Report: Britney Spears Readies New Single For Release…Next Week

Published: Tuesday 10th May 2016 by Rashad

After last year’s false start with the Iggy Azalea-assisted ‘Pretty Girls,’ the #BritneyArmy is aligning its energy in preparation for the arrival of ‘Make Me’ – the highly anticipated official lead single from pop princess Britney Spears’ yet-titled 9th album.

Coming after months of speculation, the tune – formerly titled ‘Make Me Ooh’ – is set to make its premiere just in time for her forthcoming hits medley performance at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards (where she’ll also be presented the Millennium Award)…


Premiere Date:  May 20th

“It’s different; it’s a turn. She’s gone from pretty straight-forward pop to a really interesting vibe with a lot of really cool stuff,” a source told the Las Vegas Sun in April.

Word has it the video for the tune has already been shot and will feature Spears in ‘the best shape of her life.’  While we’ve heard that before, we’ll reserve our judgement for the diva’s newest offerings until they’re available in full.

Are you excited for new Britney?

Your thoughts?

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  1. trose May 10, 2016

    Urban Trap Britney>? I sure hope so not TOO much the TRAP more urban ala BLACKOUT…dj mustard on the beat perhaps?

    • Maurice May 10, 2016

      That B**** slayyyyed my soul with Blackout.
      I was so here for that album, you don’t understand. I just listened to “Get Naked” earlier today. Kinda miss crazy britney cos she was bringing out a complete new sound back then. Ready to hear what she serves up next

  2. BAMMMMM May 10, 2016

    She should stay in Vegas..the album & single will flop.p

  3. Lake Erie May 10, 2016

    IM intrigued. Come on through Brit!

  4. Suicide Blonde May 10, 2016

    I’m not interested in her music but she’s already a legendary figure in popular culture, she is held in high esteem in the Pop music world, she’s one of those artists whose career should be followed, she will be even a bigger figure when all is said and done.

    • Homicide Brunette May 10, 2016

      What do you mean when all is said in done? Are you talking about when she kills herself like your fave did. oops I mean faves (hi david bowie!)

    • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

      You like Madonna’s music but not her mini me’s? I’m confused?!

      • iSlay May 10, 2016

        Britney is more of a mini Janet than Madonna. She followed Janets blueprint to a tee.

      • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

        You’re right, but there’s still a large Madonna influence.

  5. Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

    I’m ready queen, I’ve been waiting to be slaughtered again since Work B**** (single-wise) and Femme Fatale (album-wise)! I like that she hasn’t officially announced anything too, and there’s already all this buzz!

  6. No favs, just here for the music May 10, 2016

    She had her reign when she was younger but now she’s a has-been. Puppet or robot would be best to describe her because she hasn’t been feeling or putting enthusiasm into her own music for years.

    • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

      The Femme Fatale album was flawless and, it also had a Billboard 100 #1 from this decade… which some overrated artist from today can’t say.

  7. Timago May 10, 2016

    “Make Me” is Janet’s jam!! Britney is so unoriginal as of late.

  8. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) May 10, 2016

    Her new album is said to have a very Weeknd vibe to it. King Abel’s impact

    • Fancy BISH May 10, 2016

      Exactly! King Abel has 19 nominations at the 2016 Billboard Awards!

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 10, 2016

      King who?

  9. Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

    Y’all need to report about Britney’s new mobile game ‘Britney Spears: American Dream’, you posted about the Kartrashians and Basic Perry’s!

    • BritneyBabe May 10, 2016

      this haha

  10. IStan4Rihanna. May 10, 2016

    I . AM . READY.

  11. King Mark111 /.\ May 10, 2016

    Man EVERYONE is dropping music this year. Feels like 2001 all over again.

    • IStan4Rihanna. May 10, 2016

      Babe, how excited are you about Rihanna having three songs in the Top 10 next week?


      The QUEEN is doing so well. 😉

      • Lukhas Stan May 10, 2016

        sis my buussy is PULSATING!

      • King Mark111 /.\ May 10, 2016

        That’s awesome! I hope she grabs that top spot tho.

  12. Bee May 10, 2016

    I understand it’s not cool to like Britney I get it, but one thing you can’t take away from her is she makes good music & her videos are always something to look out for I just hope she’s ready blaze that stage again

  13. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? May 10, 2016

    People still listen to Britney Spears in 2016? Serious question.

    • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

      When Zayn’s heavily promoted DEBUT album sold the same first week as Britney Jean?!?!?!? Wtf really? And I don’t even have to say s*** about Weezy, everyone knows the joke.

      • Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? May 10, 2016

        Do I know you? I haven’t seen you around here before, probably just somebody trolling as a Britney fan, cause I hardly doubt anybody would really be stanning for this auto tune train wreck in 2016.

      • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

        Oh sorry!!! Are you supposed to be someone who I need to be known by?! Excuse me whist I give no fxcks. You better believe there’s a lot more Britney fans than both of your faves fanbases put together, but keep reaching you hypocrite. Coming for the Queen when Wayne has so much auto tune it sound like someone recorded him choking on Birdmans balls. Smh

      • BEYONCE’S USED TAMPON May 11, 2016


  14. King Mark111 /.\ May 10, 2016

    Funny, I always thought In The Zone was Britney’s urban rout. 2nd thought, that whole late 90s teen bob was urban white kids.

  15. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 10, 2016

    I NEED it to sound like Tiffany’s – I just wanna dance.
    If it sounds like something from femme fatal, i’m here for it.
    I just hope britney promotes this time around.

    • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

      Omfg I’m listening to Tippany right now, the mini album is slaying me!

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 10, 2016

        I was almost crying. Tiffany was always my fave in SNSD but I did NOT expect her to slay on that level. I was so scared it was gonna sound like Party 2.0 or something. TALK is also a really good song. Hope she promotes it as the bside

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 10, 2016

        Jessicas song sounds like it could be a bit pretentious tbh. Hope tiffany puts her in her place these next few weeks.

        I mean, Tiffany has to going up against TWICE, Akmu and jessica

      • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

        I knew SM would’ve gave her a banger, after Taeyeon’s solo success. And Lol, I thought Party was pretty cute. I’m liking Talk the most too after IJWD. I just need a SHY debut then my life will be compete ?

      • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

        I wanted Jessica and Tiffany to go head to head, imagine the drama! I need to hear Fly in full to judge but but so far it’s sounding like a rehash of I and Basic Perry’s plastic bag song. I think Tiffany will win the majority of music shows next week, Twice maybe popular but they’re still rookies and Sones are rutheless when it comes to voting!

  16. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 10, 2016

    We all know this era will last longer than the Lemon zest era

  17. King Mark111 /.\ May 10, 2016

    I’m sure we can all agree on this one, NO AUTO TUNE!

    • Dem Lessers May 10, 2016

      I don’t mind a little auto tune, I just need me a catchy hook and a good beat lol!

  18. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 10, 2016

    Top 10 brintey songs of all time

    1)gimme more
    4)break the ice
    5)get naked
    7) 3
    10)why should I be sad

    • BritneyBabe May 10, 2016

      sis where is Stronger?

    • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 10, 2016

      What about “Gasoline”, “I Wanna Go”, “Till the World Ends” and “Freakshow”?

  19. iSlay May 10, 2016


  20. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 10, 2016

    Okay. I’m here for it! I wonder if it’ll sound like Madonna’s “Music” track. Experimental Britney (more experimental than “Blackout”) would be nice for a change.

  21. Black power May 11, 2016

    Lol there’s always so much damn hype around her and it’s always left at just that. Now no one can take away what she did in the 90s and early 2000’s but c’mon Britney ever happening again is a NO! It’ll come it’ll flop just like pretty girls. Best of luck to her tho

  22. Briej May 11, 2016

    To the haters that have soo much to say about brit brit. How about you go hop your asses to and see how just two of her albums has sold more than your faves entire catalogue and that’s just the U.S. not worldwide. …. I’ll wait

  23. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 12, 2016

    Good for Britney spear

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