Watch: Fergie Performs ‘Life Goes On’ Single At The TODAY Show

Published: Friday 2nd Dec 2016 by Sam

Fergie is finally hitting the promo circuit for new single ‘Life Goes On.’

The track is the latest number to be serviced from her sophomore solo album ‘Double Duchess,’ which has been “due” for the longest.

With an early 2017 roll-out now planned, it’s little surprise that she’s picking up the pace with spreading the word.

Said cause brought the Black Eyed Peas belle to the TODAY Show this morning, where she performed ‘Life.’

Watch Fergie-Ferg in action below…

Decent, but is it too little too late? We hope not, because Fergie still has stock to her name. She just needs to re-ignite her momentum.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lmfao_Hoe December 2, 2016

    Fergie, Usher, Gwen, ect are prime of examples of artists I loved while growing up, that I have now come to realize didn’t either have true artistry or just like following trends to be relevant. An artist shouldn’t worry about the charts, especially when they’re still eating off their old albums sells. They made their mark, you don’t need this generation of awful musical taste to proof that. Classics are everlasting, while the hits of today will surely be forgotten the next month or coming months. While that artist will soon Fade. Adele is proof quality, substance class, humble pie, are the ingredients to success.

    • meme December 2, 2016

      Unfortunately your just a consumer…and your view is coming from a consumer’s stand point. At the end of the day music is a business and of course chart position and performance is highly important, especially if records labels are investing big budgets on their artist projects.

    • RhiRocks December 2, 2016

      Fergies and nelly furtado and gwens main problem is that they look too big of break just straight after they had a hit album they didn’t have time to build a fan base and also the younger generation don’t know who they are cos they took such a big break younger artist filled in the gap. So it’s they’re own fault , they flopping.

  2. RhiRocks December 2, 2016

    To think she was Beyoncé competition at one point LOL BEYONCÉ GONE INTO LEGEND STATUS AND stars like fergie just waiting to be accepted by the younger generation

  3. Bish in Africa December 2, 2016

    Life goes on buh her career never did … oops !

  4. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 2, 2016


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