Report: Jay Z Readies Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ Response?

Published: Wednesday 4th May 2016 by David

Is Jay Z gearing up to respond to Beyonce’s tell-all visual album ‘Lemonade’?

Find out below…

‘Lemonade’ has been touted as a tell-all project which details the married couple’s alleged infidelity issues.

Now, if US Weekly’s sources are anything to go by, Jay is now prepared to share his side of the story.

The publication shares:

An insider reveals in the new issue of Us Weeklythat the rap icon, 46, is recording songs that will reveal his version of events surrounding the rough patch in his eight-year marriage to Beyoncé. Jay is working on an album telling his side of things,” explains a source close to the couple.

‘Lemonade’ is Beyonce’s sixth U.S. #1 album and features poetry penned by the Somali-British poet Warsan Shire.

Her work, alongside lyrics co-written by the artist MNEK, was used to build the album’s chart-topping tale which has taken several twists and turns since its release.

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  1. MsYonce May 4, 2016

    Lool Keep it Jay

  2. B_Roni May 4, 2016

    Oh wow. I like Beyonce but if this is true then either this was all a stunt to get the public talking and making money or he is really in his feelings. Lol but I will toon In lol.

    • Anti- garbage singing vioces May 4, 2016

      Public talking? Didn’t the public aka haters always talked about their marriage day in day out? Telling their marriage is fake etc etc? Now suddenly the same haters are crying and saying their marriage is not fake , they don’t have problems etc etc . Huh? WTF? Haha haha. Beyonce has her haters in reverse.

      • Fatusankoh May 4, 2016

        Aunts garbage thank you well said

      • Have a seat May 4, 2016

        Speaking complete TRUTH! The world we live is very wishy washy! You can’t please everybody ! And for those of you who are saying ignorant comments like “to make money” THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD “should” be thinking of ways to make money everyday! JAY AND BEY as PUBLIC figures/artist is a J.O.B people!!!!! Geesh so if this is apart of their JOB / bringing in money for their household as long as it is not ILLEGAL then why bother the HATE!

  3. toeknee May 4, 2016

    It better be a rumor, nobody is here for it.

  4. Metzo May 4, 2016

    Hell no. BYEE

  5. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 May 4, 2016

    I don’t believe this at all!

  6. Anti- garbage singing vioces May 4, 2016

    Us Weekly is the source?
    Bwhahahahaha. So funny. And no i don’t believe 1 word, not one word.

  7. truthtea May 4, 2016

    They are doing this on purpose now to keep people talking about them! How pathetic!!! The masters of manipulating everybody!!!

    • Anti- garbage singing vioces May 4, 2016

      To keep people talking? U 2face trash. First it was they are lying. They have problems. They are fooling people etc etc. Now that Beyonce gave u haters all the BS u were talking about her marriage etc, u b×××es are crying in reverse. Now it is>> They are fooling people. Their marriage is okay, they don’t have problems etc etc. Yep Beyonce got all her haters talking in reverse about her marriage. DON’T HATE HER FOR WHAT U HATERS AND THE MEDIA DID FABRICATED ABOUT HER MARRIAGE DAY IN DAY OUT.

    • Meiz May 4, 2016

      like seriously who give a damn f***.I wish they could just go away,as in they should disappear or better still die.Enough already. Two old fools

  8. B_Roni May 4, 2016

    If his new album is called ice tea and they have lemonade iced tea tour…..

    • JESUSHCHRIST May 4, 2016


  9. Royalkev May 4, 2016

    Ummm, no thanks!

  10. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 4, 2016


  11. DIABETIC STROKE May 4, 2016

    The past and the present emerge? History repeats itself? What a F-ing Curse? Plus u can tell by the lyrical fluidy of the album from begining to end that its not only Culture-influenced but also autobiographal much like Self titled. Just less but stronger songs. For instance Daddy said shoot and show me your scars to freedom and true love conquers all redemption etc. My fav being the dual between they dont love you like i love you and so many ppl trying to touch ya feel up on ya, i gave u sum time to prove that i can trust you. Hence the 93 critic score. I hope this is true about follow up to magna carter, im so sick of drake & the hype i take Dmx over Drake both got way more #1 albums than drake will ever have.

    • #JACKIE May 4, 2016

      B**** you’re so pressed. ALL of Drakes albums debuted at #1 even his mixtape and collab album with Future. That makes SIX number ones. Jay has like 10836363288282 albums so of course he’s gonna have more #1s dumb ass pressed b****.

  12. Sterling Infinity May 4, 2016

    Lol this is going to get real. I can’t wait for the reaction from fans. ?

  13. Annalise May 4, 2016


  14. OMG Logic!!! May 4, 2016

    Insufferable is what these two are.

  15. Kitteneyez May 4, 2016

    Marketing ploy these two are fine

  16. No favs, just here for the music May 4, 2016

    Ugh. I really don’t care to hear Jay Z speak on the matter tbh. Hope this isn’t true.

    • ilovemusic May 4, 2016

      Im with you. I’d honestly just rather listen to him rap. He already made Song Cry. If he’s going to come back he needs to be himself. I don’t care for a follow up either.

  17. Cinnamon Girl May 4, 2016

    Money hungry buffoons taking advantage of their retarded fans

  18. Chile Please!!! May 4, 2016

    Lawd if these 2 Squrlz don’t go have a seat on a tree branch somewhere with this bullspit! They are really carrying with this lame a** Bonnie & Clyde love hate shyt! Ya’ll got enough coins in ya’ll pouches….go have a cute litter & relax for a while!

  19. DIABETIC STROKE May 4, 2016

    So LEMONADE sold 700k first week. Im not sure how many days were counted in its tracking but very impressive debut regardless. Poor Anti only sold 190k first week

  20. DIABETIC STROKE May 4, 2016

    Congrats to ANTI as well its coming close to 900k (in 3 months total) impressivd considering it FLOPed in the US & UK. yet.

    • King B May 5, 2016

      and Australia.

  21. Erica May 5, 2016

    If this old man doesn’t sit his crusty grandpa looking ass down.

  22. zeroing ivy bloper tran anti girl lemond time May 5, 2016

    Good for Shawn carter aka jay-z and it getting people talking a whole lot more about what he’s doing and I don’t think lemonade is about Beyonce knowles-carter & jay-z married it’s about someone else married that’s who she talking about in the song

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