is excuses. Where is B6? Have they found a B6 release date???? Adele still got trashyonce shook and in witness protection. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  109. JOHNVIDAL March 27, 2016

    If the Vegas residencies were counted for this I suppose Celine Dion would be a serious candidate to make it to that group of all male legends apart from Madonna. Wouldn´t she?

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      Girl, fck you

  110. R1977 March 27, 2016

    Madonna is a Legend!! This doesn’t even include her first two tours.she could have easily added more dates and top some of her previous records. Truth is she doesn’t need to chase after records anymore,she has done it all!Respect

  111. HailBeysus March 27, 2016

    Reading all these comments and looking at the dislikes. DEATH!!! The GAVVY showing once again the GP just don’t agree with their basic asses kii!! Look at them he dragged by the Hive for the 91826262717 time! Death at them.hiding behind Adele

    • rosy3 March 27, 2016

      Beyonce cannot claim anything number one all these women beat her in touring albums sales and superbowl audience little Katy kats bey thought bringing out Bruno Mars would double her audience not so much your obsession with rih record is stupid and rih still s*** on bey with most number ones first woman to front a design house what the hell bey design house of dereon we can’t find it in the dollar store rih is 28 bey is 40 she had a headstart in years and rih still beat her in number ones rih tour is selling out rih is an international star just like Michael Jackson she can tour overseas for the rest of her life while bey in a hotel in Vegas at 60

      • HailBeysus March 27, 2016

        Um Take the L and dismiss yourself. Stop hiding behind Adele Taylor and Madonna. This post is about tours not singles. I can’t at you Rihtàrds claiming the.Hive is obsessed with Cheatanna, when its clear as day the Gavvy are the ones that brang up Beyoncé. When they couldn’t hold a candle to Beyoncé tours they fell back fast on them singles. Beyoncé 152 million rexorss sold 5 album’s. Rihanna 192 million record’s sold 7album’s. Its clear Beyoncé can accomplish more with less. 4 tours $520 million. Rihanna 5 tours $378 million KII!! Beyoncé 5 #1 singles 36weeks @#1. Rihanna 14 #1 singles 56 weeks @#1. Beyoncé only trails Behind rihanna by 20wks despite the heaux having 9 more #1s than hwr lmfao!!!

      • ki ki and a hehe March 27, 2016

        Seriously though, I really hope english is not you first language. I’ve seen your comments on here for about a month and it’s obvious that you are borderline re.tarded from your sentence structure. I get a fu(king headache everytime I try to read your responses.

      • RihNavy March 27, 2016

        @KikiPalmer, don’t you EVER come for HailBeysus, EH-VUR

      • ki ki and a hehe March 27, 2016

        rihnavy chile stfu, I wasn’t talking to hailbeysus! I was talking to this rosy3 character if you weren’t so busy kissing you would’ve figured that out

  112. #JACKIE March 27, 2016

    Madonna slays rRih and Bey

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      The delusion is REAL with this one.

  113. EPIC DIABETIC STROKE March 27, 2016

    1. Im crying SAD tears that RIHSCEDULEDANNA was unable to sell 300k after 2 full months of my exrtreme 190/100 bloodpressure increasing faster than RIHFUNDED is selling in the US.
    2. Beys 9 #1 singles & 8 #1 albums have accumulated 53 weeks & over 10 wks respectfully
    3. Bey has grossed over half a billion so far (600-699$ million roughly)
    4. Madonna has been touring since the 1800s. Bey is still in her mid 30s and not stopping or slowing down anytime soon.
    5. If rih doesnt reinvent her FORMULA soon she will not last anywhere near as long as bey or madinnausour.

  114. EPIC DIABETIC STROKE March 27, 2016

    Queen Rih is “THAT B****” yet sumhow or another SELF TITLED manangedmoved more units in 1 ONE DAY than ANTI-impressed in whats coming up on a FULL SEASON. Doesnt the Formation Tour start soon. BEYBOLA will most likely play to more of a crowd than anti has sold within the first few shows. #PRAY4DAT!

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      Yassssss @DiabetusMellitusStage3, you better come through with the Easter scripture.

  115. RihNavy March 27, 2016

    @HailBeysus yaaaassss you better come back at the cusp of errrthang and gather with more receipts than an accountant!

    I liiiiiiiiiiiive

  116. ♊Mølly♊ March 27, 2016

    This post is crazy the hive taking Ls everywhere.

    • RihNavy March 27, 2016

      BIITCH BYE! You take L’s from every single one of the Stan bases you tried to claim. You should be lucky Annalise is letting me drag for her or else you’d be DONE.


    The resident ass licker is at it again

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