Ellen Degeneres Confirms Kim Burrell Will NOT Appear on Her Show

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017 by Rashad

After ending 2016 with a homophobic sermon that set the net ablaze, gospel hitmaker Kim Burrell was hit with a number of online attacks from former supporters, LGBT activists, and concerned viewers.

While the onslaught of commentary garnered a fiery response from Burrell, her “clean-up” only seemed to worsen the matter and helped ignite a petition to see her booted from appearing on Ellen Degeneres’ daytime talk show to promote the film ‘Hidden Figures’ (January 6th).

Per an announcement this morning from the movie’s star, Janelle Monae, Burrell had indeed been booted from appearing on the show.  Now, for whatever doubt may have lingered after the fact, Degeneres took to Twitter to offer the official news of the chop:


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  1. Janet Jackson January 3, 2017


    Hope that bigot never books an interview in a relevant tv show again

  2. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? January 3, 2017

    Kii! Kim must be seething for dear life right now. She can’t blame anyone else but herself for taking coins out of her own pocket, though. Oh, well! Joke’s on her. ?

  3. Jay January 3, 2017

    Bye wig

    • Fancy BISH January 3, 2017


  4. Beach House B January 3, 2017

    Caitlyn Jenner is against gay marriage but was allowed on? The difference is?

    • gina January 3, 2017

      caitlyn jenner didn’t condemn all gays and spit hate.

    • Chile Please!!! January 3, 2017

      You get the biggest “L” of a life time for that comment!!

    • Meme January 3, 2017

      You can be against something and not spread hate. Do you need me to pull up sermons from preachers preaching against homosexuality but still promoted love? I don’t think there are any gays who expect Christian’s to agree with their lifestyles but they don’t expect to go to church during a Christmas holiday, a time we spread love, and be ridiculed and condemned either. Kim’s approach came from a place of hate.

    • Lana Del Fan January 3, 2017

      No tea, no shade but she’s also transgender. It’s like a gay person calling another person a fäg. She’s still in the LGBT community lol she looks dumb af, though.

  5. Alan Baxter January 3, 2017

    What bothers me about this whole situation is, one she lied. She said she didn’t say all “homosexuals” were going to hell (i missed the part where she said some homosexuals will be saved) either way, don’t cover your statements up. That’s why so many individuals have issues going to the black church. Take a look in the mirror before you judge another persons situation. Kim, I hope you are able to really think about your words and what you have done and how many people you affected with your words. You should have been uplifting a young boy or girl struggling with their identity. not giving your two cents on something you know NOTHING about!

    • Meme January 3, 2017

      I hope she reads this.

      • Danny Bey January 3, 2017

        That last statement of yours!!!!

  6. Esmeralda January 3, 2017

    So Ellen would turn Donald Trump down? A hardworking Mexican would like to know.

    • gina January 3, 2017

      she already did.

  7. Swit Katz January 3, 2017

    Are the owners of this blog gay? bcoz they seem to be pressed by those comments. Nevertheless you can’t force people to like you if they don’t. Just move on already stop acting like little b****** hitting puberty.

    • Chris January 3, 2017

      Yes they are gay. You couldn’t tell by the constant Beyonce posts? Outside of maybe hearing her on the radio and wanting to have s** with her… No straight man cares that much about Beyonce.

      • H January 3, 2017

        Don’t speak about things you don’t know. Do you know them personally to know that they sleep with men? And if being interested or working for Beyonce made you gay I guess downlow men who only listen to DMX don’t exist.

      • Lindsay Slowhands January 3, 2017

        Wait. You can tell whether someone is gay by the musicians they are PAID to talk about? That must mean bloggers who cover male artists are automatically straight. Right?

  8. common January 3, 2017

    Jesus will judge ellen, as foe Kim barrel she is fine without that show! God is on her side

    • DaveyBrown January 3, 2017

      If he were truly on her side, she would have platinum records and Grammys by now *in her raspy voice* ?????????
      BYE WIG!!!!

    • Lana Del Fan January 3, 2017

      @common. Question to christians that pin point homosexuality. If you were truly doing gods work, shouldn’t you be going hard for EVERY “sin”? Of course y’all won’t! Because you’re hypocrites! You don’t give a damn about how people sin! You just hate gay people and use the bible to back up your anti gay beliefs. So with that I firmly say, fûck you and all other religious homophobes. If you hate the LGBT, I’ll respect you more for simply being a homophobe (though I will STILL read you) rather than bringing spirituality into it! You don’t have the power to condemn anyone to hell, nor did the writers of the Bible. If god is real and doesn’t approve, he’ll make it known on his on volition, not because of what the Bible said. And since homosexuals have been around since the beginning, we clearly DO have a purpose and deserve to live it with a sound mind. We don’t deserve to be depressed, anxious or suicidal because we’re afraid we’re going to be made fun of or killed because of our lives! Youre breaking a COMMANDMENT by bearing false witness and spreading hate.

  9. Meme January 3, 2017

    Why I read this with such a firm tone. Yas aunty Ellen! Block that bish

    • DaveyBrown January 3, 2017

      Auntie let the kids know that she wasn’t having it!

  10. oopsUPsideDaHead January 3, 2017

    I guess Kim won’t be singing at the OSCARS now? lol

  11. No favs, just here for the music January 3, 2017

    She must have a guidebook on how to f*** your career

  12. RihNavy January 3, 2017

    Kiss It Better just went platinum in the US. Beyoncé and Adele are confirmed to perform at the Grammy’s next month and no post on either one. What are y’all doing over there at TGJ?! Missing hits, that’s what. Make these posts and collect your coins

  13. @ASAPicon January 3, 2017

    She did this to herself, now can we all move on, this story is tired… there are many more people out there that think the same way she does…. NEWS FLASH, HES OUR PRESIDENT ELECT! so stfu and sit down, there are bigger fish to fry than condemning this woman for her traditional views, that im sure alot of our own family members still have. Start there first.

  14. Tjay January 3, 2017

    New flash people no one cares about Ellen or her show. I’ve never watched it a day in my life, but I have purchased Kim Burrells music and will continue to do so. Like so many others. which might not mean much to you, but Kim will continue to be successful and a millionaire. She may desire to go mainstream, but they also wanted her to do a jazz/r&b album, which she declined, so mainstream success does not have the power you think it does. Also Trump was the biggest example that although people publicly say they are not with you does not mean that they are not. People will continue to support her because they share the main view, which is homosexuality is a sin. She may have been harsh and preached a message with out love from the clip we saw and heard. But that does not take away from that fact that millions agree with her and always will. The bible has been around for centuries, it’s not changing or going anywhere, if you have an issue with it, write your own bible. But to try to destroy someone because they don’t agree, shows the true nature of those crying out for love, but trying to control and destroy people who have their own opinions. I have been around many gay people that critique and criticize people and hide it behind “no shade” People that are so hateful that everything out of there mouth is a dig, and if a man like Donnie Mcclurkin was molested, but got the help he needed to get what was forced on him off, he will always be gay in the mind of so many so called advocates. It is hypocritical to call Kim Burrell hypocritical when a huge portion not all of the gay community hide behind love and acceptance, all the while making others pay for the pain that someone caused you growing up. Stop with this it’s petty.

  15. Carter January 4, 2017

    The saddest part about all this and the saddest thing about society and its religion is that people are so lost and uninformed. CHRISTIANITY was what the white man taught your great grandparents as they were being beaten, r****, starved, and spit on, so they could obey. Once upon a time, the bible condemned the blacks too and we had to obey our master or we were going to hell. Fast forward, the great grandchildren of thosr tired slaves are f****** up the world with beliefs that keep us so enslaved. Notice the most successful, peace minded people have no religion. Hmn. Me personally, I believe in a God but you dont got to tell me who or what God is. My God, I can feel on my own. i dont need a book to tell me how to have a relationship with a being that created this perfect world. Did you need a book to build a relationship with ya motha? At the end of the day Kim is an ignorant b**** who thinks they are actually “getting into heaven” like 80% of the world. But I laugh, because WHEN you die (Because you cant avoid it) and they ask you how you lived your life and they tell you f*** money because thats man made and how did you help the world, What the f*** will you say? Ya ass will be right back here on Earth.

  16. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 8, 2017


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