New Song: Mike Will Made It Ft. Rihanna – ‘Nothing Is Promised’

Published: Thursday 2nd Jun 2016 by Rashad

If you thought Mike Will Made It‘s star faded just as quickly as it’d risen, think again.

The hitmaking producer – who has wielded hits for the likes of Ciara, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and many more – taps his ‘Pour It Up’ co-star Rihanna for the lead single for ‘Ransom 2’ (the follow-up to his 2014 release ‘Ransom‘).

Titled ‘Nothing is Promised,’ the tune bumps over an EarDrummers beat while Rih coos about a number of usual topics (n*ggaz, money, shopping, drinking).  Coming as her latest collabo with a super-producer in just a month (see:  Calvin Harris ‘This Is What You Came For’), it appears the Bajan beauty is on quite the roll while her own solo project ‘Anti,’ still maintains buoyancy in the top 5 of the album charts.

That  Rihanna reign just won’t let up and now you can get into ‘Promised’ below to get a reminder why:

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  1. #JACKIE June 2, 2016

    Oh b**** this GOES. I can’t even shade her. *pops p**** on a handstand*

    • FAFsh June 3, 2016

      She’s from Atlanta now werq

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan June 2, 2016

    The beginning of what I heard didn’t sound “promising” but when she started rapping in the verse that’s what got me. Come thru Ri! 🙂

  3. Molly June 2, 2016

    Yaaaaaaaawas OMG!! Riri owns the hot 100 this year!

  4. IStan4Rihanna. June 2, 2016

    This beat goes hard and her her flow is so fućķìng sickening!


    The most stylistically diverse and versatile Pop Queen of this generation! #ICON.

    • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 2, 2016

      Yes, hun! And check this out…every single freaking Italian Stadium show for the European leg is sold out entirely. Even a few of the first shows are sold out too. Bey wont be the only one selling out Wembley this year, unsurprisingly.

  5. Kayla C June 2, 2016

    Come on Rih! Ever since I seen her in concert I have a newfound respect for her

  6. Molly June 2, 2016

    Twerk anthem!!!!! Edges snatched! Come thru

    • Keri Qween June 2, 2016

      Ayyyyeeee ????

      • Molly June 2, 2016

        Kiii she’s bout to snatch bítches on the charts.

        P.S. I heard Beyonces “Sorry” is on spotify now ??

      • Keri Qween June 2, 2016

        And then I heard she’s supposed to have a song with Katy Perry if that happens she’s gonna own the Hot 100 for the remainder of the year

        The hive+ will seetheeee

        I just checked my Spotify sis and I didn’t see it. But with a music video for every song and the Superbowl the hive+ claim the songs and album weren’t promoted they’re so delusional

  7. Rihboy June 2, 2016

    Come thru! Blockckdt! drake and Rih wasn’t playing with summer 16! Fire from left and right! I’m at work twerking ! My coworkers looking at me like ??

  8. Credits June 2, 2016

    This one is for the fans that will eat up anything she does. Support your girl!!! But as for me, I’m tired of singers on this trap wave, this flow is played out now. Where is frank ocean’s album at?

    • Danzou June 2, 2016

      Well trap has always existed and always will so I wouldn’t call it a wave but more of a thing where people are appreciating it right now. You should be proud that black culture is popping so hard right now but I respect your opinion.

      • Credits June 3, 2016

        Black culture has been popping regardles.

      • FAFsh June 3, 2016

        Trap hasn’t always existed lol
        That started w southern music

    • wrosy3 June 3, 2016

      Girl sometimes in life we need to just Dance have fun life ain’t about stress all the time too many problems in the world music like this is needed while driving moving your hips in the car navy let’s support our girl

      • Credits June 3, 2016

        Ameriie’s song ‘out loud’ ??go hear that. That’s what R&b needs to sound like when you wanna dance to it.

  9. BeyKnowlesBest June 2, 2016

    Do ur thing rih rih hunty, cyz u know iy sint promised based off canti sales lol

    • Rihboy June 2, 2016

      It crossed a million purse sales a few days ago . It’s doing fine.

      • Keri Qween June 2, 2016

        Clock it Rihboy !!

  10. BeyKnowlesBest June 2, 2016

    Do ur thing rih rih hunty, cuz u know it aint promised based off canti sales lol

  11. La Perra June 2, 2016

    Why Rihanna?! Like you just love murdering these charts…

  12. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 2, 2016

    Yes, yes, yes, Rih! This song is everything! A real “Pour it Up” and “Pose” club banging tease. I’m here for it, to be honest. I see another top 5 oh the way soon.

  13. Molly June 2, 2016

    Top 5 Riri Rap songs

    1.)Pour it up
    2.)Nothing is promised
    5.)Phresh Off the runway

  14. #Beautiful June 2, 2016

    It’s pretty good! Go Rih… It’s a little redundant but I guess that’s the new thing. I’m gonna be bumping to this all summer!

  15. HailBeysus June 2, 2016

    But wait a minute? Isn’t this the guy who helped create Formation yet the Slavi dragged Bey for working with him! Kiii

    • Rihboy June 2, 2016

      He created this years ago! Please stop! He did pour it up as well. Why would we drag him? Girl just twerking and move on!

    • wrosy3 June 3, 2016

      Stfu you and your hood boogers stay press with rih c*** bald b****

  16. IStan4Rihanna. June 2, 2016

    The Huffington Post – June 2016.


    “Rihanna was once the world’s preeminent pop star. And yes, I use past tense.

    Despite having her hit “Work” firmly ensconced at number one for the past two months, a stat that ties her with the Beatles as second only to Mariah Carey for most weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Rihanna has recently transcended pop stardom.


    Speaking of brand new, the hands-down highlight was her doo-wop detour “Love on the Brain,” a slow burner with a powerhouse vocal that shows off so many different textures and directions it makes one wonder why she didn’t start showing off sooner.

    Maybe that’s because pop stars don’t need to be great singers — they just need catchy songs — but legacy acts need both.

    Now, legacy acts aren’t synonymous with nostalgia acts. Rather, they’re artists who have hit a career point where they don’t need successful albums or radio hits to remain relevant. They can make whatever music they want to (or not want to) and still be popular, respected and sell tickets. It’s Prince or Springsteen, but not Billy Idol. It’s Nine Inch Nails or Pearl Jam, but not Smashing Pumpkins.

    This achievement is usually unlocked at the latter stage of a career.

    Justin Timberlake landed his legacy at a young age, freeing him to take a break from radio so he could star in movies, hang out at “Saturday Night Live” and release new music only when the mood finally struck him.

    Same goes for Rihanna. She made “Work” work, and she’ll no doubt be a presence on radio for years to come. She is only 28, after all.

    But most pop stars’ already ephemeral presence completely dissolves once they stop producing regular hits. Thanks to “Anti,” both the album and its proof-of-concept tour, the former album-a-year Rihanna no longer has to work when she doesn’t want to”.


    UGH! :'(

  17. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely June 2, 2016

    Pretty nice

  18. Weezy Baby June 2, 2016

    The fact that Rihanna makes better rap music then Onika>

    • JOHNVIDAL June 3, 2016

      She doesn´t make music. It is served to her.

      • HALF AMAZIN June 3, 2016

        You stay complaining. Why do you even come to this blog when you clearly take issue with so much of the music they post about??

  19. Adele’s flip phone June 2, 2016

    It’s sad when a “singers” rapping is better than their vocals. Anyways this song will blow up in the gay black clubs

  20. No favs, just here for the music June 2, 2016

    She raps too??? Omg

  21. Danzou June 3, 2016

    This was gonna be on anti. It got scrapped when BBHMM took off but was scrapped as well.

  22. Danzou June 3, 2016

    This is honestly the direction anti should have went in but hey.

  23. Dirty Laundry June 3, 2016

    Dope song why wasn’t it on Anti? Could of easily replaced Woo.

    • JT June 3, 2016

      Don’t disrespect Woo like that, wyd?

  24. JT June 3, 2016

    *Removes Goodnight Gotham and lets Nothing Is Promised slide up next to Pose*

  25. Rome June 3, 2016

    Sooooooo everyone kept saying that Rihanna would never stand a chance against beyonce. Well ladies and gents do you guys realize that they’re albums are not even 4 months apart and Rihannas album is still in the top five right next to beyonce and it came out earlier, and as far as singles she Is slapping beyonce all over the charts sorry is beyonce highest single and it’s 39. And as much shade as they throw Rihanna tour is actually doing well too. So from my end the girl is winning. So hive please stop coming for everyone and support beyonces singles. Lol

    • Music all the way June 3, 2016

      Um not part of the hive but stop spreading lies. Beyonce is doing better than Rihanna on the singles chart too,she is doing better than her on albums and tours. The only thing that Rihanna is slaying is sportify.

      As for this song, it is exactly what I needed from Princes Rih,I think I should replace Higher with this song in that album. I always like this side of her more.

      • Rihboy June 3, 2016

        Just tours and at that barely. Extra legs and 100 shows to break even. Her formation is doing great. They both can win. But when it comes to facts, Rih just slays Beyoncé chart wise.

      • FAFsh June 3, 2016

        Sorry peaked at 11 on bbhot100
        Mind u Rihanna performs on award shows and Beyonce doesn’t
        Nor has she appeared on any talk shows (Ellen)
        Or done vevo drops
        Her vids just appear out of thin air

      • Rihboy June 3, 2016

        Ok so she doesn’t go on tv shows? Not our fault she’s anti-social lol. She still promotes and if not her her bandwagon does it through the media systematically.

      • Ayyseify June 3, 2016

        Ok so that HBO s*** was a movie? Cause that’s deff promo. And then the media going nuts over her “divorce” talking about the album and it’s lyrics that was promotion itself

  26. Selenator June 3, 2016

    Didn’t like it at first but it grew on me like BBHMM has. Out of curiosity, am I the only one who prefers Pop/R&B Rihanna to Hip-Hop/Trap Rih? I hope she changes direction next album tbh. Leave this sound for Mildred’s trashy a***

  27. LB June 3, 2016


  28. Datredd23 June 3, 2016

    Yass! She came through again! She’s currently the only artist to have 6 songs charting on BB 100! She’s also has the most versatility and is getting played on all radio formats aswell!

    Today she was top female artist on the worldwide iTunes ! Congrats Rih

  29. well well June 3, 2016

    okay. i dunno. say ‘n*gga’ and you know where this ends up. small black summer. what them white have?
    nvm. she got a tour. yo. well filled.

  30. Career Ender June 3, 2016

    she stay on them features to stay relevant

    half of her single sales is assisted by features

    this girl is the biggest smoke n mirrors

    • Ayyseify June 3, 2016

      Shut yo ass up you mad

    • Meiz June 3, 2016

      Grannyonce ain’t s***.

    • HailBeysus June 3, 2016

      Kiii i spot no lies tho ?☕?☕?☕?☕

      • Molly June 3, 2016

        Bey should hop on some features lord knows she needs a HIT.

      • HailBeysus June 3, 2016

        But where’s Ci-Errors Hit? ?☕?☕?☕?☕

    • Rihboy June 3, 2016

      Ki! FYI y seeing that mike wills only contribution was the beat. It’s more like Rihanna ft Mike will as all her features usually end up. Doing well because she always makes the song. Furthermore sad to say hymn for the weekend and can I didn’t do well as Beyoncé should have easily pushed those songs to the forefront??. Let’s not do feature talk. You guys can have your conversation with us. But everything else is booked and blocked babes.

      • Rihboy June 3, 2016

        Tour *

  31. Rihboy June 3, 2016

    The hive are transparent as of lately.

  32. Gee June 3, 2016

    This will be all over urban radio and trust me when I say this is a smash.

  33. Music all the way June 3, 2016

    The Top 10 R&B/Hip Hop Single Sales For Week Ending 05/19/2016
    #1. Drake f. Wizkid & Kyla – “One Dance” – 130,217 (871,924)
    #2. Desiigner – “Panda” – 93,613 (804,856)
    #3. Beyoncé – “Sorry” – 49,686 (305,829)
    #4. Beyoncé – “Formation” – 45,786 (398,023)
    #5. Beyoncé – “Hold Up” – 40,498 (322,304)
    #6. Rihanna – “Needed Me” – 34,678 (327,061)
    #7. Drake f. Rihanna – “Too Good” – 30,650 (76,152)
    #8. Ghost Town DJ’s – “My Boo” – 26,733 (335,988)
    #9. ScHoolboy Q f. Kanye West – “THat Part” – 26,584 (26,584)
    #10. Rihanna f. Drake – “Work” – 25,120 (1,500,002)

    • HailBeysus June 3, 2016

      DEATH!!!! Like we said STREAMING IS HER SAVIOR KIII!!!

      • Navy Chick June 3, 2016

        Thats funny because her song work has sold 3 times more then formation.

      • HailBeysus June 3, 2016

        As it should have, its been out for 5 month’s had a 9 week run at #1, meanwhile lukas Graham has been out just as long and sold more lol! But what about needed charting for month’s only to have Formation outsell it. Sorry and Hold Up are within the same amount of sales as it (after 4 weeks) and from the looks of it are about to surpass it in sales. Kiii! She’s the definition of Smoke and Mirrors. Streaming is her savior.

    • Rihboy June 3, 2016

      The excuses! Ki! She has the sales and streams to back it up. You guys have run out of ammunition and it’s an absolute ki! As much as formation was pushed it should have atleast did better sale and chart wise. Lol at resorting to just the rnb chart to show beyonces lukewarm singles charting. Let’s see the billboard top 100 please. Where beys singles are struggling like Naomi’s Campbell’s edges under as wet weave. Stop.

      • IStan4Rihanna. June 3, 2016

        I don’t even know why you bother to respond to the anti-Rihanna clan on here – it genuinely isn’t worth it. It’s the same people who make the same comments all the time, nothing ever changes.


        There is no true “backlash” being set upon Rih. this era at all. Multiple news sites etc. have praised her (have you read the recent “Huffington Post/Daily Telegraph” articles about her?) and will continue to do so by year’s end. TGJ is completely insignificant in the overall scope of the internet/social media. We’re proud Rihanna stans Babe and that’s all there is to it! 😉

    • Rome June 3, 2016

      Your such a hood booger, of course you would post singles from the R&B charts, how about you post those singles from Billboard hot 100. And see exactly how bad beyonce is getting slayed by Rihanna.

  34. Navy Chick June 3, 2016

    Queen of music
    Queen of everything.


  35. ilovemusic June 3, 2016

    Well this will be being played all day. I love waking up on Friday mornings to bangers like this. This is a track Jay should have been on. Also wasn’t this the song she was previewing on IG a few summers ago? Or was it Mike Will?

    • Rihboy June 3, 2016

      Yeah she previewed a portion of it. But idk why they waited so long to debut it seeing that he already let people hear the track. But none or the less, it’s a massive urban smash. Pour it up 2.0 ! But I see this trumping pour it up and for sure becoming a top 10 billboard. It’s rising fast on iTunes Charts. Once today is over it’ll be close or at the top. Mark my words. Rihanna is dominating the charts this era despite all the backlash people want to give her.

      • ilovemusic June 3, 2016

        I’m at the gym and it’s been on repeat lol. But I was asking because on Tidal it’s definitely a Westbury track. So maybe the rumors of two Rih albums this year may also be true. Because honestly after not hearing this on the first Anti (which I thought was an interlude at first) I thought they scrapped this. But maybe it’ll be on the second album if its coming. Either way I’m here for it.

      • IStan4Rihanna. June 3, 2016



        It’s been less than 12 hours and I’ve already heard the song twice on rhythmic radio, once on urban and once on Pop.
        Rihanna is the ONLY artist (alongside Beyoncé at times) who can continuously release music at this pace and yet not appear overexposed! It’s a wonder… 😉

    • ilovemusic June 3, 2016

      @IStan4Rihanna I couldn’t agree more. They are definitely two of my favorite artists ever . Everything they touch is great. I love them. And I’m not surprised about. She owns the radio and that’s a fact. 8 albums in and I’m still not tired of Rih.

  36. justme June 3, 2016

    Was I the only one that thought it wasn’t all that.. I’ve heard better rihanna songs and this isn’t one. It got annoying after a while

    • Rihboy June 3, 2016

      They said the same about pour it up, bbhmm, and pretty much anything she released. The track is short and sweet and purposely made for a turn up! Whether it’s getting ready to go out, for work, working out, or getting amped up about something. Made for nothing more, nothing less! If this drop doesn’t show her versatility in music. Nothing else will. I mean she has dominated all corners of musical genres.

  37. Lake Erie June 3, 2016

    This hard! I need to hear it in full. I like it so far tho.

  38. Sherrele June 3, 2016

    If Beyonce released all her singles off her album to spotyfy believe me, it will make to number one, but as people can see Beyonce don’t care about that.

    • Meiz June 3, 2016

      Stop lying to yourself. She is old and can’t top the single chart anymore. Stop looking for excuses and go purchase one of her flop singles.She doesn’t care about number one hit my foot.The granny just can’t go number one anymore.

      • T June 3, 2016

        Lmao you’re a complete idiot if u think beyonce cares about single sales. She leaves that for basics like Rihanna. All bey cares about is tours and albums she’s made that very clear. If she cared about singles she would have released formation right after the super bow so it could go number 1. She also would have put videos on vevo and songs on Spotify to get streaming if she cared. Beyonce is killing your fave in everything but singles. So enjoy your little trap song and leave expensive stuff like $18 albums and highest grossing tours to Queen bey.

  39. JOHNVIDAL June 3, 2016

    LOL One more attemot at having a cheap hit single. I mean, she releases like 7 attempts every year. The amount of hits whe gets is not that big on average if you think about it 🙂 Not to mention she´s irrelevant at any other thing.

    • Datredd23 June 3, 2016

      You are bitter af the queens of the 90s did the same thing Mariah released a album every year in the 90s stop trying to drag Rih her empire is slaying!

      • T June 3, 2016

        She released albums yes but not 754478865 singles and features to stay relevant no because she didn’t have to. Rihanna has to try to stay relevant by either getting naked, using Chris/drake or releasing a million singles. She knows what happened the last time she took a break. 3 back to back flops until drake played captain save a ho

      • Datredd23 June 3, 2016

        Rih is getting paid either way! So we’re going to criticize her for making music for her fans?! GTFOH! Producers are the ones begging to work with Rih I guarantee that

        FFS and BBHMM were not flops by any means secondly! They didn’t reach number one but they did well! Who else can sing b**** better have my money on radio and it still be a hit?! FFS is over 5 mill sold worldwide give up your hate towards Rih it’s not a good look

    • HALF AMAZIN June 3, 2016

      Her sold out lifestyle and consumer products, concerts and tours beg to differ that she’s Irrelevant other things. Try again.

    • Rihboy June 4, 2016

      So who decided that you can’t release music at free will? If you want to release a thousand songs you can? You just mad because she is thriving with her hits? Cheap? Her account is laced baby! Big s*** talker ! The revenge is this paper. The realist thing Beyoncé ever said! Let her get it and stop being so but hurt. You always so mad at her. Don’t take years off your life seething this much Hun. We need you around ?

  40. What Now June 3, 2016

    This s*** go so hard. I’ve had it on repeat since I heard it last night.

  41. Junior in Jamaica June 3, 2016

    A part of me thinks Dej Loaf could’ve done this…

  42. Beachgirl85 June 3, 2016

    Y’all know this song go extra hard I wish it was a little longer any way queen bey and riri are killing it one of the producers also tease words to good night gothem go check it out ant she working on the second half of anti her antidairy reveals there’s two sides to a story this just the first half Rihanna got some major stuff up her sleeves

    • Rihboy June 4, 2016

      Anti part 2 will be delivered either before her uk leg or fourth quarter!

  43. hives still scared of R8 June 3, 2016

    FU*k the ending is going to be legendary as f***

  44. Failnet June 3, 2016

    The cover art looks more like Aaliyah than Rihanna :O

  45. dee.western June 5, 2016


  46. Andalina February 7, 2017

    I just love what this website is all about. So Interesting and well updated

  47. kart February 23, 2017

    love this website!!!!

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