New Video: Nick Jonas – ‘Bacon (ft. Ty Dolla $ign)’

Published: Friday 10th Jun 2016 by Sam

Nick Jonas is celebrating the release his sophomore album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ today.

To mark the occasion, the singer has debuted the video for its latest single ‘Bacon.’

The Ty Dolla $ign assisted jam finds the Pop pin-up on playful terrain, doing away with the lovelorn lyrics and embraces the freedom that comes with being unattached.

Watch the visual below…

Kudos to Nick for upping the charisma.

Sure, he’s not bursting out into an 8-count of choreography, but he seems to have finally found his “thing,” which ultimately makes for a much more engaging watch.

Sophomore era’s are supported to see artists elevate to the “next” level. And while ‘Last Year’ doesn’t appear to boast a ‘Jealous’ sized jam, it’s a strong effort and together with its visuals highlight that Jonas has grown.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MusicFan103 June 10, 2016

    The lyric “bacon” is very strange to me still, but this song is really catchy, and I like it, probably more than “Jealous” or “Chains.”
    As for the video, it is a bit “not him” to be chilling with a group of black dudes at a dinner late night. Like come on, who really thinks his crew would be a ton of big black dudes. I don’t. So it comes off a bit try hard in that aspect to me.
    Aside from that portion not being too believable it was not a bad video, and quite funny how he turned the TV off on Ty Dolla.
    The album I just heard is not bad, especially the first like 7/8 tracks.

  2. DIABETIC COMA June 10, 2016

    Ok song but smh White ppl/artist are so corny. Jt Jbeiber Jonas wheres the creativity, just notice they all start with J for joke. A cafe? Really? No amount of hanging around blk ppl can make whitties look cool as they try so desperatly. *eats bacon* *shoots insulin*

    • Danzou June 10, 2016

      Just die already

  3. Fancy BISH June 10, 2016

    Last Year Was Complicated is a solid album…Nick understands modern contemporary R&B, and he got the “sounds” right – the crisp production and nuances in his voice sound great…his singing is on point here…his lyrics are personal and the album is cohesive in discussing his past relationship…nothing too crazy as far as content tho…he even sings about taking a chainsaw to a sofa with restraint lol…next album will probably be more of a statement for him as far as a definitive style, but this album shows growth in his vocal ability and craft for sure…his vocals are pure! Last Year Was Complicated and Majid Jordan Self-titled are the best male R&B albums I’ve heard that released this year SO FAR…I know, I can’t believe it either lol…and I agree TGJ, there’s no Jealous here…but it’s a solid effort…I’m buying it on vinyl! Good job Nick!

    • MusicLife June 10, 2016

      Vinyl… Wow.

  4. Shivam June 11, 2016

    Thank you!

  5. What Now June 11, 2016

    Anyone understand Ty Dollar Sign appeal yet?

  6. King Mark111 June 11, 2016

    He’s a hit or miss artist. No in between. This song sucks.

  7. JOHNVIDAL June 11, 2016

    I don´t know. Half naked women, fat men, bacon… a little bit of a mess and very sexist and dumb.

    • King Mark111 /.\ June 11, 2016

      And a short comment from you. WOW!

      • JOHNVIDAL June 11, 2016

        Mate. Don´t confuse me being ill at home bored to death this last week and with a lot of time to reply to delusions and unfair comments with people like you who spend literally the 365 days of the year in every Rihanna and Beyonce post and then some more, which means like 4 posts per day at least, every day of the year. let´s be honest here ok? 🙂 The damn nerve of acting like I live here when 90% of the time I just check for the few posts about huge talents and not every day at all. Any news on Rihanna improving vocally? 🙂 x

  8. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyou June 13, 2016

    Nice music video

  9. Somesh March 29, 2017

    It’s really amazing, drum beats are awesome.

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