A$AP Rocky Angers Fans By Saying He ‘Can’t Relate’ To Black Issues

Published: Saturday 16th Jul 2016 by Rashad
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Looks like after some unearthed controversial comments from last year, 2016 sees ‘F**kin’ Problems’ performer A$AP Rocky with just that on his hands – a f**kin’ problem.

Indeed, the hitmaking rapper took to Time Out magazine last year to dish on new music and other happenings in his career at the time.  However, when quizzed on his thoughts about the shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of policemen in Ferguson, MO, he replied:

“I did not sign up to be no political activist..I don’t wanna talk about no f*cking Ferguson and sh*t because I don’t live over there. I live in f*cking Soho and Beverly Hills. I can’t relate.”

Going on to say he’d much rather talk about drugs, alcohol, fashion, and women, the year-old comments somehow found new life recently in light of similar tragedies that have taken over headlines this month. The heat got so intense it led Rocky to go on a Twitter rant to address his detractors.  Read his now deleted tweets below:

His 2015 Statement:

thatgrapejuice asap rocky comments


His 2016 response:

rocky1_oadlje rocky2_oadljz rocky3_oadlke rocky4_oadlkt rocky5_oadll7


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  1. BOOBIE July 16, 2016

    Ignoramus. Kill yoself.

    • danyboo6 July 17, 2016

      Did this fool say he changing lives by being the first blck man to be the face of dior. What tf dior doing for the hood? Just because you don’t live in a certain neighborhood does not mean the situation does not need your platform if we came together maybe and supported each other maybe you queen bey future and alot of of other entertainers thats making an effort to be ambassadors for these European brand could one day be the face of a high end black label. But “you” dont stand for s*** besides being a fresh ass crackhead. Do yo thang!!

    • wrosy3 July 17, 2016

      Not a lot of black can relate to African American issues if you came from a different culture or was brought in America in a environment where you had no problems with police or society of whites overall blacks here are killing each other and blame society for everything their minds are infested with anger every other race went through something but do not allow it to define them like blacks here in the sixties blacks had it worst with no opportunities now it’s all types of excuses hall find for not achieving

      • Nya July 17, 2016

        Got some good points but read The Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson… it’s a short read. It’ll address why the minds of some black folks are infested. It is a societal problem: we just can’t change society…

  2. CherylSoldierr July 16, 2016

    Serious maid teas

    • HailLegendBeysus July 16, 2016


  3. TurkeyNoodleSavage July 16, 2016

    Yalh …..

  4. Danzou July 16, 2016

    I can’t say I see where he’s coming from but he coulda worded it better

  5. HailLegendBeysus July 16, 2016

    Wow!!! The Elite got him SHOOK!!!

    • Britney Damita Abdul July 17, 2016

      You said it!!!! Damn, it’s almost as though he’s scared of supporting BLM because he’s scared of something. Maybe he doesn’t want to offend any of those European male designers he’s so “friendly” with. D for Dior indeed.

  6. Suicide Blonde July 16, 2016

    Just like Kanye when he said that racism doesn’t exists just because he has money and doesn’t experience what many black men experience everyday in their lives, rich people live in their own world.

  7. LB July 16, 2016

    Well he has money now, of course he won’t relate. They will treat him “different” because all they see is green, once his back is turned, they’ll talk amongst each other about what they really think about him.

    No matter how much money or education you have, you’re still a “n*****” in America. Never forget where you come from.

  8. MUSICHEAD July 16, 2016

    I mean…if u listen to any of his music then u know he’s a f****** idiot. No surprise here.

  9. well well July 16, 2016

    i’d fistbump. i get that. 🙂

  10. MUSICHEAD July 16, 2016

    In other news, Tamar is allegedly cheating on Vince. If this is true, Vince is going to RUIN her.

    • Tori July 16, 2016

      Baby…it’s a terrible false rumor. It was reported that she was SEEN cheating on Father’s Day in New York. Tamar, Vince & Logan were at church in California with Warryn Campbell, him, his wife & Tamar posted pics that day. It was also said that Tamar and Vince got into a huge argument and paid ppl who saw them to keep quiet…do you really believe this B******* when there is proof it’s a lie?

      • MUSICHEAD July 17, 2016

        Personally I don’t think either one of them can do better than each other so let’s hope it’s not true.

  11. MusicFan103 July 16, 2016

    Very ignorant because I highly doubt he came from Beverly Hills and Soho money.

    Fans of his (not me, I hardly know him, only know by name) just need to stop buying his music and going to his shows. Send his ass back to Ferguson and sh!t where he doesn’t relate too.

    Doubt he saved and or invested his money he earned thus far.

  12. Bitchpleaseeee July 16, 2016

    The ignorance is real as hell. Talk about money has gotten into the wrong hands. What an idiot!!!! Issues like these is why you’re fortunate enough to have a huge platform like this to make a change. I wished I could be God just for a second ………………. ??????

  13. Mark111 /.\ July 16, 2016

    Don’t be surprised when stupid rappers say stupid sh!t. You can tell by his lyrics and his typing that he’s dumb.

  14. Fancy BISH July 16, 2016

    I honestly don’t know one song from Miss Rocky…the famous Rocky is Rocky Balboa chile lol

  15. eric July 16, 2016

    Your words in the interview are not irrelevant just because you said them last year. If we go by his logic, then no one should pay any attention to any of the music he’s ever released because it’s all in the past.

  16. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 16, 2016


  17. Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 17, 2016

    And this is why we shouldn’t look to Hollywood to be our activists and leaders. Not every celebrity needs to speak on issues and, clearly, not every celebrity is equipped to speak on it. Dave Chapelle said it best; after 9/11 happened, why did anyone give a f*ck what Ja Rule had to say? Yet MTV felt the need to call him up after the tragedy. If we want real change, take it to Congress. Stop making these out of touch millionaires your social justice heros

  18. BangBang July 17, 2016

    I don’t blame him. He’s a celebrity he don’t live in the hood! Maybe he don’t want to be political about anything! It’s his choice he don’t have to. The hood been fucc up a long time. And it’s going to continue to be so long as you got people there who will guarantee that it stays fucc ed up! The police and government have never been nice kind or forgiving when it comes to black people that’s not news… But what bothers me is that people don’t seem to think they are not a part of the larger problem that make the hood such a ficc up place! Not defending cops and not blaming the victims of the unarmed shootings. Of course there is systematic racism in government towards minorities in general the problem is what we’re going to do about it civilly and how we can effectively make a change in our communities as well as government.

  19. Britney Damita Abdul July 17, 2016

    This fool should beware. He doesn’t think he’ll face racism because he’s “famous” now. Better run and ask many a bankrupt athlete of colour what happens when they’re no longer of value to the racists they’re so keen to appease. ASAP knows where his bread is buttered and knows how his rich boyfriends in Paris and New York feel about black people so wants to make sure he keeps them sweet. Too bad they’ll drop him like a Beyonce album (without warning) when they grow bored of his company and penis.

  20. July 17, 2016

    He’s makin a point but the way he puts it there like that is messed up

  21. Jaytruth July 17, 2016

    Yeah, because being the face of Dior changes lives… Smh

  22. james227 July 18, 2016

    Like Kayne we need to stand firm and boycott their music and or anything else that they are involved in. Hit those pockets. It was ok when BLACKS was buying their music and being used putting them where they are at now. SMH

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