The Predictions Are In: Big Sean & Jhene Aiko’s ‘Twenty88’ Is Set To Sell…

Published: Saturday 2nd Apr 2016 by Rashad
twenty88_2016-Mar-27-thatgrapejuice-jhene-big sean

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko had jaws dropping just this time last week when they dropped the surprise announcement of their joint EP ‘Twenty88.’

Conveniently due on digital shelves April 1st, many fans originally perceived the announcement as an April Fool’s joke.  Indeed, while a Flaunt magazine spread and live performance on ‘Kimmel’ later disproved such, the effort’s minimal promotional push almost looked poise to see the real joke fall on Sean and Aiko.  Add to this a Tidal-only streaming availability (until April 4th), the project had an unquestionable uphill battle from day 1.

Yet, as the two have proven with their solo efforts, the absence of hit singles and promo is by no means indicative of failure.  And, if their predicted first week sales are anything to go by, they’re set to prove that point yet again…

Predicted First Week Sales:  40,000-45,000


As of Saturday morning… twenty88 rule on the album side [of iTunes] with their self-titled set, followed by Lukas [Graham] and Weezer.

Based on these very early reads…Twenty88 (Def Jam) 35-40k album, 40-45k SPS


These numbers are set to change when other outlets start streaming the project on Monday morning.  Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for updates as they become available.

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  1. ♊Mølly♊ April 2, 2016

    Death! #floooops

    • Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is 👑 April 2, 2016

      CICI last four albums say Hi B****😂😂

      • ♊Mølly♊ April 2, 2016

        Ciara self titled sold 58k without the help of a nigggga!!!

      • Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

        The crack pipe also says Hi to Chris

      • Jhené Aiko Stan April 2, 2016

        Souled Out debuted with 70k have a seat

    • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

      That’s total sales to date. He only sold 19k first week. Girl have several and stop getting He-Man dragged for the gawds on here by every fanbase…I think you really hate HeErra in real life..#Clown

      • Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

        Don’t worry about Ciara. Worry about why a fat, frumpy white girl from England has Beyawnce shook

  2. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is 👑 April 2, 2016

    This is really good for an album that wasn’t promoted. Everybody can’t do Beyoncé numbers with these surprises, but this is still good especially in this era.

    • Lea April 2, 2016

      Well Beyonce’s numbers arent really thay spectacular either, but ok…

      • Will April 3, 2016

        A million first week isn’t impressive? Shutting down iTunes isn’t impressive? Fastest selling album in the history of iTunes isn’t impressive? Lmao okay.

    • Memo April 3, 2016

      ”Beyoncé numbers…” The delusion. Yup, an impressive first-week sales, but she cannot keep it up. Adele and Taylor are the only ones being able to… Try harder next time.

  3. IStan4Rihanna. April 2, 2016

    Well, the album will most definitely debut someplace in the Top five.

    ‘Streaming’ is the prime source for album sales and artists’ popularity – there hasn’t been an album sell more than one-hundred-thousand in pure sales in eight weeks and seventy-five-thousand in pure sales in four weeks. It is a new industry now, plain and simple.

    I’m happy for them both! Congrats.

    • Kris April 3, 2016

      People seem to forget the importance of AirPlay when trying to get a #1 single… Back in the day, your song could go #1 solely off AirPlay. Sorta sounds like streaming to me.

  4. King Mark111 /.\ April 2, 2016

    No one expected much numbers from it, but it shows the power of Anti. That album is here off of streams almost alone. No other album has stood in the top 5 for over 2 months off the power of streaming. The fact the people aren’t even bothering to stream most albums shows that people aren’t really interested in music anymore for 90% of artist. On the bright side, inde artist now have an even playing feild. Music has gotten better, you just have to turn the radio off and find it.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (#JOYRIDE…….) April 2, 2016

      Did you post those videos? Or am I the only one gettin bamboozled here lol

      • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

        Gyrl everyone is getting it on this ghetto site, where have you been? Samantha gyrl, do better bih!!!

    • JanStan April 2, 2016

      What f’n delusion. Power of Anti? If thats power wtf do u call Adele SELLING as many albums as Anti’s sells AND streams COMBINED. Its one thing to Stan for your fave its another thing to be having a Katt Williams level mental illness. Next.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 2, 2016

        You named ONE artist out of hundreds and the topic was the power of streaming and how albums can’t even get high stream counts, yet Anti topped the charts last week off of it. You would had gotten that if your reading level wasn’t so low and hate for Rihanna wasn’t so high. Bless the children.

      • JanStan April 2, 2016

        No bish. I love Rihanna but I just can’t let delusional messes like u get away with such stupidity. Justin, Taylor, Katy, Bey, even ARTPOP slayed Anti to the outer galaxies. There now do u see how your ‘power of Anti comment’ was idiotic? Add the tour receipts behind these eras and it becomes even more apparent that Rhi is a LESSOR.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 2, 2016

        Oh so those album you named topped the charts with streaming that was just counted last year? Do you see how stupid your comment look? I’, talking streaming, those albums came out before streaming were counted, even then they’re not highly streamed as Anti. So like I said, if your reading level wasnt so low, you would had gotten what I was talking about.
        “No one expected much numbers from it, but it shows the power of Anti. That album is here off of streams almost alone.”

      • Lolz April 3, 2016

        And how does that have anything to do with Anti? Plenty of people have topped the charts based on streaming before Anti existed. Sit. Streaming is nothing to cling to anyway.

  5. 🍟🍧🍩Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!👟👗🎒 April 2, 2016

    Not bad! I expected it to be much higher, due to both fanbases joining together for the sales, but I guess not. Anyway, it was a really cute EP. Good for them!

  6. Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

    Laws have mercy! And folks want to clown Ciara. Jhene has never had a gold or platinum album or a hit single. Ciara was the only R&B singer to have a platinum single in 2015. OAN, whoever’s applauding these dismal sales know damn well that those numbers are horrific

    • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

      Rihanna’s Bih better have my money says hello, which was certified double platinum. Shut up fool!

      • Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

        What does Rihanna have to do with this? Silly girl

      • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

        The same way you mentioned He-Man in a Jhene Aiko thread. He has absolutely nothing to do with it. So you are the silly one dummy!

    • Jhené Aiko Stan April 2, 2016

      I love how Ciara stans cling to those decade+ year reciepts. Here in the current world, Jhené is more relevant despite not making commercial music.

  7. Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

    Jhene, give it up, girl! You are a flop! Only other flops know who you are!

    • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

      He-Man definitely knows her…

      • Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

        Where is B6? I thought it was going to be released on April 1. Beyawnce really did fool you all! Lol!

      • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

        First of all bih, Bey never gave us a release date, so you were the only one fooled you used up tampon. Thanks for checking for the queen tho…

  8. Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

    But but didn’t you flea hives say she was going to release it April 1?,All you got was a silly commercial about a raggedy clothing line

  9. Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

    @BeyTheGr8, didn’t you haters mention Ciara first? Silly girl. Stop embarrassing yourself

    • BeyTheGr8 April 2, 2016

      Bih, you are the only one embarrassing yourself, stanning for a flop who has had 4 flops back to back. Get your life h**!!

  10. Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

    You’re stanning for a flop: Jhene Aiko.

  11. Cinnamon Girl April 2, 2016

    If Ciara’s a flop, what is Jhene Aiko, who can’t even get a gold album?

  12. Theman April 2, 2016

    Streaming has nothing to do with pure album sales. Pure album sales > streaming. People still get plaques for actual sales. This is ok, but kind of underwhelming. People like holding on to streaming because of flopping.

    • King Mark111 /.\ April 2, 2016

      1500 streams equal an album sale. And as you can see, streaming did nothing for this or most albums. So for Anti to top the charts over albums that sold (25) shows the power of Anti. But you clowns won’t give Rihanna anything, yet she always leave y’all with you foot in yo mouths.

      • King B April 2, 2016

        LMAO! Do you forget that you guys laugh at Nicki for her TPP sales that include streams? So now you want to celebrate it? Calls it the power of Anti b*******? Oh please. I don’t mind if Ariana, Bieber or One Direction has more streams than sales. But it’s Rihanna! Someone that is 10 years in the game and had a solid fan base. And y’all use to say Dil and 7/11 charted base on streams and make fun of it. The hypocrisy.

      • King Mark111 /.\ April 2, 2016

        Here you are with another subject. Nicki didn’t give her fans 1 million albums. Also Nicki doesn’t own her masters or her label, so the business isn’t even the same. Rihanna can do this because she’s the ONLY one of this gen that owns her music. All the artist you named are in 360 deals, Wayne isn’t even getting paid or can drop his album, so what make you think HIS artist is winning? Don’t reply, you can’t even accept the first 2 Ls you took.

      • King B April 3, 2016

        You better keep your mouth shut when B6 is number one based on streams.

  13. Theman April 2, 2016

    Streaming doesn’t top purchased albums. But because a certain artist album isn’t selling as we’ll, y’all wanna fallback with the streaming crap. Gtfoh….

  14. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl April 2, 2016

    Can’t wait until April 4th

  15. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB April 3, 2016

    The album seems like it’s Big Sean album featuring Jhene Aiko on the tracks..

  16. Lolz April 3, 2016

    The power of Anti? Lmao the delusion. It’s the biggest flop of the year.

  17. nba 2k16 my account expired April 6, 2016

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