TGJ Replay: Amerie’s ‘All I Have’ [Debut Album]

Published: Friday 24th Feb 2017 by Rashad
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Much like our ‘Retro Rewind’ and ‘From the Vault’ segments, readers of That Grape Juice know what avid music lovers we are – especially of hits past.  So, in a quest to re-spin the gems and jams of yesterday we introduced the retrospective segment ‘TGJ Replay’.Unlike its ‘Rewind’ and ‘Vault’ predecessors, ‘Replay’ looks to dust off and showcase albums (and eras) from a library of pop music hits.

Today, it’s all about ‘All I Have’ – the critically acclaimed debut album of R&B chanteuse Amerie:

2002 gifted R&B three of the century’s most unsung R&B beauties:  Ashanti Douglas, Charlene “Tweet” Keys, and Amerie Rogers.  While Douglas and Keys’ careers were lifted to levels of top 10 glory on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 thanks to launching pads gifted by some of the day’s biggest hitmakers (see:  Irv Gotti/Ja Rule and Missy Elliott/Timbaland respectively), Rogers’ camp – unable to boast the same – still managed to serve up releases critically on par with her R&B competitors.

A virtual unknown in America the year prior, the biracial beauty’s chance connection with burgeoning producer Rich Harrison would lead to a spot on his newly formed Richcraft Records with distribution secured through Columbia.  Together the duo crafted a collection of progressive R&B tracks that would create a lane for the singer all her own.

After earning buzz in the U.K., summer 2002 saw Amerie making a splash across the pond as American R&B lovers were falling in love with her debut single, ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love.’ A staple on rhythmic radio, the horn-laden ‘Love’ was lauded for its boisterous arrangement of crashing drums and Amerie’s uniquely layered harmonies.  By the time its Benny Boom-directed video really began running the video circuit, praise from critics was being echoed by music buyers as ‘Love’ landed at #23 [where it peaked] just weeks after its Stateside unveiling.

Response to the tune led its parent album, ‘All I Have,’ to a #9 debut on the Billboard 200.  To keep up the momentum, Rogers and co. selected the slower tempo groove, ‘Talkin To Me,’ as ‘Love’s follow-up:

Like its predecessor, ‘Talkin’ got listeners doing just that.  Lifted to a #18 peak on R&B charts, the song – though not faring as well as ‘Love’ – still managed to peak at #51 on the Hot 100.


Much to fan dismay, the album – despite housing such gems like ‘Nothing Like Lovin’ You’ and ‘Show Me’ – was only granted two singles before being disregarded by the label.  Still, without much label support, ‘Have’ managed to cross the ‘Gold’ certification threshold.

Laying the groundwork for higher heights courtesy of its follow-up, ‘Touch’ (click here to read our ‘Replay’ on the project), ‘All I Have’ may be one of the decade’s most unsung releases, but it holds a special place in the TGJ library for introducing the singer’s unique blend of harmonic layering and Go-Go inspired tunes to the masses.

While we press play on the album’s title track, tell us:

Your thoughts?

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  1. johnboybetter February 24, 2017

    Whenever you vote it goes to a pic of Nicki Minaj??????


    • Jamie February 24, 2017

      Yeah and it says undefined, and the gif gets on my nerves.

    • 2bad2bme February 24, 2017

      Her combing that stiff weave

      • Jamie February 24, 2017


      • Danzou February 24, 2017

        That weave surely costs more than you.

    • cory February 24, 2017

      Beyonce should thank Amerie for her career. She basically stole her whole vibe and sound.

      • Ziggy Stardust February 24, 2017

        Not to bring Beyonce up in an Amerie post, but to add to your comment, it was said that there was a falling out between Amerie and Rich Harrison. Matthew supposedly approached Rich to work with Beyonce on her upcoming solo debut album. Which he did. Rich later worked on Amerie’s 2005 album, “Touch” which gave her a huge hit with, “1 Thing”. At this point, that’s when Matthew offered Rich more money to drop Amerie, to work with Beyonce. Which he did. That’s why a couple of her songs on her “B’Day” album sounds so familiar to Amerie’s signature sound. :Suga Mama” and “Freakum Dress” sounds just like something Amerie would do. It’s been said that Amerie was not happy about this, because she felt that Rich was the one who gave her the “signature” sound that she became known for. Plus, she felt that he turned his back on her, by dumping her for Beyonce. As a result, they parted ways. Now, whether this is true or not, I don’t know. But, that’s how I heard it went down.

      • Ziggy Stardust February 24, 2017

        Oh, and he actually worked with Amerie first. Her debut album was released on July 30, 2002. And, Beyonce’s debut album was released on, June 24, 2003.

  2. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 February 24, 2017

    Great album! “Why don’t we fall in love” will forever be my fav!

  3. John February 24, 2017

    Why don’t we fall in love
    Talking to me
    I just died

    • Intl February 24, 2017

      CAN’T LET GO
      ALL I HAVE


  4. Intl February 24, 2017


  5. cocobutta February 24, 2017

    Loveeeee this ALBUM!!

    I just died in your arms tonight….
    Nothing like loving you was my fav. Ill type that since can’t vote on my phone.
    Nicki Nicki NICKI

  6. Len1975 February 24, 2017

    Classic album. I love me some Amerie!

  7. Danzou February 24, 2017

    Great album. Touch was better.

  8. Bosaze February 24, 2017

    One of my personal favorite R&B albums of all time and is fire from head to toe!!! And then she released Touch 3 years later which was in another stratosphere!!! It’s a shame it didn’t get the recognition it deserved when it was out…And a big thank you to Rich Harrison for all of the fire he was creating during the 2000’s…wish he was still around producing more often these days

  9. The A Team February 24, 2017

    This album is EVERYTHING
    i had to buy the album twice after wearing the CD out the first time
    still listen to this gem all the time

  10. Ziggy Stardust February 24, 2017

    I love me some Amerie! I still listen to her albums. “All I Have” and “Touch” are the ones I listen to the most. She had her own sound and a distinctive voice. Her partnership with Rich Harrison was golden! They had very good chemistry with one another. I wish she was still making music. She will always be one of my favorite singers.

  11. Johnny5 February 25, 2017

    One of my fave album of ALL TIME! Flawless from front to back, just classic modern r&b. This and Afrodisiac by Brandy, along with Aailyah’s self-titled album are so forward for that era.

  12. Fuck_Dude February 25, 2017

    Best album ever! My favorite song is FLOAT. Ever. In life

  13. TheOuyonB February 25, 2017

    This was/is a great record! Her and Rich Harrison did a splendid job on All I Have!

  14. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 27, 2017


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