From The Vault: Monica – ‘So Gone’

Published: Sunday 28th Aug 2016 by Joe

If there’s one guarantee with social media, it’s that there’s no such thing as predictability. This week’s From The Vault celebrates that with Monica‘s recently revived ‘So Gone’ – the 2003 hit behind the popular #SoGoneChallenge.

After ironically struggling to garner attention with the shelved ‘All Eyes On Me’ in 2002, the R&B belle went back to the studio to cook up a second incarnation of the album. Clocking time with producers such as Missy Elliott, Mo was ready to re-rev the campaign’s engine in 2003. ‘After The Storm’ was the new title and ‘Gone’ served as its lead single.

It was the first time the singer unleashed the MC in her, which would somewhat became a habit for her from then on.

Released to rave reviews, the throwback cut – which samples The Whispers ‘You Are Number One’ – saw the R&B diva return to chart glory. The cut peaked at #10 on the US Top 10 and #1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B tally. It was also a Top 20 hit in Canada.


For the Chris Robinson directed visual, Mo’ got her crazy on, playing the role of a suspicious girlfriend who goes quite literally insane thinking her lover is cheating on her.

Though we would have preferred it was by way of her latest album ‘Code Red,’ we’re glad Monica’s name is on everyone’s lips again.

Who knows how this whole #SoGoneChallenge came about, but we’re glad more people are taking part in it.

We love it when the today’s consumers appreciate the greatness of previous eras in music; so color us excited about the resurgence of this R&B classic by a highly gifted and enduring artist.

Monica, we salute you

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  1. cocobutta August 28, 2016

    Oh I love to love TGJ.

    “highly gifted and enduring artist.” – Beautiful words to put as true facts awww. ?✊

  2. MUSICHEAD August 28, 2016

    I believe All Eyes On Me was actually released in Asia. I heard most of that album. I’m Back, Too Hood and U Deserve were my favorites. But none if those songs had hit written on them like So Gone. That rap bridge is fiyah!

  3. Annalise August 28, 2016

    After The Storm is an R&B classic from start to finish! So Gone is such a bop! I also love Just Another Girl, it’s a shame it didn’t make the album cut since AEOM was leaked a year early. Also Don’t Gotta Go Home should have been a single, that song is so underrated! I see u Mo!!

  4. The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 28, 2016

    The song she did with Tyrese was hot too. So Gone is still hot!

  5. B2B August 28, 2016

    Now listen boy I’m no rowdy chick, sometimes I gotta fight cuz my mouth too slick; baby why you do me like I ain’t worth s***, make me wanna ride past ya house and sit, kick down ya doors and smack ya chick, just to show you Monica’s not having it… So in love with you like a drug it’s so unreal…. ????? Been rocking before the so gone challenge.

  6. Credits August 28, 2016

    So gone, knock knock and should’ve known better!!!! Greats songs from the album. The so gone challenge has boosted streams and sales of the song 13 years later. It’s a shame code red didn’t get the attention it deserves. People are asking her for new music now because they don’t know it’s out. she should release a video for alone in your heart now while she has this resurgence.

  7. LmfaoHoe August 28, 2016

    This album was the shhhhid back then, Mama was playing the hell out of this album especially the song.

  8. RCW August 28, 2016

    Monica is bad then and now. Code red is EVERYTHING! #salute

    • MUSICHEAD August 28, 2016

      I’ve never hated a Monica album until Code Red. That album was just terrible. Hopefully she puts a new album out this year because Code Red didn’t deliver at all.

      • Credits August 28, 2016

        The only bad song on there is “ocean of tears.”
        ‘I know,’ ‘anchor,’ ‘deep,’ ‘alone in your heart’ and’ call my name,’ are all solid. The rest are decent.

  9. LmfaoHoe August 28, 2016

    I tell you this generation is hilarious, Im glad they’re paying attention now but damn I saw hell of people ask for new music from Monica and was like did she not release Code Red a few months ago. Monica baby its time to bring that real R&B back or simply release some singles / vides from the new album.

  10. #JACKIE August 28, 2016

    Her last good single!

  11. Jackx August 28, 2016

    She needs to go back to her roots if she wants to be relevant again, U should’ve know better, so gone, the boy is mine. Her past 3 have been a little boring.

  12. Kitty Puurrzz August 28, 2016

    Monica is such an amazing artist that doesn’t get the credit she deserves. A true pioneer of R&B. She’s truly the GODDES OF R&B. I think she needs to re-release Code Red & add some more bops…

  13. The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 28, 2016

    Call My Name. Is hot. That should have been a single.

  14. Yolanda August 28, 2016

    Monica performed So Gone in tribute to Missy at the All Hail the Queens Hip Hop Honors. I think this brought on the SoGoneChallenge.

  15. Sam August 28, 2016

    This was and still is a bad ass song but i think that we have to thank Missy for it because her writing skills are underrated as she has given Monica the majority of her catchy hits and also hits for the likes of fantasia, Tweet, Maty J Blige to name a few.

  16. KA August 28, 2016

    That song is sooo Boss it was on high rotation when first released. That song could still chart check now!!!

  17. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 28, 2016

    She has a good albums

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