New Video: Kanye West – ‘Famous’

Published: Saturday 25th Jun 2016 by Sam

Kanye West is once again cultivating the controversial.

This time it’s the video for new single ‘Famous,’ lifted from his latest album ‘The Life Of Pablo.’

Live-streamed from an event at The Forum in Los Angeles, the arguably bizarre clip sees Yeezy lay in bed with carbon copies of everyone from Kim Kardashian, to Caitlyn Jenner, to Donald Trump, to Taylor Swift.

The latter is notable because the song (which features Rihanna) is the very cut which caused chaos for its inclusion of the word “bitch” in regard to Swift.

Peep the visual via TIDAL below…



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  1. Josh June 25, 2016

    This is just sick. Wouldve been less sick without trump

  2. Jon Jon June 25, 2016

    Why is this allowed on ur site that grape juice when most of your posters are kids. And then y’all wonder why this generation is so messed up acting crazy

    • Rihnavy da bomb June 25, 2016

      TGJ staff are parents to their readers all of a sudden?

    • 2bad2bme June 25, 2016

      So now everything needs to be so innocent…You must have been under a rock when all of the trolling and dragging was going on and still is…SMH…kids lmao

      • bash June 25, 2016

        Good point

  3. KING-CALIO June 25, 2016

    …He use to be great, Now he’s Kim Kardashians psychotic “HUSBAND”….

  4. Janyoncé Turrner June 25, 2016

    The music video concept is genius, but it was too grandiose and long.

  5. Molly June 25, 2016

    Chile why Rihanna gotta be by Trump tho? *vomits*

    Anyways I see a couple lawsuits coming his way ki

    • Dev June 25, 2016

      I was thinking the same thing but i’m not sure if you can sue for using lookalikes, and as these are not actual people there maybe no case.
      I was hoping that it would start with the Taylor audio that was spoken about so much

  6. wrosy3 June 25, 2016

    Pathetic Kanye and certain people do things make up fake stories to sell their music create stupid hype the hives are nasty germs a threat to national security they belong to ISIS the mere fact Beyonce do not pay them dust they are obsess with rih and threaten by her success when their favorite can’t even get a top ten or number one sell out her product stop spreading lies about rih wembley not sold out they go around stalk this woman all her career to undermine rih but she still going toe to toe with bey evil never wins remember that haters Kanye sucks let your music speaks for itself and stop with the hype s***

    • BEY>RIH June 25, 2016

      Shut yo ass up!!

  7. Rihnavy da bomb June 25, 2016

    What was the point?

    • blue June 25, 2016

      for you to watch over and over again, so his song can climb up itunes

  8. Annalise June 25, 2016


  9. Barb-wire June 25, 2016

    Smh… Replace Trump with Molly, it ain’t like there’s any difference between the two.

    • Molly June 25, 2016

      Girl you still mad because I clocked your ass yesterday? B***** your fav can eat trumps soggy ass how bout that.

    • Annalise June 25, 2016

      BloopT! fire dem shots gurl!!!!!!

      • Molly June 25, 2016

        Girl you a hypeman for the barbs now? Lol.. Sit yo raggedy ass all the way down.

      • Annalise June 25, 2016

        LOOOOOOOL HAVASEAT gurl it’s not dat deep! I can take yo edges again if I wanted to, Molly the maid!

      • RihNavy June 25, 2016

        @Annalise, wottice? Notice all your down votes & Molly’s up votes? NOT her logging into all her troll accounts to try & see about you. KIIII

    • RihNavy June 25, 2016

      Silicone-Wire, it’s interesting how you always come to a post& try and drag but only comment once & then leave…WYD?!

  10. The Thot You’ll Never Be June 25, 2016

    Trashy assz song
    Without Taylor, it would be suiting for all
    I mean 3 certified hoez(Amber, KKK, AND Rih). Donald motherfuckingg Trump…. Then the Ciara inspired, Mother – Father of hoez
    And Kanye himself……..
    Sick people, don’t know why the man who f***** his wife is there….. Atleast Beyonce wasn’t included

    • xedos June 25, 2016

      its funny how you call all these women h*** but not Taylor Swift when she has been with so many men she could start her own soccer team.

      • **** June 25, 2016

        Sips tea

      • RihNavy June 25, 2016

        RGFIDBXKDJHJJJIU!!! ?⚰⚰⚰

      • LmfaoHoe June 25, 2016

        @xedos ctfu for real thank you. They stay talking about how Rihanna is a h** n that but will act like Taylor is an innocent angel from next door.

  11. Royalkev June 25, 2016

    Damn, that was long as f***! Love the song! … but this video …

    • RihNavy June 25, 2016

      Who are the other 3 flops in your AVI (minus Bey cause she’s the only legend out of the 4 of them)?

      • Royalkev June 25, 2016

        You wouldn’t understand that level of talent love, run along!

  12. **** June 25, 2016

    Love Kanye but this video lol now watch Taylor and her spin this whole controversy to her benefit and make it seem like she’s the victim.
    Can’t wait for the day the media turns on her fake innocent girl act

    • Mark111 /.\ June 25, 2016

      Oh that’s coming to an end. Ye and the Kartrashians knows how to play the media. They have that tape of her ok’ing this song, WHEN she try to play the poor me card, it will leak. America only love you for so long. lol

      • RihNavy June 25, 2016

        Just like we all have that tape of you & Lukhas?

  13. Career Ender June 25, 2016

    Eeeew FILTH!

    • #JACKIE June 25, 2016

      Yes you are!

      • RihNavy June 25, 2016


  14. frank June 25, 2016

    Kanye is making Tailor more famous buh he doesn’nt know.i am a switie…I love Kanye too buh I can’t stand him!

  15. Stephy June 25, 2016

    Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ll pass & wait for the shortened version. Kim’s booty looks nice tho. 🙂

    • RihNavy June 25, 2016

      I bet you wish you had it huh? Smh you’re SICK

  16. Sherrele June 25, 2016

    Wow. Wtf video. Is this what music videos about! Really Kanye! I’m glad Beyonce said no, to not be apart of this mess. I’m 24 years old, and this video is just… I understand he wanted a masterpiece video of recreating art, but this mess don’t do it for me at all. Don’t yall miss the old Kanye, Jesus walks, through the wire. Crazy

  17. Coolness June 25, 2016

    Kanye WYD?!?! I legit thought I was looking at dead bodies when the video first started (especially Bill Cosby’s nasty rap*st a**). It’s sad this is what it has come to with Kanye because he’s always been outspoken, controversial and pushed boundaries but at least he could back it up with great music. Now it just seems like he’s courting controversy to make up for his sub-par music. He’s truly become a Kardashian now, smh.

  18. RihNavy June 25, 2016


  19. Career Ender June 25, 2016

    I hear, Wembley stadium is/was very empty

  20. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 25, 2016

    This is beyond sick. He SERIOUSLY needs professional mental help. Kim sees this bullet coming, yet she’s doing everything in her power to not dodge it. Also, he made sure to get a Ray J look-a-like but not a Tyga one? I’m so over being confused with this man.

  21. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 25, 2016

    Wtfh mess video

  22. Adolph Landsman July 31, 2016

    No, seriously, is this guy mentally disabled? I just ask that because he reminds me of a guy that went to my high school and he usually had that kind of look on his face with the fake sadness or the fake smile like that in the picture up there. I don t like to make fun of the mentally disabled. I m not joking. I think the man is seriously deficient in the brain area.

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