Mya Opens Up On Sexual Abuse Within The Music Industry

Published: Monday 20th Jun 2016 by David

Accusations made by the Pop princess Kesha against her former producer Dr. Luke and the release of the documentary ‘An Open Secret‘ have ignited a conversation about sexual abuse within the entertainment industry.

Weighing in on the matter this week is the R&B songbird Mya.

Yes, in an interview with ‘Vlad TV‘, the ‘Case of the Ex’ performer spoke openly about the industry’s problematic way of dealing with cases when they surface and how misogyny protects those accused of preying on vulnerable talent.

Watch below…

Hit the 9 minute 20 mark…

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  1. Madame Fifi June 20, 2016

    Wow! Everyone needs to watch this. I often wonder how many of our faves have been through this.

    • Nahh June 20, 2016

      A lot more than we think! Men take advantage of women all the time in the music industry especially the ones that don’t have anybody around to protect them. Anything for a record deal and some hits they take advantage of the wanting all the time and get away with it. Why is it that everybody in Hollywood is allowed to have cocaine all the executives and hire ups have that s*** on constant order end never get caught nor arrested. They’re high up and protected by the Jews

  2. Alex June 20, 2016

    Great interview. I never knew Mya was so grounded. This made her so much more appealing to me. Its sad that God fearing people like her aren’t winning, but believe God’s children will get the best life for all eternity.They can have everything here on earth because non of it comes close to what is promised.

    • Madame Fifi June 20, 2016

      Winning what? What good is money and fame if you have to drink and drug yourself to escape how you got it.

      • What Now June 20, 2016

        This sent a chill down my spine. You are telling the truth.

  3. GirlGroupFan June 20, 2016

    Diddy’s predatorial a*** comes to mind!

  4. Pat June 20, 2016

    She’s intelligent beautiful and talented. Howd she fall off so bad

    • Ughhhh June 20, 2016

      Lol read between the lines. She basically said it all in that interview alone.

  5. #JACKIE June 20, 2016

    Mya slays. She’s beautiful and talented. If anyone was to make a comeback I’d want it to be her.

  6. Coolness June 20, 2016

    First off, I can’t get over how gorgeous she is. Prime example of getting better looking with age. Second, her words regarding sexual harassment in the industry were very profound. In fact, there were times during her discussion of that topic that she looked like she was about to cry or something. The thing is, a lot of the stars that we see on top today had to go through A LOT to get to where they are now. Only God knows what they’ve seen, endured and had to sacrifice. Very scary when you think about it.

  7. Mark111 June 20, 2016

    It’s true! How do you think Celine,Whitney and Mariah all got to the top? They had to f u c k old ugly white men

    • Ughhhh June 20, 2016

      Stop spreading false accusations.

  8. Kitty Puurrzz June 20, 2016

    Mya is such a class act.. Gorgeous woman. Seen her in person once and was just in awwww…

  9. cocobutta June 20, 2016

    Really enjoying her interviews on vlad..
    Love the poise Mya has and she got her wits about her.
    Big shame liberation didn’t have its proper release as that was a massive set back.
    She made some excellent songs since but just not the level of exposure anymore. Glad she doing her thing, her way.

  10. Smoove Jones June 20, 2016

    Great interview. Always well spoken. Sounds a lot of those executive tried to plot on her and she wasn’t have it. I respect and applaud Mya for turning the other way.

  11. FC/JC June 20, 2016

    Great interview! I love and miss MYA so much!
    She is talking some real knowledge and Industry wisdom without being too blatant. Glad she knew when to have and keep standards. She still has an amazing career at the end of the day!

  12. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 20, 2016

    Great interview

  13. dee.western June 27, 2016

    In most cases, both male and female, can and should say FU. These money hungry record and movie studio heads are so strung out on power, and they use that power as a intimidating factor to control and have celebrities dance by their music. I applaud Mya for speaking so eloquently about the real drama behind the music and movie industry.
    I applaud Prince when he took Warner Bros. controlling behinds to court. We live in a today, that’s run by Power and egos.

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