Exclusive Interview: Keyshia Cole Dishes On New Music, Reality Show, Movies & More

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2017 by Rashad

Grammy nominated R&B songbird Keyshia Cole is undoubtedly at a crossroad in her career.

A celebrated songstress often branded “this generation’s Mary J. Blige” for her soulful tales of love gone wrong and undeviating appeals to the heartbroken, Cole once held a unique place among her rhythmic contemporaries as her releases – even in the genre’s initial decline – consistently topped charts and defied sales odds.

Yet, as R&B began to succumb to the wiles of fusions (see: trap, pop, etc.), it appeared to threaten the holds of even its heaviest hitmakers, Cole included.  By the time her 2014 release, the critically polarizing ‘Point of No Return,’ hit the shelves, some fans feared she’d reach just that.

Determined to prove the naysayers wrong, Keyshia is back – and as she tells That Grape Juice – better than ever.  Tuck in below to read what she shared exclusively with TGJ about her return to music, reality TV, and even plans to venture into movies:

TGJ:  Thanks for joining us today, Keyshia! 

Cole:   No problem and thanks for the love.

TGJ:   Let’s hop right into it.  We’re loving your new single, ‘You.’  Tell us how the collabo with French Montana and Remy Ma came to be.

Cole:  They are the homies man! Remy is my bff and I called her for sure.  I reached out to French too to see if he’d do it and he recorded his verse for it the next day.

TGJ:  Considering all the tracks you recorded for this new album why did you feel ‘You’ was the strongest pick to kick off your new project?

Cole:  We have a bunch of huge ballads on the album, but I’m also an artist that stays in the club.  So, we picked the up-tempo so the DJs can have something to work with.

TGJ:  It’s interesting you’re taking the ballad route considering R&B is skewing more toward the “trap” sound.  What inspired you to go against the grain?

Cole:  It’s what I feel in my heart and in my spirit. I have to do what feels right. I understand the trap melodies are hot and ‘You’ kinda incorporates that, but I think people are really going to love these ballads.

TGJ:  Nice.  As we look forward to hearing some of those, tell us what else we should expect from your new album in terms of sounds, concepts, and themes.

Cole:  I’m experimenting with new sounds in addition to “the old school Keyshia.” We have a lot of live instruments like violins, saxophones, and drums.  So, I’m mixing the current sound with the real music sound that’s missing.

TGJ:  You’ve also talked about how therapeutic this recording process has been given your recent divorce to basketball star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.   How will we hear that reflected in your new album?

Cole:  I’m not so bitter anymore.  It’s “matter of fact” in that I’ve found myself and know now what I will, won’t, and shouldn’t tolerate.  He and I have come to a good space as far as co-parenting, however.  So, we’re doing great.

Cole with Epic Records CEO/Chairman L.A. Reid

TGJ:  That’s good to hear.  Now, we’re also excited to learn of your new label home, Epic Records.  Tell us about how you came to be part of the Epic family.

Cole:  Thank you!  It’s a one album thing, not really a long, extensive record deal.  I reached out to Doug Morris, who’s been there from the jump, and shared with him I wasn’t on Interscope anymore.  I told him I wanted to be independent and I’d already recorded some songs, but he set up a meeting with LA Reid quickly.  And, it all happened from there.

TGJ:   Excellent.  Now, we’ve talked about the album and its creation, lets dish a bit on how you’ll be promoting it.  Will we see you on the road soon?

Cole:  I’m trying to do a May album release with a June tour to follow.

TGJ:  We’re sure your fans will be pleased to know that.  In keeping it real Keyshia, we’re curious about your outlook on your stance in the industry today.  While we’ve been longtime fans of yours, there are some people who have written you off in recent years.  What do you say to those critics?

Cole:  I don’t have anything to say to those people. God is good, so I’m just putting my work in and making sure this new album is 100% something I approve of.  I’m not focusing on the people, how they felt, or anything negative said.  All I’m worried about is now.

TGJ:  Good for you! Bringing it all home, what else is Keyshia Cole cooking up?  Should we expect to see you in movies or even returning to reality TV?

Cole:  Yes to both.  An official announcement is coming [regarding reality TV].  Plus, I really really want to be in the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ remake coming soon.  Like, they don’t even have a choice – they have to cast me! (Laughs)

I’ve had some calls about it, but they haven’t started production.  I’m wanting to pick up either Tisha Campbell or Tischina Arnold’s characters.


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Interview performed by:  Rashad

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  1. SNF February 15, 2017

    Mary J Blige is this generations Mary J Blige… TF ya on? Lol

    • Tim Brown February 15, 2017


    • king z February 15, 2017

      at her height people did compare KC to MJB. they said she was jockin her style, but MJB eventually gave her blessing

    • Molly #Stargirl February 15, 2017

      She is tho

    • boss February 17, 2017

      She is Straight ghetto! Eww

  2. Exit Wounds February 15, 2017

    great interview guys! i was shocked to read she was interested in joining little shop of horrors tho. idk how i feel about this

    • FAF February 15, 2017

      She did it because remy had a good experience and it got her back on top of her game

      LAHH Is what you make it if u wanna play around like teairra Omarion and ray j or fizz

      Or if u wanna do like remy and cardi and level up it’s your choice

  3. KC fan February 15, 2017

    thanks for no beyonce questions.

    good read TGJ. next time ask about frankie and neffie

  4. Elsie February 15, 2017

    K michelle and keyshia Cole remind me of each other

    • Jo February 15, 2017

      You mean K Michelle reminds you of Keyshia?

  5. Alicia OffKeys February 15, 2017

    that first commenter is tripping. people used to compare keyshia and mary all the time when keyshia first came out.

    anyway im hoping the LAHH run helps more than it hurts. keyshia is too talented to be run of the mill with the rest of those ghetto hoodwinks

    • gina February 15, 2017

      no that was her calling herself the new mary j. people were saying she was a low budget version of her, nobody called her the new MJB.

  6. Molly #Stargirl February 15, 2017

    Keyshia is Marys little light skin daughter. Give Ms.Cole her respect..

  7. Humble Christian woman February 15, 2017

    Keyshia Cole is tired. She hasn’t done anything special since the song with Monica. Plus she can’t sing for s***. Her time expired a long time ago. People keep mentioning K Michelle, but she actual has songwriting & vocal talent and one hell of an imagination. #ByeOFFKeyshia

    • Chile Please!!! February 15, 2017

      Thanks so much for your comment, you took the words right outta my mouth.

  8. IKNOWTHETRUTH February 15, 2017


    • Tori February 15, 2017

      I believe the album title is still “Reset” but people are now saying it’s called “111 Reset”.

  9. Jasmine February 15, 2017

    Putting out a new album and touring will be good for Keyshia and her fans. I think Keyshia’s attitude in the past caused her a lot of missed opportunities and support she needed from radio, etc. When her sales went down she started lashing out instead of trying different ways to market herself. At this point Keyshia needs to book a major interview on prime tv and come across humble if she wants to move forward. A lot of the people that supported her in the past don’t anymore because of her negative attitude and they don’t buy concert tickets because we all know her voice is hit or miss. Mary J. Blige had an attitude problem when she first entered the business but her team tried to keep that under wraps while she developed herself. Now people like Mary J. Blige and the attitude she once had is either hidden or no longer there. Keyshia should take notes from Mary J.

    • FAF February 15, 2017

      IT was different in those times bc it was a rumor there was no internet to capture things and put it on shaderoom
      Artists were more private

      Her reality show being absent is what affected her sales but understandably she didn’t want to film her divorce

    • Tori February 15, 2017

      I think the problem with Mary was probably the liquor and drugs, Keyshia has a bad attitude regardless. They have hadr backgrounds but Mary had more of a Christian up bringing, for real not for show. Keyshia has a string of background problems that still messes with her even years after therapy.

  10. Black power February 15, 2017

    She’s going to have to come harder than this single she just put out.. it’s not really doing well, for it be her comeback song.

  11. Beyoncé Jackson February 15, 2017

    Her vocals suck and so does her music. She hasn’t been hot musically since 2007.

  12. gina February 15, 2017

    girl bye, we have k michelle now.

  13. Gee February 15, 2017

    Props to both Keyshia and K.Michelle but please stop acting like K is hitting high numbers on the charts because she is not she has no certification albums and her singles have had moderate success. While Keyshia on the hand has allowed her attitude and disposition to be her down fall also her last few albums did not have that fire people expected from her. Honestly with this career reset both she and K can see success without the bird beef and nonsense.

    • Tori February 15, 2017

      I like k sometimes but she is incredibly unprofessional. This is the woman who was upset that the Grammys did not nominate an album where she talked about f****** for bill money and her p**** being broke. But as long as she stay with vh1 she have a great tv run but the music career will always be lacking even with her attitude change, her mouth is her greatest enemy.

  14. Jo February 15, 2017

    I love Keyshia but I gotta admit that she fell off musically after Just Like You. She lost motivation after she got into a relationship with Daniel and had a kid. Since the divorce, she appears to be uninterested and downright nonchalant when it comes to selling her music. I agree with the above comments, she needs to change that attitude and humble herself. There’s tons of competition out here and she can (and will) be replaced if she doesn’t change her outlook.

    She has a nice song on her hands and it seems the Hive is letting her live again. She needs to take advantage of the moment.

    PS: I hate when artists say they are bringing back the “old school” version of them. We all know that’s dead and gone. Do the best you can now. Good luck Keysh!

  15. Team Keysh February 15, 2017

    1111Reset! ??? BTW: everyone did call her the new Mary J Blige when she came out, all she ever said was she was honored and looks up to MJB. #CarryOn

  16. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 16, 2017

    Good interview of keyshia Cole g hunter

  17. Jamie February 17, 2017

    Why is this still pinned? OMG

  18. DanYiel Iman February 18, 2017

    Vocally I’m not here for her & the talents that she really think she has…??‍♂️

  19. Jeans February 18, 2017

    Um, TGJ pinned this mess. RESET.

  20. Kisses February 19, 2017

    Ummmmmm can y’all lazy asses please make a new damn post. Sick of seeing this! Only 31 people care. Let it go!

  21. Jeans February 19, 2017

    Yes, please let it go! Pinned for 30 comments!?
    Post bye!

  22. Dev April 7, 2017

    I’m confused because the picture on the main page looks like K Michelle.

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