The Numbers Are In! Beyonce Proves A Touring Titan / Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Trek Dismally Disappoints

Published: Monday 9th Jan 2017 by Sam

While most year-end lists tallied the the top releases of 2016, Pollstar have spotlighted the various tours that set sail last year.

For Beyonce and her BeyHive, the numbers prove she still has the most potent sting. Yet, for Rihanna and her Navy, it’s not good news.

Dive below for details…

Per the amassed data, Queen Bey reigned supreme with her ‘Formation World Tour.’

Despite hitting only two continents and playing 49 shows, the trek is listed at #3 with global attendance of 2.63 million and a gross of over $250 million.

In the US, the jaunt occupies the #1 spot, with 1.37 million attending across 32 shows.

The climate was not as hot for rival Rihanna, whose ‘ANTI World Tour’ received a frosty reception – amidst claims of empty seats.

Indeed, the data seems to support suggestion that the Bajan belle had trouble packing venues — globally.

On the worldwide list, RiRi sits at #40 with a combined audience of 574,274…despite playing to primarily stadiums.

The situation is marginally better, but still glaring on the Stateside front.

Listed at #22, Ms. Fenty’s trek hit $40.3 million in US gross from 41 North American shows.  [Source 1 / Source 2]


It doesn’t take Einstein to see that despite a similar number of shows, in the same places, and often around the same time, there just isn’t any competition.

Sure, some folk will cling to the variables such as ticket prices, but something that can’t be faked or given away for fRih are people in seats.

Beyond Bey, who is an established tour de force, Rih was also bested by the likes of Adele, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and even the Circus Soleil. 

What do you think she needs to do to avoid these arguably dismal numbers next go round?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jjfan1814 January 9, 2017

    She’s still banking. How does your account balance looking this morning tho

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 9, 2017

      What does her bank account have to do with this tour ranking. The Beyhive called this from the start but the Navy being denial per usual kept trying to down play her floppage! “Anti/Samsung purchased Era” was a bust from album all the way to Tour.

      • Musixxman January 9, 2017

        Except who has the better songs, personality and ever changing/growing looks – Rihanna. People love Beyoncè as a performer but as long as Rihanna is in the equation she will always have more universal appeal in terms of songs and music, which is what this all comes down too. They are singers releasing MUSIC. Whoever has the best MUSIC (Rihanna) will always win with most people. ANTI shits on Lemonade because we were given a cohesive, dark but also mainstream album with actual bearable melodies and song structure. Unlike the mess and try hard calculate lemonade. Try again ThatShitJuice.

      • Hmmm… January 9, 2017

        No one agrees with you. Not billboard. Not the Grammys. Not the critics. And evidently not the people, since y’all broke h*** in the Navy paid her in pocket lint for her album and then refused to spend your coins on her concerts to hear “the best music”, as you put it. The only saving grace her music career had in 2016 was clinging to Drake for publicity.

      • Rosy January 9, 2017

        Go F*** your hating self

      • Korang Jendol Boleh Senyap Tak? January 9, 2017

        Beyonce tu sebenarnya peternak babi hutan ko x paham2 lagi ke setannnnn?

        Haha bahlol korang ni…peha mcm kaki kerbau dah la bonton korang tu berkerak berkeladak aku nak termuntoh woiiii!!!! ????‍♀️

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 9, 2017

      Rihannas career is over

      • Rosy January 9, 2017

        Your mama welfare is not coming anymore broke b**** do you think rih gives a F*** she can retire with what she has in her country while you here still on welfare check your bank account b**** what do you have stfu with your counting other people money

      • Bontot Ko Berkurap Alahai January 9, 2017

        Hoi haram jadah ko senyap boleh tak?!!! Burit ko lah iblis memekak cam kimak ko ni kan sundal tua tak laku ko dah kenapa meroyan tolol??? Opah ko la over..mcm kelentit mulot ko x reti diam ke?! ???

      • Janice Cook January 9, 2017

        We love rhianna music is wonderful

    • Career Ender January 9, 2017

      i’m sure his account is more than the total gdp of your poor african country, Dear Ajaja????!!!

      • Diam Lah Barua January 9, 2017

        Ko dah kenapa sundal? No customer mesti jubor ko busok mcm cheese expired bau ya rabbi macam public toilet pantat ko!

      • Audre lee January 11, 2017

        At least I have an ? Africa is a continent and not an idiot as you are. So you proud being American who came here by boat ha! If you know what am talking about.

    • Rosy January 9, 2017

      I know all beyonce Stan are broke welfare b****** they stop paying their rent electrical bills childcare expense grocery bills cable oops they steal cable to go see beyonce in concert they also use their welfare cash to get tickets don’t come shade rih when your ass broke rih is doing just fine she made 70 million while bey made 50 so why yall putting them against each other no one showed up to buy beyonce clothes she may be a touring force but can she sell out shoes or clothes where is house of darell at?

      • Hoi Diam La Memokak Aje Ko Ni January 9, 2017

        Hishhh bising ko senyap bokeh tak??? Mulut mcm pantat ayam overdose kena rogol dgn itik…?

      • Francis Turner January 10, 2017

        $50 Million? B**** go back to school and DO YOUR MATH ! Lmao!!Beyonce a BEAST! And HATERS such as yourself be the main ones singing hers songs with headphones on walking around at work!!!!!Beyonce RULES!

    • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

      Salty…. lmao riri is just an over hyped singles artist.

      • Black Magic@ Vodoo spell January 9, 2017

        Kimak ko ni.

        Ayoooo..kozboooo…marang krapi matakaji sumarangnilem!!!

        Mampos lah ko situ!!! ????

      • bacci January 9, 2017

        B**** shut the f*** up
        Rih is the best
        Better than all

    • Cipet Korang Hitam January 9, 2017

      Korang semua ni losers! Korang memang bodoh bangsa hamba abdi kunte kinte dah lah ketiak hitam mcm buntut kuali bangsa pemalas dah la banyak jadi penyangak memang low class punya kasta pariah macam kat india. indian keling pon lebih maju daripada bangsa korang dah la malas kaki mabok main bontot mak sendiri kote panjang kalah zirafah..eee..choi la korang ka. ketiak bau sardin…hahaha..kan dah kena wahai gagak! Kimak punya bangsa… ???

    • Black Magic@ Vodoo spell January 9, 2017

      Aku sumpah ko jadi lembu bodoh 3 si Sam dan David keterunan ko jadi bodoh …fooohhhh! ?????

    • Vaughn January 9, 2017

      HELLO! Why does she have to be Beyonce rivall??? And she still slays any and everything she does! Give it a rest Sam, u look really petty Ms. Betty.

  2. Nico January 9, 2017

    The shade live for that lol still the tea. …

    • Pergi Mampos January 9, 2017

      Ko memekak apa setan…pergi hisap nenen nenek ko yg mcm kepala gajah hitam tu. Kunta kinte tak sedar diri. Jubor dah la kepam! Hihihiks!

  3. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 9, 2017

    Beyoncé is the baddest b**** on the stage of this generation….End of discussion!

    Rihanna is a slay queen of RADIO for this generation her catalog of hits can’t be denied!

    This should officially end the discussion of who dominates stage or radio. I thought Beyoncé showed who was boss during the Mrs. Carter Tour , I Am Tour, & Beyoncé Experice Tour!

    • Rosy January 9, 2017

      Good for her are you getting any of her money?

      • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

        Rosy are you getting any of rihanna’s money?

    • Memo January 9, 2017

      Hahaha, the baddest b****? Your baddest b**** can’t ever go Diamond with her albums. STFU.

      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 9, 2017

        I clearly said the baddest b**** on stage… I told no lies and before you try to shade READ FIRST OR ELSE ILL READ YOU!

  4. xedos January 9, 2017

    Anti was a stadium tour?

    • Missy Lou January 9, 2017

      Yes, well in Europe, and most of the dates were half empty

      • Rosy January 9, 2017

        Just like your bank account at 28 rih is worth close to 300 million and made 70 million last year I thought bey is worth 260 million by fotbes she been stuck at 450 which i do not believe she is worth

  5. TrellBeyLike January 9, 2017

    This goes to show #1 albums> #1 singles. Funny how they drag Beyoncé for not having a #1 single, but the gag is she sold more singles, albums, and tour tickets than rihanna this year. How can someone with 14 #1 singles cant sell out arenas in said market? How come Localoncé outgrossed her worldwide? Lol

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 9, 2017

      According to the Navy Beyoncé been “local” her entire career even though Bey been performing in front sold out arenas and stadiums since her early days in Destinys Child. Once again mother has to put her daughter in her place!

      • Baddiebeymyfav January 9, 2017


    • Fancy BISH January 9, 2017

      Mario Bey can tour anywhere there’s a stage and a coin to be collected lol

    • Rosy January 9, 2017

      Stfu what are you saying at28 rih is worth close to beyonce go eat s***

    • Memo January 9, 2017

      Beyoncé is not an album seller. Adele and Taylor are.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Shes a better album seller than Frih . That’s for damn sure

  6. Quiet January 9, 2017

    Too bad streaming couldn’t help the Navy out with bragging rights this time around. Maybe next time.

  7. Rihboy January 9, 2017

    Well seeing that they sabotaged her album release! Or atleAst tried too. For a sponsored tour;she still came up collecting. Either way Beyoncé has always beena touring force so I don’t get the post. Why not talk about the fact the tour did so well but the music evaded the charts.

    • Hmmm… January 9, 2017

      It’s always somebody else’s fault.

      • Rihboy January 9, 2017

        Was it Rihanna’s fault her bosses boo sabotaged her album release. Last time I checked tidal f***** upbon her release ! Not her! She already planned to release way back. Either way; with all of the endorsements and other projects that she took part and or orchestrated this year, I’m sure she will be just fine! Furthermore South America has been begging for anti tour and she always does phenomenal in Brazil! So I know for a fact if time permitted or if she wanted she could go another leg in the us and South America!

  8. Um. January 9, 2017

    That’s embarrassing…. ?

    • Rosy January 9, 2017

      Why is it embarrassing to make money do you see any other black women on the list as young as rih you nasty trolls are something else hide behind your stealing ass Internet service broke ass collard green self to come hate on rih

      • Baddiebeymyfav January 9, 2017

        I hope you stroke out from all your bitter rants… stupid bitchhh.

  9. King January 9, 2017

    Well once again Beyoncé stings hunty. She’s definitely a touring artist.
    I don’t think Rihanna likes to tour, I think it bores her. Mind you she’s young and wants to have fun but as far performing it’s not her thing.

  10. UPGRADEBOY January 9, 2017

    Only navy thought rih was bey competition lmao she is only winning in the single department while bey is busy selling albums and slaying everybody on tour and collecting those awards . And changing the game every era .

  11. I can’t January 9, 2017

    Ouch. I’m so glad my fave is worth more than $1.29.

    • Memo January 9, 2017

      Can your fave sell like Adele, tho?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Can yours?

  12. FRESH NAVI January 9, 2017

    LOL. Well Rihanan has all her endorsement deals and her hit singles and the ANTI ALBUM has been floating pass lime water for months. So UNBOTHERED..

    Nice to see the P U S S Y popper fossilonce can sell tickets though. I guess the hive lives for the same TIRED routines. And sam is such a loser, like i’ve never seen a blog be this biased and petty ever, not even personal instagram bloggers like gurl, get it together.

    • Quiet January 9, 2017

      You hate Sam but yet you’re still posting here? Take your hating talents to Just Jared, Pop Crush and MediaTakeout then.

  13. UPGRADEBOY January 9, 2017

    Too bad concert seats can’t be streamed

  14. FRESH NAVI January 9, 2017

    LOL. Well Rihanan has all her endorsement deals and her hit singles and the ANTI ALBUM has been floating pass lime water for months. So UNBOTHERED..
    Nice to see the P U S S Y popper fossilonce can sell tickets though. I guess the hive lives for the same TIRED routines. And sam is such a loser, like i’ve never seen a blog be this biased and petty ever, not even personal instagram bloggers like gurl, get it together this is why you don’t get invited anywhere and TGJ is not treated like an actual media house. TBH tGJ might as well just be one of those threads that only trolls and pressed bottoms frequent. Because when you look at respected sites that you won’t allow me to name because your’e insecure af THERES JUST NO COMPETITION. Feel free to delete this comment your’e as insecure as your fave.

    • meme January 9, 2017

      But the crazy thing is ever if Rihanna sold every single seat at her tour she still wouldn’t be able to gross more than beyonce. This comparison is pointless. Beyoncé did stadiums and tickets were twice as much as Rihanna’s so please explain to me how TGJ expect the gross earnings to even compare.

  15. Kwinzy January 9, 2017

    I’m one of the few who are #TeamHiveNavy…gwan Queens. Y’all so petty, jeez.

    • Fancy BISH January 9, 2017

      Sam tried it with this post, as usual lol

      • Kwinzy January 9, 2017

        Lol I swear Samantha disliked our posts. Salty.

  16. Ann January 9, 2017

    That must’ve been why she was hiding the tour grosses lmao she refused to publish them. I don’t blame her 61.3mil from 64 shows is embarrassing for an artist of her caliber

  17. Shakira Stan January 9, 2017

    Older people have always had better touring power than younger ones…. Women would rather watch men than watch other women (Micheal Jackson said it best)
    I see nothing wrong here, she did remarkably well, in the next few years when her audiences mature, she will do way better.
    Stop hating Sam, people like you are why black women generally dislike gay men.

    • King B January 9, 2017

      Justin Bieber is old? If Katy, Gaga and Taylor can gross 200mil, Rih sure can. But she couldn’t, even during her peak. I was told she’s the most global superstar… but she has 0 date in Asia during loud tour and 6 dates during DWT. Bey has 12 dates in Asia during I Am… era.

      • Datredd23 January 9, 2017

        Katy did almost 200 shows though for that gross lol only the US leg has been officially reported it should at least top 100 mill when final numbers are in

    • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

      Rihanna won’t be able to make this much in old age. I doubt she’ll be able to sing at all

  18. King B January 9, 2017

    Australian Album Chart

    #25 Lemonade (+22) [30 Weeks]

    Lemonade also recently returned to UK album charts despite 0 streaming and not one single in UK Top 100.

    This further proving that Bey isn’t a local artist even though the Navy loves calling her local. For example, during Rih’s peak like the Loud Tour and Diamond Tour, she has way less Asian dates compare to Beyoncé during Beyoncé Experience and I Am… Tour. Y’all can be considered lucky cuz Bey decided to abandon Asia and her single success now. But rumour has it FWT has a second leg, hopefully she’ll visit Asia, SA etc

  19. Rosy January 9, 2017

    The hives really counting beyonce money again stfu black n****** get a life f****** peasants all you blacks do in a America is fight each other look at Chicago every where you go is the same black s**** mentality hating each other yall mad rih came here and made it what,the f******,problem yall have with rih she ain’t on welfare f****** for a baby daddy cheque gtfoh

    • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

      yet riri is black??? you’re just jealous of bey and mad that it’s clear now who reigns supreme. have you seen riri’s dark skin friends and family??? you just insulted your fave with your rant.

      • Rosy January 9, 2017

        No one jealous or give a damn about bey the cockroaches need a life they are the ones putting them against each other you black Americans are the worst u never support each other and the fact is you haters blame your mentality on slavery the pathetic excuse for not been happy for your own race white people will always stay winning in life this site run by blacks are the worst haters island blacks support other island blacks all over the world but here in America yall the worst on the planet real Africans don’t even like yall

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

      Lol Rihanna is black dumb n****

  20. Career Ender January 9, 2017

    After the keyboard thuggin the NavY did and this is all their girl did?

  21. B_Roni January 9, 2017

    Wait. ‘Maybe I read wrong. How are you gonna compare a tour like beys to Rihanna’s. If someone could tell me how… then it would make sense. Even if Rihanna sold out EVERY seat and venue she still would have not outgrossed Beyonce because Beyonce did stadiums and her tickets were higher. Rihanna did arenas and some stadiums overseas. Beyonce also added more dates. Secondly, you don’t even have Rihanna’s numbers from overseas so what’s the point of the post. As a fan of both of these women, I will say they are both winning.

    • King B January 9, 2017

      Y’all don’t care bout stadium or arena during The Mrs Carter Show in 2013/2014. Y’all only care bout the numbers and dates.

      • B_Roni January 9, 2017

        There is no y’all. I like Beyonce and Rihanna and I’m speaking facts for both artist. Also I’m not gonna put down another artist based on what the hive or navy thinks. I like them both. As I stated above you can’t compare the tours because Rihanna had fewer dates and seats and secondly they are comparing her U.S. Dates without even factoring in her Overseas dates.

    • Jamon January 9, 2017

      Well said B_roni

    • BEY>RIH January 9, 2017

      The same way the navy try to compare Lemonade and Anti chart positions and singles knowing damn well that Anti is charting off of streaming which Lemonade doesn’t have. Yet Lemonade is the better selling album and era.

    • Mya January 9, 2017

      FWT 49 dates
      EMPTi 70+ dates

      FWT tripled EMPTi tour gross with less dates

  22. NAVI January 9, 2017

    LOL. Well Rihanan has all her endorsement deals and her hit singles and the ANTI ALBUM has been floating pass lime water for months. So UNBOTHERED..
    Nice to see fossilonce can sell tickets though. I guess the hive lives for the same TIRED routines. And sam is such a loser, like i’ve never seen a blog be this biased and petty ever, not even personal instagram bloggers like gurl, get it together this is why you don’t get invited anywhere and TGJ is not treated like an actual media house. TBH tGJ might as well just be one of those threads that only trolls and pressed bottoms frequent. Because when you look at respected sites that you won’t allow me to name because your’e insecure af THERES JUST NO COMPETITION. Feel free to delete this comment your’e as insecure as your fave.

  23. meme January 9, 2017

    Beyoncé can win tour. There is not a single person on this planet who thinks Rihanna is a better performing than beyonce. That is where beyonce shines, so it is no surprise that her tours do better than Rihanna. I don’t see your point. RFihanna is way yonger than beyonce and only been in the game half the time as her. Touring is one of the only arenas beyonce beats Rihanna in. Still doesn’t change the fact that her music is garbage and disappeared as fast as it came. For someone who is building her legacy, her music should be way better. Next!

    • King B January 9, 2017

      Okay? Adele debuted in 2000? Bieber debuted in 1999? Oh, I didn’t know Taylor and Katy debuted in the 80s! Navy and their 5272829020 excuses.

    • BEY>RIH January 9, 2017

      Beyoncé beats fRih in albums, touring, single sales, awards, and acclaim. The only thing your fave has are chart positions. Furthermore Bey’s “garbage” album was the best-selling female album of the year. If her music is trash and people are actually buying it, then what do you call fRih’s music?

    • Quiet January 9, 2017

      Weren’t you leaving the site because of too much negativity? But you crawled back to defend these weak tour gross and bash Beyonce? See you in the next post.

      • meme January 9, 2017

        LOL. Whatever. Im not bashing beyonce. The hive is such a tacky group of fanbase.

  24. Jamon January 9, 2017

    Everyone has their strengths. Why constantly compare her to Rihanna? Put her up against Taylor and Adele. You won’t because she won’t come out on top. Taylor sells way more albums, singles, and her tour grossed over $250 million (like Beyonce). Adele sells waaayyy more albums, singles. Why not report that TGJ? You jump at any chance you get to put Rihanna down and Beyonce on top. Her album sells are just ok, her touring is great, and her singles don’t sell. She’s great, but she’s not the the best out right now. Write an article on why she’s praised and acclaimed, but doesn’t do big number’s. I’m honestly really curious about that.

    • King B January 9, 2017

      Because the Navy says she needed Jay Z to tour stadium and the Navy also said she can’t tour stadium. The Navy also constantly call her local. Don’t play victim please.

    • Madtho January 9, 2017

      This site promotes shady news. It’s useless to the media and only popular among silly queens/Stans.

      Read the comments they’re silly and wack…

      Good day!

    • BEY>RIH January 9, 2017

      When all fails, you bítches claim to the T. Swift and Adele. The things that the navy have been saying all year to discredit Beyoncé and now that she is kicking you fave’s ass in every area besides singles and yall wanna whine.

      • Memo January 9, 2017

        You haven’t responded as to why Beyoncé can’t beat Adele or Taylor.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        You have yet to respond as to why beyonce, taylor, and Adele all single handedly slay tf outta your fave.

    • Rosy January 9, 2017

      Beyonce is all hype and no substance time will give rih her credit

    • Linear January 9, 2017

      Eh. You do know that the Adele/T. Swift analogy can be used to discredit Rihanna too, right? Does she beat them in any of these areas? The answer is no.

      • XoMoDe January 9, 2017

        It’s hilarious how the toothless “Navy” likes to bring Adele and Swift up as deflections every time it becomes painfully obvious how much more powerful Beyonce’s name is compared to Rihanna’s. When the article is about Beyonce vs. Taylor or Beyonce vs. Adele, then come with that BS. When the article is about Beyonce and Rihanna, either stay on topic or be quiet. We can see what you’re trying to do there and it won’t work.

    • Alex January 9, 2017

      @Jamon Why are u so confused?? Streaming is the ONLY thing keeping Rihanna alive. Beyonce’s singles are not doing as well because her music is only on TIDAL!! Beyonce CHOSE to do that. Chart positions are not making her rich. Hence why her music is not on ALL platforms. But the gag is, even though Rihanna streams her music like her life depended on it, Beyonce STILL is the #1 digital selling female artist this year?? Hmmm interesting. Oh and she’s SOLD more singles this year as well. Media traffic has already posted the article if you want to research it. Y’all love clinging to Adele and Taylor, but they have yet to SURPASS beyonces record sales, awards, tour gross, and acclaim. What is YOUR fave doing??? Not a DAMN thing!!

  25. King B January 9, 2017

    Bey is older. Her career is longer. *yawn*

    • Mya January 9, 2017

      Justin B, Katy Perry, Taylor (a terrible performer along with Rihanna and Katy P) Ed, Drake and more all who came after Rihanna outgrossed her. Rihanna was struggling to sell out 11k arenas in the US where she has 14 #1 singles. In EU the tickets were so poor they had to downsize and close top sections of the empty stadiums. People just don’t want to see her live they pull rather stream her music for free. Beyoncé and Rihanna are in two different leagues.

      • Pray for the youth January 9, 2017

        Those singles aren’t doing s*** for her and it will only get worse if that’s the only thing she has. She’s still young and disposable. What’s going to happen when she’s not young anymore? Madonna has been able to get work, as ancient as she is, because she was smart enough to build a reputation as a live entertainer. She doesn’t need to sell music anymore. People will still go see her. Same with Jlo, who’s 47. She’s no Madonna, but you get the idea. And Britney. It doesn’t matter how bad her music gets. She’s such an iconic popstar, people will always be happy to see her for the sentimentalism. Mariah wasn’t just a singles artist but obviously she can’t rely on them to keep her relevant. Rihanna better pay attention. Mariah had all of those hits and how are they helping her? Mariah was smart enough to specialize, so now every Christmas season, She has a job. Though, who knows if she just ruined that for herself. ? None of the artists with the most number 1 singles can say that that’s the only or primary talent they had when it comes to music. Not MJ. Not Mariah. Not the Beatles. Not Diana Ross. Their singles were just add ons to everything else that was great about them.
        As a popstar, the older you get, the less you can rely on just being cute to get booked. That’s too bad because being trendy is the very backbone of Rihanna’s career, which was a bad decision on her part, because the rewards of being trendy are temporary. That’s the whole point. That’s why she has to churn out catchy generic songs like clockwork. When you’re “trendy”, it’s all about the instant gratification and once that wears off you have to “reinvent” yourself again. And the navy is so dumb, they even brag about her being a trendsetter, when she herself is a trend. That’s the thing about trends. One day they’re in. The next, they’re out. *In my Heidi Klum voice*. What’s she going to cling to when she’s not young anymore? Maybe she can sing hooks for rappers forever…

  26. Nunya January 9, 2017

    “Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper” ??????. When Rihanna make money, Bey makes money ??. She’s the boss. Ohhhh and Beyonce’s tours when she was Rihanna age and younger are better than what Rihanna has ever done. She’s a lazy artist

  27. Shadey January 9, 2017

    Well kudos to Beyonce fans she still sucks her music lacks any type of originality outside of garbage though I must admit she is the best entertainer right now because you do not have the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, Madonna etc for her to compete against in this generation so it allows her to stand out by her boring self thank God I actually got a chance to witness real greatness in the 90s before this toddlers who are now Beyonce fans were born I have real artist to compare her to whereas she is all they have

    • BEY>RIH January 9, 2017

      Punctuation baby; please use it.

    • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

      Jealous h**

  28. Kanyade January 9, 2017

    why does this site constantly pit these two women against each other? Forget “stan”/fan bases and their ongoing war.

    why do you all continue to do this?

  29. Charlie January 9, 2017

    You know what I really don’t care. They’re both 2 beautiful black women who are very successful worldwide and are in their own lane. No there’s no completion between the two because they each bring something different to the table musically and highly enjoy them both. Can’t we let these two black queens live instead of always pitting them against each other? They’ve made it so far being black women in the music industry and successful in their own right. ?

  30. Kai2dasuan January 9, 2017

    Well technically if she did 41 mil in the us and 61 mil in U.K. That will put rihanna anti tour 102 mil worldwide so far so she may get to 120 mil worldwide which is not bad for rihanna. For 70 dates.

    • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

      lol beyonce made double with much fewer shows. i just can’t wait for the b**** to disappear already. riri is pure trash

    • Ann January 9, 2017

      She didn’t do 61 in the U.K…

  31. Cough Cough January 9, 2017

    Both black women making coins. Congrats to both and thank you for slaying the industry. Pity this site puts the ONLY two black chicks against each other. Guaranteed if they didn’t they’d both be selling much more

    • Swit Katz January 9, 2017

      The navy only remember to stop pitting bw against each other when r**** is flopping.

      • Cough Cough January 9, 2017

        I’m not in the navy IDIOT. Although I highly prefer Beyoncé to Riri I’ve got far too many important things in my life to do than be worried about being on some b****** cheer squad- UNPAID. Y’all slow girls crack me up. You need a hobby

  32. Swit Katz January 9, 2017

    Riri is just that girl that spreads her legs to get ahead in the business that’s y she’s on top but it’s impossible sleep with all her fans to get seats at her shows that’s why despite her many hits and radio deals she falls behind when it comes to touring

  33. Linear January 9, 2017

    Has Anti even sold a million copies yet? LOL Of course her tour is a flop. No one cares about Rihanna if the price tag is above $1.29.

    • Danny Bey January 9, 2017


  34. fatusankoh January 9, 2017

    You go queen Bey hard work talente and you give your all may god continue to bless protect you and your family for life good luck and more success in all you do

  35. Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

    I think there are not a lot of people willing to pay to see Rihanna in concert, other than her hardcore fans, the public loves her and her music but we are also aware of the fact that her weakest point is being a not so good performer, Beyonce clearly wins here, she’s a dynamic performer, there’s not debate about that. This post was made to shade Rihanna, this site is very biased, they praised Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable tour (a favorite of TGJ) for grossing 15 million from 33 shows, and to think that Janet is regarded as one of the best female performers is quite chocking to be honest, that means that people are just not interested in her anymore. Rihanna remains on top, she wins in a lot of other ways.

    • Cough Cough January 9, 2017

      Janet cancelled over half of her tour. Not a very accurate comparison.

      • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

        Still the tour grossed 15 million from 33 shows, meaning that it wasn’t doing that well.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Of course its not a good comparison but he’s a white supremacist. So it’s to be expected #HiddenFences

      • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

        You’re so obsessed with me.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017


  36. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade January 9, 2017

    We dont have the final numbers for the anti world tour…so what is the point of this whole article ?

    • Danny Bey January 9, 2017

      And you think when the “final” numbers are in there’ll be a huge fluctuation from what’s being reported now? The Nvay just doesn’t know when to take an L. Thats why no one respects yall or take yall seriously.

  37. Danny Bey January 9, 2017

    Somebody get this cockroach Rosy out of here. She just doesn’t know when to give it up and take the L.

  38. Sila Mampos Wahai Gagak January 9, 2017

    Kelentit panjang korang memekak apo weyyyy? Mcm sial dah la muka mcm arang ketiak bau longkang. Alahai kesiannya. Beyonce tu sebernarnya agen illuminati laki muka mcm berok chipanzee. Rihanna tu sundal puki berkerak mcm puki mak korang la berlendir wahai arang sekelian bangsa penyamun criminal dah la pemalas mcm sial korang kan??? ???

  39. Black Magic@ Vodoo spell January 9, 2017

    Kentut kau bau,
    Aku tak lalu,
    Nyahhh ko dari sini,
    Dah la hidung mcm jambu air.
    0h wahai geng gagak dirimba.
    Terbanglah ko dalam jamban!!!!!! ????

  40. Black Magic@ Vodoo spell January 9, 2017

    A person who write after this message will regret later and if you read this message too you will be haunted tonight in your dream.

    Good luck tonight…..even the Bible cant do much!

  41. Metzo January 9, 2017

    I still can’t believe Beyonce sold more singles this year than Rihanna the digital queen. She really domimated her in all areas this time around.. I can’t ?.

  42. Soo_iconic January 9, 2017

    When it’s comes to Rihanna the grapejuice is more like the hatejuice. This site can’t take Rihanna!! I would love for this site to do one positive non-shady article on Rihanna, cuz every post you make has so many negative and if you point something good out its on thing and the back to shade or bad review…clearly the fact that you guys mention Rihanna you keep her relevant. If you don’t like her stop writing, listening to her music, sharing her photo etc! Silence is the best way to show you don’t car for someone js!

  43. Keri Qween January 9, 2017

    Beyonces shows werent all sold out when she was Rihannas age anyways

    • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

      When she was Rihanna’s age she was grossing $100 million and ticket prices were much lower than and her demand was no where near what it is today. Save the excuses!

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        But ANTIs total numbers arent even in so why are you bringing up total gross?

      • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

        @Skeri I didn’t bring up total gross tho wtf? She has 37 arenas reported and 3 stadium dates reported. 37 arenas couldn’t even rack in $40 million as well can see. Why is she struggling to sell tickets when live music is at an all time high and ticket prices were up 4% from 2015. Rihanna is smoke and mirrors. Samsung couldn’t buy her tickets but they bought her singles, streams, certifications and albums! ?☕

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        Did you not say Beyonce was grossing $100 million? Thats not bringing up total gross? Beyonce wasnt 100% sold out like i said so whats your point?

        Samsung bought certifications but crooked Beyonce wont perform unless shes given an award OK. LOL.

        Fact ANTI is still 2x platinum,her singles performed better and longer (and Billboard has Rihanna ranked at #8 as digital artist and Beyonce #9) , she ranked higher on Forbes, her fashion lines sold better and had more cultural impact than Beyonces tired workout clothing line so shes fine.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 9, 2017

      Meanwhile Keri shows are ALWAYS EMPTY! Have a seat and just be grateful “Lifetime & Kelly Rowland” allowed Keri to be a extra in their upcoming Z-list movie!

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        Beystan worry about getting Daddy Lessons and All Night to chart

      • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

        @Skeri seeing as Beyoncé sold the most singles in 2016 why would we need to worry about getting them to chart? Beyoncé is the HIT and it’s clearly showing. Her music sells regardless if it’s on the Hot100 or not! Now go worry about when Mrs. Doneson is releasing new music instead of showing her deepthroating talents on instagram.

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        She sold the most singles in 2016 yet,when I look on Billboards year end chart none of her songs are even in the top 30 on their digital song list so how is that?

      • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

        @Skeri give it up!
        1.Sorry 960k
        2.Formation 860k
        3.Hold Up 720k
        4.6-Inch 380k
        5.Freedom 260k
        6.All Night 240k
        7.Don’t Hurt Yourself 205k
        8.Daddy Lessons 200k
        9.Pray You Catch Me 200k
        10.Sandcastles 150k
        11.Love Drought 114k
        12. Forward 105k
        Total US Sales: 4,394,000
        Like I said she sold more singles with Lemonade than Rihérpés did with Anti! ?☕
        Now run along.

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        Lmao lies Formation just got certified gold in October

      • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

        @Skeri Well or course their gold. They have yet to reach 1m or get close to it for a platinum certification. It’s been common Knowledge Formation and Hold Up weren’t far behind Sorry for a platinum certification. HDD released all this info, but since Rihorse isn’t above Bey you’ll play stupid and act like HDD doesn’t give concrete receipts lmao! Anyway funny how you can’t accept Rihanna has been bested in every aspect except streams.
        Album Bey
        Singles Bey
        Tour Bey
        Accolades Bey
        Streams Rih

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        Work sold over 5+ million worldwide. More than all of Lemonades songs combined so i dont know why you guys are bringing up singles lmao

      • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

        @Skeri b**** give it up already and leave. You can’t even give a logical argument which is why your dumbass is comparing Work’s worldwide sales to Lemonades US single sales lol! Where is the logic?

    • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

      @Skeri again I said she was gossing $100 million at Rihanna’s age never did i drop the total gross. Also why are you talking about Billboard? Beyoncé bested Rihérpés on almost every major year end list they released this year.
      Top 10 Billboard Artist
      2.Justin Bieber
      5.Twenty One Pilot’s
      7.Ariana Grande
      8.The Weekend
      9.Cold Play
      10.Shawn Mendes
      Top 10 Female Artists
      4.Ariana Grande
      5.Selena Gomez
      6.Meghan Trainor
      7.Taylor Swift
      9.Carrie Underwood
      10.Alessia Cara
      Top 10 Billboard 200 Albums
      8.Madin In The A.M
      9.Beauty Behind The Madness
      10.Hamilton: An American Musical
      Top 10 Billboard 200 Artist
      3.Justin Bieber
      5.Twenty One Pilot’s
      9.Chris Stapleton
      10.The Weekend
      Top 10 Digital Albums
      7.Hamilton: An American Musical
      8.The Very Best of Prince
      9.Made In The AM
      10. Blonde
      Top 10 Digital Songs artist
      1.Justin Bieber
      3.Twenty One Pilot’s
      5.The Chainsmokers
      7.Meghan Trainor
      10.Flo Rida
      And she made #27 for Top Billboard 100 Artist! Legend!!!

  44. meri January 9, 2017

    rihanna.sold 9m singles this year…1.4m for the album that is amazing for her…dear african americans stop belittling any other black woman who is not beyonce c this is why.we prefer rih and she has better music too…boyonce is a tour force she works hard for that a. glad people go c her i wish her recent music was good tho

    • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

      Lies HDD reported she sold 5.8 million singles 4.2 million of those are from Anti.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017


  45. HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

    Beyoncé had the best selling US tour!
    She had the best selling Female Album. 2nd best selling album over all in the US!
    She sold the most singles in the US according to HDD with 4.4 million from Lemonade and additional 2+ million for a total of 6.6 million singles sold!
    Overall Beyoncé sold close to 9 million record’s in The US alone! Lmao! Not bad for Beyoncé flop singles and flop album!
    Oh BTW Lemonade pushed 28k for the week ending January 4, 2017. 3 million is coming!

    • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

      Youre counting back catalog single sales to say Beyonce singles sold more. The songs from ANTI sold more total than the songs from LEMONADE stop the madness

      • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

        No. Check The receipts above someone posted. Lemonade single sales are 4.4 million compared to Anti’s single sales of 4.2 million lol!

      • Keri Qween January 9, 2017

        Lies none of Lemonades songs are even top 30 for Billboards year end list

  46. Pray for the youth January 9, 2017

    That blow pop lookin h** thought she could strut around a stage, posing occasionally while lazily talk singing her discography, and get paid for it. If she really cared about her fans, she would devote more time and effort into giving them a show that’s worth their money. I wouldn’t go to a Rihanna concert for FRih.

  47. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

    Is anybody surprised? I told you so lol. Rihanna ONLY sounds decent on Love On The Brain, and you know it’s true. When a Navy wants to defend her performances, they go straight to LOTB Billboard Awards performance, or wherever it was.Her concerts suck!

  48. HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

    Im LAUGHING so hard at the Karma the Navy constantly get hit with!
    “Beyoncé can’t sell a stadium tour on her own!”
    “Beyoncé pushed her stage to the middle of the stadium”
    All them hit singles Rihérpés has and nobody cares to see them live.
    I remember when she first announced the Antisold tour Yhe Salvation Army boosted around about how she had 36 stadium dates booked lmao!

    • Selenator January 9, 2017

      Ugh those stan wars were messy. Stans coming in with video receipts to debate lmao. Well the final numbers are and Bey slayed. Congrats to both

  49. ShakaZulu January 9, 2017

    I LOVE BEYONCÉ!!! What would music be without her???? We would be hungry from entertainment ?

  50. Selenator January 9, 2017

    But who didn’t see this coming? Beyonce is a touring force, this is a known fact. Rihanna can’t compete with that, most artists (male, female, group, or any genre) can. Let’s not act like Rihanna was some flop though. Anti Tour and era was still a moderate success despite the messiest roll out ever for an album. May I remind people the album had a year’s worth of failure to launch singles. Most albums wouldn’t sell 200k after that.
    I’m also impressed with my girl Selena. She managed to rake in $25.1 million from the US leg alone. That’s more than any of her peers have ever done. If she had better health, the Revival Tour would’ve grossed around $60 million, being the most successful tour out her contemporaries.

  51. Queen Adele January 9, 2017

    I stan for Adele but it is so insulting to Beyonce to be compared to Rihanna. Of course Bey is great in touring than Rihanna. Beyonce is charismatic and appealing to people for concerts sells.Beyonce is the new Madonna

    • Beyoncé Jackson January 9, 2017

      And Beyoncé is a top-tier vocalist and performer. Rihanna is NOT. No one wants to pay to see her lazy, boring “performances”

  52. Beyoncé Jackson January 9, 2017

    Kii. I don’t have time to scroll through the comments, but once again Rihanna LOSES! How much did the tour make when you factor in the international dates?

    • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

      That is what the tour made with international dates lmao! $61.4 million is total tour gross from 63 dates out of 75.

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 9, 2017

        Kii DAT RIHANNA REIGN…..

    • Reality Check January 9, 2017

      ALL of the dates were not reported yet TGJ is posting Fake News.

      As incomparable Denzel noted, it’s not about the Truth anymore just who gets it out there first. Even if it’s not true.


      • Beyoncé Jackson January 9, 2017

        What’s taking so long? The tour has been over for months….

  53. LiLi’n’RiRi January 9, 2017

    Okay. Beyoncé’s album LEMONADE was better than ANTI but not by that much. Beyoncé’s tour was better than ANTI’s, but so what. They both have great songs, but Rihanna has MORE great songs. They’re both beautiful, but Rihanna is more beautiful. As for personality, Rihanna obvi. As for changing image, both of them are pretty good at that. Y’all always comparing but I’d say they’re own strengths add up for them both being equal in their own ways

    • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

      Rihanna is more natural than Beyoncé, that’s for sure.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

      You wish Pon De Forehead looked better than Queen Bey

      • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

        She actually does, she’s a natural beauty unlike Beyoncé.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Sorry but I don’t find her protruding forehead or stick figure body beautiful. YOUR OPINION!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        …The tattoos aren’t cute either

      • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

        Of course not, funny how you find other black women BEAUTIFUL {Halle Berry, Nia Long, Meagan Good, Lauren London, and Keri Washington} but not Rihanna, when some of them can’t even be compared to Rihanna, looks wise.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Everyone woman that you just has proportionate facial features. Rihanna does not. She got more head than body lol.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017


      • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

        I bet that if I was the one saying those things about Rihanna’s facial characteristics, You’d be the first to call me racist, I guess you turn racist towards your own people in the name of Beyoncé.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        1.) You are racist
        2.) What does race have to do with Rihanna having a protruding forehead ?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Lol Wow! I didn’t know that I was obligated to find Rihanna attractive just because shes black. You’ve stated countless times that you don’t find Kim K attractive. Does that make you racist towards your own people ? Nah, youre just racist towards African Amercians right ?

      • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

        You’re the one that claim that I’m racist when I don’t find a black person attractive, (because she/he is black), remember?…

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Lol Everybody thinks that you’re a racist, you Nazi and Skinhead LoveChild. Carry on!

  54. GurlWepa1989 January 9, 2017

    Here we go again with this site, each women are successful in their own rights. I understand that this site is Anti Rih bit c’mon now, it’s getting old. I love Bey and Rih in their own respective way. Since this site want to shaDe Rih how about bringing up Beyonce album sales? Taylor and Adele not only sold out their respective tours but also can shift albums as well. Now that’s a fact.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

      What do Adele and Basic Swift have to do with this article ? I’ll wait…

      • Reality Check January 9, 2017

        Because in all context between RiH & Bey it is always about who is better, sold more albums and tour stats.

        Well, since this blog considers RIH not on bey’s levels that would place her on Taylor & Adele’s level. It’s basic common sense.

        Discredit Rihanna at all costs to make another certain feel better about her career.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        Frih’s not Taylor, Adele, or Beyonce’ s level for that matter. She can’t even go multiplatinum nowadays

    • HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

      This is an Urban blog. Adele and Taylor Swift are none existent here. Well Taylor, Adele is a “blue eyed soul singer” so she gets post every once in awhile.

      • Reality check January 9, 2017


        RIHANNA has 7 platinum albums, Most are multiplatinum. It’s sad how BAD you all want her to fail BUT she keeps getting Bigger.

        It must be infuriating.

        Robyn Rihanna Femty OWNS her MASTERS, OWNS LABELS, Two EARNED Video of the Year at the VMS, Vanguard, Grammys, AMAS, FENTY corp, FENTY PUMA, Actress, so much to name ???

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        No, most of Rihanna’s albums aren’t multiplatinum. She hasn’t had a multiplatinum plaque since GGGB. Anti isn’t even actually multiplatinum. Samsung purchased that certification remember ? Lol

  55. Reality Check January 9, 2017

    This post was POINTLESS because all of the ANTI dates have not come in.

    Anyway, since it’s “established” that Bey is more talented than Rih, not on her “level” and is better overall, stop comparing them.

    So that places Bey on another level…Adele & Taylor’s level, no?

    Now this is where it gets tricky because now looking at album sales, overall artistry, creativity and music quality Beyonce is a FLOP compared to Adele & Taylor.

    Beyonce does NOT own her masters like Adele and Taylor. (Side note: Rih does :).

    Hmmm.. so they get a huge chunk of The touring money NOT the label. I want to see how much BEY pocketed AFTER Columbia, dancers, stage crew, paid journalists, ETC. ? Keep in mind, she’s going on a second leg NOT because she loves to do it but because she needs the money. ??

    Bey hasn’t debuted with a MILLION copies ‘pure sales”, doesn’t have any diamond singles or albums and hasn’t had a #1 hit since 2008. It took Lemonade 2 months to go platinum and it’s at 1.5US sales. (Adele did THAT in 1 day).

    Beyonce does not write, compose or can read music. Bey “allegedly” steals writing credits and add words to already written songs. Taylor & Adele are songwriters and composers.

    Bey has also been accused of copying others costumes, choreography and performances, etc

    Grammys: out of her 20 Grammys, NONE of her six platinum albums won album of the year.

    Tours: yes, she’s a touring force but she just started doing stadiums and when the Formation tour was announced as a “sold out” stadium tour, I figured it was going to be a FULL stadium tour NOT 1/4 stadium tour.

    For example: a stadium can fill up up to 100,000 people but she erects this huge stage and box which takes up more than half and there’s only room for 30,000 seats. I call that “smoke and mirrors”. I’ve seen pictures of empty seats at the FWT too, so what is the truth? People PAY for a good show, but does tour tickets equal album sales? NOPE!

    It’s a matter of PR. Beyonce has the best marketing team money can buy and it’s working. (FOR NOW). It’s unfortunate that Bey has to be labeled the best, the first or the only one to feel like she’s accomplished something.

    It’s shows her insecurities like at the VMA’s.

    Trust me, everybody saw what she TRIED to do even if they didn’t say anything. But it was against another BLACK woman so no one said anything. Sad.

    Keep shading Rih while she’s stacking up accomplishments and EARNING the respect of the music industry. OWNING her brand all while facing constant ridicule, and undeserved hate.

    Rihanna hold your head up QUEEN and keep doing you, ANTI was a success!!!!!

    TGJ is a sad and pathetic blog.

    • Suicide Blonde January 9, 2017

      It’s a matter of PR. Beyonce has the best marketing team money can buy and it’s working. (FOR NOW). It’s unfortunate that Bey has to be labeled the best, the first or the only one to feel like she’s accomplished something.
      It’s shows her insecurities like at the VMA’s.
      Trust me, everybody saw what she TRIED to do even if they didn’t say anything. But it was against another BLACK woman so no one said anything. Sad.

      I love you ?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 9, 2017

        LOL @ “against another black woman.” Have a seat white supremacist! Focus on your own community.
        Beyonce and Rhianna are like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova or Floyd and Pacciquioa one is clearly way much better and that is BEYONCE.

      • Reality check January 9, 2017

        Truth TRUMPS Hate. ?

    • Quiet January 9, 2017

      You wrote all that just to say you’re pressed about Queen Bey.

    • Shadey January 9, 2017

      Well said

    • Lea January 10, 2017

      Nice and well put together response @realitycheck! 🙂

    • Marakov February 3, 2017

      Ah, I love when stans try to sound intelligent and come of ignorant. Let’s start from the beginning; the reason why the dates aren’t in is because they haven’t been released and probably won’t. The same way her Loud Tour dates weren’t Released and that was in her prime. Let’s focus on Adele and Taylor Swift who are still in their prime and are selling albums, do you remember when Beyonce was in her prime
      Dangerously in Love- 12 million ww, BDay- 8 million ww, I am Sasha Fierce- 8 million ww. That’s pretty much around the ball park of Taylor Swift’s sales. Adele is a selling force now and that’s great for her but let’s not act as if Taylor or even your fave Rihanna can smell Adele so I guess your real question is, IS ANYONE ON ADELE’S LEVEL?? What masters does Adele, Taylor or Rihanna own? I know Beyonce manages herself and has her own label so doesn’t that qualify? What money does Beyonce need? The girl has 450 million dollars, she went on the second leg because the demand is there and in business, when there is a huge demand you supply, the same way Adele is doubling around and increasing legs, where is your logic?
      “Bey hasn’t debuted with a MILLION copies ‘pure sales”, doesn’t have any diamond singles or albums and hasn’t had a #1 hit since 2008. It took Lemonade 2 months to go platinum and it’s at 1.5US sales. This is true but so what? She still managed to sell in the ball park of Taylor Swift in her prime without her first week sales being a million. Does she have to, to be superior to Rihanna? Rihanna can’t even push half a million in the first week? At least Lemonade didn’t need a phone deal and she is still selling pure albums and on the charts still.
      Beyonce does not write, compose or can read music. Bey “allegedly” steals writing credits and add words to already written songs. Taylor & Adele are songwriters and composers. All that have either been addressed or debunked? Where is Rihanna’s solo or song writing credits prior to Anti. BTW, even though music is subjective, a lot of people (not me) think Taylor Swift and Adele’s songwriting are basic at best so writing your own music doesn’t make you special if it isn’t innovative or boundary bending.
      Bey has also been accused of copying others costumes, choreography and performances, etc so has Gaga, Rihanna and everyone that has debuted on the music scene since the 1990s.
      Grammys: out of her 20 Grammys, NONE of her six platinum albums won album of the year and so what? Where is Rihanna’s own and even if she did win it I’m pretty sure you and all of the petty m************ that hate her would have said “she didn’t deserve it or she bought it”. Beyonce can’t win for losing either? The f****** hate is real. As for touring, no artist in history has ever sold a stadium of 100 thousand people, it has always been between 45-65 000 people so everyone is all smoke and mirrors then right? BTW Glastonbury she performed for 170,000 (Google is your friend). WHY PEOPLE FEEL TO COMPARE BEYONC E TO GIRLS WHO AREN’T HER PEERS ARE BEYOND ME. IS IT BECAUSE SHE HAS OUTLASTED HER COMPETITION? FOR AN ARTIST TO SURIVIVE IN THE DIGITAL AGE AND STILL OUTSELL MOST OF (WITH THE EXCEPTIONOF ADELE AND SWIFT) THE NEW POP GIRLS ALBUMS AND TOURING WISE , EVEN WHEN HALF OF THEIR CAREER PRECEEDS THE DIGITAL AGE IS GREAT. I will respect Beyonce for that. Haters will just have to deal.

  56. Nessa January 9, 2017

    The Navy is so weak and pathetic. Say what you want about the Hive but the Hive doesn’t need to bring up other artists in a debate because Bey’s accomplishments have legs on their own. The funny thing about bringing up Adele and Taylor is, they are outselling Rihanna too so what are you really trying to say about your fave? LOL. Congrats to Bey on another monster era! It’s great to see someone who has been in the game so long still have massive success so much so that these young stans can’t even remember who her real peers are. 🙂

    • Pray for the youth January 9, 2017

      These bozos are only pointing out the fact that their fave is at the absolute bottom of the totem pole. Beyoncé has surpassed all of her peers and she’s besting a popstar that should be in her prime. She’s “young and trendy” but had a supposedly “tired and washed up” veteran outperform her in all areas. Meanwhile, Rihanna couldn’t even outsell Justin Beiber…

    • Reality check January 9, 2017

      Delusion at its finest. ?

      • Nessa January 9, 2017

        Yes, the Navy (including yourself) is delusion at its finest. Y’all are the most pathetic fan base in the history of music. 95% of y’all aren’t even real Rihanna fans. Just Beyonce haters. Had Rihanna’s team not have originally marketed her as Beyonce’s competition, you would have ignored her. Then to keep your short attention span, she became the Anti Beyonce and even then, you fools still don’t support her with your money. The most y’all will do is buy singles. You don’t buy tour tickets, barely buy her albums, and have the nerve to brag about streaming like it’s doing anything for artists financially. And then when Beyonce’s fans once again outdo you fools in the support department, you run on the internet to bring up Taylor and Adele, but seem to forget that they are also outdoing Rihanna as well. But what does Bey, Taylor and Adele have in common? REAL fans, you know fans who actually speak with their pockets, not stale Instagram shade. You guys are pathetic and if Rihanna had any sense she would re-market herself and work on getting some real fans because having a little Instagram salvation army who spends all day thinking about Beyonce and the Hive ain’t been working. But then again Rihanna is obsessed with Beyonce too. She’d have to take time off from liking shady Beyonce posts on Instagram first to rebrand herself, so maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath and you shouldn’t either. That’s more work than she’d like to do. So I guess for now she will continue to pretend she’s in the same league as Beyonce (even though anyone with a brain can clearly see otherwise), each time she posts her new stats to Instagram because you know, she’s so secure! Ah!

  57. Goddess Riri January 9, 2017

    Don’t shade my fave if your fave dont have 14 #1 billboard hot 100 number one singles.
    It’s beyonce’s year last year. Y’all better pray that she keep this kind of numbers.
    Anyway im not in mood to shade today. Congrats Beyonce for $250 million concert sale. Good for you.
    Riri juat surpassed Madonna amd Beyonce for having more number ones in billboard. Lol
    Riri will catch up next time.

    Riri 14 #1s
    Madonna 12#1’s
    Beyonce 5#1’s. Lol

    • Lea January 10, 2017

      Bey really only went #1 five times?

  58. Goddess Riri January 9, 2017

    Riri s the best b**** and she is unbothered by Beyonce.
    Beyonce is no longer a threat.
    Adele and Taylor keep snatching her wig away.
    Even Katy Perry is snatxhing her wig. Lol

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 9, 2017

      If that’s the case why Rih tour flop?
      If that’s the case why Lemonade out sold Anti?
      If that’s the case why Bey sale more single in 2016?

      If that’s the case why didn’t the Grammys pick Rih over Bey? I’ll wait for you excuses!

      • Reality check January 9, 2017

        Rihanna gave away 1.3 Million albums and STILL sold 1 Million worldwide even AFTER the TIDAL LEAK. that’s an accomplishment right there….

        Anti Tour: the album wasn’t the usual from Rihanna so only the hard core fans were interested.

        Anti was a more intimate album and should’ve been small scale for the music and real fans.
        However, I must admit she should put more into the performances but her style should not be compared to any body else’s.

        Always remember the most money doesn’t mean it’s better. They just wanted to be entertained for the night.

        Tour Tickets do not match the album sales becuse if it did Lemonade would be what 25 is now, almost 20,000,000 WorldWide.

        Stop being shady and think for yourself!

      • Goddess Riri January 9, 2017

        I noticed that a lot of beyhives likes to stir drama in here
        I’m not saying Beyonce is not good but y’all dragging Riri down all the time.

        Riri is good in singles while Beyonce is good in concert numbers

        Riri has 14 number ones m************

        When will Beyonce? When is her 6th number oneeee?

  59. Shadey January 9, 2017

    She had the perfect name for her album Lemonade because it was sour ass hell just like all her albums Beyonce is a multi awarded puppet she would have never made it in the 80s or 90s as a solo artist she lacks the originality it takes to be a real legend yall can have your Queen

  60. Briano January 9, 2017

    They don’t believe it they know Rihanna is the reigning queen of Music right now

    Thus all these ‘proof’ posts

    Beyonce is known for P Pounding a stage

    Rihanna is known for her music

  61. Reality check January 9, 2017

    For the record, I’m a black woman and a music lover. I am not blinded by the smoke and mirrors. We live in a time where THE Mariah Carey is ridiculed for her talent. YES, the Singer, Song writer and composer!!! The SAT word queen!!!

    THE Janet Jackson is bought up and compared to Tinashe and Ciara.

    Michael Jackson and Bey…. NOPE!!!

    Rihanna’s discography is miles better than Beyonce’s and if you all would take the blinders off you could see that.


    • Marakov February 3, 2017

      Music is subjective first and foremost. You make like Rihanna’s music better than Beyonce’s music but it doesn’t make Beyonce’s music bad or trash. Maybe if you so called “woke’ people spent a little time learning music from an academic standpoint and learn what the criteria is for judging art in its objectivity, then you’d realize why her last album Lemonade was spectacular. By the way, whether you want to believe it or not, Beyonce’s talent will keep her here for years to come.

  62. Briano January 9, 2017

    Beyonce sadly is a dumb woman who has been used (and rewarded) as a puppet that she is

    And this hype is just to keep the puppet in use

    She spreads her legs and spreads crap

    The general public, not critics, committees etc

    Been spoke and its Rihanna

  63. HailLegendBeysus January 9, 2017

    So Beyoncé pushes her stage to the middle of the stadium? Lmao! Remember when I posted the receipts for Bey and Rihs San Siro dates.
    October 15, 2016 at 1:48 am
    HailLegendBeysus says:


    One last thing I wanted to point out about the Slavi, is when they tired saying Bey had her stage take up half the stadium. If that’s the case why did her San Siro date in Italy have a bigger attendance than AntiSold tour lmao!
    Anti Tour, July 13, 2016
    53,494 / 53,494….. $3,041,941
    Formation Tour, July 18, 2016
    54,313 / 54,313 …..$4,744,732
    So why did Beyoncé have a bigger audience in Italy if she’s all PR and Smoke’s & Mirrors? Lol! They Navy really try it.

    • Reality check January 9, 2017


  64. Alex January 9, 2017

    @briano Shut yo DUMB ASS UP!!!

  65. Prettykerihilson January 9, 2017

    Beyonce who?

    Rihanna is more relevant

    Anti is charting higher than lemonade. Lol

  66. Queen Adele January 9, 2017

    Beyonce is better than Rihanna in vocal ,achievements, dancing and charisma. Stop the comparisons. Without Beyonce6″ there’s no Rihanna. Rihanna is always copying Beyonce but people are not buying it.

    Pls compare Rihanna to Ciara or Keri Hilson and not Beyonce

  67. Reality check January 9, 2017


  68. Briano January 9, 2017

    These hive, pathetic

    A tour does not equal listernship throughout the year, streaming does and single sales and performance

    We know who runs that, great Beyonce has become a circus act and joke, the bw who prances in Becky’s blonde weave and p pounds the stage while yelling nonsense…. An image the establishment is very comfortable with

    They are the majority there and love a minstrel show

    I’m glad Rihanna is known for her music not her gyrations and Becky hair swinging

    Rihanna is filming while Beyonce continues to do the same thing year after year, but good for her in her performing lane,

    Rihanna in many lanes and again glad its not the circus act lane but music, mogul (ie owning her masters), movie (has great CURRENT roles), her skin care line, her PUMA, her foundation……

    • Marakov February 3, 2017

      Not even Lucifer believes that lie girl. Wasn’t Work mistook for her mumbling gibrish from ignorant people who didn’t know what caribbean patois was? Rihanna is known as the chick who doesn’t give a f*** and smokes and parties. Hardly know for her music accomplishments apart from the fact that she can sell singles like no other. Beyonce’s so called “gyrating on stage” is far more subtle that stroking her v***** with a mike like Rihanna does. Come again b****, you’ve been dismissed.

  69. Janice Cook January 9, 2017

    We love Robyn rhianna fenty no matter what

  70. Briano January 9, 2017

    Oh and Grapejuice,

    Thanks for the photo, your queen on stage in her pink get up and Rihanna in her all black everthang in front of her Puma line
    #shade #goodnightgotham

  71. Ciara_Goodees January 9, 2017

    I listened to Lemonade. Its was alright, nothing special about it. The only good song is Sorry. Ciara’s Jackie is the real Masterpiece and slay the Lemonade alive when it comes to artistry and creativity.

    Anyway Beyonce is no match to Ciara’s dancing and sexiness

    Since beyonce loves Ciara, i will not shade her that much. I signed up fro Tidal’s free trial and i will switch back to Spotify and Pandora.

    • BEY>RIH January 9, 2017

      Lemonade outsold Jackie in an hour.. ??

      • TaylorSwift_1989 January 10, 2017

        Hahahahaha. The best comment i ever read. I almost fell in the chair.

  72. QueenofCountry_Reba January 10, 2017

    When will Beyonce perform in CMA Awards again? I would like her to cover Reba’s classic hits

  73. QueenofCountry_Reba January 10, 2017

    Why the heck im here? I only came her because of Reba and Taylor Swift.

  74. Eve_Liplock January 10, 2017

    Female Artists/Band with Most #1’s:
    1. Mariah Carey 18
    2. Rihanna 14
    3. Madonna 12
    3. The Supremes 12
    4. Whitney 11
    5. Janet 10
    6. Katy Perry 9
    7. Cher 9
    7. Beyonce
    9. Britney Spears 5
    9. Christina Aguilera 5
    10. Pink 4
    10. Kesha 4.
    11. Celine Dion 4


    • Marakov February 3, 2017

      Mind doing one for number one albums? Let me help you
      Barbara Streisand- 10
      Janet Jackson-7
      Mariah Carey-5

  75. Woo_Consideration January 10, 2017

    Mariah Carey E=EMC2 463,000
    Mariah Carey Emancipation of Mimi 404,000
    Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 375,000
    Madonna The Confessions in Dance Floor 359,000
    Madonna MDNA 350,000
    Ciara The Evolution 338,000
    Beyonce Dangerously in Love 317,000
    Beyonce 4. 310,000


    • Marakov February 3, 2017

      You forgot BDAY- 541,000, I am Sasha Fierce 481,000, Beyonce- 617,000 and Lemonade 485,000. Cut, control lock and delete the fuckery.

  76. XXX January 10, 2017

    The Hive is dragging the Navy kii

  77. mr.m January 10, 2017

    I can’t @ ppl going to see rihanna live! lol
    She can’t pull a performance. SORRY.
    I would ONLY buy a ticker to go see an artist live if they can give me a real performance like Janet OR at least VOCALS.
    So am not socked at rihannas numbers. she’s a mainstream radio artist. beyonce can’t replace her on that. BUT when it comes to live shows? bye.

  78. KingBey>Ciara>Your Fave January 11, 2017

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that King Bey tour alone grossed more than Rihanna entire net worth. We gonna ignore the fact that Lemonade may not have had a SINGLE number 1 hit, yet the ENTIRE album made it onto Billboard HOT 100 SIMULTANEOUSLY. So we are going to ignore the fact that Adele amd Taylor are NOT Beyoncé peers, but are Rihannas? And Taylor and adele COMBINED still has not sold as many albums WW as Beyoncé. So save it. Beyoncé is the queen, and BIIIIIIIIICH you WILL deal. Kiiiiii

    • Shadey January 12, 2017

      Adele has 2 DIAMOND ALBUMS RIGHT OUT THE GATE both albums selling over 10 million copies don’t even compare her to Beyonce who struggles to sell albums and singles. I would pay to see a strip show to, she is the best thing going on this side of your favorite city strip club

      • Marakov February 3, 2017

        Oh b**** you tried it lol. I’ve never seen a stripper dance in a stadium without being touched or singing with a mike in her hand while dancing simultaneously. S*** she must be a new generation stripper like Adele who stands in arenas and h*** around with her mike in her hands right? BTW Adele’s first album 19, was slept on and her second and third went diamond. I love how yall want to ignore the fact that for an artist 20 years in the game only two females (who aren’t even her peers) can out sell her albums wise. Keep living on gulah gulah island.

  79. Briano January 11, 2017

    Queen of radio, mogul, fashion, film..


    Let bey be the minstrel show she is, I don’t want that for Ri

  80. F..bigheadrihannafans January 11, 2017

    ‘Circus Soleil’ << had me rolling with tears in my eyes.

    Even Circus Soleil beat Rihanna. Hahaha

  81. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 12, 2017


  82. badboyadu January 16, 2018

    @beystan_since1997 well if beyonce was really winning, why did she fail to provide a single hit on the hot 100. worse she hit no 1 on the hot 100 after 9 f****** years(with the help of Ed). Also Anti is still sitting above beyonce’s overly hyped album Lemonade on the billboard 200. So how the f*** is it better than Anti is beyond us. Rih slayed the hot 100 with her comeback single for 9 f****** weeks. bet you haters too have been shaking your asses to work. #nocompetition

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