Emotional: Jennifer Hudson & ‘The Color Purple’ Cast Soar With Prince ‘Purple Rain’ Tribute

Published: Friday 22nd Apr 2016 by Sam

With the world still processing the passing of music icon Prince, the musical tributes have begun to rain down for the Purple One.

One of the first came courtesy of Jennifer Hudson, and the cast of Broadway’s The Color Purple.

At the end of last night’s performance, J.Hud along with lead Cynthia Erivo and the show’s ensemble actors joined together for a spirited performance of ‘Purple Rain.’

Watch their incredibly emotional showing below…


Still, we – like much of the world – are still heartbroken by the circumstances that brought about the performance. Rest Peacefully Prince. Rest Peacefully.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Arfa April 22, 2016


  2. Minajesty April 22, 2016

    So sad

  3. Arkham April 22, 2016

    Beautiful and respectful performance… RIP Prince…. Your music, creativity & side-eye memes will live on forever. #Legend

  4. Iconic Cici April 22, 2016

    How is Prince a legend when he had more flop albums than successful ones.

    Hs last five albums are not certified yet you people want to come for Queen Ciara

    The hypocrisy


    • Mar April 22, 2016

      Do your history on Prince, most of the albums he released were independent after his heyday in the 80s and early 90s. It wasn’t because he was dropped or had unsuccessful records, he spent the bulk of the 90s fighting not only for his rights, but those of his peers. And he never settle even if that meant relinquishing mainstream success. He had the means to continue creating art and that’s what he did on his own dollar while selling out shows up until his death.

      • rosy3 April 22, 2016

        Ciara has talent before Rihanna came out ciara reminded me of Janet Jackson her dance was everything I don’t think the record company gave her the support to shine I felt like when rih came out people try to say she wanted to be like Beyonce rih took the route to say hell no I’m different went and changed her image good girl gone bad back then Beyonce was a record company puppet Mariah went out change her image with honey people was mad back then but it worked sometimes you have to change it up Mariah found her s***

    • rosy3 April 22, 2016

      The problem with hypocritical people they forget history prince was consider too sexual back in the day now he is a legend dress like a woman he was different own his s*** never do what the industry tells him he never stay the same with music his old songs will live on most of these so call artist these days only have one song you remember them by look at mariah she has so many hits and rih generation will remember her songs from years to come I hear little girls singing you needed me umbrella pon de ri play I could go on and on the girl have a lot but rih is young so people,ain’t going to give her no respect her time will come with years every generation has their own idol

    • Glorious Sun April 22, 2016

      just shut the f u c k up already. show some f u c k i n g respect you troll. Go died behind the crack house waiting on your w**** of a mother get pimped by your loser father.

  5. Iconic Cici April 22, 2016

    Face it Prince was a flop compared to his contemporary


    • GIRLBYE April 22, 2016

      Ciara fans seriously need to have no opinion, been in the game since 04 and only “iconic” thing about her is the matrix. All they remember a pretty face nice gowns, beautiful gowns.

  6. cocobutta April 22, 2016

    Awesome ???

  7. Career Ender April 22, 2016

    Too much screaming and the other chick slayed JHud

  8. dee April 22, 2016

    She is a screamer not really singing.

    • Adele’s Husband April 22, 2016

      That was singing right there. Go and check your ears or stop hating

  9. Stephon Jackson April 22, 2016

    This was a beautiful tribute. Prince was one of the greatest musicians & entertainers ever. His legacy is NOT defined by superficial albums sales or charting’s success. He was MUSIC not a commercial product. RIP King Prince. And, them heifers betta SANG!

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