New Video: Sevyn Streeter – ‘Prolly (ft. Gucci Mane)’

Published: Monday 15th Aug 2016 by Sam

Sevyn Streeter is racing ahead like Usain with her new single ‘Prolly.’

Fresh from debuting the track last Friday, today brings with its accompanying video – which features liberated rapper Gucci Mane.

The song is the first taste of the singer’s debut album ‘Girl Interrupted.’

No release date has been revealed as of yet, but the star shared that she has worked with the likes of Sean GarrettTricky Stewart, and The-Dream. Features include Dej Loaf, Ty Dolla $, and August Alsina.

Get all the way into the gritty visual after the jump…

Solid video. We still see the song as calculated play from Ms. Streeter to appeal to today’s trap-heavy climate, but we are slowly warming to it thanks to the visual.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jhene Aiko Stan August 15, 2016

    Jhene Aiko just released a demo for a new song called New Balance on SoundCloud and its fresh!

    • Ughhh August 15, 2016

      I love Jhene! The song though had me on the fence though because it may be directed for Big Sean’s ugly ass. I don’t know what happen in her marriage, whether her husband was abusive and on drugs or whether she cheated but whatever happen she can do better than Big Sean. Ughhhh. And if they are together he needs to stay away from her music because that collab album they had sucked… Because he isn’t nor can be as metaphoric and as lyrically as she is…. Oh and I already knew Seven didn’t have a hit with this one and the video looks like water spilled on her computer during the editing process. It’s not good.

      • Jhene Aiko Stan August 15, 2016

        You didn’t like Twenty88? I thought it was a solid album along with the visuals. Never was much of a Big Sean fan but he held his own on the EP imo.

    • andrew August 16, 2016

      Kristal f****** lyndriette is betah!! next

      • Jason August 16, 2016

        Both are talented in their own right!

  2. Tim Brown August 15, 2016


  3. Chile Please!!! August 15, 2016

    NAH! I’ll pass….just because everyone else has that sound doesn’t mean she has to have it as well. She can sing down & this is not first single material. Ugggh! Music sucks now!

    • Everyone’s A Critic August 15, 2016

      Music doesn’t suck today. Your ability to enjoy music sucks! I for one LOVE new music. Like language, music transcends time. We find new ways to say the same thing with music, it’s a beautiful thing

      • Chile Please!!! August 16, 2016

        How about suck on these h**! Ain’t nobody asked you for your opinion!! Not all music sucks….it’s called exaggeration when your pissed over some bullshyt like this song! Now have every seat in the world.

      • Jason August 16, 2016

        When we look back on this trap era in 20 years, you’ll realize it sucked! I’m so ready for actual singers/entertainers to be the standard of the industry again! People just love mediocrity now. Until we support real genres, and singers that don’t play their gifts down to sell, we’ll never have another Luther, Whitney or Mariah. So yes, music Blows right now! With the exception of a those trying to keep it alive among the mess.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan August 15, 2016

    The song isn’t that bad. I give it a 7.5/10 for now. The video…….. not so sure as it didn’t make me get hyped and I barely got to see her beautiful face in the video.
    Still absolutely adore her though 😀

  5. #JACKIE August 15, 2016

    Nice, but not good enough for people to pay attention to her……

    • Mark111 /.\ August 15, 2016


      • #JACKIE August 15, 2016

        Markisha aka Lukhas, go fleet and get outta my replies.

    • Lake Erie August 15, 2016

      Definitely not what I expected visually but the song is fire!.

  6. No favs, just here for the music August 15, 2016

    The video initially looked promising but it’s a no for me. It’s way too try hard; both the song and the video

  7. eric August 15, 2016

    This video looks like a Tiffany Evans experiment.

  8. Everyone’s A Critic August 15, 2016

    Ok as a massive fan I think I’m entitled to say Im THOROUGHLY disappointed. Like when she heard this song back did she feel a sense of accomplishment… I dunno “PROLLY” not!!!
    This doesn’t stand close to her other stuff. And she can MISS ME with the new music if this is the direction she’s going in. If only they gave her this budget and push with Boomerang or Just Being Honest… I understand the industry somewhat in terms of releasing songs to sell money (See Rihanna who is great at doing that) but Sevyn is an underdog and she should never compromise her credibility by selling out because the general public aren’t here for certain artists and their attempts to crossover (see Tinashe, Ciara, Hell every black woman trying). I know this sound isn’t new for her but the fact that this is the sound she’s pushing over the amazingly written, lyrically driven urban balladry she’s got baffles me

  9. just sayin August 15, 2016

    This left me scratching my head. I don’t get it. The song, the direction of the visual, the vibe, nothing feels right, or authentic to her as an artist. She needs to come with something definitively Sevyn… or stick to songwriting behind the scenes.

  10. UbettaUbettaBestFran August 15, 2016

    For some reason this is giving me Dollar Store Beyonce Run The World teas….
    Anyway, Lyndriette crushes her vocally. I wish she got a solo deal, but I’m still excited for June’s Diary.

  11. Lake Erie August 15, 2016

    I mean, it wasn’t what I expected but i really like the song though…..

  12. FC/JC August 15, 2016

    Now I LIVE for Sevyn down! But this video was a womp for me, had no replay value, I like the “Mad Max” theme if thats what she was going for, however there was no direction in this video. Gucci looked good, she did also, but whoever edited her video could have blurred out her facial blemishes.

    I like the song without the video….. Come on Sevyn, Pick it up! Your videos are usually better than this, Im not sure what it was missing….

    • Lake Erie August 15, 2016

      Yes,I agree!

  13. 4everBrandy_Ci August 15, 2016

    Sevyn Streeter is talented and there’s no denying it. I like the record and just because she did this single doesn’t mean the rest of her material will be like that all the way through. That’s fine a few people don’t like the record. People need to support her and just let her be her own artist. I like the visual as well. Slay Sevyn!!!!!

  14. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 15, 2016


  15. Mar August 16, 2016

    Nothing tops the “Call Me Crazy” EP. They were going in the right direction, why the switch up?

  16. Junior in Jamaica August 17, 2016

    Her makeup is always done to make her face look too light.

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