Janet Jackson Returns To Los Angeles / Issues Statement On European Tour Cancellation

Published: Thursday 10th Mar 2016 by Sam

While Janet Jackson fans await word from the singer following the sudden cancellation of her European ‘Unbreakable Tour,’ the diva herself has resurfaced in Los Angeles.

The legendary star had been in rehearsals in London for several weeks, yet jetted back home last night in the wake of the drama.

Word has it that there is a specific reason for the radio silence of late and that there will be a statement soon.

Pending then, watch the newly surfaced footage of Ms. Jackson as she exited LAX Airport.

As ever, some members of the paparazzi were relentless with their choice of questions.

See what we mean…

Update: Jackson just posted the following on her Instagram…

You’re missing me, I’m missing you… I’ll be rescheduling our Unbreakable shows in Europe as soon as I can. Xoxo

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  1. pat March 10, 2016

    why is she back in L.A. i wonder if ol joe is really at death’s door…

  2. ??Queen Molly?? March 10, 2016

    Lol Bye Janet unbreakable was a diaster… Do better you’re a legend right?

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 10, 2016

      Uh uh Molly. No! Bad girl. Get yo ass back to the Rihanna post. Ain’t no hiding from this bih

    • Royalkev March 10, 2016

      So laughable! Janet scores a #1 album 29 years after her first #1 album (‘Control’) and this thing here stanning for Selena is asking a legend to do better. I can’t!

    • JTribe March 11, 2016

      Worry about Selena’s sub par ass before you even try and come for Janet because Janet’s been there and done that a millions of times over. Know quality before you try and speak on it…

  3. I.D. March 10, 2016


  4. YOUR MADGEsty March 10, 2016

    Well, I already purchased my tickets and had the money for which I did so refunded to me so now I’m going to see Mariah Carey instead. Now, I’m going to have to purchase tickets for your “alleged” London show again and there’s a chance that I may not even get the same seat as beforehand. (Luckily, there will be a discount on the price though).


    I hope you’re okay, Janet but seriously… Come better! This is the SECOND time I’ve paid to see your show and you’ve cancelled. It’s putting me off now.


    I hate to mention my beloved Q.O.P but there’s a reason Madonna has been the ultimate touring roce since 2001 and you “could” have been near that level. #JustSaying.

    • Royalkev March 10, 2016

      I feel you, but Janet and Madonna have had two totally different relationships with the media/industry in the last 10 years (for obvious reasons). I’m not going to dwell on this because your overall comment makes sense and I understand the frustration you have with purchasing tickets to the same show constantly. Good luck this time around!

    • Vincent March 11, 2016

      The difference is Madonna doesn’t know when to postpone and take care of business and that’s the real reason she lost custody of her son! She rather be touring and making money because money comes first. Janet has her priorities right and will always put her family first!

  5. FORMATION IS RHYTHM NATION ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 10, 2016

    Just a mess! *Wendy Williams voice*

  6. Weezy Tha Goat March 10, 2016

    From my understanding she has always canceled shows in career not good look IMO. Especially if u want your comeback tour to be successful.

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (#JOYRIDE…….) March 10, 2016

    Molly aka BALDY is a Selena Gomez stan now? ? I wonder what happened lol hehe ??

    Janet is obviously not telling us something. She can still dance and sing but something scary behind the scenes is going on. Hopefully she’s all well! ?

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 10, 2016

      Mad cause Selena scalps your fav effortlessly on the charts? Then again who doesn’t slay your fav on the charts? Hmmmm All my flops is cute tho ?✌

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (#JOYRIDE…….) March 10, 2016

        Does the Beyonce, Rihanna, and Cedric stans even use you? Continue fake stanning for Gomez though Baldy ? ?

  8. Lake Erie March 10, 2016

    Shout out to the dummies who thought low ticket sales was the issue

  9. Shady81 March 10, 2016

    #QueenOfCancelations and I am so sick of these lyrical speeches from the songs off her album Get it together Janet! because you started off as an Unbreakable force that’s truly and really is Breakable I will forever be a fan but I will also be Truly honest and frank and a non ass kisser all I know is your father’s fine, your fine, I mean your fine enough to be photographed at fashion shows and s***. so what is it now I see why Madonna’s the Queen of Touring that broad don’t let nothing stop her not even a custody battle with Guy Ritchie over there son Rocco if she can bring the stage to court with her she would. That’s one women that’s on her hussle, but Janet SMH Hmm hmmm hmm, you better get it right! because pretty soon you’ll be having a seat next to the Princesses of Cancelations Rihanna and Ciara and that’s the end.

    • Vincent March 11, 2016

      And your applauding her not taking time off to deal with her son! That’s why she lost custody! She’s always put money first! That’s WRING ON SO MANY LEVELS!! FAMILY , ESPECIALLY A SON, FIRST!

  10. JanStan March 10, 2016

    Love me some Janet but still on edge worried about my Vegas show. And why the papparazzi so thirsty for her? She aint trying to be in the press voluntarily or involuntarily. Leave motha alone!

  11. JanStan March 10, 2016

    Btw her hair is hot AF.

  12. ka March 10, 2016

    That’s so wrong, yelling ” do you have cancer janet!” Just wrong like asking what shoe is she wearing :/ nice though to see janet with someone who is not a fame w**** trying to be in all pictures to be seen.

  13. FC/JC March 10, 2016

    She paid the papz complete DUST! LMAO, I live for her….. And he tried it with that Kardashian question….

  14. Royalkev March 10, 2016

    That hair have so much drama to it! I love it … Anyway, you can tell Janet is so over the paps! They will not get more than a dismissive “I am well” from Janet (if anything at all), so I don’t know why they keep looking for a sound bite from her! She’s not thirsty to make headlines! I do hope the UK get a piece of Janet down the line. Good luck to ya’ll! I know I can’t wait to see my girl soon! 🙂

  15. eric March 10, 2016

    I don’t expect perfection from any artist, but it is a serious shame that Janet has put out what I think is one of the best albums of her career only to have no live TV performances, one dedicated single with a video, and just two costumes (both of them unflattering) on a tour that is regularly postponed–that’s pretty much what this era amounts to. Janet and her team have completely failed at using media and visual entertainment to accurately promote the beautiful work that is “Unbreakable”. A lot of build up and no follow through.

    • ka March 11, 2016

      It’s a shame but agree 🙁

    • Vincent March 11, 2016

      She doesn’t have anything to prove!

  16. IT time to turn unpullow around Cole brezyk March 10, 2016

    Why she always cancel her tours

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