Iggy Azalea & Nick Young Confirm Split

Published: Sunday 19th Jun 2016 by Rashad
nick young iggy azalea split

After weeks of speculation, today brought with it confirmation that Iggy Azalea‘s ‘Team’ has one less member…former fiance Nick Young.

Confirming the split just a year after announcing her engagement to the LA Laker, the breakup announcements come after months of being rocked by repeated reports of the baller’s infidelity.  Despite following the reports with a few media spots to ensure their union was still in tact, apparently the rapstress has decided to call it “a wrap” on their wedding plans.

Details below:

Screen shot 2016-06-19 at 9.02.53 PM


Nick Young offered a much shorter confirmation:

Screen shot 2016-06-19 at 9.03.04 PM


Your thoughts?

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  1. who gonna check me boo? June 19, 2016

    who and who confirm what?

    • ?+✈=? June 19, 2016

      Hope she steals another black man

      • June 20, 2016

        you don’t have to hope,a matter a fact they will date her off there own will no forcing, alot out there would go balls deep in dat, without a delay.

    • Danzou June 20, 2016

      She the RAPPER that doesn’t support a child r*****.

  2. Britney stan June 19, 2016

    This girls life is a fail.

    • Rih Up June 19, 2016

      Not a Britney Stan talking about having a failed life.

      • Dem Lessers June 20, 2016

        Watch your tongue b****, when Britney has classic and diamond albums but someone’s last album was just a desperate attempt.

      • Rih Up June 20, 2016

        LOL girl stfu. Can Britney even bye groceries without consulting her conservator lol. That’s what I thought. Bye B*^#^.

      • Dem Lessers June 20, 2016

        At least my fave ain’t wasting her money BUYing her own album certifications now. So how about you keep it buttoned…just a little suggestion?

      • Truth June 20, 2016

        Why is a Britney fan commenting on anyone’s life, when it’s favorite is a country bumpkin looney. You Britney fans are embarrassing.

      • Dem Lessers June 20, 2016

        Yeah you already said that and I ain’t bother. 17 year career including a 5 years break, but she’s still selling out Vegas, staring in her own mobile game and has a new fragrance coming out. If some people don’t release an album every year, they get forgotten about…sip sip!

      • Rih Up June 20, 2016

        Lol Your fav has been “Has-Been lol” forgotten sis, hence as to why she’s at Vegas. No one’s checking for that 50 yr old looking robot. Also doll, what good has that 5 yr break done for her musically….Crickets… exactly.

      • Dem Lessers June 21, 2016

        Bxtch if you don’t know how to use single or double quotation marks properly don’t use them at all. There’s more buzz for #B9 era than both Anti-success and Digital Disproportion put together. I ain’t got beef with the Navy, but I ain’t gonna take someone dragging Britney for a fake ass basic one hit wonder. Rest yourself!

  3. BeyKnowlesBest June 19, 2016

    She done came and gone already…poor child cant get another hit to save her white racist life ??

  4. King Mark111 June 19, 2016

    Hahahahaha, she write this keep long paragraph and all he gave was an adjective.

    • ontherun June 20, 2016

      oh dead that’s not an adjective. stay in school kids

      • Ciah’s Turtle June 21, 2016

        yes it actually IS.. tf is wrong you and them nine other fools who liked your comment.

  5. Cinnamon Girl June 19, 2016

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are the NBA Champions! Take that Stephen Curry and your Cabbage Patch kids lookingvwife! Ohioooo! Ohiooo!

  6. #JACKIE June 19, 2016

    Who cares?

    • Cinnamon Girl June 19, 2016

      You do

      • #JACKIE June 19, 2016

        And you’re mother doesn’t care about you b****, that’s why she left you in the toilet at Macy’s.

      • Cinnamon Girl June 19, 2016

        Ewww. Good one. Want a cookie?

      • #JACKIE June 20, 2016

        Eww at your FACE, Cinnamonkey. Don’t come for me b**** because you will get scalped. Know your place and stay in it.

    • Mimi June 19, 2016

      Lmaooo Jackie

    • Danzou June 20, 2016

      #Jackie please hurry up and jump off a bridge

      • #JACKIE June 20, 2016

        Only if you and Iggy lead the way høe.

      • Danzou June 20, 2016

        I’ll follow you to push you off b****

      • #JACKIE June 20, 2016

        Won’t you have to remove the syringes from your arm first crackwhöre? Have several seats ugly.

    • June 20, 2016

      why you CiCi fans are so filled with negativity, y’all go around and pick fights with every fan base, for no reason.
      such bullies.

      • #JACKIE June 20, 2016

        We don’t pick fights with anybody. We state our opinions which obviously makes b****** pressed and they attempt to come for us. Goodbye.

  7. Rih Up June 19, 2016

    He was a cheat, so good for her.

  8. Danny Bey June 19, 2016

    Guess he got tired of Becky with the bad hair.

    • Ughhhh June 19, 2016

      How long did it take you to come up with that?

      • Danny Bey June 20, 2016

        As long as it took your mother to regret not swallowing you.

      • toeknee June 20, 2016

        @ Danny Bey loool

  9. BOOBIE June 19, 2016

    Publicity stunt rebound “boyfriend” ala Taywhore Swift coming in 3…2…

  10. Ughhhh June 19, 2016

    Nick that’s a d*** move bro. Through interviews you can tell Iggy is a good person; you may not like her music (idk why because the shît is catchy) but she doesn’t deserve the disrespect from a guy she was going to spend her life with

  11. TerryB June 19, 2016

    Break ups are always tough. I see some of you all making jokes. It’s apparent none of you have been in a relationship.

  12. truthtea June 19, 2016

    Dear Iggy,

    Fu*ck you!!!

    • Ughhhh June 19, 2016

      Dear dumba*ss, wrong address, this is a low budget entertainment blog. Iggy isn’t going to see this! Ahaha

  13. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 19, 2016

    Good foe her and people knew that they wouldn’t last that long in their relationship to get married

  14. No favs, just here for the music June 20, 2016

    Is this her promo tactic?

  15. Musika June 20, 2016

    PR Stunt…yawn

    • Dem Lessers June 20, 2016

      The whole relationship was just PR, I knew they were never going to walk down the isle. Just like Ciara and Russle.

  16. Kitty Puurrzz June 20, 2016

    Even if you hate Iggy i want folks to understand that’s she’s human too … Just sad.

  17. 2bad2bme June 20, 2016

    No one needs to know your business…shut the f*ck up and release the music (shut the f*ck up and play basketball)

  18. Dem Lessers June 20, 2016

    Better call your agent quickly to arrange another showmance, you can’t have the tabloids lose interest along with the general public now can we!

  19. June 20, 2016

    i heard Nicki mianj was the one who encouraged her, to drop that cheat.

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