New Song: DJ Khaled ft. Nicki Minaj, August Alsina, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Future, & Jeremih – ‘Do You Mind?’

Published: Thursday 28th Jul 2016 by Rashad

DJ Khaled is pulling out the big guns for his newest single, ‘Do You Mind?’

Yet again demonstrating his pull in the hip hop arena, the hitmaker has called upon some of his heaviest hitting friends – Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Future, Jeremih, August Alsina, and Rick Ross – to join him on the soon-to-be-hit.

The latest release from his new album, ‘Major Key’ (in stores Friday),  the tune sees Breezy wail on the chorus while Minaj, Alsina and Jeremih, and Future and Ross respectively handle the tune’s verses.

Ready to hear what this collection of star power sounds like on one track?  It awaits below:


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  1. Ughhh July 28, 2016

    This song sounds like 5 old songs into one. Kind of boring.

    • Andrew July 28, 2016

      It’s like a choral, preach

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

      Oinknika’s verse sounds like it was written by an autistic kid. She really needs Safaree back to save her from putting out these struggle bars. This bish is DONE. Hang it up! FLATSCREEN!

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        First off how dare you insult autistic people? Autism is adisorder that doesn’t even affect intelligence you stupid ass. You’re obviously not acollege graduate. Ironically you use the same line that nicki used to end kim career. Lol you’re pathetic. It must hurt to buy ya fave album on PAYPAL.

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

        Lil’ Kim in 2016 alone:
        – Headlining a sold-out arena tour.
        – Honored as a legend at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors
        – Honored as a fashion queen sitting FRONT ROW at Paris Couture Week.
        – Earned a million dollars to perform at the Ralph & Russo after party.
        – Was offered the highest amount to join Celebrity Big Brother UK, which she turned down to collect millions on tour.

        Oinknika lost her ghostwriter and her career is in the toilet. No amount of times you repeat that expired PayPal shade will change the fact that Oinknika’s verses are now trash and her career is over. That ho is WASHED. Kim remains legendary.

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        Nicki was honored already by VH1 last year so that’s another feat your fave didn’t get until after nicki. Headlining arena tour? No she isn’t headlining anything she’s on PUFFY bad boy your and you know it. Nicki has went on more than two world tours already so. Nicki has already been paid homage for hey contribution to fashion by Alexander McQueen before his untimely death and by Anna wintour as well. You keep talking about “she made a million” but nicki is the first woman to top the cash kings hip hop Forbes list. You bragging about kim making a million dollars but nicki is worth 77 MILLION DOLLARS. Kim is only worth 17 million because biggie left his estate to her not because of her music nor her business choices. You need to stop. You need to give it up. You have no receipts and you have no weight in your words. Kim is washed. Shut up.

      • Lipstick Alley July 29, 2016

        Yaaaaaaasssssss @ LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES!!!! Clock them. Nicki is done. They know it. She will NEVER be a legend.

      • kwinzy July 29, 2016

        @Danzou VH1’s Big in ’15 is NOT the equivalent of VH1’s Hip Hop Honors. You’re comparing today’s stars in all fields of entertainment to female rap legends who’ve killed the game in the past 30 years. You really tried it with one…desperate, minion!

  2. Miss Understood July 28, 2016

    Chris Brown may have a f*¢ked up personal life but there’s just something about his voice. 🙂

    As much as I love Nicki, I think she peaked. Either that or she needs to get back with SB.

    It’s an ok song. Not sure if it’s a “hit”‘

    • Ughhh July 28, 2016

      “Something about his voice” it’s called processing and auto tune. Have you heard this crack head live when he is not lip synching?

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      What makes you think nicki peaked? Did her last world tour not sell out? Did her last album not get certified gold with more than one platinum single from that album. Was her album not eventually certified triple platinum(I think) with streams? C’mon now.

      • SWISH July 28, 2016

        ^^^ “triple platinum” lol

      • FAF July 28, 2016

        Yup the same streams that Kanye used to go plat

        And Rihanna employed as well
        It’s never a problem until Nicki does it

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        @swish I said “I think” f*** off. @faf exactly.

    • Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

      He uses auto-tune. That’s the only thing about his voice. Compare him to real singers like Johnny Gill, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill, Maxwell, Kem, Johnny Gill, Jaheim, and did I mention Johnny Gill? Real singers who don’t use auto-tune! When I was ten years old and chris first came out I thought he sounded good, but after I heard guys like Johnny Gill sing I was like chris ain’t doing s***. Too much auto-tune!

      • Jay July 29, 2016

        All singers use auto-tune. However, educate yourself and know the different types of auto-tune that artists use aside from the vocal processing that you’re referring to.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

      It’s so obvious that Safaree was writing those bars. She hasn’t dropped a hot verse since he packed his bags and left. Her career is over. Even if Safaree starts writing for her again, it will be obvious. She had the nerve to throw all that shade about writing rhymes, but when her ghostwriter bounced she started putting out verses worse than Iggy’s worst material. BYE OINKNIKA. Karma is a you know what.

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        Maino and biggie were writing for kim her whole career. Even camron wrote “crush on you” which is one of her biggest hits. You’re washed and so is your fave. Deal h**.

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

        You are so dumb. Cam’ron wrote the ALBUM VERSION of “Crush on You” for Lil Cease, which Lil’ Kim was NOT ON. Kim wrote her own legendary verses for the Crush on You video version. I know you’re pressed because the Queen of Rap Lil’ Kim can still drop a hot verse tomorrow nearly 20 years after Biggie died. Meanwhile your washed fave is nothing without Safaree’s pen. Po dat. Your ho fave is WASHED! Kim still reigns, ho!

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        Nicki is washed? Look at her YouTube and vevo numbers babe. YOUR fave is washed and I feel really sorry for your state of mind I really do. It’s not even funny at this point like if kim had so many fans then WHY isn’t she going on world tours or going platinum? Why are her mix tapes unheard of? Like seriously c’mon sweetheart just give it up you seem like a good person h** but ya just need to get yo mind right.

      • The true Danzoua July 29, 2016

        Lil’ Kim would never support a child r***** nuff said…

      • July 29, 2016

        it’s so obvious that you are obsess with Nicki Minaj.

  3. Pat July 28, 2016

    So it takes 12 people on a song for a hit now? Smh

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

      This is not a hit.

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        That’s what everyone’s been saying about lil kim records for over ten years now. Get yo life h**.

  4. 2bad2bme July 28, 2016

    I don’t even care to listen to a song when I see it features 39 people. Like, for why?

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      But Beyoncé stays with 39 writers what’s the difference babe?

      • MadonnaThaDinosoaur July 29, 2016

        That’s because Beyoncé samples other songs. Once you do that you have to credit every person that was on that song dumbass. Go educate yourself

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        @Madonna shut yo ass up I know what the f*** I’m talking about h**. Like I said Beyoncé has writers left and right for her material I one the difference between a SAMPLE credit and a CREDIT from someone who wrote f****** songs for her.

    • The Infinite One July 28, 2016

      Girl I know! What is this song about? It’s like having all the features that would be on an album all on one song like wtf! I’m living for you avi girl!

  5. Mark July 28, 2016

    Too many flops on one song, keep it.

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      They’ve all sold more records than yo broke ass.

      • Mark July 28, 2016

        And I have more money in the bank than you.

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        But are making their money? Oh ok.

    • Mark July 28, 2016

      Kiii Not this government recipient exposing itself.You’re not making more money than me or these D list celebrities.How long have you been unemployed?

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        They’re d list but you’re z list h** get ya paper up lil n****

  6. Danzou July 28, 2016

    Here comes the nicki hate.

  7. Yeee July 28, 2016

    I miss Nicki

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      .I miss her too

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

      No, you miss Safaree. Oinknika is giving you her best. She just ain’t got a pen game like Safaree.

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        What are you talking about? Shut up. Just because the whole industry knows that your fave hasn’t ever written for herself doesn’t mean that every other woman depended on a man for her success. Did SB help ha? Yeah sure maybe but all rappers get help. Jay got help from kanye and kanye got help from consequence. So shut up and stop replying to me your f****** annoying.

  8. SWISH July 28, 2016

    it will flop.

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      His singles never flop.

      • BEY>RIH July 29, 2016

        The Night is Still is Young? High School? Lemme stop I love Nicki!!

        P.S. I still hate you b****

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        I hate you too babe but I agree nicki is the queen. One day another girl will take her spot but right now it’s her spot.

  9. Music103 July 28, 2016

    3 male R&B singers on one track sounds like overkill on paper. I will give it a listen later…


    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      What’s the difference between three features and one feature with three verses? No shade I’m just asking.

    • Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

      Two r&b singers, and chris brown

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        I didn’t ask you h**

  10. Danzou July 28, 2016

    Not a bad song but it makes me wish the old days were back. Lovers and friends is still a smash even to this day.

  11. Nicole Slaysinger July 28, 2016

    Great beat but bad artists. I mean chris brown? Come on, get ZAYN, Miguel, or somebody decent instead. And get some better rappers. Get rid of minaj. Ross can do much better, his verse was way too short. Future doesn’t contribute anything, as usual.

    BTW this whole album is trash, not one really good song, horrible features, this is his worst album. No Boosie, no Ace Hood, no Plies, no T-Pain, Akon, this ain’t a Khaled album! He has “changed a lot”, but not in a good way!

    BTW2: August Alsina is horrible at singing, I only listen to him when he makes meaningful songs about his life.

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      Your user name drags itself get off this website

      • Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

        B**** go suck on a d***!

        F****** tard

      • Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

        And another thing b**** who are you to tell me what do? Go f*** yourself b****. Like I’ll just stop using this site just because you told me to. R*****.

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        Ooh I’m scared h** I’m shaking in my boots!

  12. SWISH July 28, 2016

    lol this Danzou person looks very pressed responding to every single comment

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      And how pressed are you responding to someone who’s responding to everything on a blog that encourages us to give our opinions you funky ass b**** get off my d***

      • SWISH July 28, 2016

        ^^^ LMFAOO

    • Danzou July 28, 2016


  13. Cough Cough July 28, 2016

    What a snooze fest. All the current day “talents” on a track and it’s as boring and generic as ever. We need a whole new wave of popular artists. These folks ain’t cuttin it.

    • Nicole Slaysinger July 28, 2016

      Exactly! These artists are all trash! Future, nicki, chris brown, jeremih, august non-singin’ ass alsina, future!

      There are better artists but I guess Khaled didn’t want to use them.

      ZAYN, Miguel, Frank Ocean, get Maxwell!

      Real singers!

      What a wack album with a bunch of wack artists! Who wants to hear YG, 2 chainz, yo gotti, gucci mane, rick ross, and more spit below average verses! Kendrick was bad, big sean was horrible, only good artists were Nasir and Drizzy! Jay was okay! Overall s***** album


      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        Oh look a drake Stan.

      • Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

        Oh…I’m hardly a Drake stan. I just thought his song was decent. Views was not very good.

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        I hear so many people say that views was decent but his numbers disagree. Hmm.

  14. Kwinzy July 28, 2016

    Rather listen to the original (Lovers & Friends). Verses were weak AF. Nicki stop tryna sing. Just cuz you’re not tone deaf don’t mean you can hold a note. Like seriously, what’s wrong with the industry? Sick of that force fed heaux being featured on everyone’s song, and closing doors on other more talented, humble female emcees. Take a break. Are you human, bish?

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      Closing doors? Did queen latifah close doors? Did kim close doors? Did Mc lite close doors? Shut yo ignorant ass up and get some no lyle relaxer for them edges h**.

      • Kwinzy July 28, 2016

        Your Great Wall of China no walls having barbtard ass must be chronologically-challenged. Let’s take it back… Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, Salt n Pepa ran the 80’s. Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Missy, Lauryn Hill ran the 90s and 2000s. Why is Nicki only running the 2010s? It’s very telling the industry is capitalising off her. People are sick and tired of the force feeding. It’s like the b**** is vicariously living through other female rapper’s careers like a f**cking PIG. Seeth and respond like I told you…

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        No REMY EVE NICKI JACKIE O SHAWNA there have been plenty of female rappers this decade you h** it’s not her fault that she’s worked to get where she is and it’s not my fault that you’re seething. I’m not a barb I’m person who can give an opinion without emotions unlike your stupid ass. No one is being force fed anything you thot cuz no one FORCED you to comment nor listen to the song did they? Step ya clap back game up h**.

      • Kwinzy July 29, 2016

        Shawna??? JACKIE-O??? 2010s onward you idiot. When the last time them ho3s had hits?? Big up Shawnna for scoring a #1 on Billboard tho. Something Nicki doesnt have after releasing a trillion singles! Kii. Nicki’s “work ethic” closes doors on other female rappers who work just as hard but don’t get the same respect for it. If she really opened doors she would collaborate with other female rappers, recruit hungry raw talented female rappers on the came up and develop them. But she chooses to be selfish and tbh she knows she’s not the true queen of rap. That’s why she does the most to convince the real rap world she is with singles left, right & centre. If her music was timeless it would resonate with the ppl and she wouldnt feel so insecure to constantly be in the spotlight out of fear ppl will get tired of her goofy ass.

        Everything is handed to Nicki by default. Oh no competition? Let’s give you another EBT award! Nicki being the best female rapper in the WORSE era of female rap ain’t s***. I know it’s a lot of big words but Imma need for your retarded ass to take heed.

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        Shut yo sissy ass up. Tink dreezy and countless other girls are out here rapping. Honey cozier

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        You stupid ass b**** she gave dej loaf the opening spot on her tour! !! So what are you talking about?

      • Kwinzy July 29, 2016

        “Oh, she gone come on MY TOUR and WARM UP my barbz for me” FOH. Your excuses are as tired as Nicki’s valley girl pop singing. Dej Loaf collaborated with Dreezy and even paid homage to Kim at this year’s Hip Hop Honors. Why wasn’t the the biggest female rapper this decade there to show her support?!? Dej never came into the game hating or being thirsty for fame. She has her own style and doesn’t rip off other’s to go big. What has Nicki Garbaj the Queen of cRap done for other female rappers, 7 years into her oh so successful career? Petty, catty, airheaded, attention whorish, overexposed, overrated, fake, manufactured… Shall I proceed?

    • Mr.StLaurent July 28, 2016

      Why rapper can’t sing, and singers rap.
      They are artist.
      Artist they evolve, try new thing.

      Nicki CAN sing, yes she do hip-hop rap but she can actually sing, i’m sure not the best one on earth but still.

      For the haters, that sill gona hate, go listen to “Grand Piano” or “I Lied” from the PinkPrint ?

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

      Oinknika knows she cannot take a break because her career is over. She is a manufactured gimmick who needs to stay overexposed. The minute she relaxes, she’s DONE. Lil’ Kim on the other hand can go 11 years without dropping a studio LP and still headline a sold out arena tour, be honored off the strength of her music, and still be a popping hot commodity that people talk about. It’s called LONGEVITY. Oinknika will never have it.

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        Shut up and stop up voting yourself. You’re so pathetic.

  15. HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016

    The fuxk is this a pixar movie??? Why so many name’s on one track?

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      But you Stan Beyoncé? She’s never has any less names in her credits? No shade I just don’t understand.

      • HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016

        The DIFFERENCE is those writer’s ain’t laying their vocals on a track to over crowd it. This song ain’t no ‘All of The Lights’. He just better leave the Massive collabs to Kanye West! Lol! And Lemonade actually consists of 2-4 writer’s that were hands on in the studio. The rest are listed due to sampling.

      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        If that’s what helps you sleep at night.

      • HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016


      • The Legend Called Missy Elliott July 29, 2016

        You HPV shittay drawls having skid mark Bish. You still here!?!? Tell your girl to go sit her weak bars having ass down. Safaree is needed.

    • The Infinite One July 28, 2016

      Lol I live! So true crying about the Pixar film. Honey I live for food shade ???????

  16. Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

    And what happened to Mariah Carey being featured on the album! Come on khaled!

  17. Danzou July 28, 2016

    I don’t mean to upset yall but I’m just trying to understand the logic. Especially from the Beyoncé stans.

  18. Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown July 28, 2016

    Seriously this n**** DJ Khaled should consider changing his name

    To the guy who really doesn’t do anything…but “gather” everyone for tracks

    • HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016


  19. Mark111 /.\ July 28, 2016

    I just went on and played Lovers and Friends by Lil Jon, Luda an Usher.

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      I feel like that song isn’t even old enough to sample but hey.

      • Mark111 /.\ July 28, 2016

        Well I mean it been 11 years. But I agree, too soon. lol!

  20. eric July 28, 2016

    Take that chain off if this is “the best” you can come up with.

  21. J-Mar July 28, 2016

    Y’all Some Haters I Like The Song DJ Khaled Songs Never Flop I Think This Going To Be A Hit.

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      Right straight up haters the lot of them

      • The Legend Called Missy Elliott July 29, 2016

        You s*** stain dirty panty ho

  22. RihYonce July 28, 2016

    I honestly have to say when I saw this I kept scrolling but hours later I finally listened to the song & I like it ! Y’all trippen. I love when a bunch of artist get on one track I actually can’t wait to hear DJ Khalid’s new album the song with Bryson Tiller & Future will be straight ??? I just know it

  23. Chillitsjustpizza July 28, 2016

    I’m only here for futures verse.

  24. The Infinite One July 28, 2016

    I’m only here for the shade.

  25. Terny July 28, 2016

    My A.D.D kicked in by the 3rd name… Next?! ?

  26. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch July 28, 2016

    Seeing all those names listed screams desperate for a hit…

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      How desperate is selena for a hit? And how desperate are you for stanning a b**** who doesn’t even support the BLM movement that you ALL OF A SUDDEN wanna claim?

      • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch July 28, 2016

        I don’t speak bum bïtch #tryagain

      • HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016


      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        Evidently you do if you understood enough to reply h** get your life.

  27. Tru2me July 28, 2016

    Doesn’t this sound like lovers an friends by usher but just panio

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      Yes babe it’s called a sample.

  28. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch July 28, 2016

    Girl ima need Michelle to chill with ha troll accounts

    • Danzou July 28, 2016

      I’m gon need YOU to take BLM out ya name h** cuz we don’t use you.

      • HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016


      • Danzou July 28, 2016

        @hail I SEE THAT H** CHANGED HIS/HER(or somewhere in between) NAME THO DIDN’T HE/SHE/F**???? This is one for the history books! Danzou just scalped a molly out of its USERNAME I CAN’T!

      • HailLegendBeysus July 28, 2016

        @Danzou Kiii it’s struggle for an identity is HILARIOUS!!!

  29. B2B July 28, 2016

    Dj Khaled gone slay with streaming everybody love him!! He got the hits, consistent af too

  30. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

    Well, well, well. Another stinker from Oinknika as a verse. She is so done. It’s not even funny. When Safaree was writing those bars, Oinknika was on EVERYBODY and their mama’s song. That’s how she has 66 Billboard entries. The minute Safaree left, Oinknika’s features dried up and the few features she puts out are tragic. Oinknika deserves her career to dry up. After all the shade she threw at women who “don’t write their bars,” it is now exposed that Oinknika is nothing without her ghostwriter. Po dat. Someone throw some dryer sheets on that silicone booty ho because she’s WASHED! SPLISH SPLASH!

    • Danzou July 29, 2016


      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES July 29, 2016

        Billboard Hot 100 #1 song.
        Grammy Award.
        MTV VMA for Video of the Year.
        Three platinum albums in ACTUAL SALES.

        Those things are difficult to get…not everybody has them…

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        Nicki has more than one award from MTV. Kim went number one piggy backing on other artists as well as her grammy. She’s done great things but she’s washed. Deal with it. Your receipts are expired.

  31. J-Mar July 29, 2016

    I Know Lil Kim Fans Are Not In Here Shading Nicki When There Faves Struggling To Make A Comeback And Plus Not Even On The Charts She Lost The Tittle Queen Bee Long Time Ago Now Beyonce Has It.

    • Danzou July 29, 2016

      They know like everybody else know

    • The True Danzou July 29, 2016

      It has nothing to do with Lil’ Kim fan nicki minaj supports a child r***** who r**** a 12 year old and she posting $100,000 bail. plus her rapping/singing thing if you can call it that is S*** watch her hit song massive attack HA

      • Danzou July 29, 2016

        She already spoke on the issue and said that she isn’t supporting her brother. He’s going to jail and this had nothing to do with her.

      • The true Danzoua July 29, 2016

        Gurl she paid bail she got involved.

  32. Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 29, 2016

    This is just tragic.

  33. Stevo July 29, 2016

    I thought I was about to listen to A remix of lovers and friends , This song Trash Sorry

  34. July 29, 2016

    i like it.

  35. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 30, 2016

    Badod at all.

  36. Noah August 2, 2016

    These m************ have done 100,000,000 collaborations between them. Dafuq.

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