Report: Janet Jackson Pregnant With First Child

Published: Wednesday 4th May 2016 by Sam

Early last month Janet Jackson announced the postponement of her ‘Unbreakable World Tour,’ revealing to fans that she and husband Wissam Al Mana were starting a family.

At the time, many received the news warmly – particularly given how private the star usually is.

However, the ambiguity of her carefully chosen wording left some scratching their heads; was Jackson pregnant or planning to be?

The answer, if new reports are to be believed, suggest the iconic singer is indeed with child.

Entertainment Tonight have gone to press touting the following:

Just days before Mother’s Day, a source confirms to ET that Janet Jackson is pregnant with her first child.

The show’s producer Brad Bessey also took to Twitter to congratulation the ‘BURNITUP!’ belter:

ET being the first to tout the news is significant because they (likely by no coincidence) are set to air a behind the scenes look at Jackson’s ‘Dammn Baby’ music video tonight.

Could the hotly anticipated clip bring about a big reveal? Who knows.

If indeed Janet is with child, That Grape Juice extends our sincerest congratulations.

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat May 4, 2016

    congrats…she’s probably pretty far along too if she’s made at announcement about it

    • Sterling Infinity May 4, 2016

      I’m really happy to read this! I hope this new gift from God will help bring some healing after loosing Michael.

  2. LmfaoHoe May 4, 2016

    Yess Janet, I will continue to pray for you and the family. God bless and take care ?

  3. The Great Lacefronce. May 4, 2016

    When will halitosisonce ??????

    • I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016


    • toeknee May 4, 2016

      When will you get a life?

  4. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? May 4, 2016

    Yay, Janet! A beautiful baby on the way!! I’m so proud. MJ would’ve been moon-walking on the ceiling.

    • I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016

      Hopefully it’s not another Blu Ivy lookalike with Jackson 5 nostrils ( Because it’ll actually be a Jackson) No offence @ Tyler

  5. I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016

    But why at this age? it will probably end up like her last album and tour

  6. I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016

    Just as everyone thought it was a ttanny or barren. Slay Tranet

    • GirlStop! May 4, 2016

      Lmao see that’s why h*** like u stay broke, stay sacking d*** for free you will never in this life time or in your next life time be on Janet’s level infact I hope in your next life time you come back as a dog’s ass hole

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 4, 2016

      Huh? Lol
      Ima pray for you…
      even if God doesn’t listen *burns sage and shakes prayer beads*

  7. toeknee May 4, 2016

    Congrats ms Jackson.

  8. I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016

    That man is way too cute for her *Waits for LB to change gravatar*

  9. JanStan May 4, 2016

    Now I forgive u Queen!!! It amazes me that at almost 50 years old she is still the Queen of choreo. Now drop the new video please to give me life yes!!!!

    • I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016

      OMG 50?
      that’s half a century

  10. Que? May 4, 2016

    I thought we already talked about this, TGJ…

  11. I stan (D) for @#JACKIE May 4, 2016

    The baby might have a Jackson second name just to live off it Like mother like Son/Daughter or both just like …. like ….

  12. #JACKIE May 4, 2016

    Umm congrats

  13. Career Ender May 4, 2016

    congrats J!

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen May 4, 2016

      Nice of you. By the way I’m loving Bey’s creative direction with Lemonade. It’s pretty bomb.

      • Career Ender May 4, 2016

        thanks . I finally realised there’s bad blood between Hive and Janet stans in here. Y’all so cool

      • Career Ender May 4, 2016

        there’s no*

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen May 4, 2016

        Welcome. Exactly! Our fave love and support each other and are both Queens in their own right.


  14. Anastasia Beaverhousen May 4, 2016

    I’ll wait for her confirmation, but if this is true, fantastic news!!

    If Halle and Mariah can at the ages they got pregnant, then why can’t the Queen.

    Janet and wissam can provide a lush life for a child.

    Haters mad because they were raised on welfare and WIC.

    Be happy Queen, get back to us when it’s right for your family.


  15. Bitchpleaseeee May 4, 2016

    Awwwww congrats Muss Janet and I hope it’s twins too ?????????????????????????

  16. No favs, just here for the music May 4, 2016

    Awwwww! Congratulations!

  17. Annalise May 4, 2016

    These trolls are tired, perhaps it’s time my slave came back to show you how it’s done

    • Annalise May 4, 2016

      Gurl get a You’re not even worthy of a read!

  18. ka May 4, 2016

    Mother Jackson is probably saying about darn time, I’ve been waiting I’m no young cat anymore. Glade to hear Janet’s moving on to have a family, next generation should get a Janet so happy it wasn’t with JD he would just make her a baby mama.

  19. Career Ender May 4, 2016

    not this troll being paid more dust than a slithering serpent

    • Annalise May 4, 2016


  20. Career Ender May 4, 2016

    the coolest C-Squad members are Faf and FC/JC shout out to you guys too

  21. blue May 4, 2016


  22. RICHIE_RICH May 4, 2016

    Congrats Mrs.Jackson

  23. Rima May 4, 2016


  24. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 4, 2016

    Congrats ???

  25. Annalise May 4, 2016

    Who got dat bun in the oven? Janet got that bun in the oven!!!

    how cute would it be if she rubbed her belly in the ‘Damn baby’ music video?

  26. Who gonna check me boo?? May 4, 2016

    Awwwww good for her she’s been waiting for a while. And to those who u use these to bash another woman or worse a child your are lost souls seek help

  27. Royalkev May 4, 2016

    I love this woman! She’s in my prayers, I just want her to have a safe and healthy pregnancy! Janet’s given me so much life with her music/videos/performances… and now I want her to live her life and concentrate on giving life to her bundle of joy (because that’s what her heart desires). I’ll enjoy this ‘Dammmn Baby’ video (it’s actually one of my favorite songs from the album) and I’ll await her return, whenever she’s ready! Her family life is first priority now, we’re secondarily!

  28. OMG Logic!!! May 4, 2016

    How is this a good thing? The poor child will be 10 and his mother will already be in her 60s. By the time he/she reaches adulthood she will be in her 70s…

  29. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 5, 2016

    Good for them for being pregnant

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