Drake Responds To Claims That His Male Fans Wear High Heels & Sandals

Published: Monday 8th Aug 2016 by David

Drake finds himself slighted by the influential Funkmaster Flex this month…and he isn’t happy about it.

Full story below…

Drake’s wrangle with Flex and his radio station Hot 97 began when Ebro Darden, its program director, revealed that Drake told him that he would respond to Eminem if the ‘Eight Mile‘ maestro was to hit out at him.

The ‘Hotline Bling’ performer was enraged to learn that their supposedly private conversation had made its way to the public prompting the station to claim that they were joking.

Still, that did little to abate Drizzy’s temper.

How Flex responded?

By taking to their airwaves to slam, blast and lambast the rapper, his writing and his “high heel” wearing fans.

Read his estimation of October’s Very Own star once he learned that he called for him to be fired from the station below…

First of all, Drake, I’m not really worried about you making me lose my job. Want me to tell you why? Seventy percent of your fans wear high heels. The other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals. I’m not concerned about you.

That isn’t all.

He had this to say about Drake’s physical altercation with Diddy.

You wore that sling because when Puff started wearing you out, the security panicked, yanked your arm almost out the socket and put you in that SUV. Do you remember that, bozo?



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  1. HailLegendBeysus August 8, 2016


    • LISA LEVINE August 8, 2016

      Drake. charging $150 a seat and your not “LIVE” or rap-lip-singing. FRAUD and yes girl the gays love drake because he secretly looks, dresses and has mannerisms like them. Drake, His lover Trey Songz, Chris Stokes, Marques Houston, Fizz, and Omarion all the new Metro-Gay Hip Hop/rnb entertainers.

    • Ughhh August 8, 2016

      This article was horribly written.

    • FAF August 8, 2016

      Yet this sissy hits women

      Hot97 is the most snobbish station that’s why they’ll never progress they think it’s still 1996

  2. Bey Queen August 8, 2016

    How rude!! Rihanna must be so offended. Poor sales and poor insults.

    • Keri Qween August 8, 2016

      Why would she care? Youre reaching for a reason to bring her up. Youre just mad because Lemonade is out of the top 10

      • Mark111 /.\ August 8, 2016


  3. Fancy BISH August 8, 2016

    Flex can’t even come up with his own diss lol…he stole that ‘high heels’ diss from Canibus from back in the 90’s! Canibus tried to diss LL Cool J and said “99% of your fans wear high heels.”…now, almost 20 years later, LL Cool J is still on top of his game and Canibus is a HAS-BEEEN lol…LL Cool J told Canibus, “Don’t hate me cause I’m paid, hate me because I’m everything you want to be – handsome, young, plus legendary.” If history repeats itself , Drizzy’s gonna win! lol

    • Bey Queen August 8, 2016

      The message above was brought to you by an Iggy Azalea fan.

      • Fancy BISH August 8, 2016

        Captain obvious, was that a diss? Well, I’m just sipping Lemonade in your shade, sis lol

  4. Sean August 8, 2016

    Funkamaster better watch his mouth…we are not in a state for someone to make under handed comments about sexual orientation… Even tho he doesn’t have much of a career to watch out for…but Drake and all his high heel and Sandal wearing fans will end his career, along with America, watch.

    • Rancor August 8, 2016

      I don’t know where you’re getting that this was some kind of dig at sexual orientation. Flex is basically saying that Drake’s fanbase consists of mostly women and corny dudes, which is true. No Drake fan is going to end Flex’s career. Flex was around before Wheelchair Jimmy’s showed up and tainted the world of Hip Hop with his Canadian corniness and will be around after him.

  5. Keri Qween August 8, 2016

    They tried to start a beef between Eminem and Drake thats why Drake responded. He said they were lying. Anywho..Funk He was insinuating that his fan base is largely female and the 30%(men) wore sandals. Either way, Flex should be aware of his words. After all his close friend and former Hot 97 DJ “MR CEE” was arrested for soliciting t***** prostitutes.

    • Rih Rih August 8, 2016

      Sis, what’s up with your fav showing the girls how to deep throat a popsicle? Also when is she going to stop releasing snippets, and give us an album, i’m looking forward.

  6. Cough Cough August 8, 2016

    Lol people clearly don’t know anything about music. Funk master Flex is a LEGENDARY Dj…… A legendary New York Dj that’s been in the game since the 80’s. Y’all need to get your music knowledge up. Foreal, Foreal.

  7. steve August 8, 2016

    This is all just a big joke. So just because he is a rapper he isn’t permitted to have a soft side or choose his fan Base. I really don’t get it. It’s obvious that the rap game has changed and we all should just change with it. Am sure in the nearest future their would be openly gay rappers and that won’t change a thing. We all just need to get the drill.

  8. chileplease August 8, 2016

    What kind of insult is that? Who cares what his fan base may or may not look like or the types of clothes they wear?Drake is the ONLY rapper out there consistently selling. At least his fans get out there and buy his albums. Can’t say the same for most others.

  9. Late August 8, 2016

    I’m so confused. I’m not sure if it’s because the article is written so poorly, or because the store is just plain weird.
    What I get from the “70 percent of your fans wear heels” comment is that most of his fans are females, which I’d say is somewhat accurate. At no point did I infer that this was a diss/slight against effeminate males or anything of the sort. This may be a case of people reading more into it than what’s really there.

    • Late August 8, 2016

      store= story

    • D August 8, 2016

      He was clearly talking about feminine men. That’s why it’s an insult. If he was talking about women he would have said that.

  10. OMG Logic!!! August 8, 2016

    Is that supposed to be an insult? What’s wrong with high-heels and flip-flops?

  11. Biting Truth August 8, 2016

    Homosexuals think everything is about them. You’re so gay, you probably think this dis is about you…

  12. OQRAM August 8, 2016

    Drake is just a slightly blacker version of Macklemore. He appeals to 20 year old girls and swagfags in tight pants. He doesn’t play to real hip hop heads. In the the 90s, a “rapper” like him would have been run out of the Source Awards.

    • Avenger August 8, 2016

      In the 90’s, Drake wouldn’t have been invited to the Source Awards. I can’t wait for a modern equivalent to a NWA, Public Enemy or Wu-Tang emerges to make this offputting trend of ‘sensitive’, Prada-wearing rappers like Drake, Vic Mensa & Co. look like the b****-made punks that they are.

      • chileplease August 8, 2016

        Yeah, IN THE 90’s. Check your calendar. This ain’t the 90’s. That’s the ONLY decade that rap was considered “hard” or whatever because in the 80’s when rap really took off, it wasn’t like that at all. You had rap pioneers like queen latifah, kid n play, jj fad, will smith, etc., and none of them were “gangsta” or hood.

    • Chileplease August 8, 2016

      But who cares? Why is his fan base an issue? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

      • Tina Lord Roberts August 8, 2016

        **Who** an artist attracts/appeals to makes a statement about them and their music…

  13. Janet August 8, 2016

    You idiots, he meant 70% of his fans are women, and the other 30% are gay men. He did not say men wear high heels, smh. This whole site is full of pre-teen morons.

    • Grande the Way August 8, 2016

      How does guys who wear sandals=gay men? Lol

  14. KVH August 8, 2016

    The 30% sandals comment probably refer to men from the ‘burbs. City n!ggas don’t rock sandals like shoes. So in summation, he’s saying that Drake appeals to women and white guys (and white-washed black guys.)

    • Tina Lord Roberts August 8, 2016

      To put it even simplier: he’s saying that Drake’s fans (like him) are corny.

  15. Mark111 /.\ August 8, 2016

    No one effs with Hot 97 since the 90s.

  16. GurlWepa1989 August 8, 2016

    Flex is a hater plain and simple. Drake is a great artist and with a unique talent. He has a diverse group of fans, why is it in a Hip Hop world do people always trying to box them. Success is a success, Drake will continue to slay.

  17. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 8, 2016

    Someone will come for flex

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