Album Certifications: Is Silver The Solution?


There once existed an era where obtaining a Gold and arguably Platinum record was a given for even the most modest of acts. Today, we see “A List” artists struggling to hit bronze. With 2016 nearing its end, only three acts (Drake, Beyoncé, and Rihanna) have reached Platinum status with their new releases; and even that count has been called into question (see: ‘ANTI,’ Samsung, and streaming).

As sales have dived, streaming has thrived – helping the U.S music business grow by 8.1% over the last year. And still, in the sea of changing rules and weekly revisions, it remains difficult to decipher who is dominating and whose success may be attributable to smoke and mirrors. Indeed, it’s now become commonplace for projects that have yet hit to hit Platinum in pure sales being certified double and even triple Platinum thanks to “other” factors.

A simple sign of changing consumption patterns? Perhaps. But what is becoming problematic is how said plaques are being used and arguably abused to market the meagre as major.

This reality has led some corners to call for the implementing of a Silver certification by the RIAA. It’s already a “thing” in large markets such as the U.K and we, here at TGJ, feel the States could benefit from the same.

Tune in after the jump to see what me mean…

Increasingly apparent is the fact the select few that can truly push album sales in today’s market. Beyond anomalies like Adele, we’ve seen many capitalize on crutches to push them over the Gold and Platinum goal post.

With the likes of YouTube views, streaming services, and album buyouts being utilized to stretch sales and chart placements, the “silver lining” seems but yet another handicap. It raises the question of whether these adjustments to the original formula are diluting the overall pride in achieving such feats.

For instance, one has to wonder how much of a “win” ‘ANTI’ is for Rihanna. Sure, it’s spawned a bevy of Billboard hit singles, but at just over 600,000 copies sold after 9 months, its 3x Platinum certification feels as real as an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

The solution, from our vantage, point is simple. Introduce and popularize the Silver certification.


Beyond already being an active part of the award narrative in countless other countries, it could re-inject some much needed prestige into the US picture. The premise would be an unpretentious three-tier system comprised of Silver, Gold, and Platinum honors.

Conceptually, the idea would be for it to end the practice of over-keen teams veering beyond their means so as to present their artist as bigger than they are. Our Silver proposition will also provide acts the inspiration to work to clear each stage, rather than being handed one or both of the existing plaques prematurely. It would also re-garnish the Gold and Platinum awards with fresh respect after their recent tarnishing.

Advancing the idea, how awesome would it be if said Silver award could only be achieved by raw sales? It would appear more credible opposed to allowing all formats obtain the accomplishment. More than anything, it would placate those understandably displeased with the current climate.

It does beg the question, though…

Are certifications even necessary anymore? It’s proven that more people are willing to see an act live then to purchase their album; and that too could be a potential avenue to explore. Maybe ticket sales could somehow a new measure to consider. Or be formally rewarded?

With so few acts able to achieve today’s now-steep measures, there remains ample uncertainty surrounding the future of the Gold and Platinum plaques. Irrespective of whether a Silver cousin joins the fold or not.

As ever…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Biting Truth September 23, 2016

    I don’t believe in rewarding mediocrity or lowering the bar so that mediocre people can look like they’re actually competing. If artists like Prince and Michael Jackson had to WORK for their certifications, then so should everyone else. If I were an artist, I would snub all types of streaming and most digital availability. The ONLY way you could get my music would be to get your ass to the store and buy a physical copy of it.

    • Paulo September 23, 2016

      … and the “biting truth” is that you’d be broke in no time without royalties from digital sales.

      • MK September 26, 2016


    • September 23, 2016

      what you are saying is true, but we are in a different time now, everyone can have your music and a whole album without spending a dime, example look a usher do you think alot of people over a million doesn’t have is album now. ofcourse they do, but look at is numbers it didn’t show that he sold over a million albums, because must people fans doesn’t buy albums anymore.

      they can go on there phone are any computer device and download any song are a full album for free. it’s an’t easy for these artist even when it’s a great album quality song, they still an’t making no money that’s why touring is the only way out for must of these artist right now.

      you think even drake would have moved so much record if he was just rapping only with some hard songs, in this day and age no i really doubt he would, quality don’t really sell anymore it’s really sad but it’s true, people have to mix it up to even get anything close to decent numbers, they have to survive so i really wont be so hard on them.

      • Truthsayer September 23, 2016

        Lmao. Honey no one has Usher’s album. Free or not.

    • x_x September 23, 2016

      What you guys continue to forget is that Rihanna & Co. GAVE 1 MILL copies AWAY.. for FREE. Had Drake given 1 Mill away, do you REALLY believe his numbers would be as high? Giving such a large amount away would decrease the sale for any artist. Face the music: Anti is a success. Silver is not an appropriate certification for a market as large as the US. There would be a certification thrown out every week, thus diluting the plaques true power. It works for UK bc the market is not as large.

      • Jamon September 23, 2016

        Anti would definitely be platinum. It’s still good that she even sold 600,000. Anyone in their right mind would take 25 million up front, especially considering you don’t make that much off album sales these day’s. If it was anyone of TGJ favorites, they would be adding that million to their album sales and praising how smart and powerful they are. By the way, I brought Ushers album and enjoyed it.

      • Girl September 23, 2016


      • rw September 24, 2016

        Y’all keep saying that she gave 1 mil copies away. but at the end of the day those copies that were giving away was probably gonna be downloaded for free Regardless, just like EVERY other artist. and it was only giving away on samsung devices right? Ok.

    • Elijah The pharaoh September 23, 2016

      I AGREE HAND MUTHAFUCKING DOWN GET your ass to the store and but peoples music like the old days where lines were around the corner, and people slept outside for stores to open for the music those are the fans. I don’t believe in rewarding mediocre music.

    • Girl September 23, 2016

      OH MY God, GET OFF RIHANNAS C***. y’all love to bash her in this website as if she’s done something to you all. #1 she has given 1 million copies for free to 1 million people, now why would that 1 million people go and buy the f****** album when they already got it for free. 2 it’s a available for streaming everywhere if you’re already paying for a streaming app such as Apple you automatically get the album for free, so then why would you go and buy it when you already have the f****** album?? even after giving away 1 million copies and make it available to Spotify and apple and tidal who all together have probably 40 million subscribers she was still able to get 6 hundred thousand people to buy it so she’s doing well if you ask me. LETS NOT COMPARE HER SITUATION WITH DRAKE And BEYONCE BECAUSE THEY DID NIT GIVE THEIR ALBUM AWAY FOR FREE And THEIR ALBUM IS ON ONLY ONE STREAMING SITE SO OF COURSE People WHO Don’t Have APPLE OR TIDAL WILL BUY IT.. ONE LAST THING STREAMING PAYS MORE THAN PURE SALES SO SHES WINNING ?????

      • rw September 24, 2016

        or they would download it. because at the end of the day. IF someone DOESN’T want to buy an album, exclusive or not. THEY WONT. hence why someone still hasn’t sold Plat.

      • Cupid November 23, 2016

        Actually she gave away 1.4Million ?

    • Cbeylive September 23, 2016

      A digital sale is still a sale especially if you bought it full price digitally and while most of those physical albums get lost scratched and damaged and you have to buy a new one buying it digitally you can play that s*** forever.

  2. Paulo September 23, 2016

    IDK. streaming would still be in the picture so what difference would it really make? the reality is that US will probably have to, like plenty of other smaller markets, such as Brazil, decrease the sales requirement for the plaques. in the 90s you’d have to sell 100k to get a Platinum plaque and now it’s as low as 40k lmao

    • FC/JC September 23, 2016

      Are certifications even necessary anymore? It’s proven that more people are willing to see an act live then to purchase their album; and that too could be a potential avenue to explore. Maybe ticket sales could somehow a new measure to consider. Or be formally rewarded?”

      I think you just answered the question. The certifications have become so diluded, Its not even a leveled nor fair playing field anymore for all lovers and artists of music of different genres. I don’t think it will be missed if it is eliminated from the equation. It would also push performers to actually WANT to excel at performing & touring, To garner other accomplishments.
      So many artists have become comfortable and content with mediocrity and microwavables, and thats what needs to change. Shake the table on these “artists”.

  3. King B September 23, 2016

    Adele, Taylor, Beyoncé, Eminem, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, P!nk can sell albums. There’s no such thing as people don’t buy album anymore. The reason why these artist can’t sell is because they make stupid songs. What makes you think people want to spend my money on an album that contain songs like Work? Anaconda? Wiggle? Me too? Work B****? Applause?

    • Tina Lord Roberts September 23, 2016

      Basically. Look at WHAT is out right now. No one wants that mess displayed on their shelf for other people to see when they’re visiting. Hell, I’d be embarrassed to to even have to face the check out person at the store. The 2010s has become the decade of the guilty pleasure hit. Download or stream a trash song for your phone that no one else has to know you’re into. But even the corniest music buyers would pause at buying a whole album by some of these so-called “pop stars” of today.

      • King B September 23, 2016

        Lol. I’ll be so embarrassed if someone sees me own a copy of Artpop or The Pink Print tbh. They have nice songs. But their image and repetitive songs makes me not interested in buying the album.

      • #Nicole Nation September 23, 2016

        I’d be so embarrassed if someone found out I had Superlove on my iPod and it was my most played song right now.

    • Blue September 23, 2016

      I dont know but maybe the fact all those songs were hits, meaning people were interested atleast. Also nice of you to pick out only the less meaningful songs from those an industry full of hundreds of artists you can only name a few that can sell beyond 1mil. That in itself is telling.

      • King B September 23, 2016

        Those songs were released before the album (except Work), therefore it represents what the album would be.

    • #JACKIE September 23, 2016

      Ok so nine people are exceptions to the rule? There are so many R&B artists who released amazing albums but of course people didn’t purchase. This goes beyond silly generic singles.

      • King B September 23, 2016

        They may be local but Little Mix and Jesse Glyne can sell albums in the UK. Justin Bieber too. J Cole, Justin Timberlake,and 637383892 country artists from the US. And didn’t Exo sold like a million this year? As much as the Black Madonna. Celine Dion still can sell albums too.

    • meme September 23, 2016

      People don’t put Beyoncés music in the same category as Ed Sheeran and Adele and Sam. Her song writing is just not on par with them. In fact formation and sorry is more in line with Anaconda and Work. Except Anaconda and work were 100% more successful. Has anyone heard the lyrics in Beyoncé’s music. like seriously, “when he F me good I take his a$$ to red lobster”, “watch my a$$ bounce to the next d*** boy”, “better call becky with the good hair”. LMFAO yall are too funny to think that mess is in the same lane as Ed song writing.

    • Jamon September 23, 2016

      Actually the only people you named that really SELLS albums are Adele, Taylor, and Eminem. I don’t see going platinum big. Those songs you named were hits. Work spent 9 weeks at #1, so someone had to like it.

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        In that case you cant call anti a success. Going platinum in this day in age in pure sales is an achievement.

      • Cupid November 23, 2016

        @Bey>Rih , Beyoncé could never give away albums and still sale a million.

    • Nigeria loves rihanna September 24, 2016

      Beyonce is no album saler, h** sit down

    • MK September 26, 2016

      @KING B thats a fair point there but take Yonce out of your list and all the artists u mentioned there get top 40 airplay….so they can sell and they get full+ support of record labels…the rest of the artists do not….so yeah it is tough to sell especially r&b singers….who struggle to even get played on urban staions as they now seem to lean more to what RHYTHMIC RADIOS WOULD NORMALLY PLAY. NO AIRPLAY NO EXPOSURE..TAKE KELLY ROWLAND FOR EXAMPLE…MOTIVATION GOT LOTS OF AIRPLAY BECAUSE MOTOWN PRESIDENT HAD HER BACK AND ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE WAS BACK IN THE GAME….LABEL CHANGES SAW HER DUMPED AT REPUBLIC RECORDS AND NO MORE LABEL BACK UP, THE ALBUM ROLL OUT WAS A MESS AND SHE FELL VICTIM TO HER MS KELLY ROLL OUT DISASTER AGAIN AND A GOOD ALBUM FAILED AND SO DID TALK A GOOD GAME WHICH IF I MAY ADD WAS A SUPER FLWLESS ALBUMS WITH COHERENT MESSAGE AND EXCEPTIONAL TRACKS. E.G DOWN ON LOVE, GONE, STREET LIFE, THIS IS LOVE… THE LIST GOES ON N ON

    • Cupid November 23, 2016

      What was wrong with work other than the dialogue being unfamiliar to many? I love her for releasing that. She represented her roots

  4. B_Roni September 23, 2016

    This just made me realize that Rihanna really has a good fanbase. I’m included in that. Most acts who give away 1 million downloads for free and then release an album wouldn’t even see that number. I’m not being shady either but Britney Spears for instance sold the same anount maybe even less then Rihanna did in her first week vs Rihanna second week. If she didn’t give away a million I think this would have been her best selling album in the u.s. Or close to it. I just know how the general public is. No one wants to spend additional money on something they can get for free.

    • B_Roni September 23, 2016

      Also people confuse me with who is and who is not an album seller. If someone sells a million copies and another singer sells 1.5 million then the other artist is a flop. Smh. If a student makes a 4.0 gpa and another gets a 3.5 then of course one is doing better but aren’t they both still good grade students?

    • King B September 23, 2016

      Maybe those 1 million copies also include non-fans who may probably delete the album later. And also, those free copies cannot explain why the album flopping WW especially in Aus.

      • Datredd23 September 23, 2016

        The album was streamed over 1 billion times in less then a year 3rd highest for a female artist surely doubt that’s a flop babe ! If her album was not on streaming services it would have higher physical copies sold its not a hard concept to understand lol

      • Cupid November 23, 2016

        That 1.4Million wasn’t all domestic… Last I checked a month or so ago Rih had matched WW what she had given away. Look Beyoncé is an amazing artist and she shouldn’t have to result to her gimmicks for attention. I understand the frustration. But please stop coming for Rih because of Beyonce’s short comings. Rihanna is bribing award shows for awards. It’s sad. After what Kanye said I’m almost certain Beyoncé pulled some strings to try and take some light off of Rih at the VMAS

  5. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? September 23, 2016

    What in the world is wrong with a silver certification and why is it in question now all of a sudden? Some artists aren’t able to get their albums certified past that point, so why not go ahead and give it to them? I’m tired of the undermining racism in the music industry.

  6. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? September 23, 2016

    When Katy’s next album BARELY sells as much as Rih’s pure sales, I bet you guys wouldn’t be opposed to her earning a silver certification, though. Leave “Anti” out of this mess please.

  7. Datredd23 September 23, 2016

    Rihanna is a steaming force! And she is embracing itt arms wide open she is getting paid folks lol no matter how hard they try to knock streams I’m sorry but they aren’t going anywhere. Why is streaming deemed bad? Lol the streaming services are paying the most to whoever is bringing the the most traffic to there sites!

  8. Datredd23 September 23, 2016

    Needed Me just became the second most streamed song ever right behind Work! What kind of slayage! She conquered the digital age and is doing the same with streaming ! Rihanna is longevity and Queen!

    • rw September 24, 2016

      On spotify.

  9. SMH September 23, 2016

    This is why Michael, Janet, Prince, Madonna, Whitney & Mariah will always be The Elite Legends. They didn’t need streaming, weekly chart revisions & changes to get their multi platinum plaques. They actually sold UNITS. This generation of “stars” (with maybe the exception of Adele) needs all that smoke & mirrors mess because they can’t accomplish the level of success that The Legends did the old fashioned way- by actually selling physical units. That’s why their fans go apeshiit when their faves only sell 1 or 2 million albums within 1-3 months, as if their selling 5-10 million albums within that time frame.

    • Datredd23 September 23, 2016

      Back then there were no alternative methods to buying albums are you slow or what? Lol and how many of those artists relied on payola?? Hmm??

      • SMH September 23, 2016

        Lol of course you new generation morons wouldn’t get the point. The Legends didn’t need “alternative methods” of selling their music because the QUALITY of their music made people actually go to the store and buy it. So you can have several seats with your ignorant and failed attempt to sound like you know what you’re talking about. It just makes you sound even dumber than you already are.

      • Blue Ivy Rod September 26, 2016

        Your point doesn’t make any sense. There was only buying as the viable option for music. That is why they all have diamond albums. if spotify or any streaming service was out then those artists will have similar stats as well

    • King B September 23, 2016

      Exactly. How many artist dare to not put their albums on streaming services?

      • Datredd23 September 23, 2016

        Why wouldn’t Rihanna take advantage of streaming? Her music is universal and the GP eats up anything she puts out of course it’s going to make her more money it’s better then illegal downloading at least these artists are getting credit for the amount of consumption there music is creating for everyone

      • SMH September 23, 2016

        And yet they still can’t sell past the 1-2 million mark.

  10. Blue September 23, 2016

    The consummation chart is there to help artists today because despite the stupid claims made on here, artists like mj did not fight to rich platinum status, it was almost alwaya guaranteed.

  11. Surprise..(DEC 2013) September 23, 2016

    My only problem with streaming is that…..although it shows the level of popularity of the artist involved. i.e if people stream ur album or songs then they are obviously interested. However, we all know streaming sites like Spotify & Apple Music, do not pay well, the only other options for these artist to make money is by selling merchandise or touring. In Rih’s case, she doe snot have to worry about that, because she is already an established act and Beyonce is a touring beast and makes way more money touring. On the other hand, what about the up and coming artist who are not ESTABLISHED and can’t rely on touring, although if they are streamed regularly, it may elevate their chart position, but financially it does nothing for them. This is why i loved the concept behind TIDAL…….the execution of TIDAL LAUNCH was botched, but the sentient of paying more money to the newer artist is necessary. IF streaming paid more, i would not have any problems with it.

    • Datredd23 September 23, 2016

      I agree newer artists aren’t getting the deals and payouts from streaming services that established acts are

    • Datredd23 September 23, 2016

      Anti was a great album from start to finish every song was unique and she did a lot of different sounds and concepts

      • rw September 24, 2016

        it sounds very travis scott.

  12. Truthsayer September 23, 2016

    It’s amazing to think about but what do these artists (who have all sold really well on their last releases) have in common: Adele, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, P!nk, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Taylor Swift?

    Simple. They all make music, not for the clubs or dancefloor, but songs that people connect with. Their music has some of the most soul among popular artists. People aren’t selling now not because no one buys anymore but because the music is simply s***. The more BS people release, the less ppl will give new music a chance. Labels thought they could swindle buyers by putting 2 hits on an album and 10 terrible fillers. Well ppl caught on. It’s time for labels to stop promoting trap ni**as and mediocre white singers, and start looking for soul. Believe it or not, people are a bit embarrassed to say they are big fans of say, Bebe Rexha or Shawn Mendes or Rae Sremmund. Not the case for Adele or Bruno Mars. Look for solid artists who can write and can tell a story and can have a career, not a fu*king one-song meme. Out.

    • King B September 23, 2016

      This is so true! I don’t mind telling anyone that I have Lemonade or 21 or UJ. But telling people I bought 7/27? Thank You? Those who can’t sell albums are the one who makes club songs, you were right about that. I remember R Kelly released an album called Black Panties? You really expect people to buy that kind of album?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) September 23, 2016

      I agree with you to some extent…………In the case of beyonce, Sorry could be classified as a trap song that could be played in a club, but the key is that people connect with the sentiment of the song, also RIH’S needed me is another example of club song that people connected with. As such, you can make good club songs, not all cub songs are terrible. WHAT IS HATE WITH A PASSION IS GENERIC EDM SONGS….they basically all sound the same. I DO COMPLETELY AGREE WITH WHAT WHAT YOU SAID THAT, on most albums these days, there are only two good songs and the rest is a damn mess, its almost misleading to an extent.

      • King B September 23, 2016

        Beyoncé is an exception. She works so hard, collecting hits after hits, giving 100% for her live performances and focusing on quality of an album in her 20 years career. I’ve never regretted buying her album.

      • Girl September 23, 2016

        Hits after hits????? ???? beyonce having had a hit since 2008. Stop it

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        Drunk in love? Peaked at #2 on hot 100
        Formation? Peaked at #10 on hot 100
        Sorry? Peaked at #11 on hot 100
        Hold Up? Peaked at #13 on hot 100
        7/11? Peaked at #13 on hot 100

        All of those songs have sold or are close to selling 1 million+. She may have not had a #1 since 08 but she has had more hits than a lot of her peers.

  13. Tina Lord Roberts September 23, 2016

    Much as I dislike and have zero use/respect for her, Taylor Swift won by not bowing to streaming and implementing tried and true promotional tactics. Like having copies of her CDs at places that didn’t even sell music. Adele’s team have done similar more grass-roots tactics that obviously paid off. The industry needs to stop pretending that streaming and digital is just the way things are and there’s no way around it. Sure there is. The CONSUMER feels like they’re entitled to have anything they want on demand, and the industry has been caving to that attitude. But doesn’t have to. You don’t conspire with your killer, you rally against it.

    • Tina Lord Roberts September 23, 2016

      * and implementied

  14. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 23, 2016

    Hol up, why do you have an image of Rihanna like she’s the face of this issue, when she is overall the 2nd highest selling female behind Mariah Carey? This post is nothing more than a post to demean a black superstar and I’m SICK OF IT! Damn I don’t know who I can’t stand more, Donald Trump or Sam. Both are some gutta hatin ass bishes. The industry has changed and the world has changed too! STOP comparing modern day artists with the, same ol tired formula, to artists of the past decade when we now walk with super computers in our pockets and have drones that fly in the air. Streaming is the best solution to monetize the rapid expansion of music in the digital age and has NOTHING to do with the caliber of an artist. Hip-hop is the lowest selling genre of music in traditional album sales, but it is the new rock n’ roll with an even bigger global impact.

    • DTG September 23, 2016

      …yet you still regularly frequent his blog, when there are hundreds – if not thousands – of others that won’t hurt your poor widdle thin-skin stan feelings. Hmmm. Guess you’re a masochist. Suffer.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 23, 2016

        I ONLY come for the comments not the “journalism.” Now, if you don’t have anything to add or refute with my statement, you can hop yo raggedy ass out of my reply box

      • DTG September 23, 2016

        This isn’t “your” reply box, Corky. I’ll respond to any comment here that I please. And that tantrum you had says that you DO come here for the journalism. Journalism that clearly gets under your skin. Oh well. Since Sam apparently has you hooked, no need for him to change a thing.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 23, 2016

        Tell me, what is like to know everyday that when you were first born, your mom looked at you and wished that she had better use of a hanger?

      • DTG September 23, 2016

        Feels better than being a weakwilled Rihanna fan at TGJ, apparently! Heh. 😛

    • Truthsayer the Deplorable September 23, 2016

      And you hate Trump why? Funny how he was never a racist or hated (look up rap lyrics idolising Trump) till he ran for president and the leftist media did their usual tricks.

  15. meme September 23, 2016

    How many times will TGJ write the same ole article to shade Rihanna. Dead at people acting like Beyoncé music is any different than any of the other urban strap songs in the club. Have anyone heard her lyrics? I swear people actin like Beyoncé’s music can be compared to Ed and Adele. Not with lyrics like “watch my a$$ bounce to the next d*** boy” and “suck on my ballz ballz”. Girl bye.

    • King B September 23, 2016

      Don’t act like S&M and Birthday Cake didn’t happen. And S** With Me. The difference is when Beyoncé swears or sings about s**, people still willing to buy her albums can’t say the same about you know The Black Madonna.

      • meme September 23, 2016

        You never heard me say those songs didn’t happen. Rihanna does sing about s** often…however she has more songs of substance and well written lyrics. I cant say the same about beyonce as the bulk of her songs are poorly written with lacking lyrics. She sells albums because the way they are presented. Without being paired with visuals songs like Drunk in Love and Formation would be a complete joke.

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        You obviously haven’t listened to the best selling album of the year (Lemonade) to think Sorry and Drunk in Love represents Beyoncé’s current music. How do frih songs have more substance when she literally releases a song like Work.

        The pure delusion!!

    • #Nicole Nation September 23, 2016

      Don’t nobody listen to her lyrics.

  16. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 23, 2016

    Y’all know Rihanna is the best selling artist of the last decade so idk why her pic is up.

    • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

      Eminem, and Britney beg to differ

  17. Kyle September 23, 2016

    Rihanna is the second best selling female behind Mariah?
    i’d like a detailed list with full album sales that proves this

    • DTG September 23, 2016

      She’s not. Rihanna has barely sold 10 million albums in the US, and she’s had 8 of them. They’re including everything from YouTube views to toe-nail clippings to make her tally look higher than the small numbers of units she’s actually pushed.

      • Navy Captain September 23, 2016

        You apparently seem to think that the U.S. Is the only country in the world. Get educated. Read up on it. Rihanna is the best selling female of the new generation and you will deal with it.

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        Adele is the best selling female artist of the new generation.

  18. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 23, 2016

    Sam wrote this fake ass analysis as she’s mad at Rih’s success this year. From raising the gross revenue for Puma by 9% overall, 3 Top ten hits at the same damn time where one of which was #1 for nine weeks and the other one is the longest running r&b song to be in the to 10 in the 2010’s, and her album ANTI has stayed longer in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 than any other black female of the 2000’s a total of 30 weeks all while providing scholarships totaling 50K to students of caribbean descent searching for higher education in the states. Now, let’s talk about Yonce who spent 25 million to produce a movie that resulted in 33% decrease in first week sales than her previous album. Let’s talk about how she had the radio justice league of producers where not one of her songs can perform well on radio which is a general, mass audience. Let’s talk about Hold Up which is FLOPPING…More people watch JLO’s Ain’t Your Momma, Rih’s Work, and even Katy Perry’s Dark Horse than Hold Up. Why is that Sway? Talk about smoke and mirrors and broad barely has any steam.

    • King B September 23, 2016

      Let’s talk about how after those 4 performances UNA still charted lower than IASF and none of her past albums reenter. Let’s talk about how after all those hits she still failed to outgross or outsell Flopyonce with her tour and albums. Let’s talk about how Sledgehammer failed to enter the chart. Let’s talk about LOTB failed to out chart Hold Up (#13) even when streams included and with the best performance of the night TWICE, BBMA and VMA. Let’s talk about how the album got out charted by Lemonade in UK and Aus. Now, what smoke and mirrors. Y’all navy still remember y’all laugh at DrIL chart position? TPP cert? Gaga’s 99 cent deal? The surprise release (gimmick)? Y’all still remember calling her the Black Madonna? The Most Global Superstars? Guess what? Her album sold as much as Exo and tanking terribly in Aus and UK. Global my ass!

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 23, 2016

        1.At the end of the day, Rihanna is an overall higher selling artist than Bey while being in the game half of her time.
        2. Sledgehammer was a soundtrack for a movie that was never promoted nor sent to radio
        3. LOTB hasn’t been officially rolled out as a single yet. It will be on the 27th since your waiting for it
        4. Do some research and exploring and you will find that on EVERY list your bish is BENEATH mine. #EducateYoSelf #HaveANiceDay #HAAANNNN

    • meme September 23, 2016

      You forgot the superbowl performance to premiere her single and tour. You better preach. Beyoncé HAS to release her albums in a non conventional way for it to sell. She has to release her music simultaneously with visuals for people to like it. If Formation and Drunk in love was release as 1st singles in a traditional way, both her self title and Lemonade would be singing a different song.

      • XoMoDe September 23, 2016

        LOLx10. Rihanna HAS to get companies like Samsung to buy a million copies ahead of time to ensure that she’ll get a certification. We all saw how troubled Anti was looking last summer, and we all know her history of moving at a snails sales pace in general. If it weren’t for boardroom scheming, Rihanna would selling like K. Michelle. And hell, Anti is still FAR away from a million REAL scans, and it’s been out for almost a year. And we won’t even talk about that catastrophe of a tour she’s on. So tell me again who HAS to do what.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 23, 2016

        EXAXTLY! Her sh*t ain’t poppin and her new stuff has no cultural effect. She has to kill a stage cause she can’t kill anything else. If she were to release music the traditional way it would expose the fraud that she is and that her music isn’t popular among general audiences which is why it can’t pop on radio. Her current album success is due to having a 20yr long career as a respected performer but that’s it!

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        No sis, you have your information f***** up. The real smoke and mirrors is frih’s success this year. Beyoncé has showed once again she needs no hits because she IS THE HIT. Her album is at 2.4 million WW in PURE SALES. 3.3 million with sps. Your fave can’t do those numbers and that’s why he is relying on streaming to mask the flop of her album. 9 months after her album released and her sales are at 600k. That is absolutely tragic for her status! And I like how you keep bringing pop radio up like your fave has had success on there excluding Work.

  19. #Nicole Nation September 23, 2016

    It’s because now days we have blogs dedicated to free music downloads. You can get the iTunes version of all the big albums for free. And with the quality of today’s music, who’d want to spend their own money on it. Just download it for free. Streaming isn’t even necessary when you have free music sites. Plus there are certain songs that I like, but I wouldn’t go out and buy it myself. Like if I liked a few songs from Tinashe/Rihanna, I’m going to download their album for free, because I don’t feel like supporting them, because I’m not going to support them just because of a few songs. Free downloads is so much easier. You can have all the new albums without having to buy them. Maybe if the music wasn’t all fast music today, we would buy it. But I don’t want to support fast food music, songs that will be good for a few weeks and then get old.

    I do buy some albums, but not from these mainstream artists. I bought Brian McKnight, Babyface, I pre-ordered Eric Benet’s album, I would’ve bought Maxwell if it wasn’t $12 for 11 songs, I’ll buy Nicole’s next album (whenever that is), I’ll definitely pre-order Joe’s album when it’s available on iTunes, but there’s no way in hell I’d buy a Drake album, Rihanna album, or Beyonce album, when I can get them for free anywhere. Plus I only support artists who deserve/need it. With all the music I consume, there’s no way I could buy all of it.

    • Truthsayer the Deplorable September 23, 2016

      There has always been music piracy since the digital age. And yet people could still sell. Infact, piracy has dropped significantly since the mid 2000s. So don’t blame your faves flopping on piracy. Maybe ask them to stop making terrible music.

  20. King B September 23, 2016

    Navy told me LOTB had the best performance of the night. She performed it twice. Still failed to outchart, Dangerously In Love 2, you know the best performance of the Grammy 2004 (if I’m not wrong) w/o streams needed, even Listen charted higher, a none studio album single.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) September 23, 2016


    • Navy Captain September 23, 2016

      it hasn’t been released to the airwaves yet hunny. But since you’re impatiently waiting on it, why don’t you put it on your Spotify girl?

  21. Oh September 23, 2016

    Who really cares?. As long as the music is good. After while the only one who should be concerned about stats is the artist. Anyone else really, is non of our business. Good music is all we need.

  22. keepit100 September 23, 2016

    I think that changing the rules now is basically discrediting all the great artist who came before us. And by implying maybe there shouldn’t even be a certification? That sound like the downward spiral of the music industry. REAL TALENT isn’t being found developed and signed anymore. The labels are money hungry and the artist getting signed aren’t living up to the hype. It’s simple, go back to the drawing board, and be more careful about signing somebody because they are cute naked or looks good on a rebox commercial. It’s not right to reward there lack of success with a platinum album. Adele is PROOF that is can be still done.

  23. Ty September 23, 2016

    I don’t mind streaming I just think it should have its own separate charts and certifications. There is no way someone should sell pure sales of 600.000 and be 3x platinum that’s fake and it’s cheating simple as that. You have some artists in the top 10 selling less than 5000 copies of their album but are in top ten just because of streams???

    • Suicide Blonde September 23, 2016

      Thank you, not to mention the fact that those fake certifications put those artists on the best selling list without real sales. Rihanna is on that list because of those certifications, the criteria to support claims of an artist selling 200+ million records are certified records, the more certified an artist is, the more he/she can claim to have sold. Do we really believe that Rihanna has sold more than 200 million singles?….No, no even putting the single price at 50 cents. Streaming shouldn’t be certified as real sales, period.

      • Datredd23 September 23, 2016

        Rihanna has high sales what do you mean lol Sha the only artist to be cross 100 million digital sales certified by the RIA and she’s only 28 and these are just certified sales she’s sold way more then that and is the highest streaming female artist of all time and the most viewed woman on YouTube with 23 million subscribers and 10 billion views she is winning what more is needed to be said or proven to y’all lol

  24. East African girl September 23, 2016

    Why you all mad this f***** he’s Beyonce payroll and he’s worried to loose his job cuz beyonce her fiction Lemonade story nowhere to been seen on the CHARTS that’s why her husband JAYZ playing black card for concert called #TIDALCHARITIY they losing money beyonce is fighting and Rihanna made her work overtime.

    • Gaga September 23, 2016

      Girl stfu and go herd those Goats ?

  25. Metzo September 23, 2016

    It’s funny how you could be certified double platinum by only selling 500k lol especially when your tour is not reflective of that
    “x2 platinum album success”.

  26. Theman September 23, 2016

    Adding a silver sertification would be aight. But it should be for pure sales only. Maybe if your album sales 300-350k in pure sales you could get a silver certification. Too many artists sale actual albums & deserve to, for this streaming stuff. Streaming is ok to a degree. But it should be it’s own separate chart as should YouTube/video views. They should lower the price of albums physically/digitally. Just a little. Sales always go up when they do that. They also need to have these artists release great music & actually promote them as albums instead of singles. Rihanna did give away a million units. So, she sold almost 600k thus far in terms of pure sales which is decent. Free streaming is just not a huge feat. Of course, a popular artist is going to get a lot of free streams. Lol. But a lot of artists still sale. So, if you’re a huge artist, that isn’t really an excuse. Some artists excel in different areas. Even Justin Bieber sales pretty good.

  27. Theman September 23, 2016

    It just looks very bogus when an album is certified 2x platinum and it has only sold about 500k lol.. Well it is.

  28. Theman September 23, 2016


  29. Briano September 23, 2016

    Y’all so butthurt that rihanna is mopping the floor with beweavece
    Gone Rih! That reign, that reign.

    • Gaga September 23, 2016

      Girl only in a Rihanna fans world.

  30. Elijah The pharaoh September 23, 2016

    Certifications are necessary. It speaks to your grind and accomplishment. Such as degree certifications. U have to work and know your business to achieve the Gold & Platinum success.I think Silver lol…. should be included because half these rapper cant achieve the platinum success in today’s era. Why? i don’t f****** know! When you had DMX,Heavy D,2pac,Snoop Dogg,Dr.Dre,Ice Cub,Nas,Jay Z,Warren G,LL COOL J,Busta Rhymes,Outkast,RUN-DMC,Biggie,Ludacris,Common,Lil Wayne all going platinum with their eyes f****** closed and I can keep the list of authentic HIP HOP Artist going. They raised the bars for Hip Hop they’ve even GIVEN US the MANUSCRIPT TO WIN!! so idk how some of these Rap Artist( Rap which is sub category of Hip Hop) can’t do their homework. But also i will say the media era etc… does take away from how things use to be. But people want to go back to buying the actual cd in the store. How do we get back to that point? How do we stay in the now but also shift back to what we love and what sold music. Hmmm?

  31. Briano September 23, 2016

    No in owning her Masters, Dior, puma, Hollywood charts charity….

    And beydummy is still booty shaking

  32. Briano September 23, 2016

    Glad my bae knows and in her words “I’ve been passed these niddas”

    Owns her masters, breaking and tying legitimate records left and write and again beyblondce is still booty shaking

    • Gaga September 23, 2016

      ? You are seething!

  33. Briano September 23, 2016


    And beyfraud was hoping to hide her piece of shiz and stolen album under emmy acclaim just like the so called ‘critics’ that sure as heck is not the listening public #lemonflop

  34. The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 23, 2016

    I AM SCREAMING at the shade of this article!

    But no, if your album can’t even go gold as an established act (honeyflop a UltraVodka, all of flopnashe’s albums) then you are the epitome of a flop

    • Navy Captain September 23, 2016

      Tinashe had one album so, Idk what you’re talking about?? Stick with Kpop honey..?

    • Rosie September 23, 2016

      CL’s English album will never be released and Joe will sell less than both Honeymoon and Melanie Martinez’s album. This is guaranteed so I can see why you being up Lana whenever necessary.

  35. IStan4Rihanna. September 23, 2016

    Well, thanks to streaming, “VIEWS” is going to spend it’s 13th week at #1 this week with an estimated 52K streams and less than 8K pure sales sold!


    Yes… STREAMING has taken over and it is as simple as that. It really is not a hard topic to grasp at all.

    • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

      Thats horrible tbh… But we have to accept it.

  36. Briano September 23, 2016

    Seething? Lol beyfans are delusional, and uneducated now typing a post and correcting a post is seething, OK just like people are still checking fir beynonsense

    • HailLegendBeysus September 23, 2016

      Lmao! Not you talking about uneducated when your grammer displays the struggles of a failed none graduate, slaving for $5.50 an hour at McDonald’s! ???

  37. Suicide Blonde September 23, 2016

    Streaming has taken over, not problem with that, times change but let’s not certified streaming as sales, they’re not, streaming should be indeed certified but not counted/added to the artist record sales, simply as that, it’s not right, it’s not fair, to put Rihanna on the same list or allow her to supposedly beat Mariah Carey, an artist who has really sold more than 200+ million records, is laughable. Most of Rihanna certified records comes from singles, single sales that were highly inflated, now streaming is helping her as she must be the most streaming certified artist ever, the problem is that just like Anti, many of her singles sales are certified based mostly on streaming which are (I repeat) not real sales, therefore she has no sold all that.

    • meme September 23, 2016

      Wait..but Rihanna was killing sale before streaming came along. People on here acting like all those #1 singles didn’t happen with pure sales. She has every right to be up there Mariah. The only single Rihanna has that went #1 with the help of stream is Work.

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        She doesn’t have a right to be up there because she ISN’T up there. Like @suicide said streams are not sales and therefore should be separated or not included in record sales. Riganna HASN’T sold more records than Madonna, Mariah, Whitney, Celine, or Barbra and thats a fact.

  38. Theman September 23, 2016

    Streaming hasn’t done anything but give off the illusion of smoke & mirrors. Drake has actually sold one point five million albums in terms of pure sales. With streaming, they have to add free music, singles & albums. That is desperate. Some artists couldn’t go 2x platinum before streaming. Stop trying to use it as a clutch for flopping. It is not a purchased album. Physical albums play a huge role in terms of purchased albums as well. Don’t get it twisted. In Rihanna’s second week, of her album releases, half of her sales were physical sales. Many albums sold are due to physical albums.

  39. Career Ender September 23, 2016

    haha ANTI aont sold no 600,000 copies
    She’s stalling around 540,000
    that’s not amywhere near 600k even if we were to round it off using number rule

    • Nystyle808 September 23, 2016

      540k is embarrassing, even for her. There are albums that OPEN bigger than what she’s done all year. It’s no compliment for a vet to be a streaming queen over a real physical seller. Streaming should be for people like Carly Rae Jepsen and Meghan Trainor, 1 and 2 hit wonders who the public doesn’t really care enough about to invest in. If you’re a solidified pop star, you should be able to compel a big enough portion of public to trust that your WHOLE album is worth the buy. Celebrating Rihanna’s success with streaming is like a 14 year old in a 2nd grade level math class, bragging that he’s the top student there.

      • Yellow Diamonds September 23, 2016

        You mad or nah?

  40. ROCK September 23, 2016

    I am sure they will soon review that streaming rubbish.

  41. LOL September 23, 2016


    • B. Hill September 23, 2016

      Without streaming, ANTI would be as big as disaster as Usher’s latest album. No one trusts that totally talentless trash bag enough to spend a whole $10 on her. No one wants to hear that martian looking b**** bleat over 12 or how many tracks that flop album has her tragically trying to “sing” over. A shame that after a decade, take away smoke and mirrors and Alfihanna has less credibility than Nick Jonas.

  42. #JACKIE September 23, 2016

    Who really cares? Half of you will sit on blogs and YouTube all day and PRETEND to stan for certain artists but won’t buy their album… ?☕️

  43. B2B September 23, 2016

    My thing is… If Lemonade was put on Spotify at all, it would have sold the same if not more than Views. Guarantee that because she outsells him in physicals. Lemonade has 4 top 20 singles… no radio deals or nothing. An album, a tour, and slayed TV twice this year. Only streaming on Tidal. If you cant see that she doesn’t care about hits then you just dumb as hell.

  44. mikey September 23, 2016

    ANOTHER article just to undermine Rihanna! And she’s STILL winning!


  45. JuJu September 23, 2016

    You are as old as those people who couldn’t accept that the cassette tape was going extinct. Nobody wants to clog the house with discs or reduce device speed by download when you could just stream. ANTI is a huge success with a #1 jam in the form of work and a successful world tour as well as a very successful Puma line, and fragrances, and magazine covers, and individuality, and vanguard award, there is no further proof needed. Hate as much as you want, Rihanna is the global supersta, she has 14 hot 100 number ones, and is the digital artist of all time. Seethe you fossil mitch!

  46. candace September 23, 2016

    why tgj doesn’t mention others rih accomplishments? pumaxfenty at paris fashion week, caritative ambassador in global education,… i think that has more social impacts than steril discussion about her music sales where she has no proof to give! She is an establish popular singer and she must evolve musically, and she must carry her success into others activities. I think she is a very smart young successful black woman and her success must inspire others young black women!

  47. FC/JC September 23, 2016

    Are certifications even necessary anymore? It’s proven that more people are willing to see an act live then to purchase their album; and that too could be a potential avenue to explore. Maybe ticket sales could somehow a new measure to consider. Or be formally rewarded?”

    I think you just answered the question. The certifications have become so diluded, Its not even a leveled nor fair playing field anymore for all lovers and artists of music of different genres. I don’t think it will be missed if it is eliminated from the equation. It would also push performers to actually WANT to excel at performing & touring, To garner other accomplishments.

    So many artists have become comfortable and content with mediocrity and microwavables, and thats what needs to change. Shake the table on these “artists”.

  48. Theman September 23, 2016

    You are just a flop. It ain’t got nothing to do with clogging anything. Streaming or not, nothing tops actually owning music. If you don’t get it physically, then digital is another option. No excuses. Vinyl is making a surge also. Streaming is a joke compared to a “real” and purchased album. Bottom line. Furthermore, only a few albums currently are actually worth purchasing. So you ain’t clogging nothing. Many of Rihanna fans just don’t purchase crap. Buying a Rihanna cd, as a fan of hers, isn’t taking up much space at all. Lol. There are multiple ways to purchase music. She’s already sold over half a million actual units. Stop the excuses. Streaming on a streaming site is just like scrolling through YouTube. It still ain’t a purchased album. It’s a no as far as streaming being apart of album sales. Justin, Taylor, Beyonce, Drake, Pink, Ed, Sam Smith, ThenWeeknd, Bruno, Bieber, Kendrick, J Cole & not to mention Michael Buble, Pentatonix & the host of other country artists that are moving great numbers. There are no excuses. Albums are still being purchased. If any of these artists are your peers, as an established hit maker, on pop radio, sale your album. Bottom line. Rihanna giving away her album didn’t help her on the charts either. Oh & quite a few of these artists are still selling.

    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 23, 2016

      Beyoncé has ok opening numbers because she’s about hype but at the end of the year she sold what Taylor and Adele sold in two weeks.
      Beyoncé is not what we can call an album seller…album seller are Adele, taylor even usher was an album seller when you can push 1 mili a week did Beyoncé ever did 1 million a week ? No she is an average seller stop putting her in those list.

      • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

        How can you diminish her first week sales than turn around and praise usher’s first week sales from a decade ago? You just contradicted yourself; Beyoncé’s album is still selling 15k+ weekly in pure sales which is more than Views, and anti. Her album is at 2.4 million WW in PURE SALES. She is one of the biggest album sellers of today. She lives up to the hype.

        P.S: Take Lemonade out of your username. You’re clearly a hatingass b*****!!

      • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 24, 2016

        It’s not because i like Bey and Lemonade i have to praise her like she is a God and can’t do wrong.
        She’s a human so let me say my point of vue.
        Same with Rihanna i say what i think is … not because i stan artists that mean i have to put them above me …they are just like me with more money and fame that’s all.
        And let’s not talk about the WW sales because Rihanna always deliver ww …Anti is a 1+ million ww.
        But i said in the Us Beyoncé end of chart year total album sold is what Adele and Taylor sold in two weeks.
        Just accept the truth Bey for an Rnb artist and in front of Rihanna look cute sales wises but in front of Adele and Taylor.Bey is low.

  49. Theman September 23, 2016

    If actual albums are actually being sold, then of course certifications should hold up. Everyone isn’t huge on the touring circuit. Really it’s just about the music. But everything should not be lumped into the same category.

  50. Terny September 23, 2016

    End of month paycheck tins huh Sam? & the Stoopid navy fall for it every single tym!

  51. Kylla Williams September 23, 2016

    Omg if streaming services werent available ppl would use them. I just dont get what the problem is! Its not meant to HELP flops its an easier way to listen to music. I dont have itunes cuz i dont own apple products. Nobody walks around with cd players!!!! All this uproar of what. Taylor adele and bey chose not to stream their music for physical sales but it only benefited adele n taylor. Yall be acting like lemonade sold their numbers. Anti was given away then streamed everywhere and still sold what it sold and still in the top ten. If it were a flop i woulda been in the rear view. Shes on the radio and touring. Yall just stop plz. Like somebody else said she was selling before streaming as well as having singles. Bey only outsells her by a smidge! Truth be told beyonce is a performer with hype that dont match her sells. The way yall talk u would think bey outsells herself but she dont.

    • BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

      Lemonade has outsold Anti by ALOT, and it is still ahead even when you factor in sps. Rihanna’a tour is a flop and she is barely on pop radio. Her and Bey are neck and neck on urban. Just admit that Bey slayed Rih this year in every avenue excluding singles.

      • Blue Ivy Rod September 27, 2016

        Where do you get your information from? How is she not on pop radio when she has three singles in the hot 100. How is her tour a flop when she sold out over 92 % capacity? I swear y’all stans are so biased and stupid with yo shade that it makes it hard to even have serious debates with yall. Beyonce is not outselling Rihanna, Beyonce sells less MUSIC than her. Beyonce is King of Tours of the newer generations and that is all.

  52. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 23, 2016

    How many singles we got this year but why some major act didnt go #1 with all those helps (stream, youtube views)?
    (For exemple : sorry beyonce, make me britney spears)
    Still not easy to get a #1 song

    How many albums have been released this year and how many have reached the plat status with sps ?
    See it’s still not easy to scan platinium regardless

  53. Rosie September 23, 2016

    No one buys albums anymore. This is a fact, and I’m tired of people running into every streaming post with dusty ass receipts from 1997 talking about how people had to work!!1 for those sales. Sorry, the market is different now. Back then if people wanted to listen to a song on demand they had no choice but to buy the entire album. Now you just log into Spotify or YouTube and search for it.
    Another reason why streaming took over is because there’s no reason to spend $12.99 on a digital album on iTunes when you can pay less than that for a streaming subscription and get all the songs you want. The only current artists that can go platinum, or even gold right now, in pure sales are those with huge sized fanbases.

  54. Theman September 23, 2016

    But scrolling through Spotify still isn’t the same as owning an album. If you purchase a physical copy, you have cars, a home ect. So you don’t have to walk around with a CD player. People only use Spotify because it’s free. Just like you chose Spotify, some people don’t have that either. See how that works? There are multiple ways to purchase music from multiple places. Lol @ the excuses. It does help artists that aren’t really selling. Listening to free music, isn’t the same as buying an album. There’s iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Artists Websites, Stores That Sale Music. So it’s no excuse. Streaming should have it’s own chart. It’s utterly ridiculous to have an album that’s barely sold half a million units go 2x platinum. Get tf out of here. Furthermore, Beyonce does sale albums. She doesn’t sale like others. But she is consistent. She sold those records without a pop a hit & with alternative music.

  55. Thando September 23, 2016

    The artists want money so they want to stream but this streaming is nonsense. Buy the album. If anti hadn’t been given away(for money) it would have done great numbers. Well philosophically, music isn’t what it was anymore, I doubt we’ll ever see Diamond albums ever again. Rise of social media has made artists easily-accessible, we live in a singles culture. The short answer is NO, because there are simply too many people in USA to have silver plaque.
    Remember when this cite did another of these posts about whether B6 would be her highest selling? Well, the answer is NO.

    • Rose September 30, 2016

      Adele 25 just went diamond what are you talking about?

  56. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 23, 2016


  57. BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

    If Canti wasn’t gifted and all that s*** it MIGHT’VE done Lemonade #’s. (I highly doubt it though) So why are all these nazí members acting like Frihanna is some type of album seller who consistently goes double-plat in pure sales? The bítch would be NO-THING without streaming and fact still remains, Anti will never see Lemonade’s sales. ☺️

  58. BEY>RIH September 24, 2016

    Furthermore, Lemonade and any album released this year thats sold 2 mil+ globally, is considered a mega-success.

  59. well well September 24, 2016

    certifications? they should remain at pure sales. not even accumulate streams. just what’s really countable. that’d be something. they’d all start to samsung cheat tho. or well… do the silver achievement… to feel a lil better, more worth. that’s that?!? bs. make look worth that metal crap. some artist never do, and still do their thing, and are good at it. 😀

  60. B2B September 24, 2016

    B may not sell Adele numbers but B does have the highest selling album of the year. Can’t argue that

  61. Blue Ivy Rod September 26, 2016

    People need to stop complaining about Streams, 1500 = 1 pure sale.. 1500 STREAMs = 1 PURE SALE.. ONLY 1. People are acting like you can just play a whole album on repeat and someone gets a sale.. I’m sure they have algorithms in place that only counts the sale once from each user. Now stop whining about petty stuff

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