Fergie’s Husband Says Her New Album Will Drop In Less Than 2 Weeks

Published: Saturday 28th May 2016 by Rashad
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Fergie fans disappointed her long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Double Dutchess,’ didn’t hit stores in March as rumored may be getting their hands on new music sooner than expected.

After dropping a teaser last week to amp excitement for the serially delayed project (10 years in the making), the singer is reportedly readying its launch for an early June release.

The source of these new reports?  Fergie Ferg’s own husband/actor Josh Duhamel

Via AP:

“She is releasing this album, which I’m told is going to be in like 10 days, but I’m not saying anything,” he said. “But yeah, there’s going to be that whole release and then the beginning of next year she’ll be touring so it’s good. One of us will be home, one of us will be gone and we’ll meet. That’s the plan. Who knows? We’re making it up as we go!”

If this proves true it also means we should expect an official single release any day now!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kitty Puurrzz May 28, 2016

    She’s not that girl like that to be doing things like this ….

    • HailBeysus May 28, 2016

      Kiii much like society waiting on some proof of thotliyahs “30 million albums sold”!

      • RihNavy May 28, 2016


  2. HailBeysus May 28, 2016


  3. No favs, just here for the music May 28, 2016

    That’s way too fast though!

  4. RihNavy May 28, 2016

    The ashes Stan is OBSESSSSED with HailBeysus & Annalise, they own your MIND. STFU ALREADY.

    • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

      Kii sis she is! I can’t at her using emoji’s like we did to her fav. The irony when she called us childish yet here it is doing the same thing lmfaoooo!!! Poordat these heauxes always gotta be inspired by the people that stay dragging them! They can never get there own shít.

      • RihNavy May 29, 2016

        They love to steal, so that’s no surprise.

  5. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 28, 2016

    Solo Tour? Hun, haven’t you seen the tea on Gwen’s ticket sales? I guess we’ll see how your tour performs.

  6. HailBeysus May 29, 2016

    Notice hiw @Thot2Ashes can never give an immediate clapback, instead she disappears for hour’s and returns with a Novel LMFAOOOO!!!

    • Annalise May 29, 2016

      LMFA000 and the WalkingDead-Stan always has a weak-ass prepared dissertation, with his failed reads and recycled “drags”. I literally can-NOT! I LOVE the fact that he’s not even denying the rumour that Aaliyah got pregnant at 14, KIII that faag knows he stans for a TH0T!

      • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

        She always tries for our attention but just gets scallped everytime. Like damn bitxh give it a rest will ya! Pathetic to keep trying it knowing damn well you’ve been dragged up the precipice and thrown over! Lmao! Poorthing gives me @VagisalCream Teases ?

      • Annalise May 29, 2016

        B**** I’ll knock your teeth down your aosophagus and slice your trachea with a chopstick, you fat CÛNNT!!! where tf where you on May 1st in peckham station @ 11pm though , I sent 10 invites to you. YOU’RE A PÜSSY because I emailed you that entire week, and you paid it dust KIIIIIIII!

      • Annalise May 29, 2016

        See about me on Saturday June 4 @ 11:30pm
        Station Arcade,
        Rye Lane,
        SE15 5DQ

        Here’s the cheapest flights from Columbia Metropolitan (since you claim you’re from South Carolina, even though I know you’re from the Congo, but whatevs.

        See you soon b*tch, can’t wait to host your funeral

      • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

        EYE AM SCREAMING!!! NOT THE CONGO!!! ???????

      • RihNavy May 29, 2016

        @Annalise, the real kiiii is the ashes predictable behavior. Like…how are you gonna try and “threaten someone” and then as soon as they clock you, run away? She’s as tired as Aaliyah’s pilot.

      • Annalise May 29, 2016

        DEATTTTTH!!!! How predictable! ASSHOLE-LIYAH always runs away like a punk-ass b*tch whenever I threaten her. LMAOOOOOOOOOO she’s actually scared of me. That h** is probably gonna sleep with her night light on and her blanky tonight. I WILL CUT HER! KIII

  7. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) May 29, 2016

    I want to hear the collab with Nicki

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 29, 2016

      So you’re checking for Meek’s ghost writing?

      • RihNavy May 29, 2016

        @Jose, THIS DRAG ?????⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

      • Annalise May 29, 2016

        IUHIUHIHIUHIUHUFYTFT!!!!! Abel PLZZZZZZZ!!!!!! LMAO i’m gagging harder than @MrMarcus gags on 10inch c*cks!!! i can-NOT!

  8. Rihboy May 29, 2016

    I thought the hive don’t joke about the dead?. That’s the only jab you guys have for an artist who had more originality in her pinky than Beyoncé ever had in her entire career. Have some respect.

    • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

      Receipts of The Hive claiming we never dragged Aaliyah? Lmfao i can’t with you trying to act all high and mighty when you co-signed a man who legit wanted to out harm on Beyoncé in real life. Even had access to her. Stay the fuxk in your lane you contradicting imbecile! Your so pressed over the Hive. Look at you pull a RosittaBeans and mention the Hive yet fail to acknowledge the post. We own your feeble little mind bawahahahaha!!!

      • RihNavy May 29, 2016

        @HAILBEYSUS! GAVUH HA!!!! I’m drunk and I WILL make some time for this! KiiiiiiiT

      • Rihboy May 29, 2016

        Don’t make me throw up a lung???. Own my mind. I shouldn’t have to quote the post. You had no problem remembering. In which you guys cried at me cosigning death of the witch. But you guys continuously take digs at Aaliyah’s death. ?? nobody is pressed over you self entitled pest. The most immature of all fan bases. Which is why your own fave don’t claim you unless you pay her ?. ✌?️✌? p.s. Hope beys crust bundles don’t get caught, or she don’t trip on that moving runway. Lord knows we can’t loose such an inspiring phenom ?

      • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

        Lmfao BIG FUXKING difference between making a Jab at someone who is dead and wishing harm on someone who is currently Alive. But if course i don’t expect RIHTÂRD to understand nor comprehend that.
        I can’t at you claiming Beyoncé is smoke n mirrors when there are thousands of article’s and people who have dubbed Cheatanna this for years kiii!!! Rihanna needs 8162617161 featured computers to fix her voice and needs 92625171717 song writers and producer’s just to make a McSingle so she can stay current. Lets not forget the countless videos of her on youtube trying so hard to be Beyoncé 2.0. It took Chris Brown to beat that ass and make her fake an identity to shed the incident that happened. Badgalriri my ass ???!! Meanwhile Beyoncé can release music thats left field from radio and still sell an album and tour 1000x better than fRihanna!! You guys stay coming for Bey and her collaborations with Song writer’s yet she has won Journalism awards for her songwriting. Tell me how many song writing awards does fRih have again????

    • Rihboy May 29, 2016

      Rihfakey step off. Your just a clown troll hiding behind a false title. Tootles

      • RihNavy May 29, 2016

        Bish worry about your idolization of your fave and the dire need to be like her to the point that you’ve gotten every STD in the book hussy.

      • Annalise May 29, 2016

        You Nazi phaags may be easily fooled but I am not! YOU and me both know that is not a true Aaliyah stan, and is just one of the SLAVI in hiding. It defends thothanna more than it defends Aaliyah. I talked about Aaliyah’s alleged teenage pregnancy and she didn’t even try to deny it (even though actual Aaliyah fans do). “She” claims she is under 20, which means she was barely a couple years old when Aaliyah died, yet she talks about being so upset over it (she needs to worry about her own death tbh!).

      • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

        (She needs to worry about her own death tbh!)
        IQUABSGSYXSHSBAYV JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!! I CANNOT WITH YOU!!!!! ??????????????????????

      • Rihboy May 29, 2016

        Like I said. It’s pointless to debate. A

      • Ayyseify May 30, 2016

        Doesn’t lemonade have 100 co writers on what? 12 songs? lol she’s really putting her feelings this album, she put her heart and soul into it lmao! I can’t with the fleahive!!

  9. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 29, 2016

    I am here for it. Another person to block Yonce’ for the coveted BBHot100 #1

    • RihNavy May 29, 2016

      The BB Hot 100 that NONE of your chop suey fave’s have, sis?

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 29, 2016

        My faves top billboard japan and korea. Bye h**. Their music market is bigger than the UK and is close behind the US.

      • HailBeysus May 29, 2016

        SEVERAL LIESSS DETECTED KIII!!! AND WHAT CHARTS??? Thise hoess will forever be Inspired by western civilization.
        Every American Artists and UK artists ever —–> Every KFlop star!!

  10. RihNavy May 29, 2016

    GFHSHDGDHF!!! NOT ANNALISE dragging like this on an early Sunday morning. MON DIEU! ????

  11. RihNavy May 29, 2016

    May 29, 2016 at 12:17 am
    Annalise says:


    why is ASSH0LE-LIYAH-cümster talking when R.Kelly’s entourage claimed that thøtliyah was pregnant with R.kellys baby. SHUT THAT C0CKSUCKER UP BIHHHH


  12. #JACKIE May 29, 2016

    Nobody is checking for Fergie.

  13. Mimij May 30, 2016

    Fergie……bye. I’m tired of these early 2000’s singers taking decade long hiatus’ and trying to pop up back on the scene like we’re suppose to give a damn. The Duchess was a great album for Fergie. Sis….why didn’t you follow up with something immediately after to keep the wave going. I don’t care about this album at all…..next.

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